All out wager on pure love

Using financial parlance, the best possible recommendation in present circumstances is: long on pure love, and short on fear, ego, and belief in the rationality of materialism.

Pure love is the ultimate ingredient of spirituality: the conviction that all that exists in the universe is one, that nothing is separate, and that if you go for love, you have to love it all, not just your favoured bits, like only humans, only your race, only your family…

Fear, ego and belief in the rationality of materialism permeate society’s dominant mode of thinking. Yet, these days, it takes a great determination in self-deception not to see the lamentable dead end into which that mode of thinking is leading mankind.

The time for choosing is now.

To help you choose, bear in mind that there are only two categories of thoughts:

– expanding thoughts: pure love, kindness, warmth, humility, compassion, non-judgment, pardon, peace, harmony, beauty, self esteem

– contracting thoughts: fear, ego, meanness, coldness, pride, judgment, struggle, self hatred, guilt, revenge, sourness.

If you think deeply about it, nothing lies in between: either you trust the fundamental goodness, wisdom and benevolence of the universe, or you shrink in your fear and distrust.

Expanding thoughts bring you joy, light and pleasure; contracting thoughts bring you suffering.

Be very clear about this. It is the fundamental law of existence.

In the last thousands of years of known history, humans have not heeded this law, and they have chosen meanness and suffering. We see the result today.

Only fools can still believe that the dominant system, based on the materialist mode of thinking, will be able to find “solutions” to the multiple issues facing mankind.

All sounding fine in theory, but now the practice.

What do you actually do to establish a long position in pure love?

Let’s be honest: faced with the growing turbulences brought by the global crisis, it is easy enough to be overwhelmed by fear and imagine that love to all and sundry will make you naive and vulnerable.

The crunch is to become street wise in the exercise of pure love.

Train yourself, practice, experiment, initially in relatively safe circumstances. Put a smile on your face when talking to a stranger, even not particularly friendly. And behind the smile, have genuinely warm thoughts towards him/her. His subconscious will pick up the vibrations (electromagnetic waves emitted by your body and structured by the quality of your thoughts) and you’ll find that the encounter turns out more positive than you had anticipated.

Once you get a good hand for the technique, extend its use to more delicate situations. Trust the universe. Remember the law of attraction. It works; learn to experience its results.

Feeling confident in that mindset, you will be drawn to simplicity and to all things natural and unadulterated: wholesome food, home cooking, subtle healing techniques, unpretentious clothes.

But, though deeply committed to such things, you will not turn fanatic; you will not reject people who stuff themselves with junk food, accept all possible vaccinations, show off in grotesque flashy cars or live in  houses or apartment blocks looking more like bunkers than  welcoming homes.

Remember always that your present incarnation on planet earth is only a temporary avatar of a little (but infinitely precious) fragment of universal consciousness. Even losing your life is not the big drama that the dominant mode of thinking makes of it. Trust the eternal and infinite in you. It is there, it is your true you. You are much more than the self obsessed anxious character putting on a social act.

In short, the accelerating global crisis forces us to face a historic opportunity to find the guts for the right bet.

You could call that a massive blessing in disguise.

Fear not, and go for it.




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