Shamanic wisdom without drugs or rituals

A shaman is connected.

He or she knows. Intuitively.

He knows that the big “all there is” is made of energy, information, consciousness and intent.

Whose intent?

Doesn’t matter. Intent in which any of us can have a share.

Intent arising from love. Pure, unconditional, non judgmental love. Or  .. intent arising from non love. Not necessarily hatred, cruelty, just non love, like coldness, indifference, condescendence.

Love or non love. Not good or evil. That would be judgment, moral codes…all worthless and meaningless.

The shaman is connected through body and mind. He knows everything is one and interacting. A continuum with no demarcations. A fantastic field of energy, consciousness permeating all creatures alive or nor alive (at least not alive according to the mainstream vision of things): humans, animals, microorganisms, plants, stones, water…everything without exception.

If you kick a machine made of metal and plastic bits because it doesn’t work as you wanted it to work, you may think it doesn’t matter.

But a shaman knows the machine will sense your frustration, your impatience, your non love.

When taking a shower, a shaman feels gratitude for the water running over his body. He will not make an empty speech, but he will feel gratitude through body sensations and non verbal thoughts.

All our thoughts are either expanding or contracting. Expanding when aligned with love and free of fear and bitterness. Contracting when steeped in non love, and/or fear and bitterness.

The shaman isn’t naïve. He’s lucid. He’s very aware of the crisis on our planet. He knows the eco-systems are under attack, he knows the folly of intensive agriculture, industrial food production, soulless medicine, chemical poisoning and all the rest. He knows the unbelievable corruption of the system and the blindness and cowardice of most people.

But none of this sends him or her into panic.

He knows it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. The shaman knows of eternity, including his own eternity. This doesn’t give him a big head and an inflated ego, or a low self esteem and a sense of being weak and negligible.

A shaman is an intuitive metaphysician.

He knows that advanced science is beginning to offer partial insights into the energy and information field, into water memory, animal consciousness and a host of other things that materialist thinking had so far chosen to ignore.

A shaman isn’t waiting for the dry intellect to validate his vision of the universe.   He trusts his intuition.

Because he is connected.

And he is connected because he has learned to quieten the inner chatter of his mind and to free himself of the pathetic distractions thrown at us: advertising, manipulated news, entertainment, objects for show off …

But the shaman isn’t a puritan old bore. He will drink a glass of wine or beer, have a good laugh, feel sexually attracted without shame, etc….all in love, integrity, non judgment.

He may be an activist for truth and deserving causes, but will not become a fanatic. He isn’t anxious to save the planet. He knows the planet will take care of itself.

He knows the future and the past are just perceptions of the human mind in its narrow intellectual mode. There is no time line, just eternity. Unimaginable eternity and infinity our intellect cannot comprehend.

That is why he uses the intellect only as a modest tool, like a screwdriver, and not as the compass to guide his life.

You can be a shaman, at least a shaman apprentice, from tomorrow morning (or even today) if you so choose. There is nothing to stop you other than the fear and limitations downloaded in your mind by the mainstream belief system. And you don’t need ayahuasca, LSD, booze or fancy rituals.

Rituals are used by traditional shamans in the context of their culture to enhance modified states of consciousness. They can play a useful role in their context, in the same way that a pendulum or dowsing rods can be used to help achieving a state of focused attention enabling access to the field of subtle information.

Becoming a shaman is less of a mountain top than one might imagine. If we choose the easy route to the summit: simplicity.

No fuss, no show off, no artefacts. Just expanding thoughts, concentrated attention through the body and the mind, here and now. Total trust in the universe’s loving guidance.

Be aware that some folks choose connection with dark forces or at least are led into connection with them. Yes dark forces exist in the big field consciousness, like nefarious software, otherwise there wouldn’t be evil and the mess we see on the planet.   Some folks are conned into believing that slaves of darkness are rewarded by visible success and physical pleasure. But it’s an illusion, a one-sided deal of exploitation and mind control.

A shaman knows this too. And it doesn’t frighten him. He knows the darks forces can’t hold him in their grip.

Fear not, start your shamanic journey; it’s fun and healthy.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


Making choices at every second

Awareness, which was discussed at some length in the last post, opens up the possibility of freedom.

thucydides_by_photoamateur77-d3gsvyqBut that possibility has to be realised through a continuous, unending series of choices. It starts as soon as you wake up in the morning.

You can choose to cringe and moan because you think you’ve slept badly and it’s going to be an awful day, or you can choose to smile, be grateful for life and look forward to new experiences.

It is entirely your choice.

Even though your temperament, personality, electro-chemical balance and stomach acidity will tend to push you towards one choice rather than the other. But these things all pertain to the ephemeral, shallow side of who you are. In other words to the mortal character you play in the 3D video of your present life. Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors make a big deal of these things, but in the end, they have nothing to do with the real you. With the one that is eternal, infinite, connected to Source.

If you maintain a strong awareness of your real you, whatever the immediate circumstances you momentarily find yourself in, your choices will be freer, will be less influenced by emotions, pain, fear, dislikes and superficial desires produced by your personality and by the indoctrination to which your mind has be subjected ever since you were conceived in this present life.

A strong awareness of your real you is the prerequisite for freedom.

Without awareness, your mind is a puppet constantly dragged and shaken, its strings pulled by countless manipulators, starting with your own parents, educators, peers, teachers, colleagues, actors in films and adverts, politicians pontificating on the TV screen, media stars deploying their inflated egos.

If you are sufficiently aware, none of their tricks will impress you. But you will not judge them either, because they may be sincerely trying to help you in the direction of what they think is best for you, without realising that they are themselves, not their real selves, but mere shadows of a dark cloud of narrow beliefs and prejudices.

Freedom is an experience that has to be re-enacted every second of everyday of your life.

It doesn’t just concern the big issues, but also the apparently minor events which unaware people would hardly even notice. Like a little spider walking on the side of your bath. Are you going to squash the poor thing and throw its body in the dustbin without a second thought, or are you going to let it walk on your hand and take it outside where it can survive for a while. Unimportant?

Once you are aware and sufficiently connected to feel in unison with other creatures, nothing is unimportant, and everything contains infinite beauty.

        The secret to happiness is freedom

        And the secret to freedom is courage

                                   Thucydides, 5th century BC (on picture above)



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Leave your heavy baggage

Our experience of life is determined by streams of information flowing deep in our cells, molecules and atoms, by conscious and unconscious thoughts in our mind.

Faire-sa-valise-a25285156But what about “external” events, outside of “us”?

Surely, you and I haven’t invented pollution, overpopulation, the financial crisis, Fukushima or forced vaccination. These things are part of the general environment. We haven’t created them. They are, as it were, imposed on us, aren’t they?

Similarly we can’t be held responsible for annoying or serious problems affecting our body;  that sudden headache, that spot on the nose or that pain in the knee. Such ailments just happen to us, don’t they?

And also, whether it’s sunny and warm, or cold and wet outside, that isn’t up to us, is it?

Clearly, it is impossible, and pointless, to try and segregate what is “up to us” from what is not. In fact it is already impossible to know what “us”, as opposed to the rest, really means.

The only certainty is universal wholeness, its infinite interactions, its amazingly subtle continuum.

But our humble corner of universal wholeness looks like a morass. We don’t even know what we are, and our reasoning intellect seems so incapable of making any real sense of our little mess.

So let’s tune down the dry intellect and let intuition do the driving.

Apparently we cannot change much of what goes on in the world, but we can change the way it affects our mind. We seem to have a degree of freedom in focusing our thoughts.

All experts in personal development seem to agree on one point: focusing on “positive” thoughts is the key.

But where it gets confusing is on what to do when “negative” thoughts keep coming back.

Do we have to pretend they weren’t there? This sounds like denial. And intuition strongly suggests that denial is most unhealthy.

A seemingly better option is to recognize whatever “negative” thoughts are floating in our mind, accept that they are there, but not let them take over, and bring the main focus of our attention on “positive” thoughts.

This approach is consistent with an attitude of non judgement, detachment and compassion, including towards ourselves.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting two simple techniques to orient the mind towards positive attitudes: “ho’ponopono” and “non solidity”.

Ho’ponopono is the mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” addressed to the universe while focusing on our relationship with a specific person, animal, creature or thing. Its intended effect is to clear that relationship from all wrong ideas, false beliefs and hasty judgements.

Whenever I have used this mantra with proper attention, the quality of the particular relationship improved noticeably, or at least my perception of the quality of that relationship improved. Which in my “reality” boils down to the same.

“Non solidity” is this: you look around you and remember that all you see is a vacuum filled with floating images produced by flows of subtle energy decoded by your mind. You get the sense that if you kept walking you could just go through anything that is in front of you: person, tree, brick wall…. Just as if you were a ghost.

It’s a good technique to use in public spaces such as busy streets, shopping centres, metro, railways stations…, with lots of people hurrying around you like ants.

You see the agitation around, but you know it’s only a 3D video with special effects being played in your mind. You look at it with detachment, yet attentively; you watch the people and things with interest and compassion. You don’t judge them, don’t envy them, don’t fear them. In fact you observe every little scene with calm interest, you notice beauty, you notice the funny side of what goes on, and you feel totally relaxed, at peace, unthreatened, yet fully alert and lucid.

You can also experience non solidity while walking in nature, in a garden, in a quite street or just sitting at home and simply watching things in the room.

Focusing on non solidity brings you in a state close to meditative relaxation. You feel good, you have pleasant sensations in your body. If you are short sighted and you are not wearing your specs or contact lenses, the muscles around your eyes feel more relaxed, and you may experience seconds or even minutes of perfectly clear vision.

In that state, you are both detached and very alert. If someone walking past you is conceited and arrogant, or is a real psychopath, you will notice that, but it won’t affect you. Instead of judging him or her, you might give that person the benefit of a quick ho’ponopono.

After all, being a psychopath or an arrogant twit isn’t his or her fault. Anyway he or she is only a bundle of information in the big universal field of information. He or she belongs to the same ocean as you; there is no discernable boundary between him/her and you.

This perspective helps you consider everything happening in the world without alarm or panic.

You know that the used radioactive fuel rods in Fukushima are likely to cause more serious problems in the relatively near future, you know that the debt mountain will cause a new financial crisis, you know that mass vaccination is doing a lot of harm to millions of kids and young adults…etc. etc.

You are lucid. You are not in denial. But you are nevertheless broadly happy and confident.

Why? Because you now sense that the visible material reality is only a thin layer of total reality. Because you sense that the real deal will be settled at another level, and not via technical and socio-political solutions.

Through ho’ponopono, non solidity and similar techniques which you can come across or develop by yourself, it is possible to leave behind you the heavy baggage of all the limiting beliefs the mind control system has been feeding you since before your birth in this life.

Fear not, let calm fascination take over from panic.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Nurturing harmony v fighting evil

Existence is fantastic. A firework of energy, information, love and harmony beyond anything imaginable.

But at the ordinary level of observation, we’re surrounded by harshness, corruption, and lies.

Banks, big companies, governments, universities, media, are all in cahoots to push an agenda of materialism, competition and fear. Organised religions pretend to play another tune, but are effectively in the same game.

The whole system is predatory.

Its ultimate narrative is war.

Economic war, war against enemies (germs, viruses, terrorists, Iran, Russia, China…), war against the non compliant (anyone who doesn’t buy in the benefits of vaccination, gm food, micro chip implants, wifi’s, fracking and other forms of “progress”).

The whole system is perverse.

Its ultimate weapon is mind control.

Mind control through narrow education, mechanistic science, dogmatic religion, and above all fragmentation of ideas, confusion and distraction.

But a growing minority is now seeing through the smokescreen. Awareness is in the air.

The awakened find themselves in a strange limbo.

They are ever clearer about the workings of the system. They would love to share their fresh insights with everyone around them, but all too often their speech falls on deaf ears.

Deaf ears because the propaganda machine of the system is proving pretty effective. And because most people feel they have no option but to comply with the system in order to maintain their livelihood. Torn between nagging doubts and a desire to be protected, most people stay in line, conform, force themselves to believe or pretend to believe the mainstream discourse.

So the awakened concentrate on practicalities in line with their insights: organic food, alternative therapies, respect for animals, relationships freed of prejudice. Touches of harmony on a small scale. In the crevices of the system.

And that is fine. Let us nurture these pockets of harmony.

There is that idea of a critical mass of positive thoughts, positive energy that will eventually tip the balance on this planet. Trust in the power of positive thoughts is consistent with metaphysics in line with advanced physics.

I believe that. My intuition tells me it stands a better chance than old fashioned revolution, with its trail of fighting and bitter emotions. Conflict based revolution has been tried, and failed. Conflict cannot generate well being, health and lasting joy.

So, nurturing pockets of harmony, generating positive thoughts, but without compromising/complying with the system. It’s a tight rope to walk on.

Fear not, enjoy a chocolate mousse with a glass of wine.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Brighter light and deeper darkness

Life is getting more intense these days.

images light and darknessFor sure the dark side is constantly up to new tricks and constantly recycling old ones.

De-humanised technologies invading every aspect of life, mass brainwashing, obsessive surveillance and control, ferocious economic exploitation, pollution, corruption, destruction of natural ecosystems on the planet and within our bodies…

And yet at the same time there has never been more awareness of the subtle side of existence,  more desire to embrace loving oneness and to remove the shackles of ego and fear.

It’s frankly mind boggling.

We can’t opt out and reflect quietly on the sideline. We’re in the thick of it. More and more acutely aware that none of the old certainties and dogmas are any help. All mainstream  institutions in the world appear corrupt and serving the narrow interests of a few.

So where is the guide to lead you through it all?

In yourself.

That barely audible little voice, that quasi silent Presence. Your Invisible Partner.

You can spend years researching scientific theories, religions and philosophies, you can try different things in your private life….In the end the whole confusing mess appears ever more incomprehensible.

At that point, stop trying to figure out what is beyond comprehension, relax, smile, be grateful, and trust the universe. It’s a big jump. Do it.

The alternative is misery. Being a slave and a robot in a senseless predatory system.

Fear not, enjoy open minded metaphysics.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Don’t panic when awakening

Reality is so totally different from the illusion created in our minds by mainstream society that you may get a shock when the wall of false beliefs begins to crack.

imagesAccelerating events suggest that most of what we have been taught since childhood is part of a global mind control effort by a cold, manipulative, unfriendly system.

A growing minority of people are beginning to grasp this.

And they are also beginning to realise that the material world is only a perception at a certain level of vibration. In a way similar to the fact that what we “see” is limited information carried by a very narrow “visible” range of electro-magnetic radiations.

Non material reality is infinitely bigger that anything appearing in the material world.

And for some reason difficult to elucidate, the material world, at least on planet earth, seems in the grip of disharmonious forces.

Which is in striking contrast to the evident harmony and benevolence of universal consciousness underpinning everything from the invisible to the material.

Becoming gradually aware of all this is like walking through a screen not knowing what to expect on the other side.

So you can forgive yourself for feeling unsettled and anxious right now.

Just accept the initial burst of anxiety, let your mind calm down and become attentive to your thoughts when you consider the world with a new mindset free of materialism (and dogmatic religion).

Once you have become even partly aware, you can’t possibly feel good at the thought of going back to your old mental cage of narrow beliefs.

Your path now is light, kindness, non judgment and love. You are in the process of letting go of ego and fear. These two are totally intertwined, to a point that someone rightly said “the ego is the frightened part of us”.

Becoming aware, you can see the global conspiracy turning into global dictatorship.

But you can also see that this terrible story is only a story. A story in the illusory pseudo reality perceived by our mind in the grip of narrow thoughts.

You can decide to generate positive thoughts that will keep you at a distance from the illusory story.

You can decide to play a positive role in the illusory story: not comply with the system, refuse to believe propaganda, refuse to have designated enemies, refuse to eat poisoned industrial food, refuse to compete rather than cooperate, refuse to subject your body and your mind to crude medical procedures, refuse to be entertained by junk media and their pervert symbols.

This is a time of reckoning.

Free yourself from cowardice, meanness and any idea of superiority or specialness. Embrace oneness and solidarity with all that exists. Dance with your Invisible Partner. It’s the only path to harmony and joy.

Fear not, and go without turning back.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Streetwise metaphysics to navigate through the crisis

There are so many hard and conflicting pressures on everybody these days that the whole consciousness/personal development movement may at times appear like airy fairy wishful thinking of no real help.

And to make matters worse, many highly visible teachers, writers and gurus on spirituality, alternative healing and global conspiracy may be quite irritating at times.

But don’t dismiss them too quickly.

Despite their egos sometimes getting in the way, the broad direction of their teaching is highly valuable.

If you listen to them carefully, you realise they converge on the essential: reality is broader than what we perceive, everything is connected, we’re all part of oneness, the universe (or multi-verse) is conscious and full of love and harmony despite darkness and evil, nothing happens by chance, everything has a meaning, we are eternal waves of consciousness having an earthy experience.

These metaphysical points are extraordinarily relevant in practical life.

Once you have digested the central idea of oneness, your attitude towards existence and your relationships with other people and creatures are changed for ever.

It no longer makes sense to be racist, nationalist, chauvinist, and discriminatory, it no longer makes sense to blame and cast judgments, and it no longer makes sense to regard diseases and accidents as just meaningless bad luck and ignore the messages they bring.

In fact metaphysics leads your mind towards the exact opposite of the dominant mentality in our society, which is based on fear, prejudices and fragmentation of thoughts. As events on the planet accelerate, it is essential to rely on the holistic views of metaphysics.

Without them you are prey to the manipulative system of mind control that rules the world (for the time being).

You believe the propaganda dished out by establishment media and get distracted by their drivel.

You believe struggling and competing are inherent to human condition, and as a consequence live in anxiety and stress, taking the wrong steps and getting shoved about without be able to grasp the subtle messages delivered by higher consciousness.

But in using metaphysics, you have to be intuitive and streetwise, open minded, avoiding any form of dogmatism, taking things with humour and a pinch of salt, and tuning down the ego.

This takes practice, constant practice. Patience, perseverance. But the rewards are immense and sustained. Unlike the rapidly shrinking rewards of materialism.

Fear not, cultivate your relationship with the Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Welcome to no solidity, no fear, no control

All you’ll ever know (and feel) about “reality” in this life are perceptions and thoughts in your mind.

This gives you a choice.

You can accept the programming dumped in your mind by society and spend your entire life in fear, self importance, competition, constantly hitting the walls of a minuscule cage of material preoccupations and whims of ego.

Or you can be free, nurture higher feelings, seek understanding, love, creativity, connection with light and beauty and perceive the vast, infinite grace of existence.

If you choose the latter, a good way to start is by developing a sense of non solidity.


Go outside, in a garden, on a bench, at a bus stop, or wherever you can sit or stand calm and relaxed. Then let the pictures and sounds come to you, and begin to see or hear them as ever so light and hollow; a hologram of impressions, nothing solid or material about them. You could walk through them, like a ghost.

When that sensation of non solidity begins to feel real, your state of mind starts evolving towards more detachment, less fear and a weaker urge to control. You are gently moving towards a state of “let go”, yet being very present, more attentive and focused.

In that state, the inner little voice can be heard more clearly, and you sense the Invisible Partner next to you and in you. You feel his strength and kindness. You trust him. You know he is stronger than the forces of evil and disharmony. Whatever the apparent circumstances, whatever the turbulences, he will help you move in the direction of general harmony.

You don’t need to study complicated philosophical theories, or research the potential meanings of scriptures and dogmas. Simply let go and trust the Invisible Partner. Let the wisdom of intuition fill your mind, keep your dry reasoning intellect in a box, to be used only for small jobs but not to run your life.

In that freer state of mind, the whole logic of existence appears different. There are no enemies, no frontiers, no demarcations. Our universe, infinitely vast as it is, might just be one among many potential universes, depending on the parameters of observation. Time might be reversible, or just be another illusion linked to the mode of observation.

In fact a whole realm of “meta-logic” (alongside “meta-physics”) opens up once you leave behind the limitations of materialist thinking.

And this ultimately translates into a completely different way of interacting with your environment in everyday life.

Although it must be said that beginners on the path towards enlightenment are under serious temptation to fall back into old materialist reactions whenever the going gets tough.

But the game is worth it.

Fear not, breathe and trust



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Beauty is the antidote to fear

This splendid phrase was said by non mainstream trend forecaster Gerald Celente and relayed by new age writer Stuart Wilde.

I find it very moving and true. Beauty of the heart connects us to the best in universal consciousness. When you create beauty, either through music, painting, or decorating your home or work place with simple elegance you raise the quality of energy in and around you.

And darkness is pushed back.

Ultimately our fear is fear of darkness, fear that the universe might not be entirely benevolent.

But the universe is benevolent. When it doesn’t appear to be so, the source of the confusion lies in our troubled thoughts, in the negativity of our thoughts.

You may observe that society is plunging ever deeper into ugliness, harshness, egotism, violence, disharmony and think that universal consciousness must be letting us down. But in fact you have the freedom to light your torch of beauty, kindness, simplicity and dissipate darkness around you, not for your selfish survival, but as your contribution to the triumph of light.

Life is much bigger than the mundane stuff we sometimes reduce it to in our everyday struggle.

This is not so easy to explain fully within the logic of the reasoning intellect. It has to been experienced. The key is intuitive guidance by the Invisible Partner.

If you have time here is a good read:  and a piece of lucid beauty

Fear not, be totally lucid and nevertheless totally positive,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

First look inside yourself and then open your eyes

When you wake up in the morning or whenever you feel like taking a break, keep your eyes shut for a few minutes and attentively observe the images that appear on the screen of your mind.

Take an interest in that fugitive spot of green and yellow light, in those blue streaks floating across and disappearing, in those extraordinary purple shapes on the right hand side of the scene. Get a feel for the depth of what you “see”. Don’t try and interpret, just watch.

Watch the passing images turning into all forms and colours, the gentle beautiful ones, the chaotic ones. All of them are productions of your own software. Your mind processes information and comes up with these internal visual impressions.

You can modify the effect by placing the palms of your hands on your eyes so as to create black cavities where no light hits your eye lids. And while your eye balls are relaxing in that warm cosy nest, pay attention to the sounds you hear and to the sensations within your body.

Now remember that all that exists amounts to pure energy and information. Matter, which seems so real to us most of the time, doesn’t exist as such; it is only a perception we have in our mind.

Once you adopt this model (fully consistent with advanced physics), your relation to the world changes completely.  Through introspection and dialogue with the Invisible Partner (a concept totally consistent with intuitive feelings and reasoned metaphysics) you gradually approach another “reality”. One that is not material, solid and violent. A reality of light, lightness, and mysterious connection with an amiable loving totality.

Once at peace within yourself you can think more calmly about the outside world.

You then realise that things are not what they seem, what society tries to make you believe.

You realise that those who rule the world – destroying the planet, forcing vaccinations, repressing protesters and as of late grabbing money from people’s bank accounts – are only puppets in the 3D show with sound and special effects being played in your mind.

Why should these rulers intimidate you? For sure they seem to have all the cards in their hands and full power on everybody else. But that is in the show; they are just holograms of information being created by your mind.

When you explore your own mind, you come across the dividing line between the beautiful, loving, trusting and the ugly, twisted, fearful. And these two streams of thoughts are reflected in the apparent “reality” around you, i.e. the in 3D film shown on your inner screen, fed by information picked up by your senses.

Now open your eyes and notice how refreshed your vision is. Fill your consciousness with the non solidity of all that you see. Enjoy the sensation of vacuum, enjoy the sight of the hologram floating in the vacuum.

Of course if you hit your head against a thick wall it will hurt, but only because of the type of information connected to the wall and to your head, even though both are only parts of the hologram.

This alternative worldview is admittedly very disconcerting. Materialists will dismiss it as nonsense. But what have they got to offer? Has their materialist model brought any harmony, and is it capable of offering any solution to the global crisis?

The time has come to dare confidently explore another approach to existence, to try a new dance with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, trust Goodness.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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