First anniversary

When I started this blog a year ago I was still a beginner in metaphysics and spirituality.

But I had done quite a bit of research on key facets of “the crisis”.

Enough at any rate to have reached the firm conviction that society’s dominant mode of thinking is strictly incapable of delivering credible “solutions” to the crisis.

The only way forward, I thought, is to look for a completely different approach, one that would undoubtedly entail insight into the subtle side of existence. And I felt compelled by a sort of inner force to participate in the quest for that new paradigm.

For some time I had already been on a strange journey of research, writing, and experiencing.

The latter proved the most essential and most challenging because it involves trusting intuition and letting go of deeply encrusted beliefs.

You don’t learn intuition like you learn maths or grammar, through the exercise of deductive reasoning and memory. You only discover intuition and develop it through experience. Books, videos, guided workshops can help to a certain extent. But in the end, it’s your readiness to open your mind and your heart which allows this amazing faculty to grow in you.

My first awakening to intuition had occurred about ten years ago. At the time I was on the management board of a “business unit” owned by a very large corporation. The business unit was in the process of being sold off and I had to find another position within the larger group.

While actively looking for a new job I realised that, however proactive my search, at 55, I needed “a bit of luck”. In other words it didn’t all depend on me. I wasn’t in control. Having no choice but to accept dependency on a higher something changed me deep inside.

Looking for a job involves lots of phone calls and e-mails. In my new mindset I developed the following routine: whenever I had a draft e-mail ready to be sent, I first paused and listened carefully to the inner “little voice”. If it said yes, I would send the mail straight away, if it said no I would wait. And I did the same before making any phone call.

I soon noticed that every time the little voice said no, something justifying the delay turned up, like some new information, or the fact that the other person contacted me first. Conversely each time I acted without delay having received a green light from the inner voice, things turned out well. Not once did I have any reason to regret the inner voice’s discreet guidance.

Another remarkable thing occurred at that time. It was a stressful transition period and I used to walk before lunch to try and relax. Perhaps because I was in a mindset of acceptance I did manage to relax surprisingly well during these walks. To such an extent even that I experienced the first instances of perfectly clear vision without wearing glasses.

This was extraordinary as I had been short sighed since pre adolescence and regularly suffered from tensions around the eyes. But during these walks, without glasses, I felt new agreeable sensations in the muscles and nerves around the eyes and I had brief moments of perfect natural vision where I could see all details usually completely blurred . It was wonderful and very encouraging. Just what I needed in a period of great uncertainty.

Finally I got a new job. I continued to try and pay attention to intuition and to seek deep relaxation, but being again on a more “normal” patch brought back old habits of giving too much importance to non essential stuff and not being properly connected to the inner voice and subtle body sensations.

The new job consisted in liaising with agencies and analysts looking at environmental, social and governance issues from the point of view of financial investors. This unusual position in between finance and the soft side of business was an excellent observation point to see how the system really works. It was exceptionally revealing. And it set me on a path of personal research into the key interactions between the economy, finance, ecology, society and technological change.

End 2007 I had the opportunity to participate in a major international conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels on the theme of “Beyond GDP”. Hundreds of experts from all over the world were gathered to discuss how macro economic indicators could account for environmental degradation and societal evolution. The debates were fascinating, but nothing practical came out. A few months later, the financial crisis struck a mighty blow to the entire edifice of finance and growth obsessed economics.

I pursued my own research with renewed ardour in the now sure knowledge that a phenomenon absolutely unprecedented in human history was happening and developing rapidly.

While it had become quite clear that the dynamics of this global multifaceted crisis were unstoppable as long as dominant mentalities remained what they were and had been for millennia, I also started to suspect that something more profound and more subtle was at play on our planet.

I began to take a serious interest in alternative thinking and knowledge: spirituality, esoteric traditions, parapsychology, dowsing, etc.

Although I had been eating organic for many years, had used the services of acupuncturists, osteopaths and homeopaths, and had always been interested in the big questions on the meaning of life, I was still largely a materialist. Not that I had much interest in flashy cars or expensive gadgets, but in the sense that I considered that what we see is more or less all there is, and that what is not yet known will some day be discovered and explained by science.

But gradually it downed on me that the materialist vision is extraordinarily restrictive, totally at odds with evidence experienced through life and far from rational.

Little by little I began to question every belief I had been led to take for granted for most of my life.

Could we rationally maintain that we knew and understood reality when perceptions through our five senses are so limited compared to the vast, infinite subtlety of the universe?

Was there any sense in assuming that things just happen by chance when it is quite obvious that synchronicities with a minute probability occur frequently and in a way that clearly points to conscious intention?

As explained earlier I had already experienced the power of intuition, but now I realised that intuition expressed itself in more ways than one: through synchronicities, through symbols, through every event of life, big or small, through changes in the body, pain, disease, fatigue, …or energy and pleasurable sensations. Techniques such as dowsing could help amplify the messages of intuition.

The absolute folly of fragmenting knowledge in separated disciplines buried in silos hit me like a punch in the face. It doesn’t make any sense, and yet the whole system of education and the academic and scientific community are organised on the basis of fragmentation, separation, clans, power bastions guarded by egos and vested interests.

The entire mode of thinking of our civilisation appears deeply flawed. It is a legacy of centuries, millennia of a fragmented, myopic, anthropocentric worldview. Dogmas inspired by power seeking and beliefs endorsed by ego have interfered with honest rationality and pushed aside intuition.

In June 2011 I attended a conference and spiritual retreat at Findhorn in Scotland, a place famous in the new Age / new though arena. We were among like minded people. There was much kindness, hugging, laughter and honest querying, and a few gentle tears. A vast majority of attendants were women, like in all events where the subtle side of existence takes precedence over narrow materialism and the obsessions of ego.

Although the event brought fresh lights and confirmed things I had already discovered through my own journey, it left largely unanswered the question of how to deal with the dark side of life while nurturing an attitude aligned on pure love and harmony.

Teachers in spirituality based healing and personal development focus on guidance provided by a benevolent universe. Great, I buy into that totally. But, can we concentrate on our own healing and personal improvement while the world around us, as opposed to the universe, is heading to disaster? While a corrupt elite keeps lying, manipulating and repressing with ever more harshness?

I greatly respect the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Doreen Virtue and many others emphasising the positive, but at the same time I am attentive to the controversial metaphysical research of David Icke on the conspiracy front.

The crux of the matter is that while healing and life improvement through spirituality is all about releasing fear, resentment and despair and connecting to beauty, harmony and kindness to self and others, it has to be practised at a time of turbulent transition where negativity on planet earth looks like reaching a paroxystic high.

We all need to learn how to navigate through this transition. To navigate honourably, without a “me first on the rescue boat” attitude, with honesty, and a sense of wholeness, of deep respect for nature. This, in fact, is what my blog is about.

The first post was published on 31st October 2011. Nearly 120 have been published since. Their list appears on the page “blog”.

While recognising the primacy of intuition, I still like to use the tool of deductive reasoning to analyse limited bits and pieces. So there are frequent posts dealing with the world economy and finance, with their collateral effects on nature and society. And quite a few exposing the dominant system’s propaganda regarding a wide array of issues spanning from 9/11 to vaccination.

In the future, I guess there will more posts relating to self healing, healthy eating, communication with animals. And also more posts on metaphysics addressed in an accessible, practical and enjoyable way.

We are at a turning point in human history, everyone can feel it. Some honest materialists do their best to analyse the failure of the dominant system and expose official lies and manipulation. But they soon find themselves pretty stuck.

Real progress can only come from critical mass spiritual change. Light workers try to offer help and guidance. I am trying to be one of them.

Finally, a book will eventually appear. I can’t tell you when.

Fear not, always feel welcomed to this site.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


The law of failing control

The bottom line of materialist thinking is constant obsession with trying to control things. But all attempts of controlling any aspect of life always fail in the end.

In attempting to control, materialists have to start by dividing the world into mechanical components. They then develop models of how these mechanical components work. That is called science.

From the assumed understanding provided by science they devise methods and technologies to influence the natural course of events.

The basic flaw in the materialist approach is to ignore the wholeness of existence, its infinite vastness and subtlety, and do as if it was possible to divide it into small compartments to which deductive reasoning could be applied separately.

Nevertheless, despite its root weakness, fragmented materialist thinking does manage to produce spectacular achievements.

Sending a rocket in space, creating a computer, keeping a premature baby alive are all impressive accomplishments of modern science and technology.

But all of them have unintended consequences which ultimately overshadow initial assumed benefits.

So many rockets have been sent in orbits that space around the earth is now littered with tonnes of satellite debris which create a real danger for cosmonauts.

Computers are marvellous, but generalised computerization is turning sections of human society into bunches of insensitive blind robots.

Keeping a premature baby alive may be great, but what happens when too premature babies are maintained in an artificial existence without anybody questioning why the foetus wanted to get away.

There are many examples of the same pattern: science and technology enable us to create a particular object or procedure seen as promising. Production of the object or application of the procedure is repeated on an ever bigger scale. People involved in them develop vested interests in going always further. They obfuscate collateral damage, deliberately or unconsciously. Finally unintended consequences of every particular type of object or procedure interact with those of thousands of other products and procedures. The end game is systemic chaos.

The futility of trying to control can also be experienced at the individual level. Try and reflect calmly about the succession of events in your life and in the lives of people you know. Notice how things always turn very different from what had been planned.

In fact, the urge to control is a manifestation of ego.

The ego sees itself as separate from universal oneness. It sees itself as different, special. From the vision of specialness comes the idea of one’s right to use other people, nature, anything for one’s own assumed advantage. And the rest flows from there. Arrogance, manipulation, lies, hard intrusive technologies, violence, repression…etc.

Trying to control and failing is part of our experience. We need to have had the experience to appreciate the vacuity of ego, and finally take the big step of intuitive “let go”.

Let go into complete trust in the universe, let go into kindness, non judgment, pure love.

Fear not, feel your lightness.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Skiing on snow from sewage

Here is a perfect illustration of the abyss between the materialist worldview and the holistic paradigm upheld by native tribes and others:

In a nutshell, expansion plans of a ski resort in the San Francisco Peaks include clear-cutting 74 acres of forest and piping treated sewage effluent onto a mountain to make snow.

The plans are opposed by a coalition of environmental groups and 13 American Indian tribes, which consider the mountain sacred and view the wastewater snow as a desecration.

A federal appeal court just ruled in favour of the ski resort’s plans.

Now remember the magic of water (see post The subtle structures of water published on 7 June 2012) and try and imagine the disharmony of the structures in the sewage based snow.

But, for the materialists, given the effects of climate change ski resorts will need low cost artificial snow to keep up with the winter sport calendar and survive economically.

Fear not, enjoy the sight of snow when it falls from the sky.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Winners and losers

Here is a very clear talk on “who is winning and who is losing” by independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

While he focuses on the US, the essence of his talk also applies to the UK, to most of continental Europe, and to many other countries.

The shocking situation described here is only the logical consequence of the materialist world view, and its attendant fear, greed, competition and glorification of power.

Fear not, keep being informed.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Once in a century, or unprecedented ?

Commenting today on the latest UK economic figures showing a deepening recession, Business Secretary Vince Cable said that the crisis was a “once-in-a-century phenomenon”.

Dramatic as it sounds, this remark understates the situation.

The whole of mankind, and not only the UK, is moving towards its most important rendez-vous with history.  The crisis is wide and global: financial and economic, environmental, demographic, societal. No country, no group, will escape it.

A system of thought and a way of life are coming to a dead end. Materialists still deny it and desperately try to keep their confetti cloud in the air.

But credibility has almost completed fizzled out of their pathetic propaganda.

Fear not, prepare spiritually for unseen turbulence.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

The intellect and the screwdriver

A screwdriver is a useful tool.

It gets screws firmly in place. But you shouldn’t expect a screwdriver to run your life.

Same thing with the intellect.

It allows you to reason, but no amount of reasoning will help you run your life.

Life dynamics are beyond reasoning. It took me six decades to grasp this. Not my fault, but rather the consequence of Western education.

Subjected to the overpowering Western system of thought, the mind filters perceptions, retains selected bits of information, distorts them, grinds them into countless fragmented disciplines, mixes them with beliefs and emotions, and finally processes them through reasoning.

The end result is called “knowledge”: science, technology, philosophy, religion,…

All widely regarded as mankind’s forte.

After centuries of using knowledge to organise life on the planet, we are facing a mega crisis nobody has the slightest idea how to fix. Brilliant.

This said, I have nothing against knowledge, reasoning or the intellect. But I am quite convinced, at last, that we should stop believing they can help us run our lives.

The invisible runs our lives, and all there is.

The invisible works on energy, consciousness, intention, and love. Pure subtle stuff. To have some access to the invisible, nature gave us intuition.

The dominant system of thought – materialism – sent intuition into a tiny corner and told it to shut up and go to sleep.

But the time has come to awaken intuition and invite it to the centre of our lives.

Intuition responds reliably only to good intention, kindness, gratitude, non judgment and compassion. Otherwise it gets you into ever more trouble. Not as punishment, but as educational experience.

Look at the “elites”; listen to their propaganda, inspired by reasoning ego. These people are powerful, they often have a sharp intellect, they are cunning and dangerous, but in the end they’re just a bunch of poor souls.

Once you switch to the love based intuitive mode of thinking, these poor souls can no longer harm you.

A typical case, among many, of ego driven elite type is ex British PM Tony Blair. Take a look at his recent interview to the Financial Times:

A few extracts:

When he stepped down from power aged 54, Tony Blair rejected Bill Clinton’s advice to take a break and threw himself instead into multiple roles: philanthropist, statesman, mediator and financial fixer. “I did not want to leave, but having left I was not going to go into retirement.” Later, he says, defensively: “I am not just going around the boring speaking circuit, telling them jokes about what it was like meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.”


Some of Blair’s closest friends say he has spread himself too thin. “He lacks focus,” says one, “someone needs to tell him – but there isn’t anyone around any more to do so.” These friends declined to be quoted for this article, but they worry privately that Blair’s multiple roles are an invitation to conflicts of interest, especially when it comes to taking money from despotic governments such as Kazakhstan.


Earlier this year, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US national security adviser, told the FT that he had a “visceral contempt” for Blair on account of his moralising and money-making since leaving office.

Soon after he stepped down, Blair accepted an invitation to join JP Morgan’s international advisory board. The Wall Street investment bank now pays him about £2.5m a year (Blair refuses to state a precise number on or off the record). In return, he gives speeches and provides “strategic advice” to senior clients and the bank’s board. He occupies a similar role with Zurich Insurance Group, albeit at a lower fee. He gives speeches at a rate of up to $300,000 a session, depending on the location, according to aides. These interests comprise most of his personal portfolio. The corporate and tax arrangements were drawn up partly on the advice of Robert Barnett, the Washington super-lawyer who looked after Bill Clinton when he left office. Barnett also negotiated Clinton’s and Blair’s book deals. (A Journey was a bestseller in Britain and Blair later gave the £4m advance to the Royal British Legion, a veterans’ charity.) Unlike Clinton, Blair takes money directly from governments, and is not obliged to disclose the amounts (as he would be under US law). He also runs a lucrative private business consultancy, making introductions, opening doors and taking a cut on any future deals.

“This notion that I want to be a billionaire with a yacht; I don’t! I am never going to be part of the super-rich”

Let us have only compassion free of judgment for the poor soul and for the many who aspire to his kind of life.

Fear not, keep your intellect, screwdrivers, hammer and other tools in a tidy box.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Rio+20: everyone has given up on sustainability

Whatever scarce reports appear in discreet corners of the mainstream press about the “Rio+20” Earth Summit 2012 make sobering reading.

After 20 years of accelerated environmental degradation since the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992, everybody more or less accepts the “reality” that only very little if anything can be done to stop or delay acute environmental damage caused by economic activities.

Governments and supra governmental agencies have effectively relinquished their responsibilities on the subject.

Big multinationals have a free hand. For them, sustainability, like fair trade, is just a minor theme among others in their marketing mix.

As for the general public, it is sick and tired of hearing empty speeches and seeing information blatantly manipulated or suppressed.

Speaking at the “Beyond GDP” conference on reporting in the European Parliament in 2007, a British green activist observed that “mankind is the only species monitoring its own extinction”.

Today it looks as if the species is no longer even interested.

But nothing of this should come as a surprise to readers of this blog.

We know that dominant elites are caught in a thinking mode which is totally unable to produce solutions to the tight knot of problems facing mankind.

How could big business organisations do anything positive for the environment and society, when their core beliefs are that nature is just a neutral décor and resource stock, that only the visible matters, that humans are meant to struggle, compete and fight, and to sum it up: bugger all, we’re just interested in quick profits.

However, reality is much broader and more subtle than materialists imagine, and the present crisis is the manifestation of a major transition towards a higher level of energy and consciousness on this planet.

For reference:

Fear not, cherish nature.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Mounting evidence supporting intuition

Many people are now pretty well aware of the limitations and contradictions of the dominant mechanistic vision of the world.

But few dare cross the bridge towards the new paradigm of holistic spirituality.

This seems such a big move to anyone who has been indoctrinated in a belief system that places no trust in intuition and relies almost exclusively on the narrowly reasoning side of the mind.

However, many observations and scientific theories now converge to confirm facts that fit perfectly into the holistic spirituality paradigm while exposing the incoherence of materialist thinking.

Firstly, theories of sub-atomic physics and astrophysics envisage a universe made of energy (and possibly more than one universe), where matter appears a fairly elusive notion amounting to a perception of structured energy.

Secondly, science is taking a new look at water, the main constituent of all living creatures on our planet.

Water possesses various remarkable characteristics which set it apart from other substances, such as being the only substance whose volume expands when temperature drops (which is why ice floats on liquid water).

While water molecules (H20) are amongst the simplest, they gather to form clusters organised into remarkably sophisticated structures.

These structures endow water with a kind of living memory influenced by circumstances in the environment, and even sensitive to ideas and emotions. Photographs of water crystals suggest that positive ideas induce beautifully harmonious structures, while negative ideas induce ugly structures. Confronted to such observations, science is stretched into metaphysics.

Metaphysics explores the concept of consciousness in the universe which conventional science tends to ignore, except in advanced physics where the notion of “observer” comes into play.

Consciousness leads to another concept with equally awesome implications: intention.

As there is consciousness in the universe – which is evident, otherwise we would have no perception, no knowledge and no science, does consciousness have intention?

A particular type of phenomena cropping up frequently in the course of every day life provides a strong indication with respect to intention: synchronicities.

Synchronicities are events with extremely low probability that nevertheless occur quite often, appearing as pure coincidences carrying some meaning for the people involved or observing.

For instance, when you meet “by chance” in the centre of a large city someone you know who rarely comes to town. Or when you pick up a book while browsing in a bookshop, you open it and immediately read a sentence that is eerily relevant to a situation you have on your mind at the time.

Synchronicities look like messages sent to you by ….universal consciousness, whatever or whoever that might be. Which logically implies that there must be intention in the universe.

In fact, when you are attentive to events in your life you eventually come to the conclusion that the universe never stops sending you messages, and that nothing happens by chance. Chance doesn’t exist, only intention does. This is what experience of life shows.

So, science, logic and observation concur to underpin a model of the universe made of energy, consciousness and intention.

But the trickiest issue remains open: is the intention “good”, “benevolent”, “friendly”, “loving”? Or is it just indifferent? Could it be hostile? Or might there be conflicting intentions.

And by the way what is the meaning of “good”. Here we realise how little we are. We know nothing. Our theories and models are grossly simplistic representations of tiny bits of a vast fantastically subtle reality.

Still, while not knowing for sure what good and bad mean, we can observe the following.

Whenever we entertain “contracting” thoughts and emotions (hatred, judgment, rejection, guilt, fear, bitterness…) we feel pretty awful in our mind and body, and relations with people and events tend to be difficult.

But whenever we entertain “expanding” thoughts and emotions (love, gratitude, forgiveness, trust…) we feel light and energised in our mind and body, and relations with other people and events tend to be easy.

Call this whatever you want: science, philosophy, metaphysics… It is just something anybody can notice in his or her life. It comes over as a law of human existence.

From this observation, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to bet for a loving universal consciousness. In other words, “faith” in universal “goodness” seems to have a pragmatic underpinning.

But then, be careful not to stretch faith too far and burden it up with all kinds of invented stories that have no basis. This is where religions have too often erred, with well known tragic consequences.

To sum up, while well aware of the deep mystery of existence, we can fairly reasonably use a model of holistic spirituality as the best guide to conduct our lives. The model refers to four ingredients: energy, consciousness, intention, and love.

At this point, our reasoning mind can’t go any further; it has to step aside and pass the relay to intuition. Intuition, the capacity to hear the inner voice mysteriously in touch with universal consciousness.

Once you become fully aware of intuition and fill your heart with faith in universal love, your life changes. Everything changes. How you feel in your body. How your react to situations. How you tame ego and fear.

It’s a state you have to experience for yourself. No book or guru can teach you the trick. There is no trick.

To find out, you have to cross the bridge, leaving behind the mental cage of materialist thinking, and embracing total trust and pure love.

While gathering your courage, bear this in mean: there is no risk, there is nothing to loose. According to the materialist paradigm you will be dead fairly soon and before that, the way things look on the planet (in the hologram video your mind believes is reality), you might be in for a lot of trouble and hardship.

So stop being a fearful slave, take your freedom and cross the mental bridge to the spiritual paradigm.

Fear not, fill your lungs with air and walk.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

From paranormal phenomena to revolution

For over a century parapsychology has established the occurrence of phenomena that are supposed to be impossible according to the materialist vision of reality.

The logical consequence of such findings is that reality is wider and more subtle than the materialist model assumes, which is what spiritual traditions all over the world had been suggesting for millennia.

At another level, widely accepted theories of sub atomic physics and astrophysics imply a universe made essentially of energy rather than matter.

All this is known to a number of people, often with an interest in parapsychology, contemporary forms of spirituality, or alternative healing.

However, paradoxically, almost everybody goes about the ordinary business of life as if paranormal phenomena were rare occurrences with little practical significance.

And despite its obvious limitations, the materialist model continues to be the only reference for organising society, running the economy, promoting technologies, etc.

As a result, people with ideas that fundamentally contradict the dominant model tend to either keep a low profile or to shape the expression of their ideas in a way that makes them appear non threatening to the system.

Experts in parapsychology try hard to turn their discipline into a narrow conventional branch of science, when they should have much broader ambitions.

Spirituality is often stifled by organised religions (new or old) or reduced to personal development with a strong self centred focus.

Alternative healing is mostly confined to the role of “complementary medicine” when its competent practitioners have their fingers on essential factors of human health which far transcend the blind mechanical procedures of mainstream medicine.

But things are not still, and history accelerates every day under our noses.

The global crisis offers a live demonstration that the system is failing totally and that materialist thinking is strictly incapable of grasping what is going on and of conceiving coherent responses, let alone implementing them.

In other words, the time has come for those who know better to free themselves from the mental cage of materialism and run their lives in accordance with a new paradigm: a universe of energy, consciousness, intention and pure love.

Trust in the messages of universal consciousness and practice of pure love in every aspect of daily life; this is the way forward.

Admittedly it is not always easy, particularly at the beginning, as the pathetic ego tends to raise its head at every turn. But progress comes with persistent practice.

We could paraphrase a well known materialist and declare: “alternatives of the world unite”. But this revolution is not one of conflict and violence, it’s the revolution of pure love.

Fear not, watch the sun rise.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Materialist mode collapses, trust in universe grows

These are extraordinary times.

We’re watching live the terminal convulsions of a system and picking up subtle signs of an unimaginable new dawn.

Many people are now beginning to have a clear sense of ongoing collapse: domed euro, lies on Fukushima, war mongering, infertility, cancers, fast extinction of species, great ocean plastic garbage vortex…and so much more.

But only a minority perceive the signs of positive vibrational change. The minority is growing though.

Communication is very laborious between the conscious minority and those who can’t see, hear, or feel subtle messages. Trapped in pure materialist thinking, most people still dismiss any suggestion that the invisible plays a part in “real life”.

Trying to convince them otherwise is largely a waste of time. They will have to go all the way through their own experience of existence; it’s going to be quite a shake before their mind is freed of its shackles.

To help them, we can blow whiffs of trust in universal harmony.

Fear not, meet your inner presence everyday.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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