One mental click away from paradigm change

Sensitive folks, most of them women, can feel a powerful subtle change occurring in the world. But official science, the establishment, and mainstream media are doing all they can to ignore, repress or ridicule any such idea.

There is a palpable tension these days between two radically opposed worldviews: the dominant de facto alliance of dry materialism and dogmatic religion, and a holistic vision of energy and consciousness.

While most people are totally subjected to the dominant view, many have a vague sense that there must be something in the alternative paradigm even though they don’t quite know what to make of it.

Confusion is probably a very widespread state of mind.

And confusion is both fuelled and exploited by a growing spirituality/personal development/ well being cottage industry.

To be fair, many people in that sector are largely sincere, and the money they make is deserved. But, there are also black sheep spreading total tripe.

On the other hand, in order to protect its image and credibility in spite of its all too obvious corruption, the establishment increasingly tries to recuperate alternative ideas and techniques. So you now see, for example, big companies encouraging employees to take up yoga and meditation, sometimes even spirituality.

Superficially that might seem fine. Except that the finality of any endeavour encouraged by big business is efficiency, performance, profits – all at the expense of nature and society. Initiatives in the soft mode may be clouded under “corporate social responsibility” or “ethics”, but at the end of the day there is nothing genuine in them, even though some of their promoters employed by corporations might be (naively) sincere.

At the academic level there is a war of attrition going on between promoters of elements of the alternative vision such as various natural medicines or parapsychology and self appointed “sceptics”. The latter expression is a misnomer for people who stubbornly refuse even to consider the possibility of phenomena outside a narrowly controlled area but gullibly accept any proposition when it comes from officialdom.

Such is the general context in which every one of us has to choose his own personal worldview and steer his life accordingly through the momentous global crisis.

Here is a tip to help you come to your choice.

Forget all the intellectual discussions about metaphysics, limits of science, nature of consciousness and so forth, and just try for a few days to live according to purely intuitive guidance. Set aside your ego and your propensity to argue, embrace trust and genuine love of all there is.

For these few days, have unrestricted confidence in the Invisible Partner whose little voice you perceive deep inside, without bothering to question what or who it is, and just observe carefully and honestly what happens when you think and act according to its guidance. Note if events in your life begin to flow more freely and if you feel better in mind and body. If it seems promising, continue without trying to rationalise or intellectualise. Be natural and unpretentious. Don’t do a show to impress others, don’t try to manipulate to your own egotistic advantage. Let the Invisible Partner show you the way through his subtle messages.

This is no theory, philosophy, religion, or whatever other high minded discipline. This is the fantastic game of life, the dance with the universe. It is to be experienced with your whole being: feelings, sensations, sentiments, dreams, pains and joys. Let your spontaneity carry you. Don’t try and work the chemistry of what is happening. Be a child. A child with an eternal soul, mysterious recipient of multiple flows of energy and consciousness. Don’t let any fear of illusory material stuff weaken your quest for the stars.

Just for a few days, try it with all your heart. And then decide. Good luck: you’re only a mental click away from another experience of your own existence.

Fear not, be the child you really are.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012


Recognising darkness is liberating

All shapes and images around us carry subtle vibrations. And many these days are dark.

When you look at adverts or watch TV you are bombarded by junk which you might think is just stupid but fairly innocent and harmless.

Wrong. It’s venomous. Lady Gaga’s clips are a case in point. They are pervert and devilish. No judgment on the poor girl. She’s obviously manipulated.

There is an awful lot of manipulation going on everywhere in the system. Particularly in the publicity, entertainment and media industry through which the system controls millions of minds. And the upper ranks of the system are full of twisted characters.

In that respect we should almost be grateful to the late Jimmy Savile for making us realise the extent of covert perversion. He was a BBC superstar – “Top of the pop”, “Jim’ll fix it”- and was “doing a great job for charities”. A paedophile of extraordinary daring, the man was obviously protected. Spending Christmas with the family of PM Maggie Thatcher on several occasions, frequent visitor to the royals, honoured by the Queen and the Pope, Sir Jimmy had a feast. Many must have known what he was up to, but nobody stopped him.

It is now becoming plainly obvious that paedophilia is much more widespread among the elite than the public had imagined. Among many other cases, disturbing elements concerning ex politicians close to Maggie Thatcher and former PM Ted Heath are hitting the table.

The British public is shocked and present PM David Cameron is under pressure to have serious enquiries launched on some of the cases.

Hum. Let’s remember precedents elsewhere. Over a decade ago the Belgian public was horrified by the crimes of paedophile Marc Dutroux. But his trial started several years after his arrest, and in the meantime the investigating judge and several policemen had been moved from the case. Strange. The trial itself lasted years. At the end of it the public had had enough, was confused, and showed little reaction when justice reached the astonishing conclusion that Dutroux, his wife and another insignificant character were sole culprits. Nobody else in the background. No paedophile ring, no protection. Nothing. Allegations as to the contrary were dismissed as “conspiracy theories”. End of story.

But darkness has many facets beside rape and paedophilia. War is another big one. An extraordinary variation in recent times is “the war on terror” launched after 9/11. Concerning the latter, there is so much evidence that this was an “inside job” that only persistent deniers (as on the picture) won’t admit it.

The war on terror caused an immense amount of suffering, destruction and cruelty in Afganistan and Irak and served as pathetic excuse to move democratic countries towards obsessive surveillance of their own citizens and repression of dissenting views on touchy subjects.

At this point, you might say: enough, I don’t want to hear any more horrors. Too depressing. Let me think of other things, nice things that make me happy.

Well, thinking of nice things is fine, but denial of darkness is not the door to harmony and fulfilment. In fact, complete awareness and recognition of the bad and the good is an essential step towards spiritual elevation.

All is energy and consciousness. The latter creates information. Information shapes energy in all kinds of creatures throughout the cosmos. On our little planet, information is stored in every molecule, every living cell. Our neurones are packed with information. Some of it aligned with harmony and love, and some aligned with its opposite.

The present crisis is a peak of negative information with a simultaneous rise of positive information. We can feel it in our minds and bodies. The only way to navigate through the crisis is by nurturing thoughts with positive vibrations and trusting universal love. Any pact with devilish forces, whatever they might be (satanic, ghoulish, reptilians…) is pure deception bringing only misery in the end. Pervert star Lady Gaga, war criminals Bush and Blair, bosses of GMO manufactures, torturers of people and animals, and many others will find out. Let’s have compassion for them; let’s send them love.

Fear not, consider all information with critical judgment.



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Technology of the dark according to SW

I really love this piece by Stuart Wilde, so I reproduce it here below.

For the original, go to

Technology of the Dark

Technology is a left-brain force that seeks to establish miraculous powers—dark ones for the most part. It’s the left-brain mimicking and striving for the transcendence of the right brain.

For example, imaging systems that spy on us from satellites above attempt to replicate remote viewing and extra-sensory perception. The space-walk mimics the out-of-body experience. Mobile phones are technology’s version of telepathy. Television is the attempt to copy the omnipresence of god that is everywhere at the same time. Massive computers that crunch information on citizen’s personal details attempt to imitate the all-knowing, the omnipotence of god. Genetic engineering seeks the god-like power to create life; plastic surgery is the act of the aging, egocentric human, hoping for immortality.

Angelic beings in the higher dimensions have a celestial immortality; the transdimensional ghouls that are earth-bound here, don’t have it. They die for a lack of energy as we do. Immortality is the one thing they would give everything for. A human’s desire for the same immortality is in fact a ghoulish expression of our inner darkness. That is why seeking immortality drives lots of medical research, like the work on stem cells, for example. Immortality is alluring. And of course the promise of immortality is the central tenet (lie) of all organized religions.

Supremacy, control, specialness, chosen people, blue bloods, VIPs, business and political associations, members and non-members, the jet-set and the in-crowd, along with the selling of glamour, are all shadow manifestations of the would-be immortalist inside of us. The point of the “us and them” mentality is that the “them people” are lowly humans whose destiny is to die, and the “us people” are elevated humans that imagine they belong to a higher spirituality, and that they won’t die. Or, if they do die they are told they will be transported to a special heaven with other “us” people. The spiritual elevation of the chosen few is the left-brain’s attempt to effortlessly raise the ego up toward redemption and a spiritual transcendence.

Each of these manifestations of the mind of the elitist, the would-be immortal human, is fed to us from another place by the madness of the transdimensional ghouls. These are real beings like you and me; they have an evolution and an identity and they project energy to us from with their world, which is at 240° round the compass if you are facing north, and below you at a tangent of 45° downwards. What we see in our world are the pomposities of the demonic-mind that would mimic transcendence because it has lost its spirituality and become cold and evil.

The ghouls descended and lost their power eons ago, just as our human evolution is also descending gradually. For a while we may have made advances in medical knowledge, high-tech bombs and sneaky technologies that give our rulers an absolute power over us, in fact our spirituality is fading. The sun is setting on our collective soul, as we fall backwards into the cold arms of the ghouls. The only protection we ever had was our warmth and that was cleverly programmed out of most people with television.

Hundreds of millions of humans have already been abducted mentally by the ghouls, who use the abductees for heat, while they wait for them to die so their spirits will be added to the ghouls’ numbers, to enhance their world, their hopes and dreams. It’s a form of farming. Tricky ideas are projected from within the dark Second World into the minds of man, drip, drip . Television is used to help the process along. It’s a numbers game. Some humans resist and they stay warm and they say “no” and millions say, “yes”, for the elitist searching for immortality will cling to any straw. The pulse of the ghouls, their sentiments if you like, are very clever in that they play to one’s self-importance. It feels good to many to imagine they are chosen and special, it makes them feel important, the more important the ego feels, the safer it feels.

Technology could have been used just for the greater good but it became a destructive power, wielded by ice-cold humans that are indentured to a horror they know little if anything about. Eventually the microchip will not only watch our every move but it will be inserted in humans shortly after birth as the ultimate monitoring device, humans will lose their individuality to enter a drone-like existence as programmed killers for the state, in effect they will become robotic assets of warring states.

This programming is already being achieved today without the implant by brainwashing citizens into believing they are threatened by an outside force—non-existent al Qaeda bombers for example. Just as Hitler convinced the German people via the radio that Communist Reds were infiltrating society to take over the fatherland. Today the fatherland is called the Homeland—same rubbish, different incarnation.

But the good news is that although technology could eventually allow for a soul crushing existence for ordinary humans, the microchip is vulnerable to a surge in electromagnetic energy. The entire global control system could burn out in a flash. I don’t think the left-brain is allowed to grant itself transcendence, and perhaps the technological lock-down of humanity will not be allowed by the spiritual powers-that-be.

My old teacher said that at the time of Atlantis they developed a silicone implant that was inserted in the spine of citizens as a control mechanism. Strangely, he told me about the silicone chip almost ten years before the chip was invented, rather clever I’d say. He went on to say that the silicon chip of the Atlanteans was the reason why they were destroyed. He said they were eliminated by a pole shift. I have no idea how he knew that, or if my ol’ teacher was right or not, but it all sounded jolly encouraging.

Technology will become rancid as it attempts to subjugate the world, and it may succeed to a certain degree, but its ultimate fate is to falter and leave the controllers stranded.

Many thanks to Stuart Wilde for this illuminating post.

Fear not, remember the lamp of the wicked shall be put out, no matter how sophisticated it looks.



New paradigm starts at breakfast

The first step to contribute to a better world is to treat one’s own body with care and gratitude. And this starts with the first meal of the day: breakfast.

Nutritionists have written volumes and it is quite a challenge to choose which advice to follow.

After a conference given by enlightened nutritionist France Guillain four months ago my wife, several members of our family and I have adopted her recommended breakfast, and we all feel it is doing us a lot of good.

So here is her magic formula. She calls it Miam ô fruits.

For this breakfast extraordinaire you need the following ingredients:

– half a banana

– half a lemon juice

– rapeseed oil

– seeds of sesame and linseed

– two or three kinds of nuts

– three fruits in addition to the banana and lemon. Most local or exotic fruits will do, except oranges and grapefruits (too acidic)

– wheat germs as an optional addition.

Start by grinding together the sesame and linseed in equal proportions. Use a dedicated coffee grinder which needs to be kept clean. The powder obtained is put in a jar and can be kept in the fridge for a few days.

Then grind some of the nuts, also in equal proportions, using a different grinder. Put the broken nuts in a jar which can be kept in the fringe.

You are now ready to prepare the mixture. If possible all ingredients should be natural, preferably from organic agriculture. Do not use anything else like milk, cream, yoghurt…

Mash the half banana, squeeze the half lemon, and mix them together with two large spoonfuls of rapeseed oil, two large spoonfuls of the grinded seed and one large spoonful of broken nuts. Add three other fruits cut in small pieces and if you feel like it sprinkle some wheat germs.

Yummy. Take your time to eat, ensure that each mouthful is properly masticated and soaked in saliva before swallowing. You can drink hot water or light tea without milk or sugar.

No panic if this seems too little. In fact, you will soon discover that it keeps you full of energy without feeling heavy for at least four hours.

After four and a half hours or so you will be quite peckish and it will be time for lunch. France Guillain recommends as much uncooked vegetables as possible with plenty of olive oil (cold squeezed and organic). A little bit of meat (from small producers, not from industrial animal concentration camps) is OK once every two days, say. You can also have fish. Few dairy products, and preferably none in the same meal as meat or fish.

Whichever meal you eat, go for natural food prepared at home, slow cooking, no microwave.

Now and again a little bit of wine (preferably bio dynamic) or beer (preferably organic) will do you good.

Respecting the plants and animals we eat, respecting our stomach, enjoying good naturally tasty food and being grateful for it is part of the spiritual journey.

Finally here is an article on France Guillain:

Fear not, enjoy your meals.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

First anniversary

When I started this blog a year ago I was still a beginner in metaphysics and spirituality.

But I had done quite a bit of research on key facets of “the crisis”.

Enough at any rate to have reached the firm conviction that society’s dominant mode of thinking is strictly incapable of delivering credible “solutions” to the crisis.

The only way forward, I thought, is to look for a completely different approach, one that would undoubtedly entail insight into the subtle side of existence. And I felt compelled by a sort of inner force to participate in the quest for that new paradigm.

For some time I had already been on a strange journey of research, writing, and experiencing.

The latter proved the most essential and most challenging because it involves trusting intuition and letting go of deeply encrusted beliefs.

You don’t learn intuition like you learn maths or grammar, through the exercise of deductive reasoning and memory. You only discover intuition and develop it through experience. Books, videos, guided workshops can help to a certain extent. But in the end, it’s your readiness to open your mind and your heart which allows this amazing faculty to grow in you.

My first awakening to intuition had occurred about ten years ago. At the time I was on the management board of a “business unit” owned by a very large corporation. The business unit was in the process of being sold off and I had to find another position within the larger group.

While actively looking for a new job I realised that, however proactive my search, at 55, I needed “a bit of luck”. In other words it didn’t all depend on me. I wasn’t in control. Having no choice but to accept dependency on a higher something changed me deep inside.

Looking for a job involves lots of phone calls and e-mails. In my new mindset I developed the following routine: whenever I had a draft e-mail ready to be sent, I first paused and listened carefully to the inner “little voice”. If it said yes, I would send the mail straight away, if it said no I would wait. And I did the same before making any phone call.

I soon noticed that every time the little voice said no, something justifying the delay turned up, like some new information, or the fact that the other person contacted me first. Conversely each time I acted without delay having received a green light from the inner voice, things turned out well. Not once did I have any reason to regret the inner voice’s discreet guidance.

Another remarkable thing occurred at that time. It was a stressful transition period and I used to walk before lunch to try and relax. Perhaps because I was in a mindset of acceptance I did manage to relax surprisingly well during these walks. To such an extent even that I experienced the first instances of perfectly clear vision without wearing glasses.

This was extraordinary as I had been short sighed since pre adolescence and regularly suffered from tensions around the eyes. But during these walks, without glasses, I felt new agreeable sensations in the muscles and nerves around the eyes and I had brief moments of perfect natural vision where I could see all details usually completely blurred . It was wonderful and very encouraging. Just what I needed in a period of great uncertainty.

Finally I got a new job. I continued to try and pay attention to intuition and to seek deep relaxation, but being again on a more “normal” patch brought back old habits of giving too much importance to non essential stuff and not being properly connected to the inner voice and subtle body sensations.

The new job consisted in liaising with agencies and analysts looking at environmental, social and governance issues from the point of view of financial investors. This unusual position in between finance and the soft side of business was an excellent observation point to see how the system really works. It was exceptionally revealing. And it set me on a path of personal research into the key interactions between the economy, finance, ecology, society and technological change.

End 2007 I had the opportunity to participate in a major international conference held in the European Parliament in Brussels on the theme of “Beyond GDP”. Hundreds of experts from all over the world were gathered to discuss how macro economic indicators could account for environmental degradation and societal evolution. The debates were fascinating, but nothing practical came out. A few months later, the financial crisis struck a mighty blow to the entire edifice of finance and growth obsessed economics.

I pursued my own research with renewed ardour in the now sure knowledge that a phenomenon absolutely unprecedented in human history was happening and developing rapidly.

While it had become quite clear that the dynamics of this global multifaceted crisis were unstoppable as long as dominant mentalities remained what they were and had been for millennia, I also started to suspect that something more profound and more subtle was at play on our planet.

I began to take a serious interest in alternative thinking and knowledge: spirituality, esoteric traditions, parapsychology, dowsing, etc.

Although I had been eating organic for many years, had used the services of acupuncturists, osteopaths and homeopaths, and had always been interested in the big questions on the meaning of life, I was still largely a materialist. Not that I had much interest in flashy cars or expensive gadgets, but in the sense that I considered that what we see is more or less all there is, and that what is not yet known will some day be discovered and explained by science.

But gradually it downed on me that the materialist vision is extraordinarily restrictive, totally at odds with evidence experienced through life and far from rational.

Little by little I began to question every belief I had been led to take for granted for most of my life.

Could we rationally maintain that we knew and understood reality when perceptions through our five senses are so limited compared to the vast, infinite subtlety of the universe?

Was there any sense in assuming that things just happen by chance when it is quite obvious that synchronicities with a minute probability occur frequently and in a way that clearly points to conscious intention?

As explained earlier I had already experienced the power of intuition, but now I realised that intuition expressed itself in more ways than one: through synchronicities, through symbols, through every event of life, big or small, through changes in the body, pain, disease, fatigue, …or energy and pleasurable sensations. Techniques such as dowsing could help amplify the messages of intuition.

The absolute folly of fragmenting knowledge in separated disciplines buried in silos hit me like a punch in the face. It doesn’t make any sense, and yet the whole system of education and the academic and scientific community are organised on the basis of fragmentation, separation, clans, power bastions guarded by egos and vested interests.

The entire mode of thinking of our civilisation appears deeply flawed. It is a legacy of centuries, millennia of a fragmented, myopic, anthropocentric worldview. Dogmas inspired by power seeking and beliefs endorsed by ego have interfered with honest rationality and pushed aside intuition.

In June 2011 I attended a conference and spiritual retreat at Findhorn in Scotland, a place famous in the new Age / new though arena. We were among like minded people. There was much kindness, hugging, laughter and honest querying, and a few gentle tears. A vast majority of attendants were women, like in all events where the subtle side of existence takes precedence over narrow materialism and the obsessions of ego.

Although the event brought fresh lights and confirmed things I had already discovered through my own journey, it left largely unanswered the question of how to deal with the dark side of life while nurturing an attitude aligned on pure love and harmony.

Teachers in spirituality based healing and personal development focus on guidance provided by a benevolent universe. Great, I buy into that totally. But, can we concentrate on our own healing and personal improvement while the world around us, as opposed to the universe, is heading to disaster? While a corrupt elite keeps lying, manipulating and repressing with ever more harshness?

I greatly respect the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Doreen Virtue and many others emphasising the positive, but at the same time I am attentive to the controversial metaphysical research of David Icke on the conspiracy front.

The crux of the matter is that while healing and life improvement through spirituality is all about releasing fear, resentment and despair and connecting to beauty, harmony and kindness to self and others, it has to be practised at a time of turbulent transition where negativity on planet earth looks like reaching a paroxystic high.

We all need to learn how to navigate through this transition. To navigate honourably, without a “me first on the rescue boat” attitude, with honesty, and a sense of wholeness, of deep respect for nature. This, in fact, is what my blog is about.

The first post was published on 31st October 2011. Nearly 120 have been published since. Their list appears on the page “blog”.

While recognising the primacy of intuition, I still like to use the tool of deductive reasoning to analyse limited bits and pieces. So there are frequent posts dealing with the world economy and finance, with their collateral effects on nature and society. And quite a few exposing the dominant system’s propaganda regarding a wide array of issues spanning from 9/11 to vaccination.

In the future, I guess there will more posts relating to self healing, healthy eating, communication with animals. And also more posts on metaphysics addressed in an accessible, practical and enjoyable way.

We are at a turning point in human history, everyone can feel it. Some honest materialists do their best to analyse the failure of the dominant system and expose official lies and manipulation. But they soon find themselves pretty stuck.

Real progress can only come from critical mass spiritual change. Light workers try to offer help and guidance. I am trying to be one of them.

Finally, a book will eventually appear. I can’t tell you when.

Fear not, always feel welcomed to this site.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Not afraid of darkness

Nurturing positive thoughts of harmony, love and trust is absolutely essential for spiritual evolution and vital for physical and mental health.

But that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the dark side of life, pretend it wasn’t there.

The forces of darkness are particularly proactive these days on our planet. Mankind is hurting itself in all sorts of ways, and causes great harm to animals, soils, plants, water, in fact everything on the surface of the earth.

At the personal level we all keep injuring ourselves and people around us by giving in to whiffs of arrogance, impatience, judgement, frustration, etc.

How can such pointless destructive disharmony be reconciled with the fundamental wisdom of universal consciousness? For the reasoning mind it simply can’t be reconciled.

That evil and darkness should exist is beyond comprehension, it’s the ultimate mystery in metaphysics, which no science, philosophy or religion has ever been able to elucidate.

We have to accept the absence of explanation. Accept that light is stronger than darkness. Accept to align with universal harmony, accept to keep freeing ourselves from the twisted ideas that dark forces constantly try to feed into our minds.

Once you’ve considered life from all possible angles, you realise the fundamental choice is between total alignment on universal harmony and love, or giving in to the whims of ego manipulated by dark forces.

What are the dark forces? For want of a better model, let’s say clusters of disharmonious thoughts floating in the universal field of energy and consciousness. We ourselves are clusters of energy and consciousness open to interactions with the rest of the universe including everything floating about, harmonious or dark.

If you are careless these days cheap publicity, twisted propaganda, vulgar and sometimes sadistic distractions will infect your mind, debase it, lower its reasoning capacity and cut it off from intuitive sensitivity and kindness. Ten minutes surfing on the internet or between television channels will give you a taste of what we mean.

Building resistance to the dark forces is akin to developing a strong immune system. In fact the two are closely connected, which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to what we eat, drink, consume, to how we treat our body, to how we treat our mind.

There are so many things happening these days in the world that it’s easy to feel lost in confusion and fear. To feel on one’s own, vulnerable, perhaps unloved, perhaps rejected.

Stick to the path of your spiritual journey, listen to your inner voice, discard the dark calls of ego, and you will be all right. You are not alone; you are an eternal part of the universe having an experience of incarnation on this planet. It’s a bit jittery at times, but fantastically instructive.

Fear not, eat bio-dynamic whenever you can.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Clarity about money

If you’re on your own in the desert and thirsty, money is no use at all. No matter what kind of money: gold coins, bank notes, cheques…

But if you’re in the centre of London, you will probably experience that money is the key to survival. And credit cards will do fine.

In other words, money is essentially a social arrangement in a given set of circumstances.

On an island cut off from the rest of the world a small community can function perfectly without money. Goods and services are simply provided free or exchanged through barter.

Of course self sufficiency of the group doesn’t necessarily imply that all individuals are treated as equal. Someone may receive a bigger portion at every meal or a better spot for his hut because he is chief, priest or the preferred son. But relations are not subject to accounting. The concept of money and assigning values to everything has no place.

In today’s global society, however, money not only has a place, it is at the centre of every endeavour, and it occupies most of people’s thoughts. It has acquired a hypnotic force which only the most tyrannical forms of religion ever possessed.

In that context a major practical issue faces anyone inclined towards spirituality: how to cope with money now that we are right in the middle of a transition to a new paradigm that de-emphasises materialism?

Some teachers in spirituality/consciousness/personal development seem to have little problem with money, even with lots of it. They call it a form of energy. They welcome it as part of the abundance to which we are entitled and naturally led once our fears and limitations fade away and allow spiritual energy to flow more freely.

On the other hand some mystics would appear to have a more reserved attitude towards money and the means to acquire it.

Let us try and see things in the big picture.

Today’s human society on planet earth is severely dysfunctional; that can hardly be denied. The basic reason is that most humans are cut off from nature, from the divine, from unconditional love, and have their minds completely trapped in ego and fear. Every trapped mind contributes to co-creating a dysfunctional “reality”.

In this dysfunctional reality, money is merely an instrument, a priori neither good nor bad in itself. But it is an instrument so deeply entangled in systems and actions with negative impacts on individuals and nature that it has to be treated with great caution, like a toxic product.

At the end of the day, the key question is what each of us accepts to do to acquire enough money to meet his or her “reasonable” needs (and those of his or her dependents) within the context of the system as it still is.

Do you accept to work in the armament sector, or in Big Pharma, or Big Oil, or for a company making GMO’s ….etc, etc ? Now if you are a secretary or receptionist, it may not produce the same vibes in you as if you are head of R&D, let alone CEO or Chairman.

In any case, nothing useful is achieved by judging others. Everyone follows his path, nurtures his thoughts which produce vibrations and create shreds of reality.

Each of us has to concentrate on his own thoughts, make sure they are full of light and gratitude and clear of negativity, hatred and fear.

As for what you do to get the money, trust your intuition, pay attention to the subtle messages the universe keeps sending you: people you meet, sentences you read, accidents, pains, diseases. Nothing just happens around you and to you. Everything has a meaning. The universe patiently places signposts to guide you along.

Trusting higher guidance is the only way to cope with any aspect of life, including money, through the present transition. This is not being passive. This implies a constant effort to clear the negativity and meanness that pollute our thoughts.

It’s quite a job.

Fear not, learn to let go of money with a smile.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Economic debate turns like loose screw

Nobel prize winner in economics Paul Krugman published an article entitled “Money for nothing” in yesterday’s New York Times.

It’s well written, sounds superificially convincing, but like other opinions on what to do with the economy is fraught with major contradictions.

Taking a few minutes to read it, find the fallacies and have a look through the comments is worth the effort:

Many of the comments are almost poignant in their desperation.

Here is an example:

“Finally the lights came on for me. The reason that we need to worry about debt and get into austerity mode is because the “job creators” have no intention of creating jobs. Our economy has become an artificial world that only involves big player “investors.” They want an already broke populace to pay the bills of the investor class. Were the economy to actually get back to say, 60 years ago with nearly full employment, tax revenues would skyrocket solving the deficit problem. What the top tier wants is a slave class, perhaps in China, that will provide all the nuts and bolts so that they can continue their addictions to Gucci stuff and multi-thousand square foot homes so they can feel all that addictive power”. (comment posted on TNYT web site by Suzanne Wheat. It received a string of approvals).

Most comments illustrate that nobody is able to come up with anything resembling a coherent solution to the global economic challenge.

And we know why: because the problem is much broader than just economic, it is societal, environmental, demographic…The results of the materialist world view are coming home to roost.

Accelerating change on the planet is vibrational. Energies are reaching high noon at a spiritual level. Way above the head of any Nobel prize winner, particularly in a fake science like economics.

Fear not, calmly keep your eyes wide open.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Once in a century, or unprecedented ?

Commenting today on the latest UK economic figures showing a deepening recession, Business Secretary Vince Cable said that the crisis was a “once-in-a-century phenomenon”.

Dramatic as it sounds, this remark understates the situation.

The whole of mankind, and not only the UK, is moving towards its most important rendez-vous with history.  The crisis is wide and global: financial and economic, environmental, demographic, societal. No country, no group, will escape it.

A system of thought and a way of life are coming to a dead end. Materialists still deny it and desperately try to keep their confetti cloud in the air.

But credibility has almost completed fizzled out of their pathetic propaganda.

Fear not, prepare spiritually for unseen turbulence.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Harmony and disharmony are both intensifying

You know the score: seven billion people, the economy out of kilter, dying environment, abyssal inequalities, and ugliness pushing beauty in the corners.

At the same time, little shoots of harmony and kindness are budding everywhere, sometimes in unexpected spots.

Harmony and disharmony show up in the shape of houses and buildings, in people’s faces, in the look of clothes, cars, logos…

A tall pretentious tower in a financial district sends a message, just like a plastic hedge around a garden or the logo of a mass retailer. But of course a graceful piece of furniture, light, convivial, also sends a message.

Everything vibrates. Objects, people, animals, behaviours, events. All are manifestations of subtle energies, conscious energies. Full of good intentions, or twisted and corrupt.

Conscious individuals today are rediscovering what old traditions had known for generations. But they are going further than the ancients. Because we now have the benefit of advanced physics, including its more unconventional edges linking to parapsychology and spirituality.

The harmony of wholeness can now be perceived not only by the poet and the shaman, but also by the honest rationalist with a broad mind. Ultimately, the spiritually advanced individual has a bit of all three in him or her.

Fear not, sharpen up your intuition.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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