From placebos to self healing

A placebo is a cheat with remarkably positive effects. You are given a pill containing no active substance, but you firmly believe it is a real medicine…and it works. Triggered by belief, your neurones send messages to various organs and these generate the hormones, chemicals, tissues or whatever is needed for recovery. All natural, no harmful side effects. The strength of placebos is well documented by mainstream science.

But could belief with similarly positive effects be induced in our neurones without having to be cheated?

Yes, definitely, but under one important condition: belief must be genuine and complete. Nagging doubts spoil the mechanism.

Ah. Here the sceptics will jump and briskly dismiss the whole idea as old magic practices rooted in credulity and ignorance. Note, by the way, that the word “sceptics” is a gross misnomer for people who routinely accept any piece of misinformation from the establishment without much if any critical analysis. But let’s leave this aside.

Thoughts can set physical processes in motion in the body; this is well established and recognised by official science. Thoughts of resentment, despair, hatred …lead to various ailments, sometimes very serious. On the other hand, thoughts of optimism, joy, gratitude, forgiveness…. do reinforce the body’s natural resistance.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the altered state of consciousness attained through meditation not only calms the mind but leads to more regular heart activity, improved digestion, better skin condition, stronger immune system, etc.

All this is good news, but does it provide a sufficient basis for effective natural healing relying mainly on positive thoughts?

The answer is entirely linked to the worldview you choose to adopt.

In the materialist worldview, physical things follow a cold mechanistic logic, with few if any influences of the mind, and on the contrary thoughts themselves are seen as solely based on a sophisticated physical mechanism as yet largely unexplained. From that perspective it is hard to imagine that pure thoughts could do the trick when required; reliable cure has to come from medical procedures, either with chemicals or natural remedies.

In the holistic, energy and consciousness based worldview, thoughts are expressions of universal awareness. They are totally intertwined with energy flows. What appears to us as “material” is structured energy. Structured dynamically by information, which itself originates in consciousness. This is a model of metaphysics. It is consistent with hard science, but it goes further in that it is enriched by intuition.

Self healing is part of total opening to intuitive guidance. Overcoming specific ailments, however satisfactory and important per se, is far from the whole story. The consequences of trusting intuition to receive guidance from universal source are wide and far reaching. Life is fundamentally changed. Relations with oneself, one’s own body, other people, other creatures, situations, events are experienced in a totally new way, lighter, deeper, freer, more serene.

There are quite a few practitioners, writers and teachers of intuitive self healing and more generally intuitive guidance. Here is one I know through someone close to me: Inna Segal, an Australian lady originally from Belarus. She has a written a very clear and well structured book. Her site is at

When you improve your own health and life trajectory through non egotist self healing, you radiate to the world. With more power than you can imagine.

Fear not, take a sip of good wine and open your heart.



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Telepathic communication with animals

Here are two very good short texts on animal communication:

Learning to communicate telepathically with animals is an essential part of the paradigm change we keep talking about on this blog.

Once you communicate effectively with animals, you lose that silly human arrogance, your ego shrinks back, you reach higher consciousness and closeness with universal totality.

Fear not, whisper to your dog.



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Mounting evidence supporting intuition

Many people are now pretty well aware of the limitations and contradictions of the dominant mechanistic vision of the world.

But few dare cross the bridge towards the new paradigm of holistic spirituality.

This seems such a big move to anyone who has been indoctrinated in a belief system that places no trust in intuition and relies almost exclusively on the narrowly reasoning side of the mind.

However, many observations and scientific theories now converge to confirm facts that fit perfectly into the holistic spirituality paradigm while exposing the incoherence of materialist thinking.

Firstly, theories of sub-atomic physics and astrophysics envisage a universe made of energy (and possibly more than one universe), where matter appears a fairly elusive notion amounting to a perception of structured energy.

Secondly, science is taking a new look at water, the main constituent of all living creatures on our planet.

Water possesses various remarkable characteristics which set it apart from other substances, such as being the only substance whose volume expands when temperature drops (which is why ice floats on liquid water).

While water molecules (H20) are amongst the simplest, they gather to form clusters organised into remarkably sophisticated structures.

These structures endow water with a kind of living memory influenced by circumstances in the environment, and even sensitive to ideas and emotions. Photographs of water crystals suggest that positive ideas induce beautifully harmonious structures, while negative ideas induce ugly structures. Confronted to such observations, science is stretched into metaphysics.

Metaphysics explores the concept of consciousness in the universe which conventional science tends to ignore, except in advanced physics where the notion of “observer” comes into play.

Consciousness leads to another concept with equally awesome implications: intention.

As there is consciousness in the universe – which is evident, otherwise we would have no perception, no knowledge and no science, does consciousness have intention?

A particular type of phenomena cropping up frequently in the course of every day life provides a strong indication with respect to intention: synchronicities.

Synchronicities are events with extremely low probability that nevertheless occur quite often, appearing as pure coincidences carrying some meaning for the people involved or observing.

For instance, when you meet “by chance” in the centre of a large city someone you know who rarely comes to town. Or when you pick up a book while browsing in a bookshop, you open it and immediately read a sentence that is eerily relevant to a situation you have on your mind at the time.

Synchronicities look like messages sent to you by ….universal consciousness, whatever or whoever that might be. Which logically implies that there must be intention in the universe.

In fact, when you are attentive to events in your life you eventually come to the conclusion that the universe never stops sending you messages, and that nothing happens by chance. Chance doesn’t exist, only intention does. This is what experience of life shows.

So, science, logic and observation concur to underpin a model of the universe made of energy, consciousness and intention.

But the trickiest issue remains open: is the intention “good”, “benevolent”, “friendly”, “loving”? Or is it just indifferent? Could it be hostile? Or might there be conflicting intentions.

And by the way what is the meaning of “good”. Here we realise how little we are. We know nothing. Our theories and models are grossly simplistic representations of tiny bits of a vast fantastically subtle reality.

Still, while not knowing for sure what good and bad mean, we can observe the following.

Whenever we entertain “contracting” thoughts and emotions (hatred, judgment, rejection, guilt, fear, bitterness…) we feel pretty awful in our mind and body, and relations with people and events tend to be difficult.

But whenever we entertain “expanding” thoughts and emotions (love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust…) we feel light and energised in our mind and body, and relations with other people and events tend to be easy.

Call this whatever you want: science, philosophy, metaphysics… It is just something anybody can notice in his or her life. It comes over as a law of human existence.

From this observation, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to bet for a loving universal consciousness. In other words, “faith” in universal “goodness” seems to have a pragmatic underpinning.

But then, be careful not to stretch faith too far and burden it up with all kinds of invented stories that have no basis. This is where religions have too often erred, with well known tragic consequences.

To sum up, while well aware of the deep mystery of existence, we can fairly reasonably use a model of holistic spirituality as the best guide to conduct our lives. The model refers to four ingredients: energy, consciousness, intention, and love.

At this point, our reasoning mind can’t go any further; it has to step aside and pass the relay to intuition. Intuition, the capacity to hear the inner voice mysteriously in touch with universal consciousness.

Once you become fully aware of intuition and fill your heart with faith in universal love, your life changes. Everything changes. How you feel in your body. How your react to situations. How you tame ego and fear.

It’s a state you have to experience for yourself. No book or guru can teach you the trick. There is no trick.

To find out, you have to cross the bridge, leaving behind the mental cage of materialist thinking, and embracing total trust and pure love.

While gathering your courage, bear this in mean: there is no risk, there is nothing to loose. According to the materialist paradigm you will be dead fairly soon and before that, the way things look on the planet (in the hologram video your mind believes is reality), you might be in for a lot of trouble and hardship.

So stop being a fearful slave, take your freedom and cross the mental bridge to the spiritual paradigm.

Fear not, fill your lungs with air and walk.



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Science freezes over into dogma

The post “Why parapsychology is still struggling” of 23 May 2012 attracted revealing comments from Tom the “Skeptic Canary” and Loyd of the “Paranormal Network”.

For Tom “the main problem with parapsychology is that it’s built on an unscientific premise” while according to Loyd “actually, Parapsychology is based on a very scientific premise”.

The dividing line between them is science.

But science is just a set of theories and models providing fragmented representations of limited bits of reality. Reality itself is infinite and infinitely complex, and well beyond our comprehension.

Through our five senses we receive small stimuli with which our mind builds mental pictures. Science is no more than elaborate pictures shared between different individuals.

Science can be useful, but it should never be confused with the “truth” about reality. We have no way of knowing the truth about reality as a whole. We can only toy with our own uncertain pictures of what we assume to be related to little pieces of reality.

Honest scientists know this well and their basic attitude is one of profound humility coupled to admiration for the splendour of the universe and its astounding subtlety.

However, materialist thinking is so bent on arrogance and ego that it tends to forget its own limitations, opening the door to the cult of absolute science and its child omnipotent technology.

Once dogma starts to dominate society, open minded observation and logical reasoning become virtually impossible.

And that is where we are now, with a new form of religion that mixes science, technology, money, competition, as absolute concepts beyond discussion.

In such a context, everybody feels under pressure to try and fit his arguments about any subject into the restrictive mould of the new religion.

That is precisely the mental trap we have to escape from.

For your references, here are the web sites of Tom and Loyd:   and

Thanks to both of them for their comments.

Fear not, observe with a sharp and free mind.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

From paranormal phenomena to revolution

For over a century parapsychology has established the occurrence of phenomena that are supposed to be impossible according to the materialist vision of reality.

The logical consequence of such findings is that reality is wider and more subtle than the materialist model assumes, which is what spiritual traditions all over the world had been suggesting for millennia.

At another level, widely accepted theories of sub atomic physics and astrophysics imply a universe made essentially of energy rather than matter.

All this is known to a number of people, often with an interest in parapsychology, contemporary forms of spirituality, or alternative healing.

However, paradoxically, almost everybody goes about the ordinary business of life as if paranormal phenomena were rare occurrences with little practical significance.

And despite its obvious limitations, the materialist model continues to be the only reference for organising society, running the economy, promoting technologies, etc.

As a result, people with ideas that fundamentally contradict the dominant model tend to either keep a low profile or to shape the expression of their ideas in a way that makes them appear non threatening to the system.

Experts in parapsychology try hard to turn their discipline into a narrow conventional branch of science, when they should have much broader ambitions.

Spirituality is often stifled by organised religions (new or old) or reduced to personal development with a strong self centred focus.

Alternative healing is mostly confined to the role of “complementary medicine” when its competent practitioners have their fingers on essential factors of human health which far transcend the blind mechanical procedures of mainstream medicine.

But things are not still, and history accelerates every day under our noses.

The global crisis offers a live demonstration that the system is failing totally and that materialist thinking is strictly incapable of grasping what is going on and of conceiving coherent responses, let alone implementing them.

In other words, the time has come for those who know better to free themselves from the mental cage of materialism and run their lives in accordance with a new paradigm: a universe of energy, consciousness, intention and pure love.

Trust in the messages of universal consciousness and practice of pure love in every aspect of daily life; this is the way forward.

Admittedly it is not always easy, particularly at the beginning, as the pathetic ego tends to raise its head at every turn. But progress comes with persistent practice.

We could paraphrase a well known materialist and declare: “alternatives of the world unite”. But this revolution is not one of conflict and violence, it’s the revolution of pure love.

Fear not, watch the sun rise.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Why parapsychology is still struggling

Imagine your education had been diametrically different from a young age.

Your parents would have trained you in the use of telepathy to communicate with people, with animals and with other creatures.

They would have encouraged you to develop precognition. They would have told you about existence before and after life.

They would have opened your thoughts to the sublime mystery of the universe, and would have kindled your trust in its ultimate harmony and love.

Your present vision of the world would be far broader and your ability to navigate through life more fluid and less anxious.

But most of us haven’t received such gifts, because most of us have been educated according to the materialist mode of thinking.

Materialist thinking takes a narrow view of existence. It regards anything not going via the five senses as not possible, and therefore not real. Reality has to be material.

Some people, however, while not rejecting dominant thinking outright, have been curious enough to recognise the existence of phenomena not logically consistent with the materialist view.

They have studied such so-called “paranormal” phenomena and have gathered convincing evidence proving their occurrence.

In doing so, they have created a discipline called “parapsychology” to set out a rigorous framework for their studies.

Rationally speaking, “parapsychology” should by now be the major discipline, as it deals with the fundamental enlargement of our vision of the universe.

But, in spite of its distinguished record, parapsychology, far from being fully recognised, is struggling hard not be to be dismissed by most of the academic community.

University departments of parapsychology are comparatively few and modestly funded. Most research in the discipline is conducted in non academic institutions often funded by rich individuals.

We can venture an explanation: experts in parapsychology are being too conservative and prudent.

Having established beyond doubt the existence of paranormal phenomena, they confine most of their work to a narrow methodology in line with the materialist approach, instead of going for a completely new paradigm using both deductive reasoning and intuition such as found in mystical traditions all over the world.

Since it is now obvious that reality is much broader and more subtle than anything the materialist vision is able to represent, why stick to limiting conventional methods, such as laboratory protocols appropriate for simple models but clearly ineffective for subtle aspects of reality?

This is where present society has become perverse.

Even intellectually honest people engaged in parapsychology are trapped by the system. They feel a great pressure to make a living or a career following routes approved by the establishment.

And the establishment has a strong vested interest in discarding any suggestion that a completely different vision of the world is conceivable, let alone far more promising that the dominant materialist vision.

This is because all major business activities are rooted in the materialist vision, and big business now keeps academics, and politicians, entirely in its grip.

Meanwhile, however, the global crisis, with its multiple interrelated facets,  accelerates, and the now evident inability of materialist thinking to put forward any coherent response is final proof of its fundamental weakness.

The time has come for experts in parapsychology and other enlightened people to find the courage to go all the way into a new spiritual paradigm.

For further information, here is the link to the Charting the Future of Parapsychology conference held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in October 2008 :

and the link to the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine:

Fear not, trust intuition free from ego.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Rational approach to the paranormal

The “paranormal”, or “supranormal as I prefer to call it, covers a wide range of phenomena. Some could be explained by official science while others seem impossible to account for without a spiritual vision of the universe.

Finding water, metals, or cavities using a dowsing rod could be explained by the sensitivity of human body to small variations in electromagnetic fields caused by the presence underground of what one tries to detect.

Such sensitivity is unconscious, but causes small movements to the hands holding the dowsing rod, the pendulum, or other amplifying device.

Similarly, the action of energy healers could be explained by their influence on the small electromagnetic fields within patients’ bodies.

But when a psychic is able to give accurate details concerning a person he/she doesn’t know, explanations within the realm of science become much harder to conceive.

Particularly when details provided concern events in progress or events in the future.

Yet such things do happen, and many have been well documented.

Similarly, synchronicities – occurrences which seem to take place against all reasonable odds (“chance” meetings ….) – can hardly be explained scientifically. Yet they happen frequently, as anybody can verify.

Disdainfully denying or ignoring all this, as some narrow minded materialists do, is not rational.

What is rational is to question logically the nature of knowledge and science, and their relation to reality.

Conventional knowledge, including official science, is made up of mental representations of bits of reality constructed on the basis of perceptions through the five senses.

Sensory perceptions can be aided and amplified by various instruments like microscopes, telescopes, ultra sound sensors, etc.

As conventional knowledge depends entirely on perceptions through the five senses and deductive reasoning capacities of the mind, two fundamental questions need to be raised:

– are our five senses the only channels to receive information on reality?

– are deductive reasoning capacities of the mind its only form of information processing?

Although uncertain, the answer to both is most probably no.

In other words, there is logically no reason to assume that conventional knowledge, including official science, offers the only valid representations of reality.

In fact, there is every reason to regard the representations of conventional knowledge as partial, distorted, and only use them as rough tools for limited purposes.

In all logic we have to admit that a broader form of knowledge most probably exists, which we can call supranormal knowledge.

Does this supranormal knowledge imply a spiritual world view?

As suggested earlier, some phenomena could be explained on the basis of extra-sensorial perceptions of a purely physical nature (e.g., electromagnetic captors – which we know exist in many living cells, including in the human body).

But other phenomena would seem to logically have to involve something much more subtle.

For example, when you go in a room and feel a distinct heaviness which turns out to be correlated to violent events that happened in that room, what could be the explanation?

Something like: the brain, heart and other organs of people involved in the violence emitted electromagnetic signals which were picked up by substances in the room (plaster, paint on the walls….) which retained the message structure of the electromagnetic signals.

These substances in the room then re-emit signals with the message of violence, sensors in your body receive them, and your intuitive information processing sends a message to your conscious mind.

In cases of, say, telepathy between twins separated by long distances, one has to stretch still further away from official science to develop plausible explanations.

Eventually it is impossible to avoid facing fundamental questioning on the nature of universal energy, consciousness, intention, and benevolence of conscious intention.

We are then away from conventional knowledge and into spirituality.

Note that the path from one to the other is perfectly rational, in addition to being guided by intuition.

It is rational because it involves plausible and logically coherent assumptions.

In the end, the only wild act of faith is belief in the fundamental goodness of the universe, which you can call belief in the loving divine.

But belief in the loving wholeness of a universe made of energy and consciousness turns out to be a model that neatly accounts for a lot of supranormal phenomena.

This is especially evident in energy based healing methods, in extra sensory communication, in communication with animals and plants, in relationships between people and places,…

It also accounts for the law of attraction, which, contrary to abusive interpretation by money making gurus, only “works” well if intentions are in line with universal love, i.e., not driven by the whims of ego.

Finally, it yields a practical method to live harmoniously, especially through our turbulent times: tune down ego and fear, and let yourself be guided by your intuition, always bearing pure love in mind and body.

For general information on the supranormal, here are three useful sources:

University of Edinburgh – Parapsychology Unit

Parapsychological Association (affiliated to the AAAS), USA

“Institut Métapsychique International”, Paris

Fear not, keep your integrity.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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