Over $100 million for « The Scream »

« The Scream » by Edvard Munch is unquestionably a piece of art.

But it is profoundly disharmonious. One might say a reflection of the times.

No sane person would want such a picture hanging in his home. It would fill the place with negative vibes.

Some rich people don’t see things that way though.

Here is the recent auction at Sotheby’s:

And this was the auction at Christie’s in 2010 where Picasso’s “Nude, green leaves and bust” sold for a slightly lower price.

Funny, I find the Picasso nicer, if still not completely harmonious.

But I haven’t got $95 million. Who cares? Somewhere down the line banks’ little IOU’s will have lost all value. And so will ugly pieces of art.

Fear not, go for genuine beauty.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

The first six months, and the future

This blog was started six months ago. Time to check where we are.

Two things initially prompted my urge to write:

(1) there is much more to reality than the dominant paradigm recognizes

(2) the global crisis is unprecedented in human history.

Many people accept that the crisis is so fundamental that a new approach is called for.

But only a few realise just how radically different the new approach has to be.

We’re not talking about patching up, but about brushing aside a whole belief system and replacing it by another one infinitely more subtle.

A number of the posts were aimed at showing that the dominant way of thinking not only cannot deliver credible solutions to the crisis, but is actually at the root of problems.

Other posts introduced an alternative paradigm and outlined its logic and decisive advantages.

A major difficulty remains however: how to swim during the transition.

The point is that the failing system is still dominant for the time being. Nobody knows when and how it will disappear. Nobody can imagine how a new situation will arise on the planet.

Such uncertainty is very scary for a lot of people, but much less so for the few who are able to rise above their little ego, keep their fear in check and reach their higher self.

Future posts will offer practical tips on how to live aligned to the new paradigm in the world as it is today.

Other posts will be devoted to monitoring the accelerating crisis: financial collapse, extreme environmental degradation, hardening of plutocratic power, general disinformation, etc.

Some posts will explore the vast domain of the “paranormal”. They will show that a number of “paranormal” phenomena do occur beyond any doubt, and make a lot of sense in the new paradigm.

They will also provide a rationale to discern between genuine paranormal phenomena and scams or bizarre beliefs of little interest except for the impressionable and credulous.

Hopefully these texts will be useful to you in your spiritual journey. And hopefully they will be entertaining and energizing.

Do come back and visit this site regularly. Let your friends know about it.

Many thanks for your support so far.

Fear not, meditate and laugh.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Dairy farming big time

Here is a video on Fair Oaks farm, described by its CEO as the “world of 21th century agriculture”:

The quantity of milk produced on that farm covers the consumption of 8 million people.

The CEO presents his operation as a model of animal welfare and environmental protection. There is a fair chance he actually believes it.

Which illustrates what lies at the core of contemporary tyranny: a tight belief system.

Belief that the world is a mechanistic set of things and processes that our science pretty well understands.

Belief that only humans deserve real attention, the rest of life on earth being mere “resources” at their disposal.

Belief that the feelings of cows are irrelevant for the subtle effects of milk on whoever consumes it.

Watch the cows going on the carrousel to be milked. Watch attentively.

Now realise that you are on a similar carrousel when you drive your 4×4 on the motorway, when you stroll along your supermarket’s allays, when you enter your office block, when you go into hospital.

All part of the “world of 21st century”.

Fear not, walk before lunch.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Whom to believe?

Not the system, for sure. The aim of official propaganda is to keep us in confusion and ignorance.

Whether about vaccination, feminism, mother-child bonding, wifi’s, medicine, the nuclear industry, finance, or many other subjects, “they” have an agenda.

That much is pretty obvious to all who are not blind, but it only brings us to the starting line.

As there is no shortage of (apparently) non conformist sources of information, discernment is needed.

The tool of discernment is intuition enlightened by trust in the infinitely subtle harmony of the universe.

The world we see around us is not reality. It is only a film projected on the inner screen of our mind. A film made up of bits of perception distorted by emotions and preconceived ideas. And each of us watches a different version.

Once aware of this, we can take a critical look at the scenario and start working on our role.

To help us play a better role, more generous, more loving, and more lucid, the universe sends us a constant stream of messages, which we have to learn to recognise and decode.

That implies a paradigm diametrically opposed to the dominant mechanistic world view.

In other words, to know whom to believe, and what to believe, we have to be well on our way to fundamental spiritual change. And that is a journey no one can make on our behalf.

Fear not, let the sunshine warm your eyelids.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Globalisation is reverse socialism

There is a lot of whinging about the excesses of capitalism these days.

Understandably so.

As a good example here is an interesting post from Zero Hedge relayed with comments on Mike Norman’s blog:



“What we won’t hear about is Corporations, like Caterpillar, taking money from workers and taxpayers, to enrich Corporate profits, and Corporate executives.  

We won’t hear about a CEO who got his pay quadrupled, and in turn cut his workers salary by 50%.

Most of all we won’t hear about the soft landing in living standards for 80% of Americans”.

All fine, but at the end of the day, the problem is much deeper than capitalism and its injustices.

The real issue is materialism, i.e. the mechanistic world view and its consequences on individual and collective attitudes and behaviour.

Fear not, enjoy some rest.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Oneness and self confidence

Genuine self confidence comes from a healthy balance between individuality and oneness.

As such it is nurtured by intuition, finds inspiration in nature, sees life to be no more than a temporary manifestation of the bigger reality.

It is free, without arrogance, indifferent to propaganda and judgments, and feeds into positive thoughts, emotions and actions.

In short, genuine self confidence is the exact opposite of ego.

For its part, ego is bound to the materialist vision.

It is insecure, aggressive, narcissistic and yet gregariously obsessed by the opinion of others.

Ego is mean, stimulates negative thoughts, emotions and actions which always attract suffering as some stage.

Now and again though, people with overblown egos seem to achieve spectacular accomplishments, reaching fame, breaking records, making money, being loved for a while. Society may regard them as successful.

But invariably their achievements are in a confrontational mode: war, power struggle, competition, exploitation, aggressive technologies… The kind of things that contribute to the global crisis.

The crisis stems from a widespread imbalance between individuality and oneness; ego is the negative side of individuality that creates it.

On the other hand, genuine self confidence is the positive side of individuality which helps us preserve integrity and inner joy through the crisis. And makes us contribute to collective evolution for the better.

Anyhow, here is a piece of music inspired by one of the most overblown egos of all times: Louis XIV, the Roi Soleil – beautiful, thanks Jean-Baptiste:

Fear not, listen to what the trees tell you.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

A year like none before

Pundits announce very turbulent times in 2012.

Does this mean that lucidity is at last prevailing?

Not at all.

Pundits (who represent the 0.001 %) have to concede that turbulences are unavoidable, but they do their utmost to present this as temporary inconvenience rather than evidence of fundamental change.

And a lot of people (in the 1%, 5% and even 30%) do their utmost to believe that nonsense.

Because their world view remains the same: materialist, anthropocentric, drown in ego and fear, cut off from the subtle side of existence.

That world view, as a growing minority begins to realise, is the engine driving mankind and its planet into chaos and disharmony.

But you can free yourself from that mindset and engage another step of dance with life.

Week after week on this blog we shall monitor the unfolding of the global crisis, and encourage the emergence of a world view diametrically opposed to the nefarious dominant belief system.

I wish you a very happy 2012 in spite of all the apparent gloom.

Fear not, deepen your intuition and trust universal consciousness.



Robots or souls

Two opposing forces are currently rising towards a climax: materialism and consciousness.

Materialism is much more than a narrow obsession with money, flashy cars, fitted kitchens or frequent travelling.

It’s a comprehensive operating mode of the mind.

When trapped in that mode you can only acknowledge the existence of material things and perceive them as separate. Your world view is fragmented, cut off from the subtle side of existence. Your personal horizon is ego and fear, and life appears an endless struggle with no meaning or finality.

This has been humanity’s dominant mindset for millennia, and today it underpins the whole of society: institutions, laws, dogmas, religions, conventional science and technology, and of course money, the overarching mechanism for allocating material things.

We could have interminable discussions on the wisdom or folly of society’s various beliefs and rules of the game, but, at the end of the day, only one thing matters: where does it all lead?

The answer is glaringly obvious: it leads to disharmony, chaos and destruction. Only champions of denial can still fail to see it.

Consciousness offers a totally different vision of the world.

A vision shaped not only by what we see, hear or touch but also by the intuitive knowledge of a much larger and richer existence than what the senses can perceive.

All that exists are manifestations of one coherent whole, made of vibrational energy. Universal consciousness is present in everything, infinite, eternal and benevolent. Life is a mysterious experience, suffering and pain are but temporary barriers to light and harmony.

Consciousness underpins a broad range of alternative knowledge and techniques which the dominant system tries (with increasing ferocity and diminishing success) to ridicule and eliminate.

Materialism and consciousness are diametrically opposed. They are irreconcilable; sooner or later, one of them will have to yield.

For the majority, sticking to materialism still looks almost irresistible.

Why? Doesn’t materialism reduce us to no more than imperfect machines subject to wear, tear and final write-off, increasingly no match for lifeless robots? And doesn’t it lead to collective doom and individual despair? Perhaps, but it’s the devil we know. For generations it was our master, the only mindset we could conceive.

By contrast, consciousness opens up a vast unknown.

Analytical reasoning shows it to be consistent with logic, fundamental science, ancient traditions and intuitive experience, but its awesome vastness remains intimidating. Treading the path of consciousness requires the courage of “letting go” of ego and fear. The courage to regard one’s own life and existence as no more or less precious than any other little piece of oneness.

Such ultimate humility is not so easily attained.

The current global crisis makes the consequences of materialism perfectly obvious, and therefore the choice of belief system all the clearer and more pressing.

No one can tell you what you should believe and do. No one can judge you. It is all your choice.

Fear not, meditate, walk and run.



Euro drama is brief sub-plot in bigger story

The Euro was launched 13 years ago.

Finance/debt-driven globalization took off 30 years ago.

Consumerism started half a century ago.

Industrial civilization emerged two centuries ago.

Our anthropocentric world vision distorted by ego, competition, violence and fear dates back to thousands of years.

So, we are witnessing the last episodes of a long story.

Well, long in the narrow perception of our present mode of thinking.

Fear not, look at the stars.



Who « contributes to society »?

These days we hear a lot about incentivising people out of work to “contribute to society”.

But who “contributes to society”?

Take a commercial executive rushing from meeting to meeting with fifty calls on his mobile phone in between. What does he accomplish? Higher sales for his company perhaps.

But sales of what? Pesticides, tax and legal services, luxury housing, GM seeds, vaccines, armoured vehicles…?

Or take a recluse monk spending most of his day in silent meditation. What does he produce?

Vibrations of serenity, thoughts of peace and compassion?

What does the output of these two contribute to society?

And, by the way, what does society contribute to the world? Beauty, dignity, peace, harmony?

Ooh, but everything is called into question here.


That’s what an unprecedented global crisis makes unavoidable: calling into question the very bases of society’s thinking habits.

It is not the end of the world, just a big step up on the spiritual ladder.

Fear not, and listen to Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam.



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