Science freezes over into dogma

The post “Why parapsychology is still struggling” of 23 May 2012 attracted revealing comments from Tom the “Skeptic Canary” and Loyd of the “Paranormal Network”.

For Tom “the main problem with parapsychology is that it’s built on an unscientific premise” while according to Loyd “actually, Parapsychology is based on a very scientific premise”.

The dividing line between them is science.

But science is just a set of theories and models providing fragmented representations of limited bits of reality. Reality itself is infinite and infinitely complex, and well beyond our comprehension.

Through our five senses we receive small stimuli with which our mind builds mental pictures. Science is no more than elaborate pictures shared between different individuals.

Science can be useful, but it should never be confused with the “truth” about reality. We have no way of knowing the truth about reality as a whole. We can only toy with our own uncertain pictures of what we assume to be related to little pieces of reality.

Honest scientists know this well and their basic attitude is one of profound humility coupled to admiration for the splendour of the universe and its astounding subtlety.

However, materialist thinking is so bent on arrogance and ego that it tends to forget its own limitations, opening the door to the cult of absolute science and its child omnipotent technology.

Once dogma starts to dominate society, open minded observation and logical reasoning become virtually impossible.

And that is where we are now, with a new form of religion that mixes science, technology, money, competition, as absolute concepts beyond discussion.

In such a context, everybody feels under pressure to try and fit his arguments about any subject into the restrictive mould of the new religion.

That is precisely the mental trap we have to escape from.

For your references, here are the web sites of Tom and Loyd:   and

Thanks to both of them for their comments.

Fear not, observe with a sharp and free mind.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


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  1. Laure
    Jun 06, 2012 @ 13:24:04

    Energetic Medecine will be the medecine of tomorrow (just like what was practized in the 19th century seems old to us today, what we practise today will seem antiquated in 100 years)- there is nothing wrong with this. It is good to realise that most of what we think is a point of view and if we can rise up from our “limited” views, a wonderfull scope of possibilities opens up. Modern ailments (cancer, aids, mental disorders, depression, stress, heart problems etc) speak a clear language. Our bodies are trying very hard to tell us something about how we live as a society and about how our jobs, relationships, and attitudes affect our health and well being. The body is a wonderful messenger. If you just open up to its quiet whisper you will unravel wisdom beyond all expectations!


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