Book to come + Naomi’s video and a little treat

21 posts have been published on this blog since it was launched just over a month ago. More will be added, and a book will be on line early next year.

To do justice to spirituality and the global crisis, the length and coherence of a book are required, in addition to the regular anecdotal pieces of the blog.

The future book already exists in the collective subconscious. As a backbench medium I simply have to download it and find words to deliver a good read and useful tool.

That, of course, will take some time. In a few days, a pdf file will appear attached to the Book page with a draft of the intro and first chapter, plus probably a synopsis of the rest.  And a couple of months later, a draft of the book might turn up, freely downloadable.

Meanwhile, I came across the video of a very good presentation by Naomi Klein, which I am happy to recommend:

Give particular attention to the section where she talks about tar sands in Canada (her country).

This is one of the follies of the collapsing system, …

….next to a few others: GM crops, concentration camps for battery chickens, cows, pigs, and salmons (all full of antibiotics, tranquilisers and other poisons), mass vaccination, industrial baby milk, telecom antennae, junk food, induced birth, in vitro humans (soon genetically “improved”), etc. etc. …and an old nasty always in fashion :  war (next time perhaps with Iran).

But don’t despair.

These horrors are like skin rash and cough: symptoms. They will recede and disappear once spiritual balance will have been restored. And you, I and many others round the world are working on that.

As a treat and recompense for putting up with heavy stuff, and to re-energize you from top to bottom, here is a vintage video of the true king of rock ‘n roll: wonderful Little Richard

Fear not, sing and dance,




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