The non comply dance

This is a tool of streetwise spirituality: dancing as non violent demo to protest against the rule of the 0.01%.

Police can’t use truncheons or water cannons against people who are just dancing and not shouting insults or trying to occupy a building.

Here is the video with David Icke explaining and performing the non comply dance:

Fear not, have a nice thought for old Stuart (Wilde) who passed away two weeks ago.



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Signs of awareness

It’s interesting to look at comments on articles in the mainstream press and spot the multiple signs of growing (if still partial) awareness.

Here is an example among many concerning the economy.

It’s from the Financial Times; the article is entitled US Jobs data: hints for the global economy

Nothing surprising in the article itself, but here is the comment (signed by “Is it that easy?”):

An excellent summation as always.

However, artificial job creation due to monetary means (e.g. housing, autos and other consumption) will by definition not exist when artificial means are withdrawn – just ask construction workers post 2007 or tech & telecom workers post 2000.

Combined with marginal buyers of assets at these artificial levels getting hammered and political pressure to fund govt/political obligations, the Fed will not normalise so we are left in a bizarre, distorted world, shovelling ever greater income and wealth to the wealthiest and stealing from our children.

Looking at job numbers and other metrics on asset prices, growth etc when we are in a deluded, artificial world doesn’t help much…what would it look like when normalised?

Fear not, keep watching behind the smokescreen of official propaganda.



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Beauty is the antidote to fear

This splendid phrase was said by non mainstream trend forecaster Gerald Celente and relayed by new age writer Stuart Wilde.

I find it very moving and true. Beauty of the heart connects us to the best in universal consciousness. When you create beauty, either through music, painting, or decorating your home or work place with simple elegance you raise the quality of energy in and around you.

And darkness is pushed back.

Ultimately our fear is fear of darkness, fear that the universe might not be entirely benevolent.

But the universe is benevolent. When it doesn’t appear to be so, the source of the confusion lies in our troubled thoughts, in the negativity of our thoughts.

You may observe that society is plunging ever deeper into ugliness, harshness, egotism, violence, disharmony and think that universal consciousness must be letting us down. But in fact you have the freedom to light your torch of beauty, kindness, simplicity and dissipate darkness around you, not for your selfish survival, but as your contribution to the triumph of light.

Life is much bigger than the mundane stuff we sometimes reduce it to in our everyday struggle.

This is not so easy to explain fully within the logic of the reasoning intellect. It has to been experienced. The key is intuitive guidance by the Invisible Partner.

If you have time here is a good read:  and a piece of lucid beauty

Fear not, be totally lucid and nevertheless totally positive,



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From Cyprus drama to cash based informal economy

EU leaders are prepared to confiscate around 10% of money in bank deposits. A move without any precedent in civilised countries.

This incredible, desperate move shows how sick the whole system has become.

Ordinary citizens in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and elsewhere must be wondering what to do now that the unthinkable has happened and that no money is safe in any bank.

Many will withdraw large amounts before this becomes very difficult or impossible. What will they do with the cash? Keep it under the mattress or somewhere safer. Buy gold. Buy stuff.

In any case this will stimulate the cash based informal economy.

The informal economy has often been presented as “black” or “grey”, shady in any case, with hints of criminality. Of course some criminal activities are cash based. Then big chunks of the official economy are criminal too, on a massive scale: in banking, in big pharma, in agro business ….etc..

There are very positive aspects to the informal economy: when you buy cash healthy food from small local suppliers at a market stall, when you pay cash your trusted alternative healer, …

Contrary to “sheeple” subservient to the system, people with a firm alternative worldview are prepared for the period of great turbulence which the proposed official EU racket on ordinary folks’ money is now about to trigger.

They are prepared because they grasp the basic functioning of the corrupt system, and more importantly because their spiritual outlook allows them to avoid panic, tame fear and create bonds of trust with other people.

Fear not, be kind with innocent bank employees.



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Free from the international conspiracy

Here are extracts from the writings of spiritual teacher Ma Nithia Ludevi entitled “Free Yourself from the International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment”:

As a world community, our freedom is not in the hands of a benevolent spiritual governing body dedicated to peace, love and bliss; rather, it’s controlled by a minority group of greedy strategists who are oath-bound and sworn to dominate us, profit from us, and keep us in a state of ignorant dependency.

Almost every experience we have in this world has been tweaked to keep us dependent upon those who do the tweaking. The food we eat, the water we drink, the jobs we fill, the entertainment we distract ourselves with, the medicines we ingest, and especially the politicians we turn to for help… all of it (…) is a gilded cage for our consciousness.

If you take a trusting child and give him chocolate bars, comic books and video games, and then you tell him he’s free to do with those gifts whatever he wants, as long as he remembers you’re his boss, he will follow your rules as long as you continue to replenish his stock of bounty.

He will thank you for the candy and the toys, and in time, you can add more and more restrictions against his freedom, but he won’t rebel. He will be so conditioned by the comforts of the surroundings you provide him with that he won’t even know he’s being imprisoned.


Try the same experiment with a child who thinks for himself; a child who has overcome loss, or moved to a new place, or stood up against a bully; basically, a child who has realized what it is to be self sufficient. Give this new child the same chocolate, the same comics and the same games; then, like you told the first, tell him that he can do with these what he wants as long as he remembers you’re the boss. Just see.

He will be suspicious of you. He’ll wonder what you’re trying to get by bribing him. He’ll wonder why you have the audacity to power trip and call yourself his boss just because you give him a few trinkets. He won’t even humour you with the chance to set up restrictions against his freedom, because he knows even before you try to bribe him that life is about more than just comfort. Such a child will choose hard freedom over cushy bondage any day.

We, as a society, are like the first child. We have been given an abundant food selection, all kinds of technological gadgets, infinite games to occupy our minds, and we’re told we can do with all of these whatever we want, as long as we don’t forget that the corporate industrial complex is boss.

The corporate industrial complex, and along with it, of course, militant governments, dogmatic religions, mind controlled celebrities, conglomerate owned media monopolies, and more.

Our freedom is being whittled away, and we’re allowing it to be whittled away, because we don’t even know that our lives are about something more than sense pleasures and survival.

We eat toxic foods and feed them to our children; we flip through pages of trite magazines and grocery store novels; we watch reality television and listen to hypnotic pop music; and even when we intuitively know these things are detrimental to our higher good, we go on thinking we enjoy them anyway, because we’ve been conditioned to rely on them as escapes from the ennui of our begrudged, sectarian jobs.

Our captors needn’t even guard the doors of our jail cells, because we don’t know they have us under lockdown.

Too many shrug all of this off, thinking “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know,” or, “ignorance is bliss.”


They will blindly acquiesce to corrupt politics, contaminated food, mind rotting television and toxic vaccinations, because they don’t feel up to the task of finding tangible replacements for a system they hate, but endure.

I’d like to propose something radical, though: those of us who don’t know the ins and outs of agriculture don’t have to find a replacement for contaminated food; all we have to do is start eating organic, supporting the local organic farmers who are finding a way to supply uncontaminated nutritious foods, and share with our friends and families the inspiration to do the same.

Those of us who live in cities with fluoridated water don’t have to convince everyone in our municipalities to protest against fluoride; we just have to buy decent filters for our own homes, switch to non-fluoridated toothpaste, and again, share with our friends and families the inspiration to do the same.

We don’t have to struggle in battle against the FDA to make poisons like aspartame illegal; we just have to opt out of using these poisons in our own foods and drinks, and, as with the other changes we have the power to make, educate those around us to do the same.

Basically, if we use pop culture as an excuse not to reach our highest potential, then we, and everyone else along with us, will fail miserably to appreciate the greatest blessings of life on Earth. If we convince ourselves that change is futile unless everyone else changes first, then nobody will ever change.

But if, on the other hand, we choose to do what we know is best, eventually, and sooner than one might imagine, others will follow. It takes one voice to lead the world into song; one flame to light the candles of the many; one thunderbolt to bring down the tower of Babel.


We are Human Beings, not consumers. We are sparks of spiritual consciousness living in human bodies on Earth. We are the children of a Loving Creative Source!

We are not ‘citizens;’ we are not members of one demographic or another; we are not our genders, ages, names, or socio-economic classes. We are not here to run after the latest trends, or to blindly follow the dictates of chameleon-like leaders.

We are here to wake ourselves up and understand that life is whatever we make of it!

If ever you choose to bow down (…) let it be to the Infinite, and not to the Corporate.


 The 10 steps to free yourself from the international conspiracy against enlightenment are:

1. Do not consume any fluoride, ever.

2. Do not consume any aspartame, ever.

3. Avoid eating genetically modified, non-organic and highly processed, “foods.”

4. Avoid watching television.

5. Question your education.

6. Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion.

7. Look within yourself to discover who you are.

8. Keep a Regular Spiritual Routine.

9. Drop all the judgements you have against those who are not ready to make the same changes you’re making.

10. Let Enlightenment be your number one priority!

Thanks to Ma Nithia Ludevi for these words of wisdom. Visit her site

Fear not, look for genuine spiritual teachers.



Your path of light through society’s insanity

You may wonder if it’s worth trying to reach enlightenment, personal well being and harmony while the world around you slides into total corruption and madness.

What’s the good, you might think, of being among the few who eat healthy organic food, refrain from watching television, see through the imposture of mainstream politics and established religions, meditate, respect animals and nature when the masses flock to supermarkets, stuff themselves with rubbish, get mad about the latest gadgets, and stress hard for a pathetic social positioning.

Yes our time is testing. Your soul chose to be incarnated now. You have to live the experience to the full. Be brave, be free. You don’t want to sink into materialist slavery, you want to elevate yourself. And you want to contribute to elevate others. It looks difficult, sometimes it looks impossible. But things are not what they seem. The invisible is far deeper than appearances.

Here is an interesting video by a young spiritual teacher: Ma Nithya Sudevi. She’s very good and she has quite a few free videos on the net.

Fear not, keep learning the ways of the Invisible Partner.


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Swiss revolt is sign of times

Even the conservative Swiss have had enough of the elite’s preposterous arrogance.

In a referendum held yesterday, 68% of Swiss voters approved a plan to curb executive pay.

According to the Financial Times, “Brigitta Moser-Harder, an activist shareholder who spearheaded the yes-campaign together with entrepreneur Thomas Minder, said that the result, one of the most emphatic yes-votes ever in a Swiss referendum, sent a clear signal to companies both within and beyond Switzerland’s borders”.

More details at

But bear in mind that this is only a mirror episode in the illusory reality of the material world.

Fear not, watch the system’s elite become ever greedier and more afraid of their own shadows.


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Is the wall of lies beginning to crack?

A brave man managed to force public gaze on official lies regarding 9/11.

His tactic was to refuse to pay his licence fee to the BBC because in his view the organisation was complicit to acts of (state) terrorism. This brought him in front of the judge in a local court.


Bravo, truth coming out at last on this issue.

And light will be shed on many more issues once a critical mass of citizens realise the extent to which the “elite” (governments, banks, multinationals, media, academics ….) are lying on a wide span of subjects as diverse as 9/11, the economy, vaccination, GM food, cell phones….

Fear not, stand by the truth and don’t be intimidated by the system.



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Tricks of the mind

These days it’s easy to feel submerged by an overflow of information, most of it negative, disturbing or outright shocking. You know exactly what I mean: wars, pollution, corruption, big brother, big banks, big pharma, GMO’s, paedophiles in high positions, etc. etc. Enough to feel depressed or totally cynical about mankind.

And yet, what is the reality of all that? If you think about it with some detachment, all the things you regard as the reality of the world around you are in fact images, sounds, sensations, feelings within your mind. It’s as if a 3D video with special effects was permanently being projected on some inner screen in your mind.

Now try and define exactly what your mind is. Your brain? Nop, many neurones are found in other parts of the body, such as the skin, the stomach, the heart. And many cells other than neurones are involved in our information processing. And all organs generate pulsating electromagnetic fields; for instance the vibrating field produced by the heart extends well beyond our visible body. In fact all our body and its surroundings are full of constantly changing information flows. Our mind is sort of hovering within and around our body.

Let’s dig deeper, and now try and define exactly what your body is. Oh, isn’t that obvious? Nop, the atoms contained in the cells of our body don’t stay put; they change over time. Some are renewed frequently, like the atoms of oxygen you breathe in, or, at a slower pace, the atoms in dead skin being replaced by new skin. After a few months 95% of atoms in our body have changed, and after a year, all have changed. So our body isn’t a well defined semi permanent stack of atoms.

Let’s dig even deeper, and now try and define exactly what an atom is. Most of us learned that it is a tiny nucleus surrounded by even tinier electrons spinning at very high velocity. But then experts in subatomic physics say that the nucleus is composed of minute elementary particles. None of these tiny little things whose existence is assumed in the extraordinary theories of physicists appears to be made of matter. Matter does not seem to exist as such. Elementary particles in the nucleus and electrons are all made of energy. Constantly changing flows of energy controlled by… by what? By information. Intelligent information. Conscious information? Intentional? God ! (sorry) Physics is stretching into metaphysics.

This rushed little walk through physiology, physics, and ultimately metaphysics is only to show that our mind and body are hardly definable from the perspective of fundamental science. And everything else in our ordinary perception of the world is similarly elusive within the framework of fundamental science. The only thing we can reasonably assume is that the universe is made of information and energy. The world as we usually see it is only like a shadow on a wall; the source of information is elsewhere, and it is the light shining on the source that creates the impression we see on the wall.

To the question of what is our mind, you could say it is a piece of software within an infinite ocean of information processing. If you let your software be infected by viruses like fear, despair, resentment, judgment, it will produce disturbing images and disagreeable sensations. If you do your best to have your software full of lucidity, grace, integrity, love, and kindness, it will generate harmonious images and pleasing sensations.

Try it.

And to soothe your mind here is some wonderful music by Erik Satie:

Fear not, work on your software and your body will approve.



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Guidance through 2013

Apocalypse did not happen in 2012, but events on the planet and confusion in the minds continue to intensify.

Ever more evidence of the ruling elite’s corruption and perversion is coming to the surface. Most countries, including those once regarded as free democracies, are gradually sinking in multi-facetted tyranny: financial, technological, medical, political tyranny.

Whatever the domain, only one strand of thinking is now considered acceptable by the media, academic and institutional establishments.

For instance, in the spheres of food and health if you are an active promoter of organic agriculture or natural healing techniques, you are regarded as an eccentric. But if you are a prominent activist against GMO’s, vaccination or animal experimentation, you are liable to be spied on by the police as if you were a terrorist. Because you are a potential danger for the powerful vested interests behind the system.

The system looks so strong. It’s not too clear what the full motivations of the people who control it really are. Money is obviously high among them. So is arrogance. Perhaps also a manic desire to do better than nature, to be “cleverer than God”. In any case, the ruling elite and the vast army of its submissive servants seem to have all the cards in their hands.

If you’re reluctant to join the submissive servants, how can you run your life honourably through all the constraints of this crazy world?

One thing is sure, you will not find a satisfactory way as long as your mind is trapped in the narrow belief system of materialist thinking: what we see is all there is; it’s a hard struggle for life; it’s cruel, I’m weak and afraid; “they” are stronger, …etc.

But no, you are not weak, there is a lot more than what we see, it’s a struggle only if you allow your mind to think so. The reality is that you have an Invisible Partner keen to help you have a meaningful life in this incarnation and a meaningful existence beyond this life.

Through your intuition you can connect with the Invisible Partner. Together the two of you can dance. For each of your steps, the Invisible Partner will make a step in turn, a guiding step. You will have to be attentive to each guiding step, understand where you ‘re invited to go. The Partner’s messages are clear but subtle. They can come through your body, or through the attitudes of people around you, or through events, or through a sentence read in a book or a bird seen in the sky.

Nothing in life – happy event, disease, accident, new encounter… – happens by chance, nothing is without meaning. Every event, even the smallest, is a guiding step by the Invisible Partner. To follow the guidance you have to silence the chatter of your ego, let go of fear, engage in trust, bear in mind that you are an eternal little part of the big “all there is”. If you’re aware of your own existence, it isn’t because the chemistry of your physical body somehow produces awareness, but because your awareness is within universal consciousness.

In all this the reasoning intellect can hardly help you. Soon you have to leave it aside and fully trust intuition, fully trust the inner little voice, so kind and warm, always present, understanding and never judging.

If you want to put a gloss of metaphysics on what we’re talking about, you might say it’s the rest of universal consciousness communicating with your consciousness. Together, the rest plus you is all there is. In other words, the Partner is the rest of God; with you, God is complete. The Partner and you dancing together create reality; it’s God in movement.

But, you might object, what about “them”: the bullies, the tyrants, the corrupt, pervert, cold and cruel?  Where are they? Not in …. Yes, they too are part of “the rest of consciousness”. Hitler, Bush and Blair, the boss of Monsanto, Jimmy Saville and so many others, all these troubled souls are parts of the one consciousness, like you and me. From your stand point, they are in “the rest of God”. Which is not exactly the same rest of God as the one that complements the soul of Hitler or that of Saville. By the way, these two souls may have learnt their earthly lessons. They might be thoroughly angelic wherever they are.

There is light and dark in the big all there is, but the Partner guides you towards the light. That is what you have to trust fully. No other belief is required. No dogma, no scripture is essential. Only that one basic trust. And off you go on the dancing floor, with the Invisible Partner.

Fear not, pay attention to the rhythm.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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