Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 1st instalment


If you’re tempted to push the reasoning intellect to the sideline and trust the spiritual, but don’t quite dare do it yet, this book is for you. It will help you get rid of old blinkers and come out of the straightjacket Authority imposes on your mind.

The intellect is a good tool, but only for limited purposes and only to deal with the material world. The latter is no more than the shallow end of reality. Believing it is all that exists is a huge delusion. Existence is far broader and more subtle than what we see. The invisible behind the screen of our physical world interacts constantly with our lives. If we remove the filters imposed on us by contemporary Western culture we realise that we’re able to perceive messages from the invisible.

You are probably well aware of the silent Presence within yourself and have already noticed some of the discreet hints it keeps sending you. But you may still hesitate to give Presence your full unrestricted trust. No wonder. Authority does all it can to divert your attention away from Presence’s gentle guidance. Authority wants to control our lives, and keep us blind to the vastness of reality and confined to a mental box of fear, competition, narrow thoughts and chaotic emotions.

Authority is not new in human history. Over the millennia we see rulers, domination, and slavery. And also dogma, propaganda, indoctrination, beliefs, fanaticism. Look at society today: as dogmatic (about science, medicine, economics, social norms…) as in the times of the holy Inquisition.

But you and I can choose to stop believing Authority and complying with its rules and prescriptions. These have led most individuals to confusion and vacuity, and dragged society into considerable disharmony. You can free yourself from the mess by opening up to Presence and learning to respond to its subtle suggestions. It’s a personal endeavour, relying exclusively on direct practical experience.

Once familiar with the way Presence operates and beginning to get the knack of how to respond to its guidance, your whole relationship with life changes for ever. You become attentive and focused. You leave behind bitterness and recriminations, you tune down fear and the whining and boasting of the silly ego. Every episode of your life, even the smallest and superficially most insignificant becomes a step in an amazing dance. A subtle dance with an attentive partner.

The spontaneously intuitive and “connected” will find it relatively easy to step into the dance with Presence. But for those of us whose rationalist upbringing has left their mind in awe of the reasoning intellect and its futile speculations, the move is a serious challenge. This is why I felt the need to write this book, and why it may be useful to you.

Part I shows that reality is beyond the grasp of the reasoning intellect, unable as it is to deal with the most basic questions of existence. We need intuition. Intuition connects the mind to the universal field of consciousness and enables insights into the subtle side of existence.

Part II considers the situation of mankind in the apparent reality of our world. How did we collectively get into the present mess? What are the dynamics behind global events seen from a holistic energy based perspective?

Part III is practical. Beyond metaphysical conjectures, what matters in the end is how to run our life in the day to day. Are we allowing fear, sour feelings and desires of our confused ego to steer our thoughts and actions? Are we allowing Authority to impress us with its dogmas and propaganda? To do better than that we need to learn the ways of the invisible. How to feel Presence and not confuse it with ego. How to be sure an initiative we are about to take is really aligned with universal harmony,  irrespective of what rational considerations might suggest. How to create positive relationships with people, even those who appear difficult and unattractive. How to stimulate the silent cooperation of events, of objects, even machines…Yes even inanimate things respond to our thoughts and attitudes. In very subtle ways.

Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


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  1. Ian Cormack
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 20:02:25

    Sounds very Interesting Leo … 🙂


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