Frequently asked questions

Who is this blog aimed at?

Anyone seeking to awaken his intuitive abilities without rejecting rational thinking.

Many people realise that something unprecedented is happening in our world these days, but they’re not too sure what to make of it in their own life.

Also, there is so much nonsense flying around in the media, on the net, and among the people we meet everyday.

So here is a blog with ideas to fertilize your own thinking and your own experience, with no dogma behind, no hidden agenda, no guru in the shade. And you are not even asked to take anything we write for gospel.

The themes are spirituality and the global crisis. What is the link between them?

The global crisis reveals the incredible limitations and fallacies of the dominant system of thought.

When you start analysing the various aspects of the crisis: financial, economic, environmental, demographic, technological, societal…, and the deep interactions between them, you end up questioning the bases of existence, and questioning what is real.

You then logically begin to reflect on how we humans perceive bits of reality, and to explore the nature of knowledge.

This inevitably brings you beyond conventional knowledge, into metaphysics and spirituality. You realise how everything is connected. You begin to sense that the invisible is far deeper than the visible, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

And once you start incorporating spirituality into the day to day through your own experience, your understanding of world issues and of events in your own life broadens way beyond anything you had previously thought possible.

There are many allusions to health and alternative therapies. What have they got to do with spirituality and the global crisis?

Health is totally linked to spirituality. In fact, when you scratch the superficial crust of symptoms and their immediate mechanical causes, ill health is always a manifestation of unbalance at a deep energy level directly steered from the spiritual plane.

At the same time, the dominant system of thought is steeped in fear and ego. And fear for one’s health is systematically nurtured by messages from the public authorities and the medical industry.

We are constantly urged to have regular tests and checks, to receive vaccines, to trust conventional medicine, and of course to take costly medical insurance cover.

The health sector is very big business, one of the few still growing through the economic crisis.

The contrast between mainstream and holistic approaches to health illustrates perfectly the gap between dominant thinking supported by the establishment and the completely different world view emerging among growing minorities.

Is this blog anti science ?

Not at all. Science is a very useful tool, but it’s only a tool, not a god.

The big issue is that much of science nowadays has been high-jacked by pure materialists with a very narrow view of the universe. A view that is totally contradicted by advances in sub atomic physics, astronomy, neuro-cognitive science…

If you exercise critical thinking, you realise that conventional narrow science is strictly incapable of offering coherent solutions to any of the big problems facing mankind.

And you also realise that the ruling elite is doing its utmost to hide this from the crowds and sustain the illusion of perpetual growth of the economy fuelled by technological progress.

There is a lot about the economy and finance on this blog, often with a negative tone. Is this blog part of the doomsday brigade?

The globalised economy steered by finance has invaded virtually all aspects of our lives. Its mechanisms are crude and destructive.

Once you strip off the jargon, these mechanisms can be explained pretty simply.

Understanding the present dynamics of the economy and finance is a key both to free your mind from the mental cage maintained by official propaganda, and to avoid major pitfalls in the conduct of your own affairs.

It is essential to grasp why the financial and economic set-up is unsustainable, and to take the full measure of what intensive agriculture, fossil fuels mining, large scale retail, mass medicine, the security and military industries imply for nature, for the minds, for society.

There is nothing negative in conducting a lucid analysis. And the foreseeable collapse of a mad, destructive, totally unharmonious system is no doomsday stuff.

Anyway, criticizing the system is easy. Do you have concrete solutions to offer?

It’s obvious that no solutions exist in the current materialist paradigm of human thinking and behaviour.

What our intuition tells us is that current events on this planet, perturbing as they may appear, are only small beer in the grand scheme of things in the universe, while at the same time, each of us must exist in that grand scheme for some reason.

Within the confines of ordinary thinking we can’t figure out the reasons why we are having the strange experience of this life, particularly in today’s troubled circumstances.

But we can sense these reasons must have much to do with spiritual progress.
So while not having “concrete” “solutions” to offer, we have trust in the universe.

The universe has intentions, and human adventure must undoubtedly benefit from at least a little share of universal intentions. You may call it divine intentions, if you are religiously inclined.

We prefer to avoid reference to the concept of divinity which has been high-jacked by religions, in the same sort of way that science has been high-jacked by materialists. It’s all too evident that materialism and dogmatic religion are both obsessed by power and control. They share much in viewing mankind as for ever subject to ferocity, competition, ego and fear.

We sense that each of us is on a path towards tuning down ego and fear, and opening up to a higher level of consciousness.

The best practical course to follow is to experiment with trust and love in every day life, and observe the results. No dogmatic theory, no assumptions, just honest observation of how people behave and how events develop when you radiate kindness, compassion, love without judgment.

So your tip to readers is to experiment for themselves the concrete effects of spirituality?

True spirituality implies connection with higher consciousness through the channel of intuitive intelligence rather through reasoning intellect.

So you can’t really explain things with words to someone who hasn’t felt the effect of subtle energies.

You can point to phenomena like synchronicities to encourage people to peer behind the screen between visible and invisible, but at the end of the day, only personal experience will be revealing.

Changing paradigm doesn’t mean swapping a set of limiting dogmas, religious and or scientific, for a new set of dogmas wrapped up in metaphysical language.

Changing paradigm means a new dance with universal consciousness, with nature, with your own body, with your own fear and your own ego. It means daring to drop all forms of judgment and hatred and meanness. It means daring to drop all beliefs in the perennial brutality of life and embracing total trust.

When you start to try all this, you feel pretty much on your own, and then you begin to realise you are not alone in the adventure, and the light of life gets brighter.

Practically how do you categorize your different posts?

We avoid classifications, because fragmented thinking is a particularly negative hallmark of the dominant paradigm.

This said, some posts are more focused on exposing the incoherence, lies and manipulations of the system, whereas others emphasise the benefits of honest alternative thinking.

And what about your use of drawings?

They are there for fun. Often drawings are more telling than words.


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