Bilderberg forced in the spotlight

Bilderberg meetings are annual conferences attended by powerful people, most of them from Europe and North America, who include royals, future presidents and prime ministers, ministers, heads of companies, central bankers and other influential individuals.

The conferences last a few days and they have been held every year since 1954 except in 1976 when Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, founder of Bilderberg, had to resign following his conviction for corruption.

bilderberg_group_book_pix_2They always take place in a luxury hotel somewhere in Europe or North America, and they are discreet to the point of secrecy.

Only in the last few years has Bilderberg officially acknowledged its own existence through an official website ( and the issuing of short press releases.

Practically no information or comment is to be found about these annual events in mainstream media anywhere in the world.

But various alternative media have been taking an increasing interest in them and raised a number of obvious questions:

– how come that this group which includes prominent people in elected positions, and therefore accountable to voters, never reports on its meetings ?

– why did this group operate until very recently in almost total secrecy ?

– who organises the heavy police protection offered to these meetings, and who pays for it ?

– what sort of decisions are taken directly or indirectly as a result of these meetings?

As no serious answer to these and other relevant questions has ever been provided by Bilderberg itself, researchers in alternative media have offered their own hypotheses. Which revolve around global conspiracy.

Not without reason when you look attentively at the list of attendees of meetings and the sort of activities and policies in which these people are influential actors.

And the idea of a global and highly manipulative conspiracy is reinforced by the extraordinary silence of virtually all mainstream journalists in all countries on the subject of Bilderberg.

But the 2013 conference, which will be held from the 6th to the 9th of June at The Grove Hotel near Watford, England, is likely to be much more widely reported on than the previous events.

Activists are organising a “Bilderberg Fringe Festival” ( and have sent invitations to mainstream media.

At the end of last week a few established papers had already published articles on the coming of Bilderberg to the Watford area.

See for instance, and

If you glance through these two articles, you will notice their rather strange style and ambivalent content. As if it was so delicate for a journalist to touch the subject.

But an article in the Guardian today gives another tone. As if a fresh momentum was gathering pace and emboldening people.:

In a few days we’ll see the effect of the “Fringe”. Do participate if you are near by, it may be fun, and it will be useful. Showing that many people refuse to be treated as sheeple is salutary for us all.

Make sure to remain totally peaceful and non aggressive. The elite are slaves of arrogance and aggressiveness and expect others to behave and think likewise. Give them kindness, humour and harmony.

Fear not, look beyond the screen of illusory reality.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Crude BBC propaganda against Iran

It seems the BBC has no respect left for its public.

Yesterday’s “File on 4” radio programme entitled “Iran’s nuclear standoff” was incredibly one sided and full of crude propaganda fit for morons.

Judge by yourself:

This would be laughable if it wasn’t part of an all out effort to prepare the minds for an attack against Iran.

But remember that accelerating events on our planet are all in an illusory story. What truly matters is the invisible realm.

Fear not, and keep debunking official propaganda on all subjects.



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Heading towards the light – tough for 30 year olds

By Kitty commenting on a post by Zen Gardner (*)

The worst to crack are strangely the young in their thirties. The ones just starting along or establishing careers.

If you tell them anything remotely “weird” or try to open their eyes to even seemingly simple truths like our debt based monetary system they immediately get on the defensive and close up totally.

This is the fear factor.

If you are say 33, have a young family and are collecting “stuff”, including a rather large mortgage, and are told that this is all illusory and rather meaningless, dragging yourself out of that system is almost impossible and absolutely terrifying.

During their inculcation (education) with state rhetoric this group of people actually believe their government is a benign entity doing all it can to help and support them.

We are slaves to our fear generated by those who think they are our masters.

Getting out of that cave by removing the shackles and heading towards the light needs serious work and some people would simply prefer to wallow in their own cognitive dissonance because even that nightmare is warm and comfortable compared to the glaring light of truth.

I think the way to go is to not assume anything about people, the one thing you can predict about people is they are unpredictable !

Some younger people are a worry. They seem to have lost the will to live and view their situation as hopeless. They are the generation subjected to the full spectrum of the control system in all its forms.

Still we must carry on, have no fear. Fear is illusory.

What are we truly afraid of?

Face it, (the fear). Move on, and out of the control system.

Practice compassion, kindness, give of yourself freely.

Be loving, just be.

Even if you open the eyes of one person you have done well and made a difference however small and that’s how it starts, small beginnings, little acorns !!



(*) For the article by Zen Gardner and all comments, including Kitty’s:

Many thanks to Zen and Kitty

Woolwich looks like another false flag attack

It’s amazing how crude these false flag attacks can be, and yet the majority still believes the official version.

But the ranks of doubters are growing fast.

Fear not, stay calm and attentive.



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Only “normalcy bias” keeps official lies afloat

The stream of world events is turning into a tsunami.

Cyprus, Syria, North Korea, Boston, Waco, more viral threats, more vaccines, more lies and manipulations by the authorities.

The official propaganda machine churns out torrents of ludicrous b..s… How come so many people still believe any of it, still bend over backwards to remain in absurd denial when lies are so crudely obvious?

The “normalcy bias” is a basic feature of human psychology, at least when the mind is disconnected from higher consciousness, when intuitive perception is muted.

It is the propensity to interpret any fact, any piece of news, any message in a way that is consistent with a narrow formatted belief system, a set of beliefs that is nurtured in our minds by forces that try to control us.

These days there are brave folks who present alternative thinking offering a chance to break the spell of the “normalcy bias”.

If we make the effort of being lucid, it is so easy to see how far from “normal” it is for authorities to encourage war in Syria or anywhere else, to plunder people’s bank accounts, to murder their own citizens through false flag attacks like the latest one in Boston, to propagate disease panic to justify poisonous vaccinations, …etc.

Events are reaching such highs of absurdity and deviousness that everyone now has to face a simple choice: do I keep my head in the sand, and my trust in the establishment, or do I recognise that our rulers are puppets of negative forces in a much bigger game than what meets the eye?

In these times of upheaval and confusion, turn to your Invisible Partner, meditate, calm down, trust the fundamental benevolence of the universe, and align your thoughts to the field of kindness, harmony and light present in all there is.

Fear not, listen to your open heart more than to your powerless intellect.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Historic conclave at the Vatican

The 117 cardinals eligible to vote in the papal election have assembled at the Vatican.

Their average age is 71, and, of course (why? might a child candidly ask), all of them are men. Most of them are white. None is married. And 28 of them are members of the Roman Curia, the head office of the Catholic Church.


Where do they come from? 58 from Europe, 42 from America, 11 from Africa, 11 from Asia and 2 from Oceania. In terms of individual countries, 20 are from Italy, 11 from the US, 6 from Spain, 6 from Germany, 5 from France, 4 from Brazil, 4 from Mexico, 3 from Canada.

In short, a group of old unmarried men, mostly white, of whom a quarter are based in the Vatican, are going to elect the supposedly infallible head of the world’s most influential religion and oldest multinational organisation with over two billion followers.

If you consider things with a little bit of detachment, this is utterly amazing.

And who are the three favourites according to informed insiders? Angelo Scola, 71, from Italy, Archbishop of Milan, doctrinal conservative. Odilo Scherer, 63, from Brazil, Archbishop of Sao Polo, doctrinal conservative. Marc Ouellet, from Canada, head of the Vatican’s office for Bishops, doctrinal conservative.

No need to dwell on the controversies regarding the handling/cover up of paedophilia in the Church, or the rumours of furious infighting and corruption in the Vatican bureaucracy. We’ll see what surprises these issues still have to deliver.

I have great compassion for the many honest rank and file Catholics, as I have great compassion for honest followers of all religions. But, clearly, they would be well advised not to expect useful spiritual guidance from the power hungry crew who “lead” them.

Fear not, seek spiritual guidance from your Invisible Partner.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Is the wall of lies beginning to crack?

A brave man managed to force public gaze on official lies regarding 9/11.

His tactic was to refuse to pay his licence fee to the BBC because in his view the organisation was complicit to acts of (state) terrorism. This brought him in front of the judge in a local court.


Bravo, truth coming out at last on this issue.

And light will be shed on many more issues once a critical mass of citizens realise the extent to which the “elite” (governments, banks, multinationals, media, academics ….) are lying on a wide span of subjects as diverse as 9/11, the economy, vaccination, GM food, cell phones….

Fear not, stand by the truth and don’t be intimidated by the system.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The prince’s war games and the West’s mental problem

Here are extracts from two articles in today’s Huffington Post:

Prince Harry Says He Killed Taliban Fighters On Afghanistan Tour  (Reuters)

“Britain‘s Prince Harry says he killed Afghan insurgents during sorties against the Taliban while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan where he was a gunner in Apache attack helicopters.   /…./

“My father’s always trying to remind me about who I am and stuff like that,” said Harry, ….and joked that he honed his weapons’ pilot skills playing PlayStation and Xbox computer games.”

Prince Harry Has ‘Mental Problem,’ Taliban Say  (AFP)

“Britain’s Prince Harry, who compared shooting insurgents in Afghanistan to playing video games, “has probably developed a mental problem”, the Taliban said Tuesday.

“There are 49 countries with their powerful military failing in the fight against the mujahideen, and now this prince comes and compares this war with his games, PlayStation or whatever he calls it,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told AFP.”

Clearly it’s Western leaders who have developed a mental problem, and a big one.

Can’t they see that their war mongering is totally insane? No, not in their present mental paradigm.

As for the poor prince (who seems a nice guy), he’s been brainwashed since childhood and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Let’s have compassion for his soul.

Fear not, keep speaking your mind against war.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Recognising darkness is liberating

All shapes and images around us carry subtle vibrations. And many these days are dark.

When you look at adverts or watch TV you are bombarded by junk which you might think is just stupid but fairly innocent and harmless.

Wrong. It’s venomous. Lady Gaga’s clips are a case in point. They are pervert and devilish. No judgment on the poor girl. She’s obviously manipulated.

There is an awful lot of manipulation going on everywhere in the system. Particularly in the publicity, entertainment and media industry through which the system controls millions of minds. And the upper ranks of the system are full of twisted characters.

In that respect we should almost be grateful to the late Jimmy Savile for making us realise the extent of covert perversion. He was a BBC superstar – “Top of the pop”, “Jim’ll fix it”- and was “doing a great job for charities”. A paedophile of extraordinary daring, the man was obviously protected. Spending Christmas with the family of PM Maggie Thatcher on several occasions, frequent visitor to the royals, honoured by the Queen and the Pope, Sir Jimmy had a feast. Many must have known what he was up to, but nobody stopped him.

It is now becoming plainly obvious that paedophilia is much more widespread among the elite than the public had imagined. Among many other cases, disturbing elements concerning ex politicians close to Maggie Thatcher and former PM Ted Heath are hitting the table.

The British public is shocked and present PM David Cameron is under pressure to have serious enquiries launched on some of the cases.

Hum. Let’s remember precedents elsewhere. Over a decade ago the Belgian public was horrified by the crimes of paedophile Marc Dutroux. But his trial started several years after his arrest, and in the meantime the investigating judge and several policemen had been moved from the case. Strange. The trial itself lasted years. At the end of it the public had had enough, was confused, and showed little reaction when justice reached the astonishing conclusion that Dutroux, his wife and another insignificant character were sole culprits. Nobody else in the background. No paedophile ring, no protection. Nothing. Allegations as to the contrary were dismissed as “conspiracy theories”. End of story.

But darkness has many facets beside rape and paedophilia. War is another big one. An extraordinary variation in recent times is “the war on terror” launched after 9/11. Concerning the latter, there is so much evidence that this was an “inside job” that only persistent deniers (as on the picture) won’t admit it.

The war on terror caused an immense amount of suffering, destruction and cruelty in Afganistan and Irak and served as pathetic excuse to move democratic countries towards obsessive surveillance of their own citizens and repression of dissenting views on touchy subjects.

At this point, you might say: enough, I don’t want to hear any more horrors. Too depressing. Let me think of other things, nice things that make me happy.

Well, thinking of nice things is fine, but denial of darkness is not the door to harmony and fulfilment. In fact, complete awareness and recognition of the bad and the good is an essential step towards spiritual elevation.

All is energy and consciousness. The latter creates information. Information shapes energy in all kinds of creatures throughout the cosmos. On our little planet, information is stored in every molecule, every living cell. Our neurones are packed with information. Some of it aligned with harmony and love, and some aligned with its opposite.

The present crisis is a peak of negative information with a simultaneous rise of positive information. We can feel it in our minds and bodies. The only way to navigate through the crisis is by nurturing thoughts with positive vibrations and trusting universal love. Any pact with devilish forces, whatever they might be (satanic, ghoulish, reptilians…) is pure deception bringing only misery in the end. Pervert star Lady Gaga, war criminals Bush and Blair, bosses of GMO manufactures, torturers of people and animals, and many others will find out. Let’s have compassion for them; let’s send them love.

Fear not, consider all information with critical judgment.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

System’s senior slaves no longer so sure

I saw an interview of one of my former colleagues on a Canadian TV channel.

The old chap – let’s call him Gerald – is head of a major oil company’s Canadian affiliate involved in the exploitation of tar sands.

Having known Gerald pretty well, I wasn’t in the least surprised to see how smoothly he handled this delicate interview focusing on the high ecological impacts and economic stakes of tar sands.

Gerald knows his stuff. He didn’t elude questions and gave straight, clear answers. He was open and smiling without that repulsive cheesy grin of so many corporate folks.

But I wondered what was really going on in his mind when he delivered perfectly the message in line with the system’s logic. In fact I have a pretty good feeling of what it was.

Better than most, Gerald knows what exploitation of tar sands entails: destroying forests the size of several countries to prolong by a mere few years an absurdly wasteful overconsumption of oil, not to mention using and polluting huge quantities of water. Sheer madness,”justified” only by the grab now and f… all mentality of the ruling elite.

Like millions of others in all sectors of the global economy, Gerald has a contract with the system. In his case a very rewarding contract. I’m pretty sure it’s not just the money that attracts him: it is also the challenge of running a complex operation with interesting technical and managerial problems. He’s a highly educated and technically competent individual, a sort of athlete in the corporate world. His ego is large, and perhaps still growing.

But he must wonder how he came to put his skills at the service of a predatory destructive activity with no positive contribution to general harmony.

These days high ranking slaves of the system are facing colossal contradictions that will tear their minds apart. Because we’re nearing climax in the arrogant brutality of human history. Roman centurions were arrogant, so was Attila, and aristocrats, but nowadays there is the layer of supposedly all powerful technology on top of traditional arrogance. So we have a sense of superiority, uniqueness, me first, others don’t matter, nothing matters except me, technology serves me, it’s clever, like me… and at the bottom of it all fear, terror.

I don’t dislike or despise Gerald, on the contrary I have lot of compassion and wish him well.

To the thousands and millions of hard working slaves of the system I dedicate a sincere ho’oponopono : “I love you, I ‘m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”.

But this in no way codones or excuses what they do.

Fear not, send kindness to all including arm dealers and pharma salesmen.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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