Natural remedy for general panic

After Greece, it’s Italy.

This time, the problem is so big (Italy has the seventh largest economy in the world), that the whole financial and economic edifice erected in a few decades of accelerating globalisation is wobbling beyond repair. No G8, G20, or G145 will fix it.

Turbulences, panic and despair are now on the menu for months and years to come.

But it is entirely your choice to share in the panic and despair or to look at the whole situation through other lenses.

If you choose to remain trapped by the materialist vision of the world, you will undoubtedly feel much unpleasantness.
If you choose to free yourself from that trap, you may discover a completely different décor to your life and to world events.

Sounds crazy?

To materialists in their tight mental corset, most definitely.

But the materialists’ view of the world just doesn’t stand up to honest scrutiny. This is my deep conviction;  it is the reason why I share thoughts with you on this blog.

More to come in the next postings.

Fear not, drink tea, and keep well.




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