Low cost final rat race

images6JDTFNTWThe low cost model is spreading to virtually all sectors of the world economy. Food production, retail, furniture, clothing, air travel and many other activities are now largely in the hands of multinationals operating according to that model (including through their suppliers, subcontractors and distributors).

The effect is particularly dramatic and quite literally toxic in agriculture and retail. Many hard pressed consumers now look for the cheapest of the cheap when buying their food.

Doing so they not only weaken their health but support intensive agriculture and its attendant destruction of ecosystems and local communities. They support massive sea and road transportation. They encourage companies with no concern whatsoever for the welfare of the people working for them, often on precarious contractual terms not far from slavery.

But many consumers are themselves victims of the effects of globalisation and generalised obsession with “productivity”: less jobs, harder work and lower real incomes for almost everyone, and ever more money for a very small “elite”.

Crucially a lot of people regarding themselves as middle or upper middle class feel the pinch, fear for their future and that of their children. They too now often rush to hard discounters to get ultra cheap chicken wings, potatoes, wine and other products (see for instance http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2736246/We-Lidl-class-Store-s-11-99-bubbly-woos-new-shoppers.html )

Like most people today they are too busy and distracted to be able to visualise mentally the hall with ten thousands chickens, each with the equivalent of an A4 sheet to survive on, all stuffed with antibiotics and other chemicals. When you eat the flesh of one of those birds, what happens is that your body-mind-soul system receives messages of fear and utter misery encrypted in the cells on the poor creature out of its animal concentration camp. And these messages do you no good at all. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Industrially grown potatoes also carry disharmonious vibes as the soil they came from was turned over by big machines destroying its rich ecosystem of worms and other creatures, before being spread with large amounts of chemicals. Not to mention the use of GM varieties. As for cheap industrial wine, this is more a chemical drink than real wine. No need to go into the details.

In short, rushing to the supermarket to buy cheap food plays in the hands of a profoundly predatory system of which the unaware buyer is one of the first victims.

But, many will say, we have no choice; our budget for food is now so limited. Of course it is under pressure from lower real incomes and from competing demands: housing, cars, electronic gadgets, holidays, and all sorts of things to keep up the appearance, to try to stay on the pathetic social ladder.

Mankind has fallen in the huge trap of materialism, and the rise of the low cost model signals it is entering the last stage of evolution towards generalised slavery and disharmony.

But, as explained at length in previous posts and in the book The Subtle Dance, this sombre “reality” is only is a thin layer within a much broader reality, most of it not directly accessible to our five senses.

Once you begin to see through the veil of material so-called reality, your whole outlook on existence changes radically and you are no longer a lonely rat rushing in a dead end.

Be lucid and take heart.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


From Sarajevo 1914 to Kiev 2014

Mind control and industrialized violence are reaching new levels.

The millions of young men who lost their lives in WWI had little or no idea of what happened in Sarajevo and the reasons behind the event. But the propaganda machine deployed by their government convinced them they had to fight for the country. And convinced their families they were heroes. The lads ended up as names on stone monuments.

From 1939 to 1945, more of the same with technical improvements, and this time a lot of extra violence directed at civilian populations. And the whole thing justified and supported though mass propaganda, slogans, symbols, films, ceremonies….

From 1945 onwards, numerous local wars complete with extreme violence against civilians. And mass propaganda turned into much more subtle mainstream “news” and “reports” interspersed with distractions and political theatricals.

As of late authorities in the US and EU (and those who pull the strings) are so confident they can smartly control their public opinions that they dare stir up trouble in Ukraine through groups of paid extremists. They did the same in Syria and Libya, and they had done it before in Yugoslavia. They are now taking on Russia thought its allies in Kiev.

As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, there is a completely different sort of aggression directed at almost everybody on the planet. Aggression by stealth through poisoned food and hard medical procedures.

Practically all forms of food sold through mass retail and food chains contain substances that are very damaging to physical and mental health. Food, food supplements, and vitamins are used as delivery vehicles to poison people. With a deliberate intention to kill. But killing slowly and profitably by turning consumers into “patients” for the medical business.

Look around you and listen to people’s stories: obesity, infertility, depression, addictions, cancers, multiple sclerosis…  An ever larger fraction of the population is sick, and the medical industry is booming. It now accounts for between 10 and 20 % of GDP in advanced countries, largely financed by taxpayers.

Why so much deliberate violence and disharmony?

The answer cannot be found in conventional analysis. The materialist thought system is strictly unable to deliver a credible explanation of what is going on. We have to perceive the hidden forces behind visible events: the workings of egos and the possession of egos by negative entities.

Reality, as far as we can guess, looks like being steered by subtle energy, and conscious intention at a higher level. Disharmony at this point in time on this planet has to do with big imbalances of subtle energies linked to misaligned entities.

The only remedy is unconditional love, non judgement, smart kindness associated to lucidity and total integrity. Denial and compromise will no do. This is a challenging time. Time to raise one’s vibrational energy despite all the madness around us.

Fear not, keep your eyes and your heart open.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Pollution in country worse than in town

My wife and I just spent a short holiday in Normandy, a French region we often visited in the past.

While we were staying in the village of Londinières, which we have known for decades, the local mayor received a report on pollution peaks: it turns out that pollution in Londinières is worse than in Rouen, Normandy’s largest city.

And it’s a different, more vicious, kind of pollution: tiny particles of chemicals used in intensive agriculture.

Until a few years after the middle of last century, Normandy used to be a land of many orchards and meadows surrounded by hedges. Apple trees, cows and chickens. Small farms. True countryside, beautiful, pure and green.

But then, all over France, industrialisation of agriculture took off from the 60’s and intensified until now.

Today in Normandy many hedges have disappeared, and many small parcels have been merged into bigger fields for intensive agriculture.

As you know, most of the world has joined the agriculture revolution, with much the same consequences everywhere: death of the soils, contamination of water tables, high incidence of cancers and other diseases among farmers, pollution of food…etc.

Here is a very clear explanation on industrial agriculture by American specialists: http://www.panna.org/issues/food-agriculture/industrial-agriculture

If you put this into the bigger picture, you realise it’s all part of the subtle vibrational high noon mankind is going through.

Fear not, pay a bit more for natural local produce.



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When life in the soil gets hurt

Around 80% of the earth’s biomass is the in soil, out of our sight.

It’s full of life and frantic activity down there. Armies of worms, mites, and other subterranean creatures do a tremendous job processing organic residues, which leads to the formation of humus.

Humus is the most complex molecule on earth; associated to clay it creates rich fertile soils. Which is what made this planet so beautiful.

A few thousand years ago, mankind began to interfere with nature: people got the idea that soils should be ploughed for cultivation and that only one sort of plant at the time should be grown on a given plot of land.

This procedure was not too good for the soils’ wild life, but the beasts mostly managed to survive.

Then mankind invented intensive chemistry-based agriculture. Soils not only had to be cut open and turned upside down through ploughing; they would also be covered with artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

The latter are harmful to the multitude of beasts in the soil. A lot of them die, and the whole biology, chemistry and physical cohesion of the soil change radically.

The most dramatic consequence is that plants cultivated on highly degraded soils are much poorer in nutrients.

As a result, people (and animals) fed on produce from intensive agriculture suffer from deficiencies, even when eating theoretically balanced diets. In addition, they ingest traces of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

This combination of nutrient deficiency and absorption of harmful substances leads to weaker body resistance and lower vital energy, creating an ideal terrain for the development of diseases.

Soil degradation has another major effect: lower permeability, leading to flooding, itself provoking erosion. In hot climates, when the upper layers are gone, desertification can start.

If you walk near a field (unless it is cultivated organically; true organic that is), you will notice how few insects there are hovering over the plants. If you plunge your hand in the soil, you will feel how hard it is; it will disintegrate through your fingers, like little bits of old concrete. And you will not find worms.

If you let your intuitive sensor function, you will perceive no vibrations from the field, quite unlike the joyous concert of positive vibes that you would pick up in a healthy forest. Your intuition simply confirms what honest science tells us: most agricultural land is dead, poisonous, and makes people and animals ill.

Two genial agronomists, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, have studied all this in detail. And they are developing practical methods to gradually restore the quality of soils.

Here is their website: http://www.lams-21.com/artc/Homepage/1/en/

Fear not, plunge your hands in the soil.



McDonald food for the Olympics

In London McDonald will operate its biggest restaurants ever at an Olympic Games.

One will be located in the Olympic Village, another, operating 24 hours is set for the Main Press Centre and two others will be open to the public at the Olympic Park.

One will be the biggest McDonald’s in the world.

This info is straight from the “Around the rings” official website:


McDonald’s COO is very proud about it all:

As the Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games, we take tremendous pride in feeding the athletes and visitors from around the world, and are excited to play a role in helping make the Olympics possible

In keeping with McDonald’s ongoing commitment to children’s well-being, we will continue to communicate with kids about the importance of balanced eating and active lifestyles through our partnership”

If you find this too depressing, cheer up; here comes the good news.

You can support “Slow Food”, a global grassroots association that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment: http://www.slowfood.com/

Fear not, focus on the new paradigm.



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Dairy farming big time

Here is a video on Fair Oaks farm, described by its CEO as the “world of 21th century agriculture”:

The quantity of milk produced on that farm covers the consumption of 8 million people.

The CEO presents his operation as a model of animal welfare and environmental protection. There is a fair chance he actually believes it.

Which illustrates what lies at the core of contemporary tyranny: a tight belief system.

Belief that the world is a mechanistic set of things and processes that our science pretty well understands.

Belief that only humans deserve real attention, the rest of life on earth being mere “resources” at their disposal.

Belief that the feelings of cows are irrelevant for the subtle effects of milk on whoever consumes it.

Watch the cows going on the carrousel to be milked. Watch attentively.

Now realise that you are on a similar carrousel when you drive your 4×4 on the motorway, when you stroll along your supermarket’s allays, when you enter your office block, when you go into hospital.

All part of the “world of 21st century”.

Fear not, walk before lunch.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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