Spirituality arises from Presence, not belief in dogmas

Spirituality is simple and pragmatic. Deep down we feel a silent little voice, like a presence. As we experience life we realise that Presence is always around, vigilant and friendly.

You can probably recall the incident when Presence whispered a fairly clear piece of advice, which you chose to follow or ignore. The message came to you through someone, from a sentence you read or heard, or through some unexpected event. Now, months or years later, either you’re glad to have followed the advice, or you know for sure that having ignored it brought you some hard lesson. That is how intuitive guidance by Presence works.

Ancient societies probably knew the power of Presence. But the subtle side of life has been high-jacked by organised religions. Clerical elites invented stories about the invisible, created rituals and imposed rules. Most ordinary men and women lost the ability to recognise subtle messages and follow Presence’s benevolent guidance. Instead, they accepted orders from the religious Authority. Today most people are impressed by materialist Authority who uses Science as a quasi religion.

Authority has led mankind into such a mess that we have nothing to loose by freeing ourselves from its imposed rules and injunctions. We don’t need to “believe” in any particular story or model. We can choose to trust Presence, become familiar with the way it guides us, and learn how to respond to its suggestions.

Spirituality is a subtle dance. Fluid, light, warm, sensuous, and full of surprises. It’s about being free of Authority and of ego’s whims and whining. It’s about sensing that reality is vastly larger than what we see. It’s about deciding to nurture joy, gratitude and non judgement. It’s about regarding every creature – human, animal, vegetal, mineral or other – as neither below or above us. It’s about experiencing the discreet power of thought on events and material things, provided thoughts are aligned with our life mission. Aligned with harmony, integrity and love.

Fear not, feel free and dance with Presence.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


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