Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 14th instalment

Part III. Follow your soul

Silencing ego and unhelpful entities

The exact nature of our ego and of entities attached to it is beyond rational comprehension. And so is the reason why they continually interfere with our lives. But in the end that’s not so important. Our practical experience is that they do interfere, and we have to find practical ways to deal with them. Dogmatic religion tends to view the ego as sinful and entities interfering with us as evil and malign. To free a person possessed by dark entities the conventional technique used by religious authorities is exorcism. This is a confrontational approach, a facet of the relentless fight between good and evil.

We prefer a completely different approach. In our vision the ego is not per se bad and sinful. It is essentially full of fear and craving for love. As for entities, whether lost souls trapped around the material world after their physical life or so-called demonic entities, they are not intrinsically bad either even if they make us do “bad” things. We prefer to call them misguided. Even the souls of the most horrible criminals, sadists and tyrants, alive or dead, and the devil himself are ultimately poor sods who got themselves tangled in the wrong vibrations.

Think about it. If we are really serious about total unconditional love permeating an all encompassing oneness, we simply have no choice but extending empathy, pardon and sincere good intentions towards every conceivable bundle of consciousness. Short of absolute unconditional love, intuitive guidance by Presence gets blurred, and judgement sets in with attendant hatred and fear. And our whole nice vision collapses into total confusion. So every spiritual, psychological, healing technique or any other technique we may consider has to be in absolute alignment with total unconditional love extending to all possible entities, including people and animals alive, extraterrestrials, demons, earthbound spirits or any other invisible thing. This is non negotiable. Let’s be crystal clear about this: you bring an ounce of judgement and non love to the table, and all your best intentions go down the drain.

Admittedly this is not always so easy to do. Let’s face it, there are people, alive or dead, whom we love to hate for all kinds of reasons. And there are a lot of other people whom we find uninteresting if not totally repulsive. And there are a lot of situations and places we find unattractive, boring, or ugly. Changing our attitude towards non judgement – not silly optimism, but non judgement – requires a significant effort. But that’s the deal. All the techniques and tricks we are going to look at in the next pages aren’t worth anything without complete surrender to total unconditional love for all that exists.

Now on to the practical stuff. First, we need to protect ourselves from the mistakes of our ego and the misguided entities that seek to interfere with us. At the end of the day these effects boil down to one thing: distracting us from intuitive guidance by Presence, hindering our connection to Source, and sucking away our subtle energy. We need to develop tactics to ensure that we manage to keep following intuitive guidance and retain our vital energy in spite of all the distractions thrown at us. To do this we have to learn to recognise the tricks of ego and the entities. This is not like unmasking a culprit and putting him away for good. Because the ego is for ever changing, popping up with different faces. It can appear ruthless and vile, but also look nice and full of good intentions. So how can we recognise its whims and not confuse them for messages from Presence? What are the tangible manifestations to alert us?

A first sign is when your mind is caught in incessant chatter. You can’t stop it. It rumbles on and on from one idea or emotion to another at a frantic pace. Sometimes reminiscing old stuff, retrospective anger, suffering, shame or regrets. Or stirring negative anticipations about the future. This inner chatter of ego is exhausting and highly distractive. It keeps your attention away from what you are doing and covers the silent little voice of Presence.

Another sign is when your ideas and associated emotions tend to be restrictive or judgemental. When you allow yourself to be misguided by antipathy towards a person or group, by racism, nationalism, clichés, moral dogmas, political prejudices, etc…etc. Or on the contrary when you are lured by the seductive theatricals of people who just want to manipulate you and try to steal your energy. In all cases the limitations created by the ego destroy your ability to be free and engage in harmonious relations.

A further indication is when you feel deeply empty, dissatisfied, frustrated, in want of something you can’t exactly put your finger on. A feeling that life is not treating you as it should. This is a limiting belief that you are creating for yourself. You feel cheated, you resent it and you are prompted to feel resentment against everything and everybody.

What these various manifestations have in common is that they tend to make you feel tired, exhausted and depressed or stimulate you into manic agitation. The flow of energy is never balanced. The ego keeps your mind in a narrow vision of yourself in relation to the world around you. It makes you loose sight of your eternal perfect higher self and imagine that you are only this body and this social role. Neither of the latter can ever be up to your true aspirations. All this creates havoc into your mind-body-soul system. Destroying, sucking or perverting your life energy. And once your subtle energy is impaired the ego sets you on the prowl to find replacement energy to steal from outside. Drinking, taking drugs, staying glued to electronic gadgets, overworking, and compulsive eating…all forms of addictive behaviour are vain attempts to regain some of the vital energy drained by various entities through the contortions of ego. Learning to recognise the wrong messages of ego and to be aware of possible entities infesting your life comes with practice. Once you are aware of the phenomenon you gradually acquire the ability to spot its manifestations.

The next step is to develop techniques to prevent the ego and entities from getting you into trouble or prompt you to harm others. Think of the state of uncontrollable rage some people fall into when faced with unexpected frustrations. You see them shout and throw or break stuff, when it’s not actually hitting somebody. When it happens it is very painful for them, and can be traumatic for people around. The person is generally well aware, and quite ashamed of what he or she is up to, but can’t stop. The frustration build up is too powerful, steam has to come out. Defusing the workings of ego and attached entities consists in preventing the blend of thoughts and emotions leading to such rage and violence, or to covert self harming or other destructive attitudes, sometimes under the disguise of kindness and good intentions.

In the conventional view of life we tend to associate the way people behave to their “personality”, with its “good” and “bad” sides. Society tends to admire “strong” personalities, and generally values the idea of personality, as if it was something to be proud of and cherish. As if it was the intrinsic mark of what we are. In fact personality is only a superficial and temporary part of us: the role we play in this life, which is easily taken over by the ego. Techniques for muting the ego and keeping entities at bay rest on a clear awareness of what we really are: eternal and perfect waves of infinite consciousness. Clear awareness that there is nothing amiss about us and that we are in no way inferior or superior to anyone or anything.

A very effective technique to get rid of the negative ideas and emotions implanted in our body-mind-soul system through the mistakes of ego and interference of entities is “ho’oponopono”. This technique originating from Hawaai has become very popular in recent years. It consists in silently saying the words: “Sorry, please excuse me, thank you, I love you”. In poetic esoteric parlance you could say it’s a technique of purification. In a computer metaphor we can call it a procedure for cleansing files. The ego and attached entities work with limiting beliefs and judgements. If you remove these regularly, you literally pull the carpet from under their feet and stop them starting their act.

How can you use ho’ponopono in practice? Say you are going to meet someone – professionally or in a private context – and you are a bit apprehensive about his or her attitude towards you. Just before meeting the person, say the words. Say them sincerely, not addressed to the person, but addressed to the universe. You are effectively asking the universe to help you get rid of the judgements you may have about that person’s attitude towards you. In fact you don’t know what the person’s attitude is towards you. And what you imagine has no solid basis. So just wipe it all out. But this is not so easy to do, because your ego feeds you with all sorts of wrong ideas. So you ask the universe to clear away these wrong ideas. And you ask it with the words of ho’oponopono. An immediately tangible effect of ho’oponopono is to help you stay calm, attentive and open minded. It makes you appear more relaxed, less aggressive, more cooperative. The person in front of you senses this and responds accordingly. The dialogue is easier. Subtle energy flows better.

Fairly straightforward in fact, and very effective in a wide variety of circumstances. For instance you can use ho’oponopono while driving. You see stressed drivers in their cars around you, there is a lorry in front that you’ll have to overtake. Say the words to ask the universe to remove judgements or anticipations you might have about other drivers. You will feel more relaxed and more attentive. And other drivers will behave more decently than you’d half expected prior to your purification of thoughts and emotions. Yet these drivers could not possibly have observed your body language like a direct interlocutor in a meeting might perhaps do. So is some kind of telepathy involved? Who knows? The mechanics are not important. What matters is that it works. The words of ho’oponopono, and more importantly the sincere intention behind them actually influence reality, your reality, the one on the screen of your mind.

The technique can also be applied in relation to your body. If you feel pain or discomfort, you may ensure that you don’t get into a panic but keep an open mind and do your best to hear the messages your body is sending you. Like “you need a rest”. Or “you don’t want to be overburdened by excess food”. Say the words of ho’oponopono to ask the universe to eliminate any fears you might have about your health. It will help you remember that your body is not a machine getting gradually worn out but an open system continually regenerating itself, even in old age, even on the eve of death. And the latter after all is only a change of scenery at spiritual level.

The best way, in fact the only way, to learn the use of ho’oponopono is through regular practice in different contexts, at different times, with different people or things. You have to experiment and observe. And experiment not only with sincerity and confidence but also with respect for other peoples’ freedom. When you are discussing with someone, it may be that the other person is right to disagree with you or refuse to do what you are asking. So your attitude when addressing the words of ho’oponopono to the universe must be to wish what is best for all concerned rather just what your ego thinks is best for you.

Having some idea of how to mute ego and attached entities, we are now going to explore attitudes and techniques to prompt positive responses from Presence.

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