Connecting to Source

Matter doesn’t exist.

According to subatomic physics there is only energy and information. In fact energy shaped by information.

But the nature of energy itself is elusive. Physicists can’t really explain what it is. If we try to go to the bottom of things, only the existence of an infinite information field seems indisputable. An information field of amazing subtlety, logic and creativity beyond anything we can begin to imagine.

When you look around, all you see, and hear, smell, touch and taste, boils down to information processed by a chunk of software called you. A bit like when you watch a video downloaded on your PC. But the video of “reality” is in 3D with sound and special effects like sensations and emotions.

All coded in the infinite information field.

Now the point is that such seemingly abstract considerations are of considerable relevance in every aspect of your life.

Next time you take a walk, drive your car or sit on a bus, watch the scenery moving past your eyes and remember it is all empty, it is just images produced by your information processor which is directly plugged to the universal information network.

Get a deep sense of the non materiality of what you see and feel. Observe sensations in your own body. Your body cells are all empty spaces with flows of energy controlled by information of which you are mostly unaware. And nobody can define what that energy is.

Now move past the barriers limiting the intellect, let go of your obsession with reasoning and allow intuition to take over.

Immerse yourself in oneness. Be acutely present to the non material “reality” around you. Admire every detail, catch every bird song, every noise, every little breeze, every ray of light, every insect flying over, every tiny pain or pleasurable sensation. All is just information, part and parcel of an infinite ocean of information, consciousness, grace and pure love. With the unexplained mystery of what we usually call “evil”, without knowing what it is and why it exists at all.

Be intensely present to it all. Don’t separate, don’t judge, don’t even compare. Just observe, contemplate, admire. Be grateful for the magnificence. You are part of infinite consciousness.

Your role in the 3D video is no big deal. Take it with humour, grace, detachment, yet with intensity.

Once experiencing non materiality will have become a completely natural habit, your relations with your own emotions, moods, ailments, accidents and other events of life will be radically changed. Self healing will be easier. Extra sensory perceptions will be easier and no longer considered “extraordinary”. The idea of hating anybody will appear totally preposterous.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself.

Fear not, connect to the ocean of information, the ultimate Source, aka your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


Reconciling positive thinking and lucidity about evil

Positive thinking is essential for healing and personal harmony.

But how do we sustain positive thoughts while some much of our world is being destroyed and society slips into insidious tyranny orchestrated by a corrupt elite?

Some people choose denial.

They focus on the positive and try to ignore the ugly side. This looks simple enough and may appear like the obvious pragmatic option.

Yet this is a dangerous delusion.

While you may (almost) succeed in consciously ignoring disturbing stuff, your unconscious isn’t fooled. Your inner self knows, and the profound dissonance between what you know inside and what you consciously pretend to ignore dramatically affects your spiritual, mental and physical health.

The better option is to be completely lucid about the dark side of life and transcend revolt and fear.

When you open your heart to your higher self connected to universal consciousness things are seen in a completely different perspective. What appears dramatic and hopeless in the closed materialist vision is looked at by the higher self as part of an experience.

Events on the planet at this historical juncture are set in the much bigger picture of the infinite, eternal field of consciousness.

This kind of thought isn’t just for the intellect. In fact detached lucidity is to be experienced through your entire being including every part of your physical body: stomach, teeth, muscles, skin …

You might call this pragmatic metaphysics.

It can be aided by techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. but these are secondary. What truly matters is the deep connection. That deep connection is the way to joy, healing and creative energy. And the way to counter disinformation, conditioning and brainwashing.

Fear not, connect and share with other souls.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Don’t panic when awakening

Reality is so totally different from the illusion created in our minds by mainstream society that you may get a shock when the wall of false beliefs begins to crack.

imagesAccelerating events suggest that most of what we have been taught since childhood is part of a global mind control effort by a cold, manipulative, unfriendly system.

A growing minority of people are beginning to grasp this.

And they are also beginning to realise that the material world is only a perception at a certain level of vibration. In a way similar to the fact that what we “see” is limited information carried by a very narrow “visible” range of electro-magnetic radiations.

Non material reality is infinitely bigger that anything appearing in the material world.

And for some reason difficult to elucidate, the material world, at least on planet earth, seems in the grip of disharmonious forces.

Which is in striking contrast to the evident harmony and benevolence of universal consciousness underpinning everything from the invisible to the material.

Becoming gradually aware of all this is like walking through a screen not knowing what to expect on the other side.

So you can forgive yourself for feeling unsettled and anxious right now.

Just accept the initial burst of anxiety, let your mind calm down and become attentive to your thoughts when you consider the world with a new mindset free of materialism (and dogmatic religion).

Once you have become even partly aware, you can’t possibly feel good at the thought of going back to your old mental cage of narrow beliefs.

Your path now is light, kindness, non judgment and love. You are in the process of letting go of ego and fear. These two are totally intertwined, to a point that someone rightly said “the ego is the frightened part of us”.

Becoming aware, you can see the global conspiracy turning into global dictatorship.

But you can also see that this terrible story is only a story. A story in the illusory pseudo reality perceived by our mind in the grip of narrow thoughts.

You can decide to generate positive thoughts that will keep you at a distance from the illusory story.

You can decide to play a positive role in the illusory story: not comply with the system, refuse to believe propaganda, refuse to have designated enemies, refuse to eat poisoned industrial food, refuse to compete rather than cooperate, refuse to subject your body and your mind to crude medical procedures, refuse to be entertained by junk media and their pervert symbols.

This is a time of reckoning.

Free yourself from cowardice, meanness and any idea of superiority or specialness. Embrace oneness and solidarity with all that exists. Dance with your Invisible Partner. It’s the only path to harmony and joy.

Fear not, and go without turning back.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Once « aware », what are we supposed to do?

First, what are we becoming aware of?

– of the glaringly evident facts that

what we see is only a perception of a minuscule fraction of what there is

each of us is an individual wave of the total eternal boundless consciousness having an experience at a certain level of, for want of a better word, “vibration”

our present experience is occurring within the story of humankind on planet earth in the 21st century where a global dictatorship is being established through mind control and manipulation of thoughts

this global dictatorship is nearing apparent triumph through cunning and at the same time collapse through its own intrinsic corruption and nastiness

our role in the story is to contribute to sanity and harmony.

OK, then what are we to do in this story reaching a dramatic climax?

– in a nutshell, radiate kindness and compassion the streetwise way.

Everything that happens in the earthly story is the result of thoughts at a deep level somewhere in the invisible field of consciousness.

Our job is to generate kind harmonious thoughts, in line with universal consciousness’ pure love.

And doing it the streetwise way means that the details of what we do are secondary.

While it is better to eat healthy organic food, to avoid drugs from Big Pharma, to avoid watching TV, to stay clear of politics, to say no to vaccination, etc, etc., it is the integrity of our thoughts and the warmth of our relationships with people, animals, plants and inanimate things that really matter.

All the useful techniques of meditation, yoga, natural healing, non violent negotiation are fine.

But in the end, we are to transcend all techniques and practices and reach connection with the pure level of vibration. Or, to put it another way, we are to completely trust our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, dare each new step in your dance with your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

First look inside yourself and then open your eyes

When you wake up in the morning or whenever you feel like taking a break, keep your eyes shut for a few minutes and attentively observe the images that appear on the screen of your mind.

Take an interest in that fugitive spot of green and yellow light, in those blue streaks floating across and disappearing, in those extraordinary purple shapes on the right hand side of the scene. Get a feel for the depth of what you “see”. Don’t try and interpret, just watch.

Watch the passing images turning into all forms and colours, the gentle beautiful ones, the chaotic ones. All of them are productions of your own software. Your mind processes information and comes up with these internal visual impressions.

You can modify the effect by placing the palms of your hands on your eyes so as to create black cavities where no light hits your eye lids. And while your eye balls are relaxing in that warm cosy nest, pay attention to the sounds you hear and to the sensations within your body.

Now remember that all that exists amounts to pure energy and information. Matter, which seems so real to us most of the time, doesn’t exist as such; it is only a perception we have in our mind.

Once you adopt this model (fully consistent with advanced physics), your relation to the world changes completely.  Through introspection and dialogue with the Invisible Partner (a concept totally consistent with intuitive feelings and reasoned metaphysics) you gradually approach another “reality”. One that is not material, solid and violent. A reality of light, lightness, and mysterious connection with an amiable loving totality.

Once at peace within yourself you can think more calmly about the outside world.

You then realise that things are not what they seem, what society tries to make you believe.

You realise that those who rule the world – destroying the planet, forcing vaccinations, repressing protesters and as of late grabbing money from people’s bank accounts – are only puppets in the 3D show with sound and special effects being played in your mind.

Why should these rulers intimidate you? For sure they seem to have all the cards in their hands and full power on everybody else. But that is in the show; they are just holograms of information being created by your mind.

When you explore your own mind, you come across the dividing line between the beautiful, loving, trusting and the ugly, twisted, fearful. And these two streams of thoughts are reflected in the apparent “reality” around you, i.e. the in 3D film shown on your inner screen, fed by information picked up by your senses.

Now open your eyes and notice how refreshed your vision is. Fill your consciousness with the non solidity of all that you see. Enjoy the sensation of vacuum, enjoy the sight of the hologram floating in the vacuum.

Of course if you hit your head against a thick wall it will hurt, but only because of the type of information connected to the wall and to your head, even though both are only parts of the hologram.

This alternative worldview is admittedly very disconcerting. Materialists will dismiss it as nonsense. But what have they got to offer? Has their materialist model brought any harmony, and is it capable of offering any solution to the global crisis?

The time has come to dare confidently explore another approach to existence, to try a new dance with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, trust Goodness.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Your path of light through society’s insanity

You may wonder if it’s worth trying to reach enlightenment, personal well being and harmony while the world around you slides into total corruption and madness.

What’s the good, you might think, of being among the few who eat healthy organic food, refrain from watching television, see through the imposture of mainstream politics and established religions, meditate, respect animals and nature when the masses flock to supermarkets, stuff themselves with rubbish, get mad about the latest gadgets, and stress hard for a pathetic social positioning.

Yes our time is testing. Your soul chose to be incarnated now. You have to live the experience to the full. Be brave, be free. You don’t want to sink into materialist slavery, you want to elevate yourself. And you want to contribute to elevate others. It looks difficult, sometimes it looks impossible. But things are not what they seem. The invisible is far deeper than appearances.

Here is an interesting video by a young spiritual teacher: Ma Nithya Sudevi. She’s very good and she has quite a few free videos on the net.

Fear not, keep learning the ways of the Invisible Partner.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Cry, don’t blame, keep your spirit

images Life sometimes looks like a succession of challenges and there can be days when it all seems a bit too much.

No panic. Have a cry. It releases tensions and washes sadness away.

But don’t blame anybody for anything because you don’t know their story and you shouldn’t judge.

And don’t blame yourself. Leave the past alone, without regrets. Have only kindness for yourself now.

Turn to your Invisible Partner. Feel his presence within you and all around. He’s always there, faithful, patient, loving. If you feel lost, ask for advice and support. It will always be granted to you. Not necessarily in the form you’d expected, not necessarily on the spot, but pretty soon.

That’s how guidance by the Invisible Partner works.

Fear not, trust and cheer up.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The power of kindness

Being kind to everybody and everything that exists does not imply naivety.

On the contrary, it’s a sign of ultimate awareness.

Awareness that the Invisible Partner matters more than anything.

Awareness that trying to fight your way through life yields no comfort or lasting success.

Kindness goes hand in hand with lucidity.

The world may appear to be in the hands of the strongest, who may appear to have all the cards. They may threaten Iran, produce GMO’s, control the medical industry, destroy the last eco-systems, but their power is illusory. Against the universe, they are pathetic paper tigers.

When you meet someone corrupt, unkind or cruel, your intuition tells you how he is, but you don’t have to judge him or fear him. And he can’t control you, whatever his tricks.

Kindness goes hand in hand with calm, serenity, and courage. Kindness is true strength.

Fear not, be kind, especially with children and animals.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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