Shamanic wisdom without drugs or rituals

A shaman is connected.

He or she knows. Intuitively.

He knows that the big “all there is” is made of energy, information, consciousness and intent.

Whose intent?

Doesn’t matter. Intent in which any of us can have a share.

Intent arising from love. Pure, unconditional, non judgmental love. Or  .. intent arising from non love. Not necessarily hatred, cruelty, just non love, like coldness, indifference, condescendence.

Love or non love. Not good or evil. That would be judgment, moral codes…all worthless and meaningless.

The shaman is connected through body and mind. He knows everything is one and interacting. A continuum with no demarcations. A fantastic field of energy, consciousness permeating all creatures alive or nor alive (at least not alive according to the mainstream vision of things): humans, animals, microorganisms, plants, stones, water…everything without exception.

If you kick a machine made of metal and plastic bits because it doesn’t work as you wanted it to work, you may think it doesn’t matter.

But a shaman knows the machine will sense your frustration, your impatience, your non love.

When taking a shower, a shaman feels gratitude for the water running over his body. He will not make an empty speech, but he will feel gratitude through body sensations and non verbal thoughts.

All our thoughts are either expanding or contracting. Expanding when aligned with love and free of fear and bitterness. Contracting when steeped in non love, and/or fear and bitterness.

The shaman isn’t naïve. He’s lucid. He’s very aware of the crisis on our planet. He knows the eco-systems are under attack, he knows the folly of intensive agriculture, industrial food production, soulless medicine, chemical poisoning and all the rest. He knows the unbelievable corruption of the system and the blindness and cowardice of most people.

But none of this sends him or her into panic.

He knows it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things. The shaman knows of eternity, including his own eternity. This doesn’t give him a big head and an inflated ego, or a low self esteem and a sense of being weak and negligible.

A shaman is an intuitive metaphysician.

He knows that advanced science is beginning to offer partial insights into the energy and information field, into water memory, animal consciousness and a host of other things that materialist thinking had so far chosen to ignore.

A shaman isn’t waiting for the dry intellect to validate his vision of the universe.   He trusts his intuition.

Because he is connected.

And he is connected because he has learned to quieten the inner chatter of his mind and to free himself of the pathetic distractions thrown at us: advertising, manipulated news, entertainment, objects for show off …

But the shaman isn’t a puritan old bore. He will drink a glass of wine or beer, have a good laugh, feel sexually attracted without shame, etc….all in love, integrity, non judgment.

He may be an activist for truth and deserving causes, but will not become a fanatic. He isn’t anxious to save the planet. He knows the planet will take care of itself.

He knows the future and the past are just perceptions of the human mind in its narrow intellectual mode. There is no time line, just eternity. Unimaginable eternity and infinity our intellect cannot comprehend.

That is why he uses the intellect only as a modest tool, like a screwdriver, and not as the compass to guide his life.

You can be a shaman, at least a shaman apprentice, from tomorrow morning (or even today) if you so choose. There is nothing to stop you other than the fear and limitations downloaded in your mind by the mainstream belief system. And you don’t need ayahuasca, LSD, booze or fancy rituals.

Rituals are used by traditional shamans in the context of their culture to enhance modified states of consciousness. They can play a useful role in their context, in the same way that a pendulum or dowsing rods can be used to help achieving a state of focused attention enabling access to the field of subtle information.

Becoming a shaman is less of a mountain top than one might imagine. If we choose the easy route to the summit: simplicity.

No fuss, no show off, no artefacts. Just expanding thoughts, concentrated attention through the body and the mind, here and now. Total trust in the universe’s loving guidance.

Be aware that some folks choose connection with dark forces or at least are led into connection with them. Yes dark forces exist in the big field consciousness, like nefarious software, otherwise there wouldn’t be evil and the mess we see on the planet.   Some folks are conned into believing that slaves of darkness are rewarded by visible success and physical pleasure. But it’s an illusion, a one-sided deal of exploitation and mind control.

A shaman knows this too. And it doesn’t frighten him. He knows the darks forces can’t hold him in their grip.

Fear not, start your shamanic journey; it’s fun and healthy.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


Two fingers to the dark forces and love for everyone else

Street wise metaphysics is essential these days.

It helps you focus on the big picture and avoid being manipulated and over-impressed by the continuous stream of distorted news.

We know little for sure about reality, except that it is far more subtle than what we are told by mainstream education, institutions and media. The later are actively implanting rigid limiting ideas into our minds. They do it to exercise full control over us. They want us to be subservient and compliant. Ultimately they want us to be just robotic slaves.

It is clear that the system is entirely at the service of a ruling elite. And it looks as if many people in the elite are themselves manipulated. Just look at them: they are not healthy and you can see fear behind their mask of arrogance. In fact most visible characters in the ruling elite are mere puppets.

Who pulls the strings?

There are various theories circulating about this. For my part the details matter less than the core idea of dark forces (something like nefarious cosmic software) intervening from the invisible realm.

You don’t believe in the “invisible realm”?

Well, do a bit of research and, more importantly, open your mind, including your intuition, and observe events around you and within you. You’re bound to realise that there is vastly more than what we see, than the narrow material so-called reality.

For millennia the conversation regarding the invisible realm has been thoroughly controlled by religion. Religion, whatever the make – Judeo-Christian, Muslim, …- doesn’t want people like you and I to experience connection with the universe, the Source, higher self, whatever name is given to the infinite consciousness underpinning all there is. Religion wants people like you and I to believe in a story, a string of dogmas and rules.

Religious teachings emphasise darkness, sin, suffering and fear. You were born a sinner. You need to repent, avoid temptation and work for salvation. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Follow  the commandments, or else…

That is all bullshit.

There is only one guide to follow: love. Universal, non judgmental, warm, kind, friendly, humorous, creative, seeking harmony and beauty. Love is the hallmark of universal infinite consciousness, of which you and I, and everything else, including animals, stones and stars are manifestations.

But to make things interesting and a bit challenging, there is also the possibility of non love. Darkness, ego, meanness, suffering, fear.

The present global crisis on planet earth – which is small beer in the big scheme of things, but quite a drama for us down here now – is driven by non love. I.e. by a string of negative waves of consciousness. You can call them demonic, satanic, ghouls, …whatever. They are dark forces in the system and they manifest themselves through their grip on peoples’ minds. Those who are deeply affected are the psychopathic puppets in the ruling elite. But all of us have to contend with some degree of mind infestation by these nefarious software viruses. Which affects our thoughts, our behaviour, our relationships and our health.

Once we are well aware of this, half the battle is won. To win the other half, we need wisdom and courage. The courage to be free of mind control. The courage to stay aligned with and totally trusting in unconditional love, whatever the circumstances.

Techniques like meditation and “ho’ponopono” are very helpful. But ultimately each of us has to develop his choreography with the universe. Without trying to find refuge within a congregation or under the protection of some master, healer or guru. Or without trying to find technical solutions through drugs or gadgets.

Reality is not a linear sequence of determined events. It’s an ever present cloud of potentialities. Potentialities will turn into perceived events according to your choices: choices either for trust and expansion and love, or for fear, contraction and guilt.

This is not about adopting a vague philosophical standpoint, it’s about being focused on here and now and consciously choosing several times a day, day in, day out. It’s practical and streetwise. It goes through your body as much as through your mind. It’s more intuitive than intellectual.

Try it. It’ll serve you well in 2014, and later.

Fear not, dream well.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

What is awareness and what are its consequences?

Awareness is a popular notion among the alternative fringes.

But awareness of what?

Of the hidden forces behind the workings of global society, with their obvious elements of conspiracy? – yeees, this is a significant part of awareness, but probably not the most important.

The key part concerns our metaphysical vision of existence.

Which is awareness that the visible world is only a limited layer of existence, that the non visible interacts in subtle ways with the visible, that nothing in “all there is” exists as  separate from the “rest”, that nothing happens just by chance, without meaning or purpose.

Once you become very conscious – not just intellectually, but also physically, emotionally, spiritually – that the visible and invisible realms are inseparable and constantly interacting, your relationships with people, creatures and events begin to take a new dimension.

How does one reach such awareness?

There are probably as many routes to awareness as there are individuals.

As far as I am concerned, the journey started from a mainly materialist perspective. Such was the dominant thinking mode of my baby boomer’s youth marked by an almost unreserved belief in progress through science.

There was also, of course, organised religion.

Mainstream speech pretended that the two concerned totally different things and that there was no point in trying to reconcile them. Partitioning of reality into completely separate domains was (and still is) one of the principal hallmarks of Western thinking.

But today new facts are laid before us to enlarge our thinking, if we are prepared to pay attention.

On the one hand it is now pretty clear that the basic functioning of society is predatory and destructive, that it has been so for a long time, and that the process is approaching a climax with unprecedented consequences. A fundamental change of mentality and vision has become a matter of collective survival.

On the other hand the development of fundamental physics shows that science is very far from truly understanding universal reality whilst at the same time strongly suggesting that we live in a vacuum filled with energy and information. Matter is only a level of perception of flows of energy organised by information.

Furthermore, theories and models of fundamental physics play with the ideas that time might be reversible, or might only be a perception by an observer, that it is possible for an elementary particle to be present simultaneously in two different spots in the universe, and that there might be more than one universe, perhaps even an infinity of universes.

In short, it is becoming quite plain that our reasoning intellect, with our level of logic, is simply unable to grasp the infinite, eternal reality, and that all it can do is to develop fairly  simplistic models which have limited usefulness, let alone validity, and should in any case be used with the greatest humility.

Whilst such metaphysical consequences of advanced science are now being explored more thoroughly than in the days of blind narrow scientism, many are also revisiting the teachings, metaphors and symbols of ancient traditions, and experiencing the effectiveness of various practices in line with a holistic, non materialist, “energy” based approach of reality.

In fact, we are opening up again to the power of intuition, an essential natural faculty that had been atrophied in most us by the materialist belief system which Western society had imposed on almost everybody.

It is remarkable and quite exciting to note the deep convergence between advanced science, ancient traditions and contemporary non conventional practices.

That said, however, most of the time we are still stuck in our perception of reality experienced as “this” visible world, and subject to its irritating material and psychological constraints and limitations. Our consciousness appears trapped in what modern metaphysicians call “low vibration levels”.

Many people awakening to consciousness wish to free themselves from the enslavement of “low vibrations”. They try to achieve this through meditation, prayer, trance, shamanic practices or drugs. Often disappointment awaits them, and sometimes even depression.

The lesson, I believe, is that whilst life “down here” is only an experience our eternal higher self is going through, we can’t opt out of the experience. We have to go all the way to its natural end and extract the full learning it is meant to give us.

At this point, awareness has to broaden further, to encompass acceptance and trust and distance itself from ego and fear.

This is no intellectual exercise. It is a personal experience. It involves every cell in the body, every conscious thought in the mind, every emotion, desire, fear. Everything that constitutes you or me, which no science or philosophy can fully define and specify, is involved in experiencing enlarged consciousness.

In this a key notion to bear in mind is that of the continuum of existence. There are no absolute boundaries, neither in space, nor time, nor in any other conceivable dimension. Existence is oneness, infinite interactions, yet with perceptions of separate identities. It’s incomprehensible, beyond our logic. All we can do is travel as far as our logic goes, reach the brink, peer down and then jump. Trust the unknown, as the little inner voice of our intuition tells us to.

Those who dare go to the brink beyond which ordinary logic is no longer any use enter a new dance with life. The dance with the invisible Partner.

This is not faith as in organised religion where dogmas are downloaded into your mind and you are meant to sheepishly follow. This is natural connection with the invisible. The stuff of genuine mystics, shamans, healers. And these may be very ordinary people, unpretentious, definitely unpretentious.

And now a last challenging bit: evil.

Whilst the genuinely awakened people do their utmost to align their whole being on the universe’s absolute love, non judgment, compassion and harmony, it looks pretty clear that some partly aware characters opt for a “deal with the devil”. And that might be what lies behind the almost incomprehensible harshness and grotesque arrogance of today’s ruling world elite.

But this shouldn’t unduly worry the really aware. At Source, there is only pure undiluted love.

Can we be sure of that? Yes, but only once intuition has been allowed to reach a sufficient level, for this is beyond the reach of the reasoning intellect on its own.

To conclude, awareness is more than a non materialist world vision, it is a mode of thinking, feeling, acting, and interacting with every aspect of life which is totally different from the ordinary mode in today’s mainstream culture.

Fear not, observe and smile.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Leave your heavy baggage

Our experience of life is determined by streams of information flowing deep in our cells, molecules and atoms, by conscious and unconscious thoughts in our mind.

Faire-sa-valise-a25285156But what about “external” events, outside of “us”?

Surely, you and I haven’t invented pollution, overpopulation, the financial crisis, Fukushima or forced vaccination. These things are part of the general environment. We haven’t created them. They are, as it were, imposed on us, aren’t they?

Similarly we can’t be held responsible for annoying or serious problems affecting our body;  that sudden headache, that spot on the nose or that pain in the knee. Such ailments just happen to us, don’t they?

And also, whether it’s sunny and warm, or cold and wet outside, that isn’t up to us, is it?

Clearly, it is impossible, and pointless, to try and segregate what is “up to us” from what is not. In fact it is already impossible to know what “us”, as opposed to the rest, really means.

The only certainty is universal wholeness, its infinite interactions, its amazingly subtle continuum.

But our humble corner of universal wholeness looks like a morass. We don’t even know what we are, and our reasoning intellect seems so incapable of making any real sense of our little mess.

So let’s tune down the dry intellect and let intuition do the driving.

Apparently we cannot change much of what goes on in the world, but we can change the way it affects our mind. We seem to have a degree of freedom in focusing our thoughts.

All experts in personal development seem to agree on one point: focusing on “positive” thoughts is the key.

But where it gets confusing is on what to do when “negative” thoughts keep coming back.

Do we have to pretend they weren’t there? This sounds like denial. And intuition strongly suggests that denial is most unhealthy.

A seemingly better option is to recognize whatever “negative” thoughts are floating in our mind, accept that they are there, but not let them take over, and bring the main focus of our attention on “positive” thoughts.

This approach is consistent with an attitude of non judgement, detachment and compassion, including towards ourselves.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting two simple techniques to orient the mind towards positive attitudes: “ho’ponopono” and “non solidity”.

Ho’ponopono is the mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” addressed to the universe while focusing on our relationship with a specific person, animal, creature or thing. Its intended effect is to clear that relationship from all wrong ideas, false beliefs and hasty judgements.

Whenever I have used this mantra with proper attention, the quality of the particular relationship improved noticeably, or at least my perception of the quality of that relationship improved. Which in my “reality” boils down to the same.

“Non solidity” is this: you look around you and remember that all you see is a vacuum filled with floating images produced by flows of subtle energy decoded by your mind. You get the sense that if you kept walking you could just go through anything that is in front of you: person, tree, brick wall…. Just as if you were a ghost.

It’s a good technique to use in public spaces such as busy streets, shopping centres, metro, railways stations…, with lots of people hurrying around you like ants.

You see the agitation around, but you know it’s only a 3D video with special effects being played in your mind. You look at it with detachment, yet attentively; you watch the people and things with interest and compassion. You don’t judge them, don’t envy them, don’t fear them. In fact you observe every little scene with calm interest, you notice beauty, you notice the funny side of what goes on, and you feel totally relaxed, at peace, unthreatened, yet fully alert and lucid.

You can also experience non solidity while walking in nature, in a garden, in a quite street or just sitting at home and simply watching things in the room.

Focusing on non solidity brings you in a state close to meditative relaxation. You feel good, you have pleasant sensations in your body. If you are short sighted and you are not wearing your specs or contact lenses, the muscles around your eyes feel more relaxed, and you may experience seconds or even minutes of perfectly clear vision.

In that state, you are both detached and very alert. If someone walking past you is conceited and arrogant, or is a real psychopath, you will notice that, but it won’t affect you. Instead of judging him or her, you might give that person the benefit of a quick ho’ponopono.

After all, being a psychopath or an arrogant twit isn’t his or her fault. Anyway he or she is only a bundle of information in the big universal field of information. He or she belongs to the same ocean as you; there is no discernable boundary between him/her and you.

This perspective helps you consider everything happening in the world without alarm or panic.

You know that the used radioactive fuel rods in Fukushima are likely to cause more serious problems in the relatively near future, you know that the debt mountain will cause a new financial crisis, you know that mass vaccination is doing a lot of harm to millions of kids and young adults…etc. etc.

You are lucid. You are not in denial. But you are nevertheless broadly happy and confident.

Why? Because you now sense that the visible material reality is only a thin layer of total reality. Because you sense that the real deal will be settled at another level, and not via technical and socio-political solutions.

Through ho’ponopono, non solidity and similar techniques which you can come across or develop by yourself, it is possible to leave behind you the heavy baggage of all the limiting beliefs the mind control system has been feeding you since before your birth in this life.

Fear not, let calm fascination take over from panic.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

In touch with your cellular memory

imagesCA3M7235Memory isn’t just in brain cells. It’s in every cell.

And not just in living cells, but also in clusters of water molecules and in stones and crystals; in fact in every tiny portion of the material world.

Memory stored in the structures of the material world is part and parcel of the vast subtle field of information underpinning all that exists: visible stuff, shadows, thoughts, emotions, souls, spirits, angels and demons.

The bits of information stored in your body cells form an interface between the Source and the loose entity called you. Metaphysicians refer to a hologram model which states that the totality of universal information is reproduced in every sub-entity.

What does this imply for each of us? That every possible thought, emotion or attitude lies deep in our body in a latent state. And everything we do, mostly unconsciously, is determined by which bits of information get activated as we go along.

If confidence, love and openness are activated, events in our life tend to flow fairly harmoniously, but when fear, sourness and distrust are activated, our thoughts and actions combine to create a very difficult course of life.

What can we do to ensure that the positive bits get activated?

Before addressing that question let us first consider the situation on our planet; it is obvious that collectively and individually we possess a clear potential for harmony, but somehow this potential very often gets overridden by activated negativity.


Human nature, many will sigh.

I don’t buy that.

We are not naturally a bunch of sour pusses or brutes.

Something pushes us into negativity. Something activates the bits of latent info stored in our cells that trigger negative thoughts and actions.

That something comes from the dominant culture in our world, and the entities behind it. The phenomenon is not new but it is reaching a peak.

Consider what the political and economic elites keep talking about, what mainstream media keep showing us, what the educational system keeps feeding into the minds of children and young adults: life is a struggle, it’s survival of the fittest, you have to fight, you have to work, you have to perform, financially and sexually, dangers are everywhere, terrorists, viruses, genetic diseases …etc, etc.

No sir, no madam. Life isn’t a blind desperate struggle against all kinds of competitors and enemies. Life is a fantastic experience. An opportunity to grow spiritually and connect to the Source.

The dominant elite uses fear to divide and rule. So much is evident. But who or what is behind the dominant elite?

Frankly, it must be entities in the invisible realm, in that portion of reality which lies between the source field and the material world. You may call them evil spirits, Lucifer, ghouls, fallen angels, whatever. The fact is that we see “bad” people behaving as if possessed and we ourselves often get strange impulses within us, not knowing why.

The late Stuart Wilde wrote in one of his last posts that in his experience of healer most diseases, and possibly all of them, were due to some form of spiritual attack.

I believe this is a useful model to consider.

Which brings us back to the key question of what to do to activate the positive bits of info stored in our cells.

In our cells but also in the pulsating electro magnetic fields related to these cells, and in the clusters of water molecules in our body, and in the cells of microorganisms living in symbiosis with our body, etc.…etc.

A positive attitude at the level of our conscious intellect is a good start to activate the “positive” bits of cellular memory but it is not enough, not by a long shot.

To reach cellular memory (and all related forms of deep seated memory) we need a fundamental intuitive shift. This can be facilitated by meditation, prayer (or equivalents like ho’ponopono), energy based healing techniques, or using harmony enhancing signs and symbols.

Evidence that something is moving down there at the appropriate level can surface through some form of physical release of stress like shedding tears, spasms (sometimes quite impressive) involving the lower back, shoulders, arms or other parts of the body. People with visual limitations like short sightedness can experience flashes of perfect vision lasting from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the depth of their state of modified consciousness.

Achieving the fundamental intuitive shift able to activate deep seated positive information is a profoundly personal experience. At the same time, it is one that sets you free from your “personality” with all its old baggage of fears, beliefs and judgements. You let yourself immerse in an infinite pool of unknown, and you trust that unknown, completely, totally.

This is the exact opposite of control. In fact, intellectually and physically, you give up trying to control anything. For someone brought up in the materialist system of thought this is a hell of a jump. But once you have managed to do it, even for only a few seconds before lapsing back into old habits of fear and attempted (and usually failing) control, you know there is something powerful there, something powerful and beautiful. Eventually you will return to that beautiful unknown and trust it more and more.

Fear not, hug your cat.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Appreciating the continuum of existence

The idea of universal oneness in which everything interacts is widely accepted among alternative thinkers. And so is the vision that the “material” world is only a perception at our ordinary level of observation.

But the wrongly named “material” world shouldn’t be dismissed altogether: it does exist even if it is not material at all. It exists in the same way that a shadow on a wall or a video on the internet exist. They have a virtual, immaterial existence. An existence that depends on the observer.

Put another way, our “material” world it is a sort of shallow end of an infinite continuum which also comprises the invisible realm. Conventional science looks at this shallow end as if it encompassed everything, which is plainly absurd. Reality is vastly bigger than the “material” world and vastly more sophisticated and subtle than the various theories and models of conventional science suggest.

Esoteric knowledge explores the invisible realm. It too puts forward theories and models. For instance the concept of subtle energy called Chi in the Chinese Tao tradition, Ki in the Japanese tradition and Ether in European esoteric tradition is a model. It is a useful model for particular purposes, such as Feng Shui or certain “energy”- based alternative therapies, in the same way that Newtonian mechanics or conventional thermodynamics are useful models for various technical applications.

Human models of representation of reality, whether pertaining to conventional science, esoteric knowledge, or metaphysics, are all fragmented and simplistic. Our reasoning intellect is simply unable to deal comprehensively with the continuum of infinite reality. Only through intuition can we can get a sense of what infinite reality must be like.

And it is of huge practical importance to develop that sense. In order to avoid being trapped in a mental cage of limiting beliefs and narrow representations. In order to stay free from mind control by unfriendly entities. Yes, observation of life strongly suggests that unfriendly entities are at work within the universal information field, and their effects are manifest in the shallow end we call the material world.

Cultivating the intuitive sense of infinite, continuous reality, in which nothing can exist on its own separated from the rest, is a key prerequisite for the liberating “let go” whereby we allow the Invisible Partner to guide us through life.

Higher guidance may at times be very down to earth and advise the use of techniques based on scientific or esoteric models, but always in a flexible way that transcends techniques, because reality is a continuum beyond the limited scope of any human technique.

Fear not, look out of the shallow end.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Connecting to Source

Matter doesn’t exist.

According to subatomic physics there is only energy and information. In fact energy shaped by information.

But the nature of energy itself is elusive. Physicists can’t really explain what it is. If we try to go to the bottom of things, only the existence of an infinite information field seems indisputable. An information field of amazing subtlety, logic and creativity beyond anything we can begin to imagine.

When you look around, all you see, and hear, smell, touch and taste, boils down to information processed by a chunk of software called you. A bit like when you watch a video downloaded on your PC. But the video of “reality” is in 3D with sound and special effects like sensations and emotions.

All coded in the infinite information field.

Now the point is that such seemingly abstract considerations are of considerable relevance in every aspect of your life.

Next time you take a walk, drive your car or sit on a bus, watch the scenery moving past your eyes and remember it is all empty, it is just images produced by your information processor which is directly plugged to the universal information network.

Get a deep sense of the non materiality of what you see and feel. Observe sensations in your own body. Your body cells are all empty spaces with flows of energy controlled by information of which you are mostly unaware. And nobody can define what that energy is.

Now move past the barriers limiting the intellect, let go of your obsession with reasoning and allow intuition to take over.

Immerse yourself in oneness. Be acutely present to the non material “reality” around you. Admire every detail, catch every bird song, every noise, every little breeze, every ray of light, every insect flying over, every tiny pain or pleasurable sensation. All is just information, part and parcel of an infinite ocean of information, consciousness, grace and pure love. With the unexplained mystery of what we usually call “evil”, without knowing what it is and why it exists at all.

Be intensely present to it all. Don’t separate, don’t judge, don’t even compare. Just observe, contemplate, admire. Be grateful for the magnificence. You are part of infinite consciousness.

Your role in the 3D video is no big deal. Take it with humour, grace, detachment, yet with intensity.

Once experiencing non materiality will have become a completely natural habit, your relations with your own emotions, moods, ailments, accidents and other events of life will be radically changed. Self healing will be easier. Extra sensory perceptions will be easier and no longer considered “extraordinary”. The idea of hating anybody will appear totally preposterous.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself.

Fear not, connect to the ocean of information, the ultimate Source, aka your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

From 10^-33cm to intergalactic space, and consciousness in between

10-33cm is the subatomic scale where matter no longer exists. Down there you would only find energy and information. Experts in advanced physics are not even too sure what either really means.

According to quantum theory crazy things can occur in the realm of the very small, like a quantum being at two places simultaneously; “superposition” they call it. Mind boggling. And so far away from our usual vision of the “material world”.

Exploring quantum behaviour in human neurons, two daringly open minded researchers have tried to pave the way for a scientific approach to consciousness. Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician from Oxford, and Stuart Hameroff, a physician from the Medical University Center in Tucson, have jointly developed the “orchestrated collapse reduction” model.

Let’s not delve in the details of what is only a model that will probably be shown to be inconsistent and incomplete.

But the intellectual exercise is utterly fascinating and points to the crucial possibility that a coherent system of quantum impulses encompassed in human consciousness might be independent from any physical relation with a particular biological support system (such as our brain, other neurons or other cells).

In other words, our consciousness might be “downloadable” outside our body. After death for instance.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

This is no new age spiritual clap trap, as hard boiled materialists would say, but rational thinking by rigorous scientists.

Of course, serious metaphysical exploration beyond the limits of science is no clap trap. It is rational and absolutely indispensable because the realm of science is constrained by its fragmentation and adherence to the step by step deductive thinking process. Such process on its own is unable to deal adequately with the infinite subtlety of all there is.

Inevitably the intuitive connexion with higher consciousness has to come into our existential equation. The experience of life in all its dimensions shows this clearly to anyone prepared to open his mind and heart and move freely outside the cage of beliefs and assumptions imposed by accepted knowledge.

Anyway, the point here is that advanced science, despite its own limitations, is increasingly able to show how inadequate and frankly absurd the materialist world view really is.

Here is a short video with Roger Penrose:

Fear not, remember how vast, beautiful and intractable reality is.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Reconciling positive thinking and lucidity about evil

Positive thinking is essential for healing and personal harmony.

But how do we sustain positive thoughts while some much of our world is being destroyed and society slips into insidious tyranny orchestrated by a corrupt elite?

Some people choose denial.

They focus on the positive and try to ignore the ugly side. This looks simple enough and may appear like the obvious pragmatic option.

Yet this is a dangerous delusion.

While you may (almost) succeed in consciously ignoring disturbing stuff, your unconscious isn’t fooled. Your inner self knows, and the profound dissonance between what you know inside and what you consciously pretend to ignore dramatically affects your spiritual, mental and physical health.

The better option is to be completely lucid about the dark side of life and transcend revolt and fear.

When you open your heart to your higher self connected to universal consciousness things are seen in a completely different perspective. What appears dramatic and hopeless in the closed materialist vision is looked at by the higher self as part of an experience.

Events on the planet at this historical juncture are set in the much bigger picture of the infinite, eternal field of consciousness.

This kind of thought isn’t just for the intellect. In fact detached lucidity is to be experienced through your entire being including every part of your physical body: stomach, teeth, muscles, skin …

You might call this pragmatic metaphysics.

It can be aided by techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. but these are secondary. What truly matters is the deep connection. That deep connection is the way to joy, healing and creative energy. And the way to counter disinformation, conditioning and brainwashing.

Fear not, connect and share with other souls.



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Once « aware », what are we supposed to do?

First, what are we becoming aware of?

– of the glaringly evident facts that

what we see is only a perception of a minuscule fraction of what there is

each of us is an individual wave of the total eternal boundless consciousness having an experience at a certain level of, for want of a better word, “vibration”

our present experience is occurring within the story of humankind on planet earth in the 21st century where a global dictatorship is being established through mind control and manipulation of thoughts

this global dictatorship is nearing apparent triumph through cunning and at the same time collapse through its own intrinsic corruption and nastiness

our role in the story is to contribute to sanity and harmony.

OK, then what are we to do in this story reaching a dramatic climax?

– in a nutshell, radiate kindness and compassion the streetwise way.

Everything that happens in the earthly story is the result of thoughts at a deep level somewhere in the invisible field of consciousness.

Our job is to generate kind harmonious thoughts, in line with universal consciousness’ pure love.

And doing it the streetwise way means that the details of what we do are secondary.

While it is better to eat healthy organic food, to avoid drugs from Big Pharma, to avoid watching TV, to stay clear of politics, to say no to vaccination, etc, etc., it is the integrity of our thoughts and the warmth of our relationships with people, animals, plants and inanimate things that really matter.

All the useful techniques of meditation, yoga, natural healing, non violent negotiation are fine.

But in the end, we are to transcend all techniques and practices and reach connection with the pure level of vibration. Or, to put it another way, we are to completely trust our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, dare each new step in your dance with your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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