Materialism is ultimate hallucination

We are victims of a collective hallucination that shows us the universe as a gigantic clockwork made of separate pieces.

The clockwork has no purpose, no intention, no conscience. Its laws are mechanistic. Love, beauty, harmony, kindness are just chance by products of physiological combinations of the human mind. Itself is the result of a mysterious “natural selection”.

Five minutes of rigorous thinking would be quite enough to expose such worldview as utter nonsense.

And yet, amazingly, this worldview is the foundation of dominant thought in our society.

There are of course religions, which introduce another dimension. But crucially, they generally keep their own sphere neatly separated from the physical world. Their sphere concerns mainly the after life.

Such separation makes no sense at all.

There is no demarcation, no frontier between the invisible and the so-called physical reality. The two are not only intertwined, they are one. The universe is one. One infinite wholeness beyond the comprehension of our reasoning mind.

To play the game of life, to dance with the rest of universe, to attain true abundance (which is very different from material wealth), you need to fill your soul with this simple notion: all is one, you are part of it, you are not separate, you can’t succeed at the expense of any other part of the whole, you can only succeed in the love of the whole.

The universe is kind to itself, including you. All you need to benefit from its kindness is trust. Trust allows guidance to flow through the channel of intuition. Intuitive guidance is a thousand times more effective than intellectual reasoning.

But don’t take my word or anybody’s word for it. Try it for yourself.

Fear not, be your eternal self, not your worldly ego bound personality.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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