From 10^-33cm to intergalactic space, and consciousness in between

10-33cm is the subatomic scale where matter no longer exists. Down there you would only find energy and information. Experts in advanced physics are not even too sure what either really means.

According to quantum theory crazy things can occur in the realm of the very small, like a quantum being at two places simultaneously; “superposition” they call it. Mind boggling. And so far away from our usual vision of the “material world”.

Exploring quantum behaviour in human neurons, two daringly open minded researchers have tried to pave the way for a scientific approach to consciousness. Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician from Oxford, and Stuart Hameroff, a physician from the Medical University Center in Tucson, have jointly developed the “orchestrated collapse reduction” model.

Let’s not delve in the details of what is only a model that will probably be shown to be inconsistent and incomplete.

But the intellectual exercise is utterly fascinating and points to the crucial possibility that a coherent system of quantum impulses encompassed in human consciousness might be independent from any physical relation with a particular biological support system (such as our brain, other neurons or other cells).

In other words, our consciousness might be “downloadable” outside our body. After death for instance.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

This is no new age spiritual clap trap, as hard boiled materialists would say, but rational thinking by rigorous scientists.

Of course, serious metaphysical exploration beyond the limits of science is no clap trap. It is rational and absolutely indispensable because the realm of science is constrained by its fragmentation and adherence to the step by step deductive thinking process. Such process on its own is unable to deal adequately with the infinite subtlety of all there is.

Inevitably the intuitive connexion with higher consciousness has to come into our existential equation. The experience of life in all its dimensions shows this clearly to anyone prepared to open his mind and heart and move freely outside the cage of beliefs and assumptions imposed by accepted knowledge.

Anyway, the point here is that advanced science, despite its own limitations, is increasingly able to show how inadequate and frankly absurd the materialist world view really is.

Here is a short video with Roger Penrose:

Fear not, remember how vast, beautiful and intractable reality is.



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Reconciling positive thinking and lucidity about evil

Positive thinking is essential for healing and personal harmony.

But how do we sustain positive thoughts while some much of our world is being destroyed and society slips into insidious tyranny orchestrated by a corrupt elite?

Some people choose denial.

They focus on the positive and try to ignore the ugly side. This looks simple enough and may appear like the obvious pragmatic option.

Yet this is a dangerous delusion.

While you may (almost) succeed in consciously ignoring disturbing stuff, your unconscious isn’t fooled. Your inner self knows, and the profound dissonance between what you know inside and what you consciously pretend to ignore dramatically affects your spiritual, mental and physical health.

The better option is to be completely lucid about the dark side of life and transcend revolt and fear.

When you open your heart to your higher self connected to universal consciousness things are seen in a completely different perspective. What appears dramatic and hopeless in the closed materialist vision is looked at by the higher self as part of an experience.

Events on the planet at this historical juncture are set in the much bigger picture of the infinite, eternal field of consciousness.

This kind of thought isn’t just for the intellect. In fact detached lucidity is to be experienced through your entire being including every part of your physical body: stomach, teeth, muscles, skin …

You might call this pragmatic metaphysics.

It can be aided by techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. but these are secondary. What truly matters is the deep connection. That deep connection is the way to joy, healing and creative energy. And the way to counter disinformation, conditioning and brainwashing.

Fear not, connect and share with other souls.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Once « aware », what are we supposed to do?

First, what are we becoming aware of?

– of the glaringly evident facts that

what we see is only a perception of a minuscule fraction of what there is

each of us is an individual wave of the total eternal boundless consciousness having an experience at a certain level of, for want of a better word, “vibration”

our present experience is occurring within the story of humankind on planet earth in the 21st century where a global dictatorship is being established through mind control and manipulation of thoughts

this global dictatorship is nearing apparent triumph through cunning and at the same time collapse through its own intrinsic corruption and nastiness

our role in the story is to contribute to sanity and harmony.

OK, then what are we to do in this story reaching a dramatic climax?

– in a nutshell, radiate kindness and compassion the streetwise way.

Everything that happens in the earthly story is the result of thoughts at a deep level somewhere in the invisible field of consciousness.

Our job is to generate kind harmonious thoughts, in line with universal consciousness’ pure love.

And doing it the streetwise way means that the details of what we do are secondary.

While it is better to eat healthy organic food, to avoid drugs from Big Pharma, to avoid watching TV, to stay clear of politics, to say no to vaccination, etc, etc., it is the integrity of our thoughts and the warmth of our relationships with people, animals, plants and inanimate things that really matter.

All the useful techniques of meditation, yoga, natural healing, non violent negotiation are fine.

But in the end, we are to transcend all techniques and practices and reach connection with the pure level of vibration. Or, to put it another way, we are to completely trust our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, dare each new step in your dance with your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Streetwise metaphysics to navigate through the crisis

There are so many hard and conflicting pressures on everybody these days that the whole consciousness/personal development movement may at times appear like airy fairy wishful thinking of no real help.

And to make matters worse, many highly visible teachers, writers and gurus on spirituality, alternative healing and global conspiracy may be quite irritating at times.

But don’t dismiss them too quickly.

Despite their egos sometimes getting in the way, the broad direction of their teaching is highly valuable.

If you listen to them carefully, you realise they converge on the essential: reality is broader than what we perceive, everything is connected, we’re all part of oneness, the universe (or multi-verse) is conscious and full of love and harmony despite darkness and evil, nothing happens by chance, everything has a meaning, we are eternal waves of consciousness having an earthy experience.

These metaphysical points are extraordinarily relevant in practical life.

Once you have digested the central idea of oneness, your attitude towards existence and your relationships with other people and creatures are changed for ever.

It no longer makes sense to be racist, nationalist, chauvinist, and discriminatory, it no longer makes sense to blame and cast judgments, and it no longer makes sense to regard diseases and accidents as just meaningless bad luck and ignore the messages they bring.

In fact metaphysics leads your mind towards the exact opposite of the dominant mentality in our society, which is based on fear, prejudices and fragmentation of thoughts. As events on the planet accelerate, it is essential to rely on the holistic views of metaphysics.

Without them you are prey to the manipulative system of mind control that rules the world (for the time being).

You believe the propaganda dished out by establishment media and get distracted by their drivel.

You believe struggling and competing are inherent to human condition, and as a consequence live in anxiety and stress, taking the wrong steps and getting shoved about without be able to grasp the subtle messages delivered by higher consciousness.

But in using metaphysics, you have to be intuitive and streetwise, open minded, avoiding any form of dogmatism, taking things with humour and a pinch of salt, and tuning down the ego.

This takes practice, constant practice. Patience, perseverance. But the rewards are immense and sustained. Unlike the rapidly shrinking rewards of materialism.

Fear not, cultivate your relationship with the Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Tricks of the mind

These days it’s easy to feel submerged by an overflow of information, most of it negative, disturbing or outright shocking. You know exactly what I mean: wars, pollution, corruption, big brother, big banks, big pharma, GMO’s, paedophiles in high positions, etc. etc. Enough to feel depressed or totally cynical about mankind.

And yet, what is the reality of all that? If you think about it with some detachment, all the things you regard as the reality of the world around you are in fact images, sounds, sensations, feelings within your mind. It’s as if a 3D video with special effects was permanently being projected on some inner screen in your mind.

Now try and define exactly what your mind is. Your brain? Nop, many neurones are found in other parts of the body, such as the skin, the stomach, the heart. And many cells other than neurones are involved in our information processing. And all organs generate pulsating electromagnetic fields; for instance the vibrating field produced by the heart extends well beyond our visible body. In fact all our body and its surroundings are full of constantly changing information flows. Our mind is sort of hovering within and around our body.

Let’s dig deeper, and now try and define exactly what your body is. Oh, isn’t that obvious? Nop, the atoms contained in the cells of our body don’t stay put; they change over time. Some are renewed frequently, like the atoms of oxygen you breathe in, or, at a slower pace, the atoms in dead skin being replaced by new skin. After a few months 95% of atoms in our body have changed, and after a year, all have changed. So our body isn’t a well defined semi permanent stack of atoms.

Let’s dig even deeper, and now try and define exactly what an atom is. Most of us learned that it is a tiny nucleus surrounded by even tinier electrons spinning at very high velocity. But then experts in subatomic physics say that the nucleus is composed of minute elementary particles. None of these tiny little things whose existence is assumed in the extraordinary theories of physicists appears to be made of matter. Matter does not seem to exist as such. Elementary particles in the nucleus and electrons are all made of energy. Constantly changing flows of energy controlled by… by what? By information. Intelligent information. Conscious information? Intentional? God ! (sorry) Physics is stretching into metaphysics.

This rushed little walk through physiology, physics, and ultimately metaphysics is only to show that our mind and body are hardly definable from the perspective of fundamental science. And everything else in our ordinary perception of the world is similarly elusive within the framework of fundamental science. The only thing we can reasonably assume is that the universe is made of information and energy. The world as we usually see it is only like a shadow on a wall; the source of information is elsewhere, and it is the light shining on the source that creates the impression we see on the wall.

To the question of what is our mind, you could say it is a piece of software within an infinite ocean of information processing. If you let your software be infected by viruses like fear, despair, resentment, judgment, it will produce disturbing images and disagreeable sensations. If you do your best to have your software full of lucidity, grace, integrity, love, and kindness, it will generate harmonious images and pleasing sensations.

Try it.

And to soothe your mind here is some wonderful music by Erik Satie:

Fear not, work on your software and your body will approve.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Coping with negativity – part I: one’s own

Dancing in step with the Invisible Partner is the best way to go through life. But the dancing floor may appear slippery at times.

However sincere your desire to be positive and loving towards all and sundry, there are mornings when you get up in a rotten mood or pretty depressed. No panic. It’s normal.

The simple maths of metaphysics

The simple maths of metaphysics

Since early childhood most of us have been led into a narrow belief system full of judgments and fear. So when anything doesn’t immediately turn out just as we would like (i.e. according to our ego’s ideas), we’re tempted to fall back into the old trappings of frustrated sense of entitlement, feeling of being rejected, weak, incompetent, or jealousy, disdain, hatred…

The main thing about the belief system of materialist thinking is that it drastically reduces your vision. It puts your mind in a cage: life is short, things are not going well, I’m going to be a failure, I don’t feel well, …All nonsense. You are eternal. Whatever your present circunstances, this life is a fascinating little experience which is part of your journey through infinite possibilities. When apparently unpleasant things come your way, concentrate on discovering the teachings they bring rather waste your time moaning and whining.

But if you can’t help feeling totally frustrated or panicked or hateful, allow yourself a good spell of shouting, kicking, crying, whatever helps you getting steam off. And then, on your way back towards the positive, which may be short or longer, bring the humour in. Laugh a bit. The Invisible Partner will point to funny stuff you hadn’t noticed.

Fear not, smile and laugh after crying and shouting.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Guidance through 2013

Apocalypse did not happen in 2012, but events on the planet and confusion in the minds continue to intensify.

Ever more evidence of the ruling elite’s corruption and perversion is coming to the surface. Most countries, including those once regarded as free democracies, are gradually sinking in multi-facetted tyranny: financial, technological, medical, political tyranny.

Whatever the domain, only one strand of thinking is now considered acceptable by the media, academic and institutional establishments.

For instance, in the spheres of food and health if you are an active promoter of organic agriculture or natural healing techniques, you are regarded as an eccentric. But if you are a prominent activist against GMO’s, vaccination or animal experimentation, you are liable to be spied on by the police as if you were a terrorist. Because you are a potential danger for the powerful vested interests behind the system.

The system looks so strong. It’s not too clear what the full motivations of the people who control it really are. Money is obviously high among them. So is arrogance. Perhaps also a manic desire to do better than nature, to be “cleverer than God”. In any case, the ruling elite and the vast army of its submissive servants seem to have all the cards in their hands.

If you’re reluctant to join the submissive servants, how can you run your life honourably through all the constraints of this crazy world?

One thing is sure, you will not find a satisfactory way as long as your mind is trapped in the narrow belief system of materialist thinking: what we see is all there is; it’s a hard struggle for life; it’s cruel, I’m weak and afraid; “they” are stronger, …etc.

But no, you are not weak, there is a lot more than what we see, it’s a struggle only if you allow your mind to think so. The reality is that you have an Invisible Partner keen to help you have a meaningful life in this incarnation and a meaningful existence beyond this life.

Through your intuition you can connect with the Invisible Partner. Together the two of you can dance. For each of your steps, the Invisible Partner will make a step in turn, a guiding step. You will have to be attentive to each guiding step, understand where you ‘re invited to go. The Partner’s messages are clear but subtle. They can come through your body, or through the attitudes of people around you, or through events, or through a sentence read in a book or a bird seen in the sky.

Nothing in life – happy event, disease, accident, new encounter… – happens by chance, nothing is without meaning. Every event, even the smallest, is a guiding step by the Invisible Partner. To follow the guidance you have to silence the chatter of your ego, let go of fear, engage in trust, bear in mind that you are an eternal little part of the big “all there is”. If you’re aware of your own existence, it isn’t because the chemistry of your physical body somehow produces awareness, but because your awareness is within universal consciousness.

In all this the reasoning intellect can hardly help you. Soon you have to leave it aside and fully trust intuition, fully trust the inner little voice, so kind and warm, always present, understanding and never judging.

If you want to put a gloss of metaphysics on what we’re talking about, you might say it’s the rest of universal consciousness communicating with your consciousness. Together, the rest plus you is all there is. In other words, the Partner is the rest of God; with you, God is complete. The Partner and you dancing together create reality; it’s God in movement.

But, you might object, what about “them”: the bullies, the tyrants, the corrupt, pervert, cold and cruel?  Where are they? Not in …. Yes, they too are part of “the rest of consciousness”. Hitler, Bush and Blair, the boss of Monsanto, Jimmy Saville and so many others, all these troubled souls are parts of the one consciousness, like you and me. From your stand point, they are in “the rest of God”. Which is not exactly the same rest of God as the one that complements the soul of Hitler or that of Saville. By the way, these two souls may have learnt their earthly lessons. They might be thoroughly angelic wherever they are.

There is light and dark in the big all there is, but the Partner guides you towards the light. That is what you have to trust fully. No other belief is required. No dogma, no scripture is essential. Only that one basic trust. And off you go on the dancing floor, with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, pay attention to the rhythm.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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