To Russia with love

You and I have no enemy.

That is, no other enemy than the “elite” controlling practically every institution in “the West”, and in most of the world.

Mainstream media keep dishing out crude propaganda against Russia regarding Ukraine. As if we couldn’t see through the plot: pay thugs to create extremely violent demonstrations in order to topple Kiev’s lawful government until the president (admittedly no angel, but no worse than other rulers supported by the EU and US) is forced to go and leave the reigns of power in the hands of a bunch of fascists; then blame Russia for supporting Russian speaking communities in Ukraine aggressed by the illegal new regime in Kiev.

You and I have no enemy.


Russia’s ordinary citizens are our brothers, like all other ordinary citizens anywhere in the world. We have no reason to accept the idea of sanctions against Russia when the whole Ukraine crisis has clearly been provoked by Western leadership, itself controlled by covert forces, as is all too evident from so many observations.

Now the crux in facing the world situation (Ukraine, Gaza, agro-food and medical fascism, geo-engineering, etc. etc.) is that opposing evil frontally, through force, resistance and even rational argument is a waste of time. In fact devoting too many thoughts to the evil system actually feeds the system at the subtle level where thoughts and energy determine what goes on in the visible material world.

The same cycle of fear, hatred, competition, and violence has repeated itself for centuries. By now it is clear that the only way to come out of that cycle is to switch to the love paradigm. Lucid, non judgemental love for the whole of oneness.

Who cares about the border between Russia and Ukraine. Or between the US and Mexico, or Scotland and England, or the Basque country and the rest of Spain. All borders are just tools in the world plot to set us all against one another. Instruments in the divide and rule strategy of the controlling elite possessed by dark forces.

The good news is that the dark forces can’t achieve anything if we let go of fear, hatred and aggressivity. That comes from the law of attraction underpinning our destinies.

Much love to Russians, and Ukranians, and Yankees, and all animals and trees and planets and spirits in all planes and dimensions.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014



From Sarajevo 1914 to Kiev 2014

Mind control and industrialized violence are reaching new levels.

The millions of young men who lost their lives in WWI had little or no idea of what happened in Sarajevo and the reasons behind the event. But the propaganda machine deployed by their government convinced them they had to fight for the country. And convinced their families they were heroes. The lads ended up as names on stone monuments.

From 1939 to 1945, more of the same with technical improvements, and this time a lot of extra violence directed at civilian populations. And the whole thing justified and supported though mass propaganda, slogans, symbols, films, ceremonies….

From 1945 onwards, numerous local wars complete with extreme violence against civilians. And mass propaganda turned into much more subtle mainstream “news” and “reports” interspersed with distractions and political theatricals.

As of late authorities in the US and EU (and those who pull the strings) are so confident they can smartly control their public opinions that they dare stir up trouble in Ukraine through groups of paid extremists. They did the same in Syria and Libya, and they had done it before in Yugoslavia. They are now taking on Russia thought its allies in Kiev.

As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, there is a completely different sort of aggression directed at almost everybody on the planet. Aggression by stealth through poisoned food and hard medical procedures.

Practically all forms of food sold through mass retail and food chains contain substances that are very damaging to physical and mental health. Food, food supplements, and vitamins are used as delivery vehicles to poison people. With a deliberate intention to kill. But killing slowly and profitably by turning consumers into “patients” for the medical business.

Look around you and listen to people’s stories: obesity, infertility, depression, addictions, cancers, multiple sclerosis…  An ever larger fraction of the population is sick, and the medical industry is booming. It now accounts for between 10 and 20 % of GDP in advanced countries, largely financed by taxpayers.

Why so much deliberate violence and disharmony?

The answer cannot be found in conventional analysis. The materialist thought system is strictly unable to deliver a credible explanation of what is going on. We have to perceive the hidden forces behind visible events: the workings of egos and the possession of egos by negative entities.

Reality, as far as we can guess, looks like being steered by subtle energy, and conscious intention at a higher level. Disharmony at this point in time on this planet has to do with big imbalances of subtle energies linked to misaligned entities.

The only remedy is unconditional love, non judgement, smart kindness associated to lucidity and total integrity. Denial and compromise will no do. This is a challenging time. Time to raise one’s vibrational energy despite all the madness around us.

Fear not, keep your eyes and your heart open.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014

The outlaw has a point

I came across Josie the Outlaw on the net.

She has almost convinced me that gun control laws are fundamentally against citizens.

As a naively law abiding European I tended to dislike the idea of having a gun.

But in view of growing government tyranny everywhere I am beginning to see why American citizens want to keep their weapons. And I am beginning to feel sympathy for anti-government gun owners.

This said, I still believe that strong thoughts filled with trust and love are more effective than rifles that probably wouldn’t be a real match for army and police fire power anyway. But who knows?

Fear not, keep your thoughts clear.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The Liberators

This picture comes from Zen Gardner’s website, which has recently been under malicious attack.

Thanks to Zen and his friends for their good work.

Fear not. As Zen says, “they” cannot stop the truth, they can only threaten and delay.



Russell Brand says it so brilliantly

Do yourself a favour: watch this fantastic video, and enjoy it

and also look at this one, at another, deeper level, with the same incredible humour

Bravo Russell, carry on.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

9/11 mother of all deception

To still believe in the government story on the 9/11 attack you have to be in stiff denial of reality.

It is quite clear that the three towers which collapsed vertically in free fall did so as a result of controlled demolition involving explosives careful put in place days before the attack by people who had access to the buildings for extended periods of time.

This is the conclusion reached by all independent technical experts who took a close look at the facts.

Here is video summarising the material:

Once you have digested that evidence, the interesting part begins: who in government circles was behind this and why, and what are the large implications.

Much has been written on the subject, and whatever the details of the specific narrative you may regard as closest to the truth, the crucial point is that evidence of the false flag attack fundamentally invalidates the view most people used to have about government, politics, national interest, media news and, when pulling the tread further, about virtually every aspect of our present society.

And that is precisely why so many people still do as if they believed in the official version: admitting the evidence would force them to set in question their total vision of society, which is still too daring for them, given the strength of the mind control system to which they have been subjected since birth, and in a metaphysical sense, since before their birth.

But through the rise of consciousness and the progress of alternative media the mainstream materialist view of the world, with its attendant emphasis on fear, enemies, struggle and competition, is being fully exposed and thoroughly debunked.

Fear not, trust Source.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Controlling elite’s credibility is crashing down

They would have liked to attack Syria, but Western leaders can’t sell the idea of another war to their public opinion.

Millions of ordinary citizens are beginning to see through the lies of the system and perceive the connexions between its different facets.

They realise that military activity only serves the interests of the elite, that mainstream media are totally corrupt, that central banking and finance are fraudulent, that the agro-food business destroys our health and nature, that allopathic medicine is only good for big pharma.

Eyes and minds and hearts are being opened.

This is exciting but jittery and uncomfortable. A mind control system, complete with beliefs, dogmas, and manipulated emotions, is being exposed. But getting free is stressful. Being in the vanguard of activists promoting another world vision is not for the faint hearted.

Here is a good article from The Waking Time:

Fear not, stay zen,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Promised attack on Syria opens the eyes of many

The attack on Syria being planned by Western leaders is based on such blatantly dishonest argument and misinformation that many people are finally beginning to come to a more lucid view on the nature of our system.


Here is a telling article from the mainstream press:

The real threat to our way of life? Not terrorists or faraway dictators, but our own politicians and securocrats

Fear not, see through the system’s lies and propaganda,



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

The People’s Voice

David Icke and a dedicated group around him are about to launch a new alternative TV and radio station.

This is great news.

For all the controversy surrounding the man, the fact is that David Icke has exposed incredibly important pieces of truth with a clarity, courage and perseverance which very few others have come anywhere near to.

Even more crucially, his perspective is that of a metaphysician recognising that reality is far broader than envisaged through the narrow lenses of the usual materialist world view.

A recognition he sums it up brilliantly through his often repeated “we are infinite consciousness having an experience”.

And our collective experience at this juncture is truly extraordinary. Lots of very painful stuff and at the same time lots of light, creativity and attempted alignment with universal loving consciousness.

Good luck to “The People’s Voice”.

Here is the link to his recent video appeal for donations:

Fear not, clear you mind and leave mental slavery behind.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy reluctantly lifted in British media

Prime Minister David Cameron has been invited to appear at the Bilderberg conference currently held in a luxury hotel near Watford in England.

This, coupled to considerable pressure from critics of the event, makes it hard for mainstream media in the UK to continue pretending either that Bilderberg doesn’t exist or that it is a mere social gathering not warranting public scrutiny.

By now The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, the Daily Maily, the Financial Times and others have published articles about this year’s conference and more generally about the Bilderberg organisation.

The wall of denial is beginning to crack. Even the BBC has reported on Bilderberg for the first time. Here is the link; notice the silly tone of the presenter and the serious points made by the specialist guess:

Fear not, follow events with total lucidity.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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