I vote

I respect Authority


I believe in democracy          numérisation0059








I follow the crowd

I listen to orders

I watch TV

I eat supermarket food

I swallow medicines

I get vaccinated

I go for check-ups

I fear many dangers

I trust the police

I avoid thinking

I have no idea what reality might be


But I feel something is wrong


Don’t laugh at me

They’ve brainwashed

And parked me

In a mental cage

Of fear, ego and confusion

Like millions of others


Don’t laugh at us

Just help us get free


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2015


Getting rid of fear

images1U2KS1UTHere is a very good piece by Julian Rose:


“..fear is the chief tool of our oppression.

The chief weapon of our self-paralysis.

However, it can be rendered utterly inert and without power, once we recognize its origins and bring to light its phony role.

The process of conquering fear involves pin pointing the tell-tale signs, like:

monetary obsessions,

preoccupation with health,

worry about one’s children’s futures,

the insecurity of maybe not attaining the material – and even spiritual – ideal one has set one’s self,

a general fear of the outside world

and even the fear of fear itself;

all these and more are manifestations of an ingrained indoctrination about the way we are “supposed’” to live and understand our lives.

The act of breaking-free from our mostly self imposed prisons, leads to a period of great rejoicing……”

untitled no rules if no one obeys

Fear not, the system is not so smart after all,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Establishment depravity exposed

Information about the VIP paedophile ring of MPs, spy chiefs, military and legal officials …. is finally coming out of the closet. In spite of systematic cover-up by the authorities.

Read more :

Fear not, seek the truth



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Mainstream press article on establishment paedophile rings

Are some journalists becoming emboldened enough to lift a corner of the veil covering the establishment cesspit of vice, crime and corruption?

Saville and ThatcherOr is it that the powers that be feel it is good tactics to give the public a few bones to chew on?

In any case, read this Daily Mail article carefully and fill in the blanks yourself:

Fear not, be alert



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


Hysteria is good for Big Pharma

Here is one more example of “Who profits from the crime?”

imagesMNPV9GXQ“Since Ebola’s first symptoms resemble that of the flu, fears about Ebola could drive an influx of patients to doctors and emergency rooms with flu symptoms, who might otherwise have stayed home”, doctors say.

Read on:

Glaxo has a promising Ebola vaccine in development and plans to expedite its testing and production.

“This is still at an early stage, but we are grateful for the support of all our partners, including the WHO, to expedite development of this candidate vaccine,” said Andrew Witty, CEO of Glaxo.

The vaccine is already in safety trials in the U.S., UK and Mali, and the results are expected by the end of the year.

Previously, Glaxo said it would need six months to figure out how to produce hundreds of thousands of doses for distribution.

Read on:

Fear not, keep connecting the dots.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


A kind thought for a Big Oil boss

The CEO of French oil giant Total died this week in a plane crash in Moscow.

FRANCE-RUSSIA-ENERGY-GAS-COMPANY-TOTAL-NOVATEK,Over the last few months the man had been a prominent opponent of Western sanctions against Russia and he had declared “there is no reason to pay for oil only in dollars”, thereby probably signing his death contract.

As a member of the global elite he must have known these subjects were more than touchy.

And yet he dared provoke the ire of the masters that be.

Let us spare a compassionate thought for the man, even if his company, like all multinationals, is a big contributor to total disharmony.

Fear not, be kind,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

Ebola bin Laden and Isis Aids

Don’t let these ridiculous scarecrows created by the system frighten you.

We know better.

images osama bin ladenBut current developments are more than bizarre and finding one’s way through the mess is a challenge.

Take a look at Zen Gardner’s excellent latest piece:

Fear not, wink at autumn spiders.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

The torturing of Joss – “just to be sure”

Joss is one of my neighbours. A friendly man with a good sense of humour.

He retired young and all was fine for him until he received a bizarre mail from a government health agency.

The envelope he received (I know, because I received one too) contained a bag and precise instructions. In a nutshell he was invited to send (free of charge) a fresh sample of his pooh to the agency’s lab. They would analyse it to see if his intestines were all right, i.e. free of colon cancer.

Thank goodness, he threw away the lot.

But “they” are persistent.images  Symbol of Medicine

Some time later he received a second envelope, with a more insistent message. Somehow he got worried and followed the suggested procedure. You never know, he thought.

Indeed, you don’t.

And guess what, they found suspicious “polyps” in his intestines. So he’d better come round to the university hospital to see to that. Through a non surgical (but nevertheless pretty intrusive) procedure they managed to remove some of these polyps.

Some, but not all.

So he had to have surgery. Again he followed the suggestion, and ended up with 30 cm of his intestines removed. Mind you, he recovered well from the operation and was riding his bike soon afterwards.

But “they” don’t let you off the hook so easily.

What if these polyps were cancerous?

They recommended six month chemo-therapy, “just to be sure”.

He had no choice, he thought. Doctors know about these things better than him. So he started the chemo over a month ago.

We see much less of him in the street these days.

I met his wife this afternoon. She put on a brave face. He’s not feeling too bad yet, she said. He gets the treatment once a fortnight, and he’s better the second week, when the effects diminish. But, she added, they‘ve warned that he would feel worse as the treatment goes on.

Three months ago, Joss felt on top of the world, had no complaint, no symptom.

He hadn’t received the second envelope.

But “they” had  him on their radar screen.

Fear not, trust your inner voice.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

We’ll tell you anything you want to hear

A TV presenter explaining to an audience what TV is really all about.

And the bottom line explained by Georges Carlin : ” you are a slave”

Speaks for itself.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


The day the system went too far and gave the game away

imagesOLX8M0EWThirteen years ago incredible images of a supposed attack in New York appeared on tv and computer screens all over the world. Fairly soon afterwards it became increasingly clear that the official narrative on these events didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

For the first time in history we knew beyond doubt that governments of the supposedly democratic West were involved in massive lies and manipulation leading to senseless wars and severe curtailment of personal freedom.

As of late the political class in the USA, UK, France and other Western powers have lost pretty much all credibility. And not only the political class, increasingly seen as mere puppets, but more widely the entire ruling elite, including leaders of banks, multinationals, churches and academic institutions.

That society is run by a bunch of corrupt psychopaths is now plain for all to see.

In that light older stories such as the assignation of J F Kennedy, the supposed Tonkin naval attack used as pretext for the Vietnam war, the death of Princess Diana and more recent episodes like the Madrid bombing, the suspicious death of Robin Cook who had resigned from Tony Blair’s government over the Iraq war, the disappearance of the Malaysian plane last March and the exposure of establishment paedophile rings are no longer unrelated events but interconnected manifestations of evil by the same international cabal.

The question arises of when the rot started in humanity. And the amazing thing is that the same kind of corruption, brutality, manipulation and lies is found at all stages of known history as far back as Roman, Greek and Egyptian antiquity.

Which suggests that we are facing a nefarious mindset transmitted from generation to generation. Why should this be the case is virtually impossible to explain convincingly in the narrow materialist vision of reality.

But when you accept the evidence of occult entities infesting the minds of incarnated humans, the whole jigsaw begins to make sense.

At that point you can’t avoid embracing genuine spirituality unless you accept to slide into denial and fearful subservience. The latter position only makes you unhappy and ill. Embracing spirituality is the way. It is has to be genuine, in complete integrity and alignment with the unconditional love that is at the source of everything.

Any attempt to restrict your life to self centred, fear based materialist pursuits brings you nowhere. Deep down you know it. More on this in the book The Subtle Dance.

Let’s be thankful to the powers that be for having given their game away on 11 September 2001.

Trust Presence,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

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