Links to useful articles, sites, videos:

Spirituality & science

Ervin Laszlo           web site “Forum on science & spirituality”

Gregg Braden         video

Kafatos, Tanzi, Chopra        academic paper “How consciousness becomes the physical universe”

J-P Jourdan MD            academic paper “Near death experience and the 5th dimensional spatio-temporal perspective”

Glen Kezwer       article “How quantum physics rediscovered consciousness”

Robert G Jahn     web site page “Research on conscious intention”

Supranormal & science

University of Virginia          web site of Division of Perceptual Studies

University of Edinburgh      web site of Parapsychology Unit

Society for Psychical Research       web site

Parapsychological Association       web site

“Institut Métapsychique International”         web site

“Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene”  web site


Jiddu Krishnamurti   “The core of the teachings”

Jiddu Krishnamurti   video “The real revolution”

Eckart Tolle           short video + access to other free videos

Jeddah Mali            essay

Vatican team           study “A Christian reflection on the New Age


Andy Puddicombe   visual gallery “How to meditate in 10 easy steps”       Spiritual reality power of parapsychology meditation video

Glen Kezwer  article “Meditation works: guidelines from the Bhagavad Gita”

Understanding the global crisis

Richard Heinberg   web site

Dmitry Orlov           blog

Fritz Schumacher   audio of speech at Findhorn in 1976


Zero Hedge               web site with lucid views on financial crisis

William Hummel     papers on “Money: what it is, how it works”µ

Mike Norman           blog + why he quit Fox news + reference to Leo Foresta


Deepak Chopra    posts “The higher health” –  Part 1 & Part 2

Sue Benford       academic paper “A new paradigm theorizing the mechanism of bioenergy healing”

ProPublica           web page on “Dollars for doctors”

Agriculture and food industry

Erwin Wagenhofer      film “We feed the world”

Psychology of denial

Psychologists       video “Why people resist disturbing evidence regarding 9/11”

Alternative writers/speakers/sites

Stuart Wilde          web site and blog

Zen Gardner           web site and blog

David Icke               two videos

Collapse & resilience

Michael Ruppert    web site + video “Why occupy”


Washingtonsblog   article “ (noun): anyone who disagree with the government”

Occupy                   web site of “Occupy the Board”

Naomi Klein          web site + interview at ONY on 12 October 2011     video “The 12 keys of spiritual activism”


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