Debt pile only one view of the abyss

Events in the hologram show most people take for reality are turning more extraordinary than ever.

Debts, public and private, are now so large that they are becoming hard to service and replace, let alone pay back. This is not just in the Eurozone, but also in the US, UK, Japan, and many other countries.

China, the main source of hope for future world economic growth, has not only its own (internal) debt pile, but more importantly a colossal environmental liability.

The country’s soils, rivers, water tabs are destroyed and poisoned. Agricultural production has started to decline in quantity, not to mention its dramatically degraded quality.

To try and make up for this, the Chinese authorities buy land all over the world. Inevitably, this land will be damaged by chemistry-based intensive agriculture.

In Japan, the crisis at Fukushima is far from over. Millions of Japanese are much more affected than authorities will admit.

All nuclear production of electricity (previously 30% of the mix) is now stopped, replaced by the output of gas fired plants, requiring massive imports of gas which bring the country’s trade balance in the red.

Amazingly, the yen is still, for now, regarded as a safe currency.

We could go on; for example, also talk about the millions of tonnes of plastic bits in the oceans, the increasingly destructive exploitation of the last hydrocarbon reserves (tar sands, shale gas,…), GM crops, the effects of electromagnetic pollution, and so many other issues.

All of them interrelated.

Only the crudest intellectual dishonesty prevents the establishment from conceding that their materialist approach is crumbling. In fact, it has lost any kind of credibility in the eyes of lucid folks.

As yet though, only a minority are totally lucid, and spiritually advanced enough to stop clinging to a dying system.

The change of paradigm, inevitable as it is, does require courage and clear understanding. The latter implies not only intellectual grasp of events as they appear in the hologram of pseudo reality, but also intuitive recognition of the broader picture of existence.

This is why we share our thoughts on this blog.

Fear not, accept the clear messages of nature.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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