Coping with suffering and evil (Part I)

Everything would be simple if there was no disharmony and darkness in the world.

Why is it that the benevolent universe tolerates suffering and evil? This is the trickiest question in  metaphysics. I don’t think anyone has a convincing answer.

But in any case evidence of suffering and evil in the so-called “reality” of the world such as we perceive it forces each of us to adopt a certain attitude in the conduct of his life.

An attitude recommended by a number of spirituality/personal development teachers consists in “let go” and don’t worry: the universe is benevolent; therefore any evil or suffering can be no more than shades of perception in the 3D video concocted by our own mind. War, violence, injustice, tyranny, destruction, misery, illness, pain, are simply features of our scenario, but they have no true existence. If we stop including dark episodes in our illusionary scenario, evil and suffering vanish.

I‘ve been toying with this proposition for a while.

It sounds attractive, and it seems logically consistent with, on the one hand, the fundamental benevolence of the universe, and, on the other hand, the fact that our internal scenario is made up of perceptions, beliefs and emotions.

But somehow it feels as if something is missing here.

Yes, it is correct to “let go” and stop worrying. But not in a purely selfish way, not in a manner than implies “I don’t care about you poor souls. I enjoy my good fortune – brought to me through the law of attraction which I‘m smart enough to use to my advantage. And all the destruction of nature, tyrannical plutocracy, materialist arrogance are none of my business. They’re all illusions anyway”.

In other words, let go and don’t worry is not complete, not totally aligned with universal consciousness without another key ingredient that eradicates selfiness: pure love. Which implies kindness, warmth, compassion, non judgement, no ego, no belief in one’s specialness in the universe.

To cope with suffering and evil, try “let go” + don’t worry + pure love. And a practical method to do it is with the ho’oponopono mantraWhoever you meet on your path, suffering, poor, or arrogant, criminal, pervert, just think of him or her and address the mantra : “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you” to the universe. The mantra invites the universe to clean your mind of all judgments, false beliefs, or incorrect assumptions concerning that person. It also works for animals and other creatures.

What the mantra does is push your ego on the side and clear the way for higher consciousness.

Fear not, get free.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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