The challenge of personal growth in a corrupt society

There must be thousands of people who write, teach and counsel on themes related to personal growth. They produce countless books, videos, websites, articles, courses, and workshops.

A lot of these teachings are very valuable and reflect the current spiritual paradigm shift.

It is undoubtedly essential to discover the benefits of meditation, openness to higher guidance, synchronicities, the law of attraction, positive thinking, taming of ego and fear…etc.

Awareness of these concepts is a key to healthier and more harmonious living.

But there is a snag.

While a growing undercurrent of awakened individuals realise the importance of working on their spiritual progress, society at large is sinking ever faster into predatory destructive materialism.

Not one aspect of life today is left untouched by the all pervasive corruption of the global system.

So how can an awakened individual continue to work meaningfully on himself towards greater harmony while everything around him seems to be heading for complete disharmony.

A particularly perturbing element is that some personal growth/natural healing/spirituality teachers seem to play the game of the system: marketing their teachings through mainstream media, accepting corporate sponsorship, putting their know how at the service of predatory multinationals…

It makes you wonder what is genuine, what is sincere, who is trustworthy.

At the risk of sounding very naïve, I’m ever more convinced that total honesty and absolute integrity is the only line worth following.

Indulgence for your ego compromising with people driven by arrogance, crude self interest and lack of love will lead you into the ditch sooner or later.

But staying uncompromisingly honest when the mainstream is corrupt is quite an adventure.

Only your inner guidance can lead you through the adventure. Trust the universe. Let go of fear and old beliefs. Open your heart.

And let’s come together:

Fear not, play the new game, not the old corrupt one.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


Brighter light and deeper darkness

Life is getting more intense these days.

images light and darknessFor sure the dark side is constantly up to new tricks and constantly recycling old ones.

De-humanised technologies invading every aspect of life, mass brainwashing, obsessive surveillance and control, ferocious economic exploitation, pollution, corruption, destruction of natural ecosystems on the planet and within our bodies…

And yet at the same time there has never been more awareness of the subtle side of existence,  more desire to embrace loving oneness and to remove the shackles of ego and fear.

It’s frankly mind boggling.

We can’t opt out and reflect quietly on the sideline. We’re in the thick of it. More and more acutely aware that none of the old certainties and dogmas are any help. All mainstream  institutions in the world appear corrupt and serving the narrow interests of a few.

So where is the guide to lead you through it all?

In yourself.

That barely audible little voice, that quasi silent Presence. Your Invisible Partner.

You can spend years researching scientific theories, religions and philosophies, you can try different things in your private life….In the end the whole confusing mess appears ever more incomprehensible.

At that point, stop trying to figure out what is beyond comprehension, relax, smile, be grateful, and trust the universe. It’s a big jump. Do it.

The alternative is misery. Being a slave and a robot in a senseless predatory system.

Fear not, enjoy open minded metaphysics.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Wobbling through the transition

You are not alone experiencing the bizarre effects of stronger energies at work these days.

You probably feel tired and adrift.  The old stuff of your life appears increasingly less relevant. Though now and again you have like a big surge to try and cling back to it.

Staying grounded is hard these days. Grounded in what? “Reality”? Which reality?

No, you’re not turning mad.

Like others you find yourself in a vortex of subtle energies that is wiping away old beliefs and illusions. The difficulty is that we (most of us in any case) don’t know what is coming to replace them.

This is where trust comes in.

Trust, letting go with a smile, with gratitude, without (too much) fear is the only option. Staying put in old values and attitudes, like aggression, competition, self importance, fear of enemies, no longer makes sense. Over. Finished.

We’re on to something new.

To find inspiration in the face of massive change take a look at:

Fear not, embrace subtle change.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Reconciling positive thinking and lucidity about evil

Positive thinking is essential for healing and personal harmony.

But how do we sustain positive thoughts while some much of our world is being destroyed and society slips into insidious tyranny orchestrated by a corrupt elite?

Some people choose denial.

They focus on the positive and try to ignore the ugly side. This looks simple enough and may appear like the obvious pragmatic option.

Yet this is a dangerous delusion.

While you may (almost) succeed in consciously ignoring disturbing stuff, your unconscious isn’t fooled. Your inner self knows, and the profound dissonance between what you know inside and what you consciously pretend to ignore dramatically affects your spiritual, mental and physical health.

The better option is to be completely lucid about the dark side of life and transcend revolt and fear.

When you open your heart to your higher self connected to universal consciousness things are seen in a completely different perspective. What appears dramatic and hopeless in the closed materialist vision is looked at by the higher self as part of an experience.

Events on the planet at this historical juncture are set in the much bigger picture of the infinite, eternal field of consciousness.

This kind of thought isn’t just for the intellect. In fact detached lucidity is to be experienced through your entire being including every part of your physical body: stomach, teeth, muscles, skin …

You might call this pragmatic metaphysics.

It can be aided by techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. but these are secondary. What truly matters is the deep connection. That deep connection is the way to joy, healing and creative energy. And the way to counter disinformation, conditioning and brainwashing.

Fear not, connect and share with other souls.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Bilderberg’s veil of secrecy reluctantly lifted in British media

Prime Minister David Cameron has been invited to appear at the Bilderberg conference currently held in a luxury hotel near Watford in England.

This, coupled to considerable pressure from critics of the event, makes it hard for mainstream media in the UK to continue pretending either that Bilderberg doesn’t exist or that it is a mere social gathering not warranting public scrutiny.

By now The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, the Daily Maily, the Financial Times and others have published articles about this year’s conference and more generally about the Bilderberg organisation.

The wall of denial is beginning to crack. Even the BBC has reported on Bilderberg for the first time. Here is the link; notice the silly tone of the presenter and the serious points made by the specialist guess:

Fear not, follow events with total lucidity.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


Bilderberg forced in the spotlight

Bilderberg meetings are annual conferences attended by powerful people, most of them from Europe and North America, who include royals, future presidents and prime ministers, ministers, heads of companies, central bankers and other influential individuals.

The conferences last a few days and they have been held every year since 1954 except in 1976 when Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, founder of Bilderberg, had to resign following his conviction for corruption.

bilderberg_group_book_pix_2They always take place in a luxury hotel somewhere in Europe or North America, and they are discreet to the point of secrecy.

Only in the last few years has Bilderberg officially acknowledged its own existence through an official website ( and the issuing of short press releases.

Practically no information or comment is to be found about these annual events in mainstream media anywhere in the world.

But various alternative media have been taking an increasing interest in them and raised a number of obvious questions:

– how come that this group which includes prominent people in elected positions, and therefore accountable to voters, never reports on its meetings ?

– why did this group operate until very recently in almost total secrecy ?

– who organises the heavy police protection offered to these meetings, and who pays for it ?

– what sort of decisions are taken directly or indirectly as a result of these meetings?

As no serious answer to these and other relevant questions has ever been provided by Bilderberg itself, researchers in alternative media have offered their own hypotheses. Which revolve around global conspiracy.

Not without reason when you look attentively at the list of attendees of meetings and the sort of activities and policies in which these people are influential actors.

And the idea of a global and highly manipulative conspiracy is reinforced by the extraordinary silence of virtually all mainstream journalists in all countries on the subject of Bilderberg.

But the 2013 conference, which will be held from the 6th to the 9th of June at The Grove Hotel near Watford, England, is likely to be much more widely reported on than the previous events.

Activists are organising a “Bilderberg Fringe Festival” ( and have sent invitations to mainstream media.

At the end of last week a few established papers had already published articles on the coming of Bilderberg to the Watford area.

See for instance, and

If you glance through these two articles, you will notice their rather strange style and ambivalent content. As if it was so delicate for a journalist to touch the subject.

But an article in the Guardian today gives another tone. As if a fresh momentum was gathering pace and emboldening people.:

In a few days we’ll see the effect of the “Fringe”. Do participate if you are near by, it may be fun, and it will be useful. Showing that many people refuse to be treated as sheeple is salutary for us all.

Make sure to remain totally peaceful and non aggressive. The elite are slaves of arrogance and aggressiveness and expect others to behave and think likewise. Give them kindness, humour and harmony.

Fear not, look beyond the screen of illusory reality.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Don’t panic when awakening

Reality is so totally different from the illusion created in our minds by mainstream society that you may get a shock when the wall of false beliefs begins to crack.

imagesAccelerating events suggest that most of what we have been taught since childhood is part of a global mind control effort by a cold, manipulative, unfriendly system.

A growing minority of people are beginning to grasp this.

And they are also beginning to realise that the material world is only a perception at a certain level of vibration. In a way similar to the fact that what we “see” is limited information carried by a very narrow “visible” range of electro-magnetic radiations.

Non material reality is infinitely bigger that anything appearing in the material world.

And for some reason difficult to elucidate, the material world, at least on planet earth, seems in the grip of disharmonious forces.

Which is in striking contrast to the evident harmony and benevolence of universal consciousness underpinning everything from the invisible to the material.

Becoming gradually aware of all this is like walking through a screen not knowing what to expect on the other side.

So you can forgive yourself for feeling unsettled and anxious right now.

Just accept the initial burst of anxiety, let your mind calm down and become attentive to your thoughts when you consider the world with a new mindset free of materialism (and dogmatic religion).

Once you have become even partly aware, you can’t possibly feel good at the thought of going back to your old mental cage of narrow beliefs.

Your path now is light, kindness, non judgment and love. You are in the process of letting go of ego and fear. These two are totally intertwined, to a point that someone rightly said “the ego is the frightened part of us”.

Becoming aware, you can see the global conspiracy turning into global dictatorship.

But you can also see that this terrible story is only a story. A story in the illusory pseudo reality perceived by our mind in the grip of narrow thoughts.

You can decide to generate positive thoughts that will keep you at a distance from the illusory story.

You can decide to play a positive role in the illusory story: not comply with the system, refuse to believe propaganda, refuse to have designated enemies, refuse to eat poisoned industrial food, refuse to compete rather than cooperate, refuse to subject your body and your mind to crude medical procedures, refuse to be entertained by junk media and their pervert symbols.

This is a time of reckoning.

Free yourself from cowardice, meanness and any idea of superiority or specialness. Embrace oneness and solidarity with all that exists. Dance with your Invisible Partner. It’s the only path to harmony and joy.

Fear not, and go without turning back.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Once « aware », what are we supposed to do?

First, what are we becoming aware of?

– of the glaringly evident facts that

what we see is only a perception of a minuscule fraction of what there is

each of us is an individual wave of the total eternal boundless consciousness having an experience at a certain level of, for want of a better word, “vibration”

our present experience is occurring within the story of humankind on planet earth in the 21st century where a global dictatorship is being established through mind control and manipulation of thoughts

this global dictatorship is nearing apparent triumph through cunning and at the same time collapse through its own intrinsic corruption and nastiness

our role in the story is to contribute to sanity and harmony.

OK, then what are we to do in this story reaching a dramatic climax?

– in a nutshell, radiate kindness and compassion the streetwise way.

Everything that happens in the earthly story is the result of thoughts at a deep level somewhere in the invisible field of consciousness.

Our job is to generate kind harmonious thoughts, in line with universal consciousness’ pure love.

And doing it the streetwise way means that the details of what we do are secondary.

While it is better to eat healthy organic food, to avoid drugs from Big Pharma, to avoid watching TV, to stay clear of politics, to say no to vaccination, etc, etc., it is the integrity of our thoughts and the warmth of our relationships with people, animals, plants and inanimate things that really matter.

All the useful techniques of meditation, yoga, natural healing, non violent negotiation are fine.

But in the end, we are to transcend all techniques and practices and reach connection with the pure level of vibration. Or, to put it another way, we are to completely trust our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, dare each new step in your dance with your Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Heading towards the light – tough for 30 year olds

By Kitty commenting on a post by Zen Gardner (*)

The worst to crack are strangely the young in their thirties. The ones just starting along or establishing careers.

If you tell them anything remotely “weird” or try to open their eyes to even seemingly simple truths like our debt based monetary system they immediately get on the defensive and close up totally.

This is the fear factor.

If you are say 33, have a young family and are collecting “stuff”, including a rather large mortgage, and are told that this is all illusory and rather meaningless, dragging yourself out of that system is almost impossible and absolutely terrifying.

During their inculcation (education) with state rhetoric this group of people actually believe their government is a benign entity doing all it can to help and support them.

We are slaves to our fear generated by those who think they are our masters.

Getting out of that cave by removing the shackles and heading towards the light needs serious work and some people would simply prefer to wallow in their own cognitive dissonance because even that nightmare is warm and comfortable compared to the glaring light of truth.

I think the way to go is to not assume anything about people, the one thing you can predict about people is they are unpredictable !

Some younger people are a worry. They seem to have lost the will to live and view their situation as hopeless. They are the generation subjected to the full spectrum of the control system in all its forms.

Still we must carry on, have no fear. Fear is illusory.

What are we truly afraid of?

Face it, (the fear). Move on, and out of the control system.

Practice compassion, kindness, give of yourself freely.

Be loving, just be.

Even if you open the eyes of one person you have done well and made a difference however small and that’s how it starts, small beginnings, little acorns !!



(*) For the article by Zen Gardner and all comments, including Kitty’s:

Many thanks to Zen and Kitty

Streetwise metaphysics to navigate through the crisis

There are so many hard and conflicting pressures on everybody these days that the whole consciousness/personal development movement may at times appear like airy fairy wishful thinking of no real help.

And to make matters worse, many highly visible teachers, writers and gurus on spirituality, alternative healing and global conspiracy may be quite irritating at times.

But don’t dismiss them too quickly.

Despite their egos sometimes getting in the way, the broad direction of their teaching is highly valuable.

If you listen to them carefully, you realise they converge on the essential: reality is broader than what we perceive, everything is connected, we’re all part of oneness, the universe (or multi-verse) is conscious and full of love and harmony despite darkness and evil, nothing happens by chance, everything has a meaning, we are eternal waves of consciousness having an earthy experience.

These metaphysical points are extraordinarily relevant in practical life.

Once you have digested the central idea of oneness, your attitude towards existence and your relationships with other people and creatures are changed for ever.

It no longer makes sense to be racist, nationalist, chauvinist, and discriminatory, it no longer makes sense to blame and cast judgments, and it no longer makes sense to regard diseases and accidents as just meaningless bad luck and ignore the messages they bring.

In fact metaphysics leads your mind towards the exact opposite of the dominant mentality in our society, which is based on fear, prejudices and fragmentation of thoughts. As events on the planet accelerate, it is essential to rely on the holistic views of metaphysics.

Without them you are prey to the manipulative system of mind control that rules the world (for the time being).

You believe the propaganda dished out by establishment media and get distracted by their drivel.

You believe struggling and competing are inherent to human condition, and as a consequence live in anxiety and stress, taking the wrong steps and getting shoved about without be able to grasp the subtle messages delivered by higher consciousness.

But in using metaphysics, you have to be intuitive and streetwise, open minded, avoiding any form of dogmatism, taking things with humour and a pinch of salt, and tuning down the ego.

This takes practice, constant practice. Patience, perseverance. But the rewards are immense and sustained. Unlike the rapidly shrinking rewards of materialism.

Fear not, cultivate your relationship with the Invisible Partner.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

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