Over $100 million for « The Scream »

« The Scream » by Edvard Munch is unquestionably a piece of art.

But it is profoundly disharmonious. One might say a reflection of the times.

No sane person would want such a picture hanging in his home. It would fill the place with negative vibes.

Some rich people don’t see things that way though.

Here is the recent auction at Sotheby’s:

And this was the auction at Christie’s in 2010 where Picasso’s “Nude, green leaves and bust” sold for a slightly lower price.

Funny, I find the Picasso nicer, if still not completely harmonious.

But I haven’t got $95 million. Who cares? Somewhere down the line banks’ little IOU’s will have lost all value. And so will ugly pieces of art.

Fear not, go for genuine beauty.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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