Establishment depravity exposed

Information about the VIP paedophile ring of MPs, spy chiefs, military and legal officials …. is finally coming out of the closet. In spite of systematic cover-up by the authorities.

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Fear not, seek the truth



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Mainstream press article on establishment paedophile rings

Are some journalists becoming emboldened enough to lift a corner of the veil covering the establishment cesspit of vice, crime and corruption?

Saville and ThatcherOr is it that the powers that be feel it is good tactics to give the public a few bones to chew on?

In any case, read this Daily Mail article carefully and fill in the blanks yourself:

Fear not, be alert



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Nuke in fracking holes – system’s latest piece of madness

Guess what “they” are now contemplating.

Forced flu vaccination for all kids in New York?

– Yeeesss that too…

More geo engineering with more intense chemical spraying from civilian planes?

– Very likely also….

But the cherry on the cake this week is

…pumping waste radioactive slurry down fracking boreholes.

No joke. Here is the article from the mainstream media:

Wake up folks. Stop complying with the system whenever you can.

Fear not, paradigm change is inevitable.



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Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy reluctantly lifted in British media

Prime Minister David Cameron has been invited to appear at the Bilderberg conference currently held in a luxury hotel near Watford in England.

This, coupled to considerable pressure from critics of the event, makes it hard for mainstream media in the UK to continue pretending either that Bilderberg doesn’t exist or that it is a mere social gathering not warranting public scrutiny.

By now The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, the Daily Maily, the Financial Times and others have published articles about this year’s conference and more generally about the Bilderberg organisation.

The wall of denial is beginning to crack. Even the BBC has reported on Bilderberg for the first time. Here is the link; notice the silly tone of the presenter and the serious points made by the specialist guess:

Fear not, follow events with total lucidity.



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Historic conclave at the Vatican

The 117 cardinals eligible to vote in the papal election have assembled at the Vatican.

Their average age is 71, and, of course (why? might a child candidly ask), all of them are men. Most of them are white. None is married. And 28 of them are members of the Roman Curia, the head office of the Catholic Church.


Where do they come from? 58 from Europe, 42 from America, 11 from Africa, 11 from Asia and 2 from Oceania. In terms of individual countries, 20 are from Italy, 11 from the US, 6 from Spain, 6 from Germany, 5 from France, 4 from Brazil, 4 from Mexico, 3 from Canada.

In short, a group of old unmarried men, mostly white, of whom a quarter are based in the Vatican, are going to elect the supposedly infallible head of the world’s most influential religion and oldest multinational organisation with over two billion followers.

If you consider things with a little bit of detachment, this is utterly amazing.

And who are the three favourites according to informed insiders? Angelo Scola, 71, from Italy, Archbishop of Milan, doctrinal conservative. Odilo Scherer, 63, from Brazil, Archbishop of Sao Polo, doctrinal conservative. Marc Ouellet, from Canada, head of the Vatican’s office for Bishops, doctrinal conservative.

No need to dwell on the controversies regarding the handling/cover up of paedophilia in the Church, or the rumours of furious infighting and corruption in the Vatican bureaucracy. We’ll see what surprises these issues still have to deliver.

I have great compassion for the many honest rank and file Catholics, as I have great compassion for honest followers of all religions. But, clearly, they would be well advised not to expect useful spiritual guidance from the power hungry crew who “lead” them.

Fear not, seek spiritual guidance from your Invisible Partner.


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Simplicity at the top

José Alberto Mujica (77) is president of Urugay, a Latin American country of 3 million. In contrast to other heads of state, he lives humbly on a little farm rather than in the luxury of the presidential palace.

He gave a touching speech at the Rio20+ conference last June:

Fear not, be good with your dog.



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In Spain the king mainly has no brain

It wasn’t too clever for the king to go hunting elephants in Botswana while his people endure growing hardship:

Elephants are marvellously complex and sensitive creatures. Killing them for fun is an absolute scandal.

Although he now looks a complete fool, let’s not put all the blame on the king. The true culprit is dominant mentality.

When all that maters is money, power and consequential social posturing, the little man shoots a rabbit, the rich man shoots a tiger, and the royal shoots an elephant.

The little man’s excuse is that he might eat the rabbit, but the privileged have no other driving force than mindless conformism to macho roles of violence.

Let us have compassion for the king, and send him pure love. So positive vibes will make him, and others, respect nature.

Fear not, protect all beasts.



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