One mental click away from paradigm change

Sensitive folks, most of them women, can feel a powerful subtle change occurring in the world. But official science, the establishment, and mainstream media are doing all they can to ignore, repress or ridicule any such idea.

There is a palpable tension these days between two radically opposed worldviews: the dominant de facto alliance of dry materialism and dogmatic religion, and a holistic vision of energy and consciousness.

While most people are totally subjected to the dominant view, many have a vague sense that there must be something in the alternative paradigm even though they don’t quite know what to make of it.

Confusion is probably a very widespread state of mind.

And confusion is both fuelled and exploited by a growing spirituality/personal development/ well being cottage industry.

To be fair, many people in that sector are largely sincere, and the money they make is deserved. But, there are also black sheep spreading total tripe.

On the other hand, in order to protect its image and credibility in spite of its all too obvious corruption, the establishment increasingly tries to recuperate alternative ideas and techniques. So you now see, for example, big companies encouraging employees to take up yoga and meditation, sometimes even spirituality.

Superficially that might seem fine. Except that the finality of any endeavour encouraged by big business is efficiency, performance, profits – all at the expense of nature and society. Initiatives in the soft mode may be clouded under “corporate social responsibility” or “ethics”, but at the end of the day there is nothing genuine in them, even though some of their promoters employed by corporations might be (naively) sincere.

At the academic level there is a war of attrition going on between promoters of elements of the alternative vision such as various natural medicines or parapsychology and self appointed “sceptics”. The latter expression is a misnomer for people who stubbornly refuse even to consider the possibility of phenomena outside a narrowly controlled area but gullibly accept any proposition when it comes from officialdom.

Such is the general context in which every one of us has to choose his own personal worldview and steer his life accordingly through the momentous global crisis.

Here is a tip to help you come to your choice.

Forget all the intellectual discussions about metaphysics, limits of science, nature of consciousness and so forth, and just try for a few days to live according to purely intuitive guidance. Set aside your ego and your propensity to argue, embrace trust and genuine love of all there is.

For these few days, have unrestricted confidence in the Invisible Partner whose little voice you perceive deep inside, without bothering to question what or who it is, and just observe carefully and honestly what happens when you think and act according to its guidance. Note if events in your life begin to flow more freely and if you feel better in mind and body. If it seems promising, continue without trying to rationalise or intellectualise. Be natural and unpretentious. Don’t do a show to impress others, don’t try to manipulate to your own egotistic advantage. Let the Invisible Partner show you the way through his subtle messages.

This is no theory, philosophy, religion, or whatever other high minded discipline. This is the fantastic game of life, the dance with the universe. It is to be experienced with your whole being: feelings, sensations, sentiments, dreams, pains and joys. Let your spontaneity carry you. Don’t try and work the chemistry of what is happening. Be a child. A child with an eternal soul, mysterious recipient of multiple flows of energy and consciousness. Don’t let any fear of illusory material stuff weaken your quest for the stars.

Just for a few days, try it with all your heart. And then decide. Good luck: you’re only a mental click away from another experience of your own existence.

Fear not, be the child you really are.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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