Lucid and yet serene

Events are accelerating in the world.

It is now completely obvious that political leaders and the business oligarchs behind them have no coherent solutions to the many problems facing mankind. Not only do they have no solutions, but most of their actions tend to make the situation worse by the day.

Why? Are these people stupid?

No, they are often far from stupid, but they are spiritually hollow and blind. They see things on this planet through the narrow distorting lenses of materialism. Their mental picture of reality is disconnected from universal consciousness (which you may call the divine). With such mindset they have no chance of improving the situation.

So, what can we do? We the people, the ordinary folks, the 99%; whatever you want to call the vast majority who feel completely powerless and at the mercy of the “system”.

Well, we can start by recognising that the system is not just the political set-up or global capitalism. Put a new crew in the place of leaders and replace capitalism by some well intended form of socialism, and be sure things will not get better.  That is, as long as our way of thinking remains totally in the grip of materialism, cut off from universal consciousness.

Materialism is the child of ego and fear. Spirituality takes your mind above ego and fear. It makes your mental calm and non judgmental. It makes you see things around you in the bigger picture. The bigger picture of the infinite universe made of energy and consciousness, the universe beyond our understanding where nothing happens by chance and without purpose.

You may be thinking: how can such considerations help me? I need to pay my rent or mortgage, I need food and drink, I need love and tenderness….What else do I need?

Lots of things: health, security, respect, meaning, beauty, harmony, purpose.

In fact, spirituality can help you with all of those, and more. But some elaboration is required to make it obvious.

I will stop here for today and not overburden you with stuff.

Come and visit this blog in the coming days, weeks and months. In the meantime, start practising “pure love”. Try it on your boss and colleagues, and on your neighbour’s dog that leaves its business next to your letter box – all of them fragments of the same universe, of the same total unified consciousness.

Take care,



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