Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 13th instalment

Part III. Follow your soul

The silent Presence

On the face of it, “our world” looks like becoming utterly awful. We’re marching towards global madness and our reasoning intellect appears powerless to deal with the inextricable knot of problems and contradictions facing mankind. But many observations suggest that the whole drama is only the shallow end of reality. There is clearly a much wider and more subtle side of existence. We peered through it in the first part of this book. And then used our insights to take a fresh look at what might be driving the global crisis in the material world.

Now we come to the practical part of the book: how we can change our life to create more harmony within ourselves, send positive vibes into the world and stop being intimidated by the dominant system. In the next chapters we discuss attitudes, techniques and tricks which work well for a number of people. But learning to swim through life’s tumultuous flow of energy is a personal adventure. So don’t take any of what follows as instructions for what you have to do. Try and experiment, and have confidence in the silent Presence within yourself. Presence is a true friend always ready to help. A kind and faithful partner waiting to guide your every step in a new dance.

But there are also intruders on the dance floor: our confused ego and misguided entities that continually try and distract us from paying attention to our steps. We have to become aware of how they operate and learn how to neutralise them. It’s the first major task in the process of change. Once we reach a stage where distractions thrown at us by the ego and misguided entities no longer make us trip everything becomes easier and much more fluid. We receive subtle energy through guidance from Presence. Fear, anxiety, anger and frustration are massively reduced. We’re able to start getting rid of our addictions. The law of attraction begins to serve us well. Synchronicities appear more evident; we perceive them and learn to respond to their messages. Self confidence and gratitude rise in our body-mind-soul. We are more lucid about what goes on in the material world but no longer get into a panic about it, no matter what fresh crises turn up on the screen.

None of this is an intellectual construct. The intellect knows hardly anything essential. Our intuition must be given the freedom to sense and experiment. Intuition isn’t restricted to the mind. It involves every aspect of us from conscious thoughts to physical sensations. From dreams to lucid dreams and silent impressions. Our key assumption about reality is that it is one, continuous, interacting flow of infinite energy and consciousness. And we have to trust it all. Trust its fundamental harmony and benevolence.

Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


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