Living through a momentous transition

Humanity faces an unprecedented crisis.

Of course, there have been troubled times before: wars, revolutions, famines, depressions, plagues… But these events were local, or regional, only affected certain aspects of life, and did not endanger natural equilibriums of the whole planet.

Today’s crisis is global in every sense; it is a pile-up of many crises inextricably interacting with one another.

Listen to politicians, economists, business leaders, academics; none of them has coherent solutions to offer. It seems that industrial civilization is at last coming home to roost. For the collapse of this civilization is the logical consequence of its main drivers: money, arrogance, ego, fear, materialism, disconnection from nature and universal consciousness.

This is not to deny our civilization’s spectacular achievements. But notice that the latter are practically all in the past; take a cold look at where things are going these days and you see generalised corruption, disharmony, and mounting chaos.

As long as the materialist state of mind holds society in its grip, there can be and there will be no improvement.

Many people sense this, deep in their soul. But they also know that another world is possible, and is in fact only a couple of mental clicks away.

The central question for these people already well advanced on the spiritual path is how to reconcile mental attitudes fit for the future world with the apparent “realities” (in fact only illusions) of the present order of things.

Each person has to find his own course, but the basic guidelines will be the same for everyone: intuition, pure love, simplicity, humility, trust in the universe, self respect.

These are much more than intellectual concepts: they are vital vibrations governing mind, body and soul. They impact health, relationships, perceptions; they influence the occurrence of events through the law of attraction.

When “light workers” practising these mental attitudes will create a critical mass of positive vibrations, the turn of events on the planet will be altered beyond the imaginable.

You might ask yourself if it is safe and reasonable to believe such rosy story?

I’ll tell you why it makes a lot a sense in a future posting.

Fear not, and take care.



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