Streetwise metaphysics to navigate through the crisis

There are so many hard and conflicting pressures on everybody these days that the whole consciousness/personal development movement may at times appear like airy fairy wishful thinking of no real help.

And to make matters worse, many highly visible teachers, writers and gurus on spirituality, alternative healing and global conspiracy may be quite irritating at times.

But don’t dismiss them too quickly.

Despite their egos sometimes getting in the way, the broad direction of their teaching is highly valuable.

If you listen to them carefully, you realise they converge on the essential: reality is broader than what we perceive, everything is connected, we’re all part of oneness, the universe (or multi-verse) is conscious and full of love and harmony despite darkness and evil, nothing happens by chance, everything has a meaning, we are eternal waves of consciousness having an earthy experience.

These metaphysical points are extraordinarily relevant in practical life.

Once you have digested the central idea of oneness, your attitude towards existence and your relationships with other people and creatures are changed for ever.

It no longer makes sense to be racist, nationalist, chauvinist, and discriminatory, it no longer makes sense to blame and cast judgments, and it no longer makes sense to regard diseases and accidents as just meaningless bad luck and ignore the messages they bring.

In fact metaphysics leads your mind towards the exact opposite of the dominant mentality in our society, which is based on fear, prejudices and fragmentation of thoughts. As events on the planet accelerate, it is essential to rely on the holistic views of metaphysics.

Without them you are prey to the manipulative system of mind control that rules the world (for the time being).

You believe the propaganda dished out by establishment media and get distracted by their drivel.

You believe struggling and competing are inherent to human condition, and as a consequence live in anxiety and stress, taking the wrong steps and getting shoved about without be able to grasp the subtle messages delivered by higher consciousness.

But in using metaphysics, you have to be intuitive and streetwise, open minded, avoiding any form of dogmatism, taking things with humour and a pinch of salt, and tuning down the ego.

This takes practice, constant practice. Patience, perseverance. But the rewards are immense and sustained. Unlike the rapidly shrinking rewards of materialism.

Fear not, cultivate your relationship with the Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


Tricks of the mind

These days it’s easy to feel submerged by an overflow of information, most of it negative, disturbing or outright shocking. You know exactly what I mean: wars, pollution, corruption, big brother, big banks, big pharma, GMO’s, paedophiles in high positions, etc. etc. Enough to feel depressed or totally cynical about mankind.

And yet, what is the reality of all that? If you think about it with some detachment, all the things you regard as the reality of the world around you are in fact images, sounds, sensations, feelings within your mind. It’s as if a 3D video with special effects was permanently being projected on some inner screen in your mind.

Now try and define exactly what your mind is. Your brain? Nop, many neurones are found in other parts of the body, such as the skin, the stomach, the heart. And many cells other than neurones are involved in our information processing. And all organs generate pulsating electromagnetic fields; for instance the vibrating field produced by the heart extends well beyond our visible body. In fact all our body and its surroundings are full of constantly changing information flows. Our mind is sort of hovering within and around our body.

Let’s dig deeper, and now try and define exactly what your body is. Oh, isn’t that obvious? Nop, the atoms contained in the cells of our body don’t stay put; they change over time. Some are renewed frequently, like the atoms of oxygen you breathe in, or, at a slower pace, the atoms in dead skin being replaced by new skin. After a few months 95% of atoms in our body have changed, and after a year, all have changed. So our body isn’t a well defined semi permanent stack of atoms.

Let’s dig even deeper, and now try and define exactly what an atom is. Most of us learned that it is a tiny nucleus surrounded by even tinier electrons spinning at very high velocity. But then experts in subatomic physics say that the nucleus is composed of minute elementary particles. None of these tiny little things whose existence is assumed in the extraordinary theories of physicists appears to be made of matter. Matter does not seem to exist as such. Elementary particles in the nucleus and electrons are all made of energy. Constantly changing flows of energy controlled by… by what? By information. Intelligent information. Conscious information? Intentional? God ! (sorry) Physics is stretching into metaphysics.

This rushed little walk through physiology, physics, and ultimately metaphysics is only to show that our mind and body are hardly definable from the perspective of fundamental science. And everything else in our ordinary perception of the world is similarly elusive within the framework of fundamental science. The only thing we can reasonably assume is that the universe is made of information and energy. The world as we usually see it is only like a shadow on a wall; the source of information is elsewhere, and it is the light shining on the source that creates the impression we see on the wall.

To the question of what is our mind, you could say it is a piece of software within an infinite ocean of information processing. If you let your software be infected by viruses like fear, despair, resentment, judgment, it will produce disturbing images and disagreeable sensations. If you do your best to have your software full of lucidity, grace, integrity, love, and kindness, it will generate harmonious images and pleasing sensations.

Try it.

And to soothe your mind here is some wonderful music by Erik Satie:

Fear not, work on your software and your body will approve.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Coping with negativity – part I: one’s own

Dancing in step with the Invisible Partner is the best way to go through life. But the dancing floor may appear slippery at times.

However sincere your desire to be positive and loving towards all and sundry, there are mornings when you get up in a rotten mood or pretty depressed. No panic. It’s normal.

The simple maths of metaphysics

The simple maths of metaphysics

Since early childhood most of us have been led into a narrow belief system full of judgments and fear. So when anything doesn’t immediately turn out just as we would like (i.e. according to our ego’s ideas), we’re tempted to fall back into the old trappings of frustrated sense of entitlement, feeling of being rejected, weak, incompetent, or jealousy, disdain, hatred…

The main thing about the belief system of materialist thinking is that it drastically reduces your vision. It puts your mind in a cage: life is short, things are not going well, I’m going to be a failure, I don’t feel well, …All nonsense. You are eternal. Whatever your present circunstances, this life is a fascinating little experience which is part of your journey through infinite possibilities. When apparently unpleasant things come your way, concentrate on discovering the teachings they bring rather waste your time moaning and whining.

But if you can’t help feeling totally frustrated or panicked or hateful, allow yourself a good spell of shouting, kicking, crying, whatever helps you getting steam off. And then, on your way back towards the positive, which may be short or longer, bring the humour in. Laugh a bit. The Invisible Partner will point to funny stuff you hadn’t noticed.

Fear not, smile and laugh after crying and shouting.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Guidance through 2013

Apocalypse did not happen in 2012, but events on the planet and confusion in the minds continue to intensify.

Ever more evidence of the ruling elite’s corruption and perversion is coming to the surface. Most countries, including those once regarded as free democracies, are gradually sinking in multi-facetted tyranny: financial, technological, medical, political tyranny.

Whatever the domain, only one strand of thinking is now considered acceptable by the media, academic and institutional establishments.

For instance, in the spheres of food and health if you are an active promoter of organic agriculture or natural healing techniques, you are regarded as an eccentric. But if you are a prominent activist against GMO’s, vaccination or animal experimentation, you are liable to be spied on by the police as if you were a terrorist. Because you are a potential danger for the powerful vested interests behind the system.

The system looks so strong. It’s not too clear what the full motivations of the people who control it really are. Money is obviously high among them. So is arrogance. Perhaps also a manic desire to do better than nature, to be “cleverer than God”. In any case, the ruling elite and the vast army of its submissive servants seem to have all the cards in their hands.

If you’re reluctant to join the submissive servants, how can you run your life honourably through all the constraints of this crazy world?

One thing is sure, you will not find a satisfactory way as long as your mind is trapped in the narrow belief system of materialist thinking: what we see is all there is; it’s a hard struggle for life; it’s cruel, I’m weak and afraid; “they” are stronger, …etc.

But no, you are not weak, there is a lot more than what we see, it’s a struggle only if you allow your mind to think so. The reality is that you have an Invisible Partner keen to help you have a meaningful life in this incarnation and a meaningful existence beyond this life.

Through your intuition you can connect with the Invisible Partner. Together the two of you can dance. For each of your steps, the Invisible Partner will make a step in turn, a guiding step. You will have to be attentive to each guiding step, understand where you ‘re invited to go. The Partner’s messages are clear but subtle. They can come through your body, or through the attitudes of people around you, or through events, or through a sentence read in a book or a bird seen in the sky.

Nothing in life – happy event, disease, accident, new encounter… – happens by chance, nothing is without meaning. Every event, even the smallest, is a guiding step by the Invisible Partner. To follow the guidance you have to silence the chatter of your ego, let go of fear, engage in trust, bear in mind that you are an eternal little part of the big “all there is”. If you’re aware of your own existence, it isn’t because the chemistry of your physical body somehow produces awareness, but because your awareness is within universal consciousness.

In all this the reasoning intellect can hardly help you. Soon you have to leave it aside and fully trust intuition, fully trust the inner little voice, so kind and warm, always present, understanding and never judging.

If you want to put a gloss of metaphysics on what we’re talking about, you might say it’s the rest of universal consciousness communicating with your consciousness. Together, the rest plus you is all there is. In other words, the Partner is the rest of God; with you, God is complete. The Partner and you dancing together create reality; it’s God in movement.

But, you might object, what about “them”: the bullies, the tyrants, the corrupt, pervert, cold and cruel?  Where are they? Not in …. Yes, they too are part of “the rest of consciousness”. Hitler, Bush and Blair, the boss of Monsanto, Jimmy Saville and so many others, all these troubled souls are parts of the one consciousness, like you and me. From your stand point, they are in “the rest of God”. Which is not exactly the same rest of God as the one that complements the soul of Hitler or that of Saville. By the way, these two souls may have learnt their earthly lessons. They might be thoroughly angelic wherever they are.

There is light and dark in the big all there is, but the Partner guides you towards the light. That is what you have to trust fully. No other belief is required. No dogma, no scripture is essential. Only that one basic trust. And off you go on the dancing floor, with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, pay attention to the rhythm.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Two to tango for eternity

6.45 am.

It’s still dark.

You have a choice: bemoan all your problems and cringe under the cover, or feel the gratitude, smile and get up full of beans.

No hesitation. Go for gratitude. Listen to the inner little voice. It’s universal consciousness talking to you with infinite patience and kindness. Whenever you smile it will send you a message of encouragement.

Not necessarily immediately, not necessarily in the shape of your expectations, but always for the greater good of the universe including you.

Every event in life, big or small, is a response to our thoughts

If you pay attention to each of your own steps, and to every manifestation of the Invisible Intention, even the minutest one, you will be amazed to see how the eternal tango unfolds.

This is true for you and I individually, and is also true for mankind collectively.

Which is why the present global crisis came about: many people don’t pay attention to their own steps; they don’t even realise they are dancing a subtle tango with the rest of the universe. They believe things just happen, by chance, for no reason. They believe it’s all senseless and cold and cruel. They believe they have to struggle, fight, fear, hate, judge, look down and up.

They have no idea how to dance the eternal tango. They don’t even know they are eternal, and only living a short physical experience on planet earth in the 21st century, a mere tiny spot in the bigger picture where space and time don’t have any importance.

But you know by now that the Invisible Intention is so infinitely clever and subtle, and yet so disarmingly simple. The eternal tango between you and the rest of the universe follows the rhythm of love. Pure love, love for everything there is without any restriction or condition.

If you pay attention to the tango, your own steps and the responses of the Invisible partner, things will turn out for the better. Trust it. Don’t worry about pollution, corruption, perverts, and any other supposed threat. Silence your ego and let the partner give you the hint for each new step. Give your reasoning intelligence a rest and let intuition whisper its words of wisdom.

Fear not, dance to the tune.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Psychic input in all our thoughts

Materialists are proud to be able to think rationally purely on the basis of facts, by which they mean information from the material world received through the senses. And they are convinced this is the only serious way to think.

But they ignore two categories of inputs into their thinking process. The later is represented by the drawing shown below, which of course is only a crude model to get some insight into an infinitely subtle reality.


The first category of inputs is information obtained through extra sensory perception, and the second category consists in the impulses of fear and desire generated by the ego.

Everyone receives information through extra sensory perception. This happens unconsciously. When our mind creates thoughts, which it does all the time, it constantly attempts to draw in extra sensory information as well as sensory signals, and the process is permanently distorted by varying amounts of fear and desire.

People who have been led to believe that only the material world is real unconsciously block the stream of extra sensory information. And the thoughts generated by the thinking process tend to reflect almost exclusively a mix of sensory information distorted by fear and desire.

When the mind is trapped in the materialist paradigm, fear and desire are quite strong and their distorting effect on thinking is severe, resulting in low quality of thoughts.

When the mind is relatively free from the limiting beliefs of materialism and of dogmatic religion or philosophy extra sensory information is allowed to flow into the thinking process and influence its output.

Depending on the situation of the individual at a particular time, extra sensory information will have a smaller or greater impact on conscious thoughts produced by the mind.

For instance, if you’re washing the dishes or opening a computer session, your thoughts don’t necessarily require much extra sensory information. Sensory stuff may be quite enough for the tasks on hand.

But if you are entering a meeting with someone regarding a sensitive matter for that person, extra sensory material is most likely essential to achieve a positive relationship.

You don’t have to try and control the mix to fit the situation; the universe, acting through nature, does it for you. What you have to concentrate on is to keep your mind open, your ego tuned down and your heart full of love and gratitude.

Once your mind is out of the materialist prison, it’s amazing how things start to flow in your life. Not only are your thoughts vastly enriched by extra sensory inputs, but they themselves feed back into the subtle realm of reality and influence events.

Fear not, allow your natural connection to operate.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Metaphysics for paradigm change

“Meta” means beyond. Metaphysics is about exploring reality beyond the visible. It queries the purpose of existence, the intention and logic of whatever lies behind all we see of the universe, the true determinants of our destinies.

Many people have little time for such elevated cogitations. They don’t see the relevance for the conduct of their life.

They prefer to focus on tangible things. Material stuff, that’s what matters in their eyes, that’s what may give you – they believe – comfort, security and recognition among your peers. Whereas digging deep into the subtle meaning of everything is at best a waste of time, and at worst a dangerous pursuit that can make you loose touch with reality and stumble on shadows.

Most peoples’ minds operate at conscious level with a mechanistic view of the world coupled to a belief in normalcy. In such a mode of thinking, the world is seen as only material, and what happens around us is broadly speaking perceived as “normal”.

But is the world limited to the material, and are things “normal”?

No, of course not. The global crisis shows that things are far from normal. The state of mankind and of many living species on the planet is dismal, society is plunging into chaos and meanness, and the situation of global disharmony is nearing a climax.

In such exceptional circumstances, sleepwalking with old beliefs makes little sense. Staying “focused” on narrow egotistic pursuits, nose down, blind to the bigger picture, is definitely not the way to assure one’s security, well being and health, let alone dignity, let alone mission in life.

We are at a point in our evolution where making bold assumptions about the purpose of our existence and the guidance available from the universe in line with that assumed purpose become essential determinants of life choices.

When you open your mind and your heart to the many subtle signals becoming ever clearer, you can see that a paradigm change is taking place. It is a turbulent process. It is a vital transition, like a caterpillar going into sleep for ever in the chrysalis to allow the butterfly to come to life.

In this process, some of us will be happy to move on pure intuition, whereas others may wish to structure their thoughts while also embracing intuition.

When you go for the combined structured and intuitive approach, you’re in metaphysics.

In any case, it is your own journey. You may learn practices and narratives and symbols from others, from old traditions, from contemporary teachers, but at the end of the day the synthesis can only be yours. You are at the same time unique and totally part of the whole, not special, neither superior nor inferior to anybody or anything.

Your own metaphysics can refer to images and archetypes, but don’t let new dogmatic beliefs replace the old ones of organised religion and empty materialism. Developing your own metaphysics is exercising your absolute freedom as little cluster of eternal consciousness and energy.

This might sound a bit abstract at first, but patient practice of meditation, of unconditional love for everything and everyone, of letting go of judgments and fear will eventually resonate in every cell of your body, in every thought on your mind.

There is a continuous line joining conventional science and technology, alternative knowledge and practices, unconventional disciplines like parapsychology, and ultimately metaphysics.

Barriers between these areas are artificial; they are only in our minds. When intuition is allowed to develop to the full, universal continuity becomes obvious. And its practical consequences also become clear.

Fear not, work on your own model of metaphysics, and relax.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Science versus reality

There is a huge misunderstanding about science.

Science enjoys a special status in our society mainly because it has made impressive technological achievements possible.

Science based technology underpins many aspects of our modern comfort and also offers answers to a wide range of specific perceived needs. For instance when a supposedly infertile couple absolutely wants to have children, IVF can help them. On a totally different level, when Israeli authorities want to neutralise assumed enemies, superior military technology enables them to do it.

Whether or not we like such technological “solutions”, the fact is that they often work pretty well, at least initially. Their collateral consequences generally appear only at a later stage.

As a result of its up front visible efficiency, science appears to offer a framework for broad and deep grasp of the material world.

Many believe that this framework for understanding the world is the only one, and consider it as close to absolute and comprehensive, even though a lot of details still have to be elucidated.

Their belief is total illusion.

Science is part of human knowledge, which also includes practical empirical knowledge, and various “subjective” disciplines such as law, history, literature, philosophy, spirituality and religion.

But what exactly is “knowledge”?

And how far does it reflect reality?

Knowledge is information which our mind uses to generate thoughts and ideas. New information is brought to our mind through perceptions. For example, when eye cells receive incoming light, signals are immediately transmitted to our neurones and decoded by them.

Neurones are like computer chips; they process information. New inputs are combined with material already stored in memory. The output of this complex process is a stream of conscious thoughts, unconscious thoughts, and unconscious biological signals.

You could compare the stream of conscious thoughts to a film projected on our personal inner screen. Just like a film it may evoke reality, but it isn’t reality. It is only a mix of images and impressions, of which some are derived from bits of reality.

The inner film can never be “objective”. Only small shreds of reality ever reach our mind through perceptions, and our decoding of perceptions and thinking process are distorted by emotions and other impulses.

Besides, we have no certainty that the basic logic used by neurones, our “software” if you like, is capable of generating understanding of the logic of the universe, which might very well be of a much higher level of sophistication. After all, we are only modest little things within the universe. Why should we be equipped with the software to grasp its full working?

Furthermore, even the greatest genius is only able to master a tiny fraction of the shared information and potential thoughts which constitute mankind’s common knowledge.

So, all in all, humans have every reason to be humble about their knowledge, be it the most advanced science.

With that insight into the nature and limits of knowledge at the back of our mind, let us turn again to the status of science in contemporary society.

Science stands on a pedestal. Over the last decades, science and scientists have inspired a level of reverence akin to that enjoyed by religion and high clergy in olden days.

Whatever the subject, official science has authority to say what must be considered true and valid. Any hypothesis or set of observations regarding the workings of nature which is not endorsed by official science is contemptuously dismissed as pseudo science, fraud or quackery. In much the same way as official religion in Medieval Europe treated dissenting views and unauthorised practices as heresy or witchcraft.

A spirit of intolerance and inquisition reminiscent of dark ages is present today, with an additional new twist. And a particularly toxic one: the interference of powerful economic interests. Virtually every research programme these days is financed by corporations or governments under total influence of the corporate world. This has enormous consequences.

The scientific method implies the formulation of assumptions, the development of theories and models, and the gathering of evidence. This combination constitutes a good tool to explore reality. But one that has to be used with integrity and open-mindedness.

And both presuppose freedom. When practically all experts in science and technology owe their position, livelihood, and career to organisations with a very aggressive agenda, the exercise of intellectual freedom for honest scientific pursuit becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible.

In such a context, hardly anyone ever dares bring into question assumptions underpinning dominant theories or put forward models which are at odds with them. As a result, dominant assumptions and theories tend to freeze into dogma.

Concerning the collection of evidence, researchers feel obliged to follow rigid criteria imposed by authority. Phenomena under study are supposed to be repeatable under laboratory conditions and observations quantifiable in data lending them selves to statistics. As if nature should consist only of processes neatly reproducible at will in a lab. Simple mechanical processes do appear reproducible in controlled environments, but there is absolutely no logical reason why the same should be true of very complex phenomena involving billions of subtle interactions.

Because of the absurdly limiting format for evidence collection set by official science, a whole raft of extremely rich observation is simply dismissed as non existent, flawed or fraudulent.

This is particularly the case with natural medicine and the study of paranormal phenomena.

Millions of people throughout the world have direct experience of the effectiveness of various methods of natural healing applied to humans and often also applied to animals. Yet official medicine simply discounts the lot as non scientific, therefore of no value. Under pressure from the public who keeps using alternative therapies, the establishment concedes that they can have a role as “complementary” treatments, i.e. mainly to please patients with a somewhat credulous mind.

Many practitioners of alternative therapies accept this humiliating lower status for sake of peace and of some recognition by medical insurance systems.

In parapsychology, experts are very anxious to demonstrate that their study of psychic phenomena is totally in line with the scientific approach. This has led them to focus most of their efforts on repeatable laboratory experiments.

Which confines their study to a narrow corner of its potential field, because psychic phenomena that are repeatable in the lab are not the most interesting and significant. In fact they are quite marginal and with limited potential uses.

In other words, experts in parapsychology got their own discipline in a real trap by de facto accepting the assumption that real phenomena should all be repeatable in laboratory conditions, an assumption which has no logical basis whatsoever.

They made this big mistake because their anxious quest of recognition pushed them to follow the rules of the system. Having practically driven their discipline to the outer fringe of science, they would be well inspired to change tack and adopt a much more daring approach.

When you come to the bottom of all this, the problem is the mechanistic worldview underpinning official science, and not only official science but more broadly society’s dominant mode of thinking.

As it is quite evident that society’s dominant mode of thinking is driving humanity and the planet into a big mess, you might wonder why there aren’t more people ready to question the basic assumptions behind the mechanistic worldview.

In fact, many people do begin to suspect that the system is basically wrong, but they feel utterly powerless.

The system looks so strong, and its ruling elite have a vested interest in insuring that few manage to openly expose the flaws of the dominant mode of thinking. Tyranny is exercised directly on the minds through propaganda and official science is now enslaved to propaganda.

But this appalling picture is only the visible side of reality, and the invisible, subtle, side is quite different.

People on a spiritual journey who are learning to recognise and accept intuitive guidance “know” this.

Fear not, let logic and intuition embrace in wisdom.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Let’s go through brick walls

I’m not completely round the bend yet.

I know that in ordinary experience of life when you throw yourself into a brick wall you get stopped and it hurts.

Yet, modern physics says matter is no more than energy dynamically structured. The smallest elementary particles making up atoms are just pure energy in a vacuum.

Besides, telepathic exchanges do go through walls. Lost dogs can find their way home a hundred kilometres away. Ocean salmons swim thousands of kilometres to go back to their river. Migrating birds also have a clever guiding system. And uncanny synchronicities happen all the time.

So the brick wall is real at a certain level, but there is a lot of invisible something that is just as real. When you consider that carefully it makes you humble and elated in admiration for the universe.

The truly rational position is to accept the brick wall and the invisible stuff also. In fact they are ever so subtly intertwined, not separated as suggested in the narratives of dogmatic religions.

The latter and the modern dogma of materialism would have us prisoners of the brick wall for all our life. And they would have us believe that we human incarnations are evil, corrupt and have no alternative but to compete, fight, pretend and be scared.

I don’t buy that. And I see more and more people who don’t either. The brick wall isn’t our enemy. The neighbour behind the wall isn’t our enemy either: send him thoughts of true love and you will see that he starts behaving decently with you, even if he is a difficult character to start with. We have no enemies. Many people create them with their own thoughts.

Some will say: oh there have been prison walls for centuries, and plenty of enemies, and corruption and perverts. Look at the warmongers who will go and bomb Iran, look at the paedophile rings with protection in the upper echelons of society. Mankind is evil.

No, it has potential for unlimited goodness, because it is part of the amazing structure of energy and consciousness. Here on planet earth we are currently experiencing a “crisis”, that is a strong transition with a peak of negative and positive thoughts flying in the invisible realm that runs our lives.

If you stay close to positive thoughts of gratitude, non judgment, trust and harmony, you will be OK, even if things don’t turn out like your little ego had wanted. Fear is part of our experience, let’s accept it without allowing it to lead us by the nose.

What we have to discover through individual experimentation is a way to navigate through mechanistic constraints of the visible world while developing a sense of the lighter vibrations in our body and in our life.

Just as a practical illustration, when lying relaxed in bed, focus your attention on the spot between your eyebrows (the third eye chakra) and notice how it feels in your body. Then concentrate your thoughts on other spots, like the top of your neck and trigger another wave of electric sensations. Try other parts of the body. Try images of various colours. You will feel calmer, with clearer thoughts and less fear. You will develop a sense of lesser materiality in yourself, as if molecules were less tightly pressed against one other, with more space for free flowing energy. This is no intellectual abstract vision, it’s something very real to feel.

Then, further along the spiritual path you discover that the thoughts you emit are not only real but powerful. They have surprising effects on other people and events. Clearly they can fly through any brick wall.

Fear not, let your kindness cross all walls.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Coping with suffering and evil (Part II)

The decisive step towards eliminating suffering and evil is to free our mind from the grip of ego and fear.

This is not a purely individual process. Everything is connected in the world and our efforts to free ourselves resonate with those of others.

But what is ego? And why are our minds full of fear?

We humans are clusters within the infinite fields of energy and consciousness that fill the universe. The restricted “material” world we “see” around us is only a level of observation of energy structured by consciousness.

To give a simplified account of the subtle nature of our mind we could say that it operates in three modes: deductive reasoning, emotional reactive and deep intuitive.

The deductive reasoning mode is regarded in our society as the highest. But in fact deductive reasoning is limited and slow. It is strictly linear, and therefore can only handle one step at the time. The models it is able to produce are crude representations of small bits of reality. Yet we are led to believe that human knowledge derived from deductive reasoning is so powerful that it should guide the conduct of our lives.

The emotional reactive mode is looked down upon. Emotional folks are considered unreliable and rather weak. But at the same time society’s ruling class is constantly using crude emotions in the propaganda supporting its exercise of power and control.

The deep intuitive mode is largely ignored by mainstream thinking. Yet this is the mode which connects our mind to universal consciousness. It has been known to shamans, healers and spiritual masters for thousands of years. An enlightened minority today are well aware of its existence and power. But the majority simply never use deep intuition.

When the mind operates without intuition, purely through a mix of deductive reasoning and emotional reactive modes, it goes round on itself in a pool of beliefs and emotions cut off from universal consciousness. The mind then functions like a stand alone computer churning its own data. Worse, its own data received at birth are supplemented by limited bits of information obtained exclusively through the five physical senses.

The latter are extremely narrow channels, as confirmed by mainstream science. Neurones associated to vision can only decode electromagnetic waves in the limited “visible” range of frequencies. Many other living creatures are able to decode on a much wider range than us. The same is true for hearing. Elephants can emit and decode on a wider range of mechanical vibrations. And similar observations hold for the capacity to detect through smell or taste the presence of certain molecules only, ignoring many others.

The mind deprived of deep intuition is in a small cage, operating with a restricted set of data inherited via the genes or picked up by the senses. And what is available to the senses is partly manipulated by the system dominating mankind. What we learn at school, from the media, from our own family and entourage is subject to so many distortions, beliefs, prejudices…

We can define ego as the cage holding the mind deprived from access to higher wisdom which only deep intuition can provide. The mind trapped in ego produces erroneous judgments based on limited information distorted by emotions. It is not aware of its own limitations. On the contrary, it regards itself as quite clever. It’s relatively easy to imagine how the ego can slip into evil, and it’s also easy to see that much evil can be created when the silly egos of many people interact.

Now about fear. The mind imprisoned by ego is in its small pool of beliefs and emotions, but why is it full of fear?

Minds deprived of higher wisdom are unaware of the universe’s absolute benevolence and love. On the contrary, they are impressed by the “reality” film they see on their inner screens. What they see is entirely made up from the poor data at their disposal, and a lot of it is not pretty, is disharmonious, cruel, evil, quite frightening.

Human minds have been caged in egos for as long as we can peer into history. At some point they must have been infected by evil and attendant fear. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Mayas and countless others appear to have been brutes bent on arrogance and cruelty. Why and how did it come about? This is a mystery of metaphysics. Some blame it on negative, devilish entities floating about in the field of energy and consciousness. It’s possible.

In any case, minds deprived of wisdom are convinced that reality is basically hard, cruel and dangerous. And their belief is constantly sustained by messages received from society.

For us today, facing unprecedented multiple crises, the practical issue is to find the most efficient procedure to extract our minds from the prison of ego and fear, and all variations of fear: hatred, resentment, guilt, aggressiveness, depression…

The procedure has to be based on higher wisdom, i.e. love, kindness, trust, and non violence. Any idea of “fighting” for liberation is misguided.

All the time we hear references to “fighting” as if it was a great act of virtue. Fighting crime, fighting terrorism, fighting diseases, fighting poverty, fighting injustice. It sounds noble and brave, but it is the wrong approach. The very word “fight” carries a totally unhelpful information. It just feeds the collective resonance of egos and fear. It feeds violence, evil and whatever devilish entities might lie behind them.

In yesterday’s post we suggested the ho’oponopono mantra as probably one of the most useful tools for escaping suffering and evil and contributing to general harmony. It does involve love: “I love you”; it does put ego in its place: “I’m sorry”; it does relate to the rest of the universe: “Please forgive me, Thank you”. Not bad for a start. Why not try it.

These days, with all the obvious negativity and sheer madness generated by the “system”, you’re not taking a big risk trying something completely different, fresh, full of light, full of humility and compassion.

Anyway, here is a picture of those cruel Romans in their conquest.

Roman army in Gaul

Fear not, dare let go.



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