Coping with suffering and evil (Part II)

The decisive step towards eliminating suffering and evil is to free our mind from the grip of ego and fear.

This is not a purely individual process. Everything is connected in the world and our efforts to free ourselves resonate with those of others.

But what is ego? And why are our minds full of fear?

We humans are clusters within the infinite fields of energy and consciousness that fill the universe. The restricted “material” world we “see” around us is only a level of observation of energy structured by consciousness.

To give a simplified account of the subtle nature of our mind we could say that it operates in three modes: deductive reasoning, emotional reactive and deep intuitive.

The deductive reasoning mode is regarded in our society as the highest. But in fact deductive reasoning is limited and slow. It is strictly linear, and therefore can only handle one step at the time. The models it is able to produce are crude representations of small bits of reality. Yet we are led to believe that human knowledge derived from deductive reasoning is so powerful that it should guide the conduct of our lives.

The emotional reactive mode is looked down upon. Emotional folks are considered unreliable and rather weak. But at the same time society’s ruling class is constantly using crude emotions in the propaganda supporting its exercise of power and control.

The deep intuitive mode is largely ignored by mainstream thinking. Yet this is the mode which connects our mind to universal consciousness. It has been known to shamans, healers and spiritual masters for thousands of years. An enlightened minority today are well aware of its existence and power. But the majority simply never use deep intuition.

When the mind operates without intuition, purely through a mix of deductive reasoning and emotional reactive modes, it goes round on itself in a pool of beliefs and emotions cut off from universal consciousness. The mind then functions like a stand alone computer churning its own data. Worse, its own data received at birth are supplemented by limited bits of information obtained exclusively through the five physical senses.

The latter are extremely narrow channels, as confirmed by mainstream science. Neurones associated to vision can only decode electromagnetic waves in the limited “visible” range of frequencies. Many other living creatures are able to decode on a much wider range than us. The same is true for hearing. Elephants can emit and decode on a wider range of mechanical vibrations. And similar observations hold for the capacity to detect through smell or taste the presence of certain molecules only, ignoring many others.

The mind deprived of deep intuition is in a small cage, operating with a restricted set of data inherited via the genes or picked up by the senses. And what is available to the senses is partly manipulated by the system dominating mankind. What we learn at school, from the media, from our own family and entourage is subject to so many distortions, beliefs, prejudices…

We can define ego as the cage holding the mind deprived from access to higher wisdom which only deep intuition can provide. The mind trapped in ego produces erroneous judgments based on limited information distorted by emotions. It is not aware of its own limitations. On the contrary, it regards itself as quite clever. It’s relatively easy to imagine how the ego can slip into evil, and it’s also easy to see that much evil can be created when the silly egos of many people interact.

Now about fear. The mind imprisoned by ego is in its small pool of beliefs and emotions, but why is it full of fear?

Minds deprived of higher wisdom are unaware of the universe’s absolute benevolence and love. On the contrary, they are impressed by the “reality” film they see on their inner screens. What they see is entirely made up from the poor data at their disposal, and a lot of it is not pretty, is disharmonious, cruel, evil, quite frightening.

Human minds have been caged in egos for as long as we can peer into history. At some point they must have been infected by evil and attendant fear. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Mayas and countless others appear to have been brutes bent on arrogance and cruelty. Why and how did it come about? This is a mystery of metaphysics. Some blame it on negative, devilish entities floating about in the field of energy and consciousness. It’s possible.

In any case, minds deprived of wisdom are convinced that reality is basically hard, cruel and dangerous. And their belief is constantly sustained by messages received from society.

For us today, facing unprecedented multiple crises, the practical issue is to find the most efficient procedure to extract our minds from the prison of ego and fear, and all variations of fear: hatred, resentment, guilt, aggressiveness, depression…

The procedure has to be based on higher wisdom, i.e. love, kindness, trust, and non violence. Any idea of “fighting” for liberation is misguided.

All the time we hear references to “fighting” as if it was a great act of virtue. Fighting crime, fighting terrorism, fighting diseases, fighting poverty, fighting injustice. It sounds noble and brave, but it is the wrong approach. The very word “fight” carries a totally unhelpful information. It just feeds the collective resonance of egos and fear. It feeds violence, evil and whatever devilish entities might lie behind them.

In yesterday’s post we suggested the ho’oponopono mantra as probably one of the most useful tools for escaping suffering and evil and contributing to general harmony. It does involve love: “I love you”; it does put ego in its place: “I’m sorry”; it does relate to the rest of the universe: “Please forgive me, Thank you”. Not bad for a start. Why not try it.

These days, with all the obvious negativity and sheer madness generated by the “system”, you’re not taking a big risk trying something completely different, fresh, full of light, full of humility and compassion.

Anyway, here is a picture of those cruel Romans in their conquest.

Roman army in Gaul

Fear not, dare let go.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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