Are there limits to acceptance?

One of the main ideas put forward by most spirituality teachings is acceptance.

Acceptance that all is well in the universe. Acceptance of what is happening here and now. Around us, within us.

Without a deep, sincere acceptance, there cannot be peace of mind, relaxation from stress, simple joy.

So much is clear and undisputable.

On the other hand, it is equally clear and undisputable that a lot of what is going on our planet these days is profoundly shocking and “unacceptable”.

So how do we deal with that little dichotomy?

Let us first notice that the idea of complete acceptance without any qualification suits those in power. Already in the old days of dominant religion it kept the little people in total subservience.

Nowadays, teachers of personal development who only emphasise positive thinking without ever introducing lucidity about the systemic corruption of society are effectively playing in the hands of the ruling establishment.

Awakened individuals cannot just be content to sit in the lotus position all day while corporate predators, war mongers, banksters, and their pawns in government are getting away with murder.

Some kind of activism is called for.

But not the aggressive revolutionary sort. That route has been tried in the past and it failed. In fact it belongs to the same illusory realm of materialist thinking, ego and fear as the mainstream system itself.

Activism to support the change of paradigm has to be smarter. It needs to be genuine, loving and open, not manipulative, not crudely conflict oriented.

I rather like the “non comply dance” suggested by David Icke (see yesterday’s post). Joyful, cheeky, convivial and resolute.

You and I will have to find our own ways of sending positive vibes to the universe and contributing to the spiritual rise on this planet.

Which brings us back to higher guidance, to the dance with our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, stay calmly alert.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


The challenge of personal growth in a corrupt society

There must be thousands of people who write, teach and counsel on themes related to personal growth. They produce countless books, videos, websites, articles, courses, and workshops.

A lot of these teachings are very valuable and reflect the current spiritual paradigm shift.

It is undoubtedly essential to discover the benefits of meditation, openness to higher guidance, synchronicities, the law of attraction, positive thinking, taming of ego and fear…etc.

Awareness of these concepts is a key to healthier and more harmonious living.

But there is a snag.

While a growing undercurrent of awakened individuals realise the importance of working on their spiritual progress, society at large is sinking ever faster into predatory destructive materialism.

Not one aspect of life today is left untouched by the all pervasive corruption of the global system.

So how can an awakened individual continue to work meaningfully on himself towards greater harmony while everything around him seems to be heading for complete disharmony.

A particularly perturbing element is that some personal growth/natural healing/spirituality teachers seem to play the game of the system: marketing their teachings through mainstream media, accepting corporate sponsorship, putting their know how at the service of predatory multinationals…

It makes you wonder what is genuine, what is sincere, who is trustworthy.

At the risk of sounding very naïve, I’m ever more convinced that total honesty and absolute integrity is the only line worth following.

Indulgence for your ego compromising with people driven by arrogance, crude self interest and lack of love will lead you into the ditch sooner or later.

But staying uncompromisingly honest when the mainstream is corrupt is quite an adventure.

Only your inner guidance can lead you through the adventure. Trust the universe. Let go of fear and old beliefs. Open your heart.

And let’s come together:

Fear not, play the new game, not the old corrupt one.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Connecting to Source

Matter doesn’t exist.

According to subatomic physics there is only energy and information. In fact energy shaped by information.

But the nature of energy itself is elusive. Physicists can’t really explain what it is. If we try to go to the bottom of things, only the existence of an infinite information field seems indisputable. An information field of amazing subtlety, logic and creativity beyond anything we can begin to imagine.

When you look around, all you see, and hear, smell, touch and taste, boils down to information processed by a chunk of software called you. A bit like when you watch a video downloaded on your PC. But the video of “reality” is in 3D with sound and special effects like sensations and emotions.

All coded in the infinite information field.

Now the point is that such seemingly abstract considerations are of considerable relevance in every aspect of your life.

Next time you take a walk, drive your car or sit on a bus, watch the scenery moving past your eyes and remember it is all empty, it is just images produced by your information processor which is directly plugged to the universal information network.

Get a deep sense of the non materiality of what you see and feel. Observe sensations in your own body. Your body cells are all empty spaces with flows of energy controlled by information of which you are mostly unaware. And nobody can define what that energy is.

Now move past the barriers limiting the intellect, let go of your obsession with reasoning and allow intuition to take over.

Immerse yourself in oneness. Be acutely present to the non material “reality” around you. Admire every detail, catch every bird song, every noise, every little breeze, every ray of light, every insect flying over, every tiny pain or pleasurable sensation. All is just information, part and parcel of an infinite ocean of information, consciousness, grace and pure love. With the unexplained mystery of what we usually call “evil”, without knowing what it is and why it exists at all.

Be intensely present to it all. Don’t separate, don’t judge, don’t even compare. Just observe, contemplate, admire. Be grateful for the magnificence. You are part of infinite consciousness.

Your role in the 3D video is no big deal. Take it with humour, grace, detachment, yet with intensity.

Once experiencing non materiality will have become a completely natural habit, your relations with your own emotions, moods, ailments, accidents and other events of life will be radically changed. Self healing will be easier. Extra sensory perceptions will be easier and no longer considered “extraordinary”. The idea of hating anybody will appear totally preposterous.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it for yourself.

Fear not, connect to the ocean of information, the ultimate Source, aka your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Once « aware », what are we supposed to do?

First, what are we becoming aware of?

– of the glaringly evident facts that

what we see is only a perception of a minuscule fraction of what there is

each of us is an individual wave of the total eternal boundless consciousness having an experience at a certain level of, for want of a better word, “vibration”

our present experience is occurring within the story of humankind on planet earth in the 21st century where a global dictatorship is being established through mind control and manipulation of thoughts

this global dictatorship is nearing apparent triumph through cunning and at the same time collapse through its own intrinsic corruption and nastiness

our role in the story is to contribute to sanity and harmony.

OK, then what are we to do in this story reaching a dramatic climax?

– in a nutshell, radiate kindness and compassion the streetwise way.

Everything that happens in the earthly story is the result of thoughts at a deep level somewhere in the invisible field of consciousness.

Our job is to generate kind harmonious thoughts, in line with universal consciousness’ pure love.

And doing it the streetwise way means that the details of what we do are secondary.

While it is better to eat healthy organic food, to avoid drugs from Big Pharma, to avoid watching TV, to stay clear of politics, to say no to vaccination, etc, etc., it is the integrity of our thoughts and the warmth of our relationships with people, animals, plants and inanimate things that really matter.

All the useful techniques of meditation, yoga, natural healing, non violent negotiation are fine.

But in the end, we are to transcend all techniques and practices and reach connection with the pure level of vibration. Or, to put it another way, we are to completely trust our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, dare each new step in your dance with your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The non comply dance

This is a tool of streetwise spirituality: dancing as non violent demo to protest against the rule of the 0.01%.

Police can’t use truncheons or water cannons against people who are just dancing and not shouting insults or trying to occupy a building.

Here is the video with David Icke explaining and performing the non comply dance:

Fear not, have a nice thought for old Stuart (Wilde) who passed away two weeks ago.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Beauty is the antidote to fear

This splendid phrase was said by non mainstream trend forecaster Gerald Celente and relayed by new age writer Stuart Wilde.

I find it very moving and true. Beauty of the heart connects us to the best in universal consciousness. When you create beauty, either through music, painting, or decorating your home or work place with simple elegance you raise the quality of energy in and around you.

And darkness is pushed back.

Ultimately our fear is fear of darkness, fear that the universe might not be entirely benevolent.

But the universe is benevolent. When it doesn’t appear to be so, the source of the confusion lies in our troubled thoughts, in the negativity of our thoughts.

You may observe that society is plunging ever deeper into ugliness, harshness, egotism, violence, disharmony and think that universal consciousness must be letting us down. But in fact you have the freedom to light your torch of beauty, kindness, simplicity and dissipate darkness around you, not for your selfish survival, but as your contribution to the triumph of light.

Life is much bigger than the mundane stuff we sometimes reduce it to in our everyday struggle.

This is not so easy to explain fully within the logic of the reasoning intellect. It has to been experienced. The key is intuitive guidance by the Invisible Partner.

If you have time here is a good read:  and a piece of lucid beauty

Fear not, be totally lucid and nevertheless totally positive,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Historic conclave at the Vatican

The 117 cardinals eligible to vote in the papal election have assembled at the Vatican.

Their average age is 71, and, of course (why? might a child candidly ask), all of them are men. Most of them are white. None is married. And 28 of them are members of the Roman Curia, the head office of the Catholic Church.


Where do they come from? 58 from Europe, 42 from America, 11 from Africa, 11 from Asia and 2 from Oceania. In terms of individual countries, 20 are from Italy, 11 from the US, 6 from Spain, 6 from Germany, 5 from France, 4 from Brazil, 4 from Mexico, 3 from Canada.

In short, a group of old unmarried men, mostly white, of whom a quarter are based in the Vatican, are going to elect the supposedly infallible head of the world’s most influential religion and oldest multinational organisation with over two billion followers.

If you consider things with a little bit of detachment, this is utterly amazing.

And who are the three favourites according to informed insiders? Angelo Scola, 71, from Italy, Archbishop of Milan, doctrinal conservative. Odilo Scherer, 63, from Brazil, Archbishop of Sao Polo, doctrinal conservative. Marc Ouellet, from Canada, head of the Vatican’s office for Bishops, doctrinal conservative.

No need to dwell on the controversies regarding the handling/cover up of paedophilia in the Church, or the rumours of furious infighting and corruption in the Vatican bureaucracy. We’ll see what surprises these issues still have to deliver.

I have great compassion for the many honest rank and file Catholics, as I have great compassion for honest followers of all religions. But, clearly, they would be well advised not to expect useful spiritual guidance from the power hungry crew who “lead” them.

Fear not, seek spiritual guidance from your Invisible Partner.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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