Mood throughs and the little voice

angel-and-devil-snowyChanges in mood are so strange.

When I go into rotten mood, the main theme is hatred.

Hatred for mankind and for myself, in that order. Suddenly the sheer stupidity of us appears so overwhelming that I can’t help wishing we all disappeared and vanished for good.

Then I have to redo once more the whole spiritual trailer from start: we are eternal, we are not going to vanish. We are in this apparently absurd life to learn. Hell on earth, heaven on earth, a mix of the two, it’s educational. Part of our soul’s trajectory towards harmony.

Why can’t we be at harmony straight away? Why is there lack of harmony? Why is there lack of love, when we know the universe is about love? You might as well blow your head against the wall.

Then, every time at the end of the rage, the answer is whispered softly in my ears by a patient little voice: you can stop being intimidated by the lack of love and harmony, you can let me create harmony and love for you. It’s your choice. Now, at every moment, whatever the situation. But the harmony and love I shall create for you may not look like what you’d imagined, like what the ego had let you believe you wanted.

Fear not, turn back to the little voice.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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