Spirituality: in practice

Nowadays the practice of spirituality has to take account of the global crisis.

You simply can’t just do your meditation (or prayers), find inner peace, breathe in cosmic energy and ignore the rapid degradation of life on planet Earth.

Of course, what we perceive as degradation of life on our planet is only negative energy vibrations, since “matter” in the ordinary understanding doesn’t really exist. But these negative vibrations are around, and our sensors pick them up, transfer them to our subconscious, creating a sense of discomfort and anxiety.

Shutting off your mental windows on the world is not the answer, since what goes on in your mind is immersed in the ocean of universal consciousness. So, personal progress cannot be divorced from contributing positive vibrations for the benefit of all that exists.

In other words, do not imagine that you can go through the accelerating global crisis thinking only of how to protect your own little person and a few others worthy of your care. The present crisis is an event involving the whole of consciousness on and around the planet.

Ok, say we accept that, but then how do we contribute positive vibrations benefiting all?

By using a simple technology called “pure love”. That is, unrestricted love, without judgment or reservations. Example of use: you are in a waiting room with total strangers; all of them look pretty ugly, and they didn’t say hello when you came in; in fact they look not only ugly but mean and stupid. Now open your heart and start sending to them waves of pure love. Do it with grace and warmth, not as a rigid obligation forced on you by some moral code. And then observe carefully what happens next.

You can also use pure love with animals, your vegetable garden or even objects. Do it with total openness and confidence, and once again observe carefully what happens.

I let you swallow this for now. More in future postings.

Fear not and take care.



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