Lucidity and love stronger than cynicism

« They » are mad and corrupt through and through.

Not only are they printing money to save bankers’ and CEO’s fat bonuses while thousands don’t even have a roof over the head, not only are they trying to have us vaccinated left, right and centre, while letting the agro business and large retail poison us with junk food, they now want to play war again.

This time it’s against Iran, last time it was Iraq, and next time it will be Pakistan, or-  why not ?- China.

If only it was just the 1% up there who were mad and corrupt. But the masses aren’t much better. Look around you: egotism, meanness, hatred in families, disloyalty between partners, …etc.

Mankind, the seven billion of them, is a rotten species. Fortunately it is well on its way to self destruction. Good!

No. Not so simple.

Why would the universe have experimented with mankind on our little planet if it was, in the end, to let it sink in its own stupidity? That wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

Every human being, the cruellest dictator, the craziest pervert, the most arrogant egotist, all of them, at the bottom of their hearts, hidden under layers of folly, have that aspiration to perfect harmony, to absolute beauty, to pure love.

Why is that aspiration blocked and prevented from blossoming?

That is the ultimate enigma. No philosophy, science or religion has, so far, been able to crack it.

But let us now look at our lot in the bigger picture, the one that embraces the universe, universal energy, universal consciousness.

We know that our shared aspiration to harmony is much more compelling that all the little bits of twisted meanness that litter our lives on planet earth.

And, these days, we realise that the worsening global crisis is most probably going to be the historical tipping point.

That makes the “all out wager on pure love” (see previous post) the best possible bet.

Ok, I know, this sounds all a bit abstract and miles above daily preoccupations. But it is essential. Once you have grasped and digested this lot, dealing with concrete stuff will appear far less frustrating and pointless. Promised.

Fear not, enjoy your organic veggies.




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