Ebola bin Laden and Isis Aids

Don’t let these ridiculous scarecrows created by the system frighten you.

We know better.

images osama bin ladenBut current developments are more than bizarre and finding one’s way through the mess is a challenge.

Take a look at Zen Gardner’s excellent latest piece: http://www.zengardner.com/now-2/

Fear not, wink at autumn spiders.



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It’s the spirituality, stupid

According to the well known phrase from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, the economy determines the outcome of elections because it lies at the core of most people’s preoccupations.

At the time this might have sounded like a convincing piece of street wisdom.

images japanse girl and dogAs of late, however, it is has become glaringly obvious to anyone not blind and deaf or in complete denial that the economy, and more generally the dominant materialist way of life, is destroying nature, society and itself.

And it is equally obvious that political leaders, no matter of what camp, are no longer even seriously pretending to have solutions to the deepening global crisis. They and the mighty rich folks who manipulate them are just after more quick money and vain glory regardless of collateral damages of their actions.

If your vision of reality is restricted to the tangible and material, the outlook for us humans looks pretty depressing.

But you can adopt a completely different vision of reality. You can open up to the subtle side of existence. Many observations suggest reality is vastly bigger and more subtle than the dominant culture would have us believe. This is outlined in some detail in my book The Subtle Dance.

Once you become aware of the subtle side of existence and begin to pay attention to the inner silent voice deep in yourself, you’re on your way to fundamentally change every aspect of your life.

You enter spirituality.

Not that you’re about to spend half your day sitting in a yoga posture trying to think of nothing except the universe. But you are about to realise the pertinence and strength of what the inner voice, synchronistic messages and subtle signs keep suggesting.

This realisation is purely personal and experiential. Books, articles, videos, etc. can help, but at the end of the day you have to go on your own journey. As you gain confidence in the flow of subtle guidance received from the silent “Presence” constantly within you, your relationship with Presence and everything in life becomes a fascinating dance. You may still encounter fear and anxiety, but you are no longer totally in their grip. Panic recedes and your freedom grows.

As this evolution progresses, you wonder how you could have been so mesmerised by the contortions of the materialists running the show on the planet. You realise that they must be in the grip of misguided occult entities. But that doesn’t plunge you in despair because you have learned to trust Presence, and know the strength from aligning with total universal love.

It’s natural spirituality for you.



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Spirituality arises from Presence, not belief in dogmas

Spirituality is simple and pragmatic. Deep down we feel a silent little voice, like a presence. As we experience life we realise that Presence is always around, vigilant and friendly.

You can probably recall the incident when Presence whispered a fairly clear piece of advice, which you chose to follow or ignore. The message came to you through someone, from a sentence you read or heard, or through some unexpected event. Now, months or years later, either you’re glad to have followed the advice, or you know for sure that having ignored it brought you some hard lesson. That is how intuitive guidance by Presence works.

Ancient societies probably knew the power of Presence. But the subtle side of life has been high-jacked by organised religions. Clerical elites invented stories about the invisible, created rituals and imposed rules. Most ordinary men and women lost the ability to recognise subtle messages and follow Presence’s benevolent guidance. Instead, they accepted orders from the religious Authority. Today most people are impressed by materialist Authority who uses Science as a quasi religion.

Authority has led mankind into such a mess that we have nothing to loose by freeing ourselves from its imposed rules and injunctions. We don’t need to “believe” in any particular story or model. We can choose to trust Presence, become familiar with the way it guides us, and learn how to respond to its suggestions.

Spirituality is a subtle dance. Fluid, light, warm, sensuous, and full of surprises. It’s about being free of Authority and of ego’s whims and whining. It’s about sensing that reality is vastly larger than what we see. It’s about deciding to nurture joy, gratitude and non judgement. It’s about regarding every creature – human, animal, vegetal, mineral or other – as neither below or above us. It’s about experiencing the discreet power of thought on events and material things, provided thoughts are aligned with our life mission. Aligned with harmony, integrity and love.

Fear not, feel free and dance with Presence.



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Spirit release therapy opens up new horizons

A number of qualified psychotherapists in the US, UK and other countries routinely use “spirit release therapy”. Yes, you read correctly. The technique is about convincing invisible entities to leave the mind and body of a living patient.

At first you might think this is old exorcism repackaged under modern fancy names. But in fact there is a major difference. Whereas exorcism practiced by specialist Catholic priests seeks to chase away the possessing spirit in a confrontational mode, modern non religious spirit release encourages the earth-bound spirit to leave amicably and continue his/her spiritual journey towards light and harmony.

This is very interesting because it is a proven practical application of non judgemental love in the universal field of consciousness, the central concept in the holistic worldview. And the key point is that the technique actually works on a consistent basis. Annoying as it may be for narrow materialists, patients are treated very efficiently through a procedure which logically implies the existence of the subtle realm, of entities within it and of direct interactions between them and the body and mind of a living human.

You can find detailed information on the subject at  www.spiritrelease.org. In the video below American psychotherapist Edith Fiore explains very clearly how she came to use the technique:

This technique is not only very helpful for individuals suffering from severe possessions, but it also has wider implications at the collective level.

We all know that today’s society is upside down. No need to review the many attacks against people, animals, and eco-systems perpetrated 24/7 by the globalist corporate system and its pawns in governments and institutions. All that is well known. But a less well known fact has been decisively highlighted by a number of studies: the fact that there is a much higher proportion of psychopathic personalities among CEO’s and other individuals in similarly high positions.

Now let’s put two and two together. On the one hand, people with severe mental problems including split personalities and psychopathic tendencies respond very well to spirit release therapy. Which shows that possession by entities is central to their condition. On the other hand, many people in high positions in today’s global society where power is heavily concentrated do present clear psychopathic tendencies. And evidence of what goes on in the world shows that their actions create total disharmony. These guys are possessed and the root of the system’s obvious madness lies in the workings of the possessing entities.

Esoteric and religious traditions offer a number of names and symbols for possessing entities. And there is a distinction to be made between those that have never been incarnated as humans and spirits of dead people who, for some reason, remain “earth bound”. Without discarding such traditional wisdom, we can use a modern computer metaphor and look at possessing entities as pieces of nefarious software infesting the consciousness network. And if we stick to a metaphysical vision centred on pure love, we can say that these pieces of nefarious software are misled, misguided, rather than being “evil”. We don’t need to hate them, to fight them, but we probably need to help them on the path towards harmony.

Now think of the psychopaths, perverts, paedophiles in high positions covering each other’s back; don’t hate them: they are sick. Because they are possessed. They need treatment. And ultimately any deep treatment must be rooted in love, pure love, non judgemental love.

This opens a totally new perspective for contemporary activism against tyrannical globalism, doesn’t it?

Fear not, and take care of your own possessing spirits.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Peeling off the layers of mind control

There are two little voices in each of us.

C19%2019%20A3One is superficial, impatient, alternatively arrogant or wimpish. It’s the ego. The other is calm and wise. It’s our deep self.

The ego constantly jumps from one emotion or desire or fear to another. It keeps comparing and judging. Why has she got more than me? If I flatter him, it might help me. Me, me, little me, so frightened in this terrible world. Life is so harsh, isn’t it?

Where do all these thoughts of separation, comparison and fear come from?

From society. Starting with our parents, carers and teachers. They put thoughts, beliefs and judgements in our minds. And not just in our minds. In our bodies too. When we cringed as children because we were told off with a degree of intimidation, our muscles, nerves and fibres tensed up, and now our cells have kept the memory of that intimidation.

Education, even well intended, instils limiting beliefs and unconscious memories in our total mind/body system. And these feed our ego. Our ego can’t see beyond the apparent reality of this physical world. It can only see itself as a poor powerless little creature who has to fight and wriggle to survive. Others are all potential threats. Hence the ego is either aggressive or manipulative, or both. No choice. It’s the hard struggle for life.

When the ego controls you, you can’t hear the other little voice, and you are too distracted to pay attention to what your deep self is trying to tell you. And your vital energy drops. Because positive vital energy only comes through the deep self who is eternal and connected to Source.

The ego receives its impulses from society. Through people around, through the media, education, institutions. And society is hierarchical. Everyone up the hierarchical ladder receives his own impulses, feeding his own ego. It’s a big mind control game from top to bottom.

But who or what pulls the strings?

We can all see that people in top positions like bankers, CEO’s, high ranking officials, media stars, religious leaders and the like have their own agenda of power and control. Psychologists have established that the proportion of psychopaths – i.e., people with no empathy at all for anybody or anything – is far larger amongst the elite than in the wider population. But when we observe these powerful characters, they don’t necessarily look very free themselves. If fact they often look like puppets. As if they believed their own propaganda and were totally manipulated.

This is not new. Kings and tyrants of olden days did all they could to control the minds of their subjects and yet appeared pretty lost and confused themselves. It’s as if mankind from top to bottom had always been in the grip of a mindset bent on fear and aggression.

But nowadays the mindset has become so extreme in its consequences that it produces a massive onslaught on the planet: on soils, forests, animals, rivers, oceans, atmosphere and even space.

Who or what is behind such madness?

Looking at it from a conventional rationalist point of view there is simply no explanation, it is totally incomprehensible.

But when you open up to the subtle side of existence and consider Source, the field of consciousness and vital energy and the possibility of entities not aligned with Source and harmonious energy, you may come to a possible model of understanding.

Everything in “this world” is a manifestation of vital energy coming from Source. All creatures connected to Source receive their vital energy to carry out their mission in this life.

But disconnected entities – which various traditions might call demons, Satan, evil spirits, or whatever – need to find their energy from other creatures, like humans. Hence the idea that dark entities exercise mind control over mankind, through a pyramidal hierarchy, in order to harvest human energy.

Some psychics have come up with the notion of “loosh”, which is the not very harmonious form of energy generated by humans through emotions, impulses, crude sexual desires, intellectual arrogance and so forth. Dark entities love feeding on “loosh”. Therefore the messier the situation of mankind the better for them.

We have no means to definitely prove the validity of this model, but the fact is that it accounts rather neatly for a lot of what we see happening in the world.

Don’t let it frighten you, though. The remedy for escaping mind control is to establish and maintain connection with Source through intuitive guidance by your deep self.

Fear not, trust your invisible friend.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Appreciating the continuum of existence

The idea of universal oneness in which everything interacts is widely accepted among alternative thinkers. And so is the vision that the “material” world is only a perception at our ordinary level of observation.

But the wrongly named “material” world shouldn’t be dismissed altogether: it does exist even if it is not material at all. It exists in the same way that a shadow on a wall or a video on the internet exist. They have a virtual, immaterial existence. An existence that depends on the observer.

Put another way, our “material” world it is a sort of shallow end of an infinite continuum which also comprises the invisible realm. Conventional science looks at this shallow end as if it encompassed everything, which is plainly absurd. Reality is vastly bigger than the “material” world and vastly more sophisticated and subtle than the various theories and models of conventional science suggest.

Esoteric knowledge explores the invisible realm. It too puts forward theories and models. For instance the concept of subtle energy called Chi in the Chinese Tao tradition, Ki in the Japanese tradition and Ether in European esoteric tradition is a model. It is a useful model for particular purposes, such as Feng Shui or certain “energy”- based alternative therapies, in the same way that Newtonian mechanics or conventional thermodynamics are useful models for various technical applications.

Human models of representation of reality, whether pertaining to conventional science, esoteric knowledge, or metaphysics, are all fragmented and simplistic. Our reasoning intellect is simply unable to deal comprehensively with the continuum of infinite reality. Only through intuition can we can get a sense of what infinite reality must be like.

And it is of huge practical importance to develop that sense. In order to avoid being trapped in a mental cage of limiting beliefs and narrow representations. In order to stay free from mind control by unfriendly entities. Yes, observation of life strongly suggests that unfriendly entities are at work within the universal information field, and their effects are manifest in the shallow end we call the material world.

Cultivating the intuitive sense of infinite, continuous reality, in which nothing can exist on its own separated from the rest, is a key prerequisite for the liberating “let go” whereby we allow the Invisible Partner to guide us through life.

Higher guidance may at times be very down to earth and advise the use of techniques based on scientific or esoteric models, but always in a flexible way that transcends techniques, because reality is a continuum beyond the limited scope of any human technique.

Fear not, look out of the shallow end.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Let the repairing begin

As the dominant system becomes more tyrannical, perverse and destructive by the day, an undercurrent of collapse expectation is quite popular within the alternative culture.

The idea of system collapse raises fear, even panic, as well as hopes.

Heard_of_Cats_by_speedycrabincA big question about the collapse is when. Is it imminent? And what is imminent? Six months, three decades, two centuries?

For over twenty years it has been fashionable, even in mainstream media, to highlight the un-sustainability of the present way of life, of high impact economic growth, of explosive demographics.

More recently the fragility of the financial model on which global society functions has been laid bare for all to see.

Yet so far, through expedients, manipulations, and lies, the system has managed to carry on regardless, dragging along a vast majority of frightened brainwashed folks.

There is probably little point speculating about the imminent or not so imminent collapse. The whole issue is beyond the capacity of our reasoning intellect.

So what is intuition suggesting then?

Firstly it reminds us that, to the best of our knowledge, we seem to be wavelets in the universal ocean of information, consciousness and intention. Eternal wavelets presently materialised in the here and now.

It also reminds us that everything happening at the visible level is just manifestation of thoughts, intentions, subtle coding in the invisible realm.

Change the coding in the invisible realm and you change everything in “this world”.

And we can alter the coding through opening our heart, through letting go of bitterness, disdain, meanness, judgement…

In practice, intuition suggests to quietly turn to nature, inner energy and patient collaboration in every aspect of our lives, rather than to hard technologies, aggressive competition and social posturing.

In other words, our little voice suggests to start repairing the planet and society through individual modest, local, concrete actions and day to day behaviour. Each little action or thought sends an impulse in the universal web of coding.

Total trust and total integrity are keys. No compromising with the false values of the corrupt system. No compliance. No sponsoring of any action by big companies only interested in PR stunts.

So while the system may continue its slide into the abyss, parallel restoration of harmony is quite conceivable in a holistic worldview.

It is your choice which flow you decide to follow: consumerism, nationalism, biggotry, fear, agitation, or spirituality, non judgement, confidence.

Fear not, trust your Invisible Partner, again, and again.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Are there limits to acceptance?

One of the main ideas put forward by most spirituality teachings is acceptance.

Acceptance that all is well in the universe. Acceptance of what is happening here and now. Around us, within us.

Without a deep, sincere acceptance, there cannot be peace of mind, relaxation from stress, simple joy.

So much is clear and undisputable.

On the other hand, it is equally clear and undisputable that a lot of what is going on our planet these days is profoundly shocking and “unacceptable”.

So how do we deal with that little dichotomy?

Let us first notice that the idea of complete acceptance without any qualification suits those in power. Already in the old days of dominant religion it kept the little people in total subservience.

Nowadays, teachers of personal development who only emphasise positive thinking without ever introducing lucidity about the systemic corruption of society are effectively playing in the hands of the ruling establishment.

Awakened individuals cannot just be content to sit in the lotus position all day while corporate predators, war mongers, banksters, and their pawns in government are getting away with murder.

Some kind of activism is called for.

But not the aggressive revolutionary sort. That route has been tried in the past and it failed. In fact it belongs to the same illusory realm of materialist thinking, ego and fear as the mainstream system itself.

Activism to support the change of paradigm has to be smarter. It needs to be genuine, loving and open, not manipulative, not crudely conflict oriented.

I rather like the “non comply dance” suggested by David Icke (see yesterday’s post). Joyful, cheeky, convivial and resolute.

You and I will have to find our own ways of sending positive vibes to the universe and contributing to the spiritual rise on this planet.

Which brings us back to higher guidance, to the dance with our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, stay calmly alert.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The challenge of personal growth in a corrupt society

There must be thousands of people who write, teach and counsel on themes related to personal growth. They produce countless books, videos, websites, articles, courses, and workshops.

A lot of these teachings are very valuable and reflect the current spiritual paradigm shift.

It is undoubtedly essential to discover the benefits of meditation, openness to higher guidance, synchronicities, the law of attraction, positive thinking, taming of ego and fear…etc.

Awareness of these concepts is a key to healthier and more harmonious living.

But there is a snag.

While a growing undercurrent of awakened individuals realise the importance of working on their spiritual progress, society at large is sinking ever faster into predatory destructive materialism.

Not one aspect of life today is left untouched by the all pervasive corruption of the global system.

So how can an awakened individual continue to work meaningfully on himself towards greater harmony while everything around him seems to be heading for complete disharmony.

A particularly perturbing element is that some personal growth/natural healing/spirituality teachers seem to play the game of the system: marketing their teachings through mainstream media, accepting corporate sponsorship, putting their know how at the service of predatory multinationals…

It makes you wonder what is genuine, what is sincere, who is trustworthy.

At the risk of sounding very naïve, I’m ever more convinced that total honesty and absolute integrity is the only line worth following.

Indulgence for your ego compromising with people driven by arrogance, crude self interest and lack of love will lead you into the ditch sooner or later.

But staying uncompromisingly honest when the mainstream is corrupt is quite an adventure.

Only your inner guidance can lead you through the adventure. Trust the universe. Let go of fear and old beliefs. Open your heart.

And let’s come together:

Fear not, play the new game, not the old corrupt one.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Connecting to Source

Matter doesn’t exist.

According to subatomic physics there is only energy and information. In fact energy shaped by information.

But the nature of energy itself is elusive. Physicists can’t really explain what it is. If we try to go to the bottom of things, only the existence of an infinite information field seems indisputable. An information field of amazing subtlety, logic and creativity beyond anything we can begin to imagine.

When you look around, all you see, and hear, smell, touch and taste, boils down to information processed by a chunk of software called you. A bit like when you watch a video downloaded on your PC. But the video of “reality” is in 3D with sound and special effects like sensations and emotions.

All coded in the infinite information field.

Now the point is that such seemingly abstract considerations are of considerable relevance in every aspect of your life.

Next time you take a walk, drive your car or sit on a bus, watch the scenery moving past your eyes and remember it is all empty, it is just images produced by your information processor which is directly plugged to the universal information network.

Get a deep sense of the non materiality of what you see and feel. Observe sensations in your own body. Your body cells are all empty spaces with flows of energy controlled by information of which you are mostly unaware. And nobody can define what that energy is.

Now move past the barriers limiting the intellect, let go of your obsession with reasoning and allow intuition to take over.

Immerse yourself in oneness. Be acutely present to the non material “reality” around you. Admire every detail, catch every bird song, every noise, every little breeze, every ray of light, every insect flying over, every tiny pain or pleasurable sensation. All is just information, part and parcel of an infinite ocean of information, consciousness, grace and pure love. With the unexplained mystery of what we usually call “evil”, without knowing what it is and why it exists at all.

Be intensely present to it all. Don’t separate, don’t judge, don’t even compare. Just observe, contemplate, admire. Be grateful for the magnificence. You are part of infinite consciousness.

Your role in the 3D video is no big deal. Take it with humour, grace, detachment, yet with intensity.

Once experiencing non materiality will have become a completely natural habit, your relations with your own emotions, moods, ailments, accidents and other events of life will be radically changed. Self healing will be easier. Extra sensory perceptions will be easier and no longer considered “extraordinary”. The idea of hating anybody will appear totally preposterous.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself.

Fear not, connect to the ocean of information, the ultimate Source, aka your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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