Revolt against banks is starting in Ireland

People in Ireland are finding the courage to resist the corrupt banking system :

And a little treat : splendid rock song about the masters of the world :

Fear not, say no to banksters and others of their kind,



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What is awareness and what are its consequences?

Awareness is a popular notion among the alternative fringes.

But awareness of what?

Of the hidden forces behind the workings of global society, with their obvious elements of conspiracy? – yeees, this is a significant part of awareness, but probably not the most important.

The key part concerns our metaphysical vision of existence.

Which is awareness that the visible world is only a limited layer of existence, that the non visible interacts in subtle ways with the visible, that nothing in “all there is” exists as  separate from the “rest”, that nothing happens just by chance, without meaning or purpose.

Once you become very conscious – not just intellectually, but also physically, emotionally, spiritually – that the visible and invisible realms are inseparable and constantly interacting, your relationships with people, creatures and events begin to take a new dimension.

How does one reach such awareness?

There are probably as many routes to awareness as there are individuals.

As far as I am concerned, the journey started from a mainly materialist perspective. Such was the dominant thinking mode of my baby boomer’s youth marked by an almost unreserved belief in progress through science.

There was also, of course, organised religion.

Mainstream speech pretended that the two concerned totally different things and that there was no point in trying to reconcile them. Partitioning of reality into completely separate domains was (and still is) one of the principal hallmarks of Western thinking.

But today new facts are laid before us to enlarge our thinking, if we are prepared to pay attention.

On the one hand it is now pretty clear that the basic functioning of society is predatory and destructive, that it has been so for a long time, and that the process is approaching a climax with unprecedented consequences. A fundamental change of mentality and vision has become a matter of collective survival.

On the other hand the development of fundamental physics shows that science is very far from truly understanding universal reality whilst at the same time strongly suggesting that we live in a vacuum filled with energy and information. Matter is only a level of perception of flows of energy organised by information.

Furthermore, theories and models of fundamental physics play with the ideas that time might be reversible, or might only be a perception by an observer, that it is possible for an elementary particle to be present simultaneously in two different spots in the universe, and that there might be more than one universe, perhaps even an infinity of universes.

In short, it is becoming quite plain that our reasoning intellect, with our level of logic, is simply unable to grasp the infinite, eternal reality, and that all it can do is to develop fairly  simplistic models which have limited usefulness, let alone validity, and should in any case be used with the greatest humility.

Whilst such metaphysical consequences of advanced science are now being explored more thoroughly than in the days of blind narrow scientism, many are also revisiting the teachings, metaphors and symbols of ancient traditions, and experiencing the effectiveness of various practices in line with a holistic, non materialist, “energy” based approach of reality.

In fact, we are opening up again to the power of intuition, an essential natural faculty that had been atrophied in most us by the materialist belief system which Western society had imposed on almost everybody.

It is remarkable and quite exciting to note the deep convergence between advanced science, ancient traditions and contemporary non conventional practices.

That said, however, most of the time we are still stuck in our perception of reality experienced as “this” visible world, and subject to its irritating material and psychological constraints and limitations. Our consciousness appears trapped in what modern metaphysicians call “low vibration levels”.

Many people awakening to consciousness wish to free themselves from the enslavement of “low vibrations”. They try to achieve this through meditation, prayer, trance, shamanic practices or drugs. Often disappointment awaits them, and sometimes even depression.

The lesson, I believe, is that whilst life “down here” is only an experience our eternal higher self is going through, we can’t opt out of the experience. We have to go all the way to its natural end and extract the full learning it is meant to give us.

At this point, awareness has to broaden further, to encompass acceptance and trust and distance itself from ego and fear.

This is no intellectual exercise. It is a personal experience. It involves every cell in the body, every conscious thought in the mind, every emotion, desire, fear. Everything that constitutes you or me, which no science or philosophy can fully define and specify, is involved in experiencing enlarged consciousness.

In this a key notion to bear in mind is that of the continuum of existence. There are no absolute boundaries, neither in space, nor time, nor in any other conceivable dimension. Existence is oneness, infinite interactions, yet with perceptions of separate identities. It’s incomprehensible, beyond our logic. All we can do is travel as far as our logic goes, reach the brink, peer down and then jump. Trust the unknown, as the little inner voice of our intuition tells us to.

Those who dare go to the brink beyond which ordinary logic is no longer any use enter a new dance with life. The dance with the invisible Partner.

This is not faith as in organised religion where dogmas are downloaded into your mind and you are meant to sheepishly follow. This is natural connection with the invisible. The stuff of genuine mystics, shamans, healers. And these may be very ordinary people, unpretentious, definitely unpretentious.

And now a last challenging bit: evil.

Whilst the genuinely awakened people do their utmost to align their whole being on the universe’s absolute love, non judgment, compassion and harmony, it looks pretty clear that some partly aware characters opt for a “deal with the devil”. And that might be what lies behind the almost incomprehensible harshness and grotesque arrogance of today’s ruling world elite.

But this shouldn’t unduly worry the really aware. At Source, there is only pure undiluted love.

Can we be sure of that? Yes, but only once intuition has been allowed to reach a sufficient level, for this is beyond the reach of the reasoning intellect on its own.

To conclude, awareness is more than a non materialist world vision, it is a mode of thinking, feeling, acting, and interacting with every aspect of life which is totally different from the ordinary mode in today’s mainstream culture.

Fear not, observe and smile.



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Leave your heavy baggage

Our experience of life is determined by streams of information flowing deep in our cells, molecules and atoms, by conscious and unconscious thoughts in our mind.

Faire-sa-valise-a25285156But what about “external” events, outside of “us”?

Surely, you and I haven’t invented pollution, overpopulation, the financial crisis, Fukushima or forced vaccination. These things are part of the general environment. We haven’t created them. They are, as it were, imposed on us, aren’t they?

Similarly we can’t be held responsible for annoying or serious problems affecting our body;  that sudden headache, that spot on the nose or that pain in the knee. Such ailments just happen to us, don’t they?

And also, whether it’s sunny and warm, or cold and wet outside, that isn’t up to us, is it?

Clearly, it is impossible, and pointless, to try and segregate what is “up to us” from what is not. In fact it is already impossible to know what “us”, as opposed to the rest, really means.

The only certainty is universal wholeness, its infinite interactions, its amazingly subtle continuum.

But our humble corner of universal wholeness looks like a morass. We don’t even know what we are, and our reasoning intellect seems so incapable of making any real sense of our little mess.

So let’s tune down the dry intellect and let intuition do the driving.

Apparently we cannot change much of what goes on in the world, but we can change the way it affects our mind. We seem to have a degree of freedom in focusing our thoughts.

All experts in personal development seem to agree on one point: focusing on “positive” thoughts is the key.

But where it gets confusing is on what to do when “negative” thoughts keep coming back.

Do we have to pretend they weren’t there? This sounds like denial. And intuition strongly suggests that denial is most unhealthy.

A seemingly better option is to recognize whatever “negative” thoughts are floating in our mind, accept that they are there, but not let them take over, and bring the main focus of our attention on “positive” thoughts.

This approach is consistent with an attitude of non judgement, detachment and compassion, including towards ourselves.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting two simple techniques to orient the mind towards positive attitudes: “ho’ponopono” and “non solidity”.

Ho’ponopono is the mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” addressed to the universe while focusing on our relationship with a specific person, animal, creature or thing. Its intended effect is to clear that relationship from all wrong ideas, false beliefs and hasty judgements.

Whenever I have used this mantra with proper attention, the quality of the particular relationship improved noticeably, or at least my perception of the quality of that relationship improved. Which in my “reality” boils down to the same.

“Non solidity” is this: you look around you and remember that all you see is a vacuum filled with floating images produced by flows of subtle energy decoded by your mind. You get the sense that if you kept walking you could just go through anything that is in front of you: person, tree, brick wall…. Just as if you were a ghost.

It’s a good technique to use in public spaces such as busy streets, shopping centres, metro, railways stations…, with lots of people hurrying around you like ants.

You see the agitation around, but you know it’s only a 3D video with special effects being played in your mind. You look at it with detachment, yet attentively; you watch the people and things with interest and compassion. You don’t judge them, don’t envy them, don’t fear them. In fact you observe every little scene with calm interest, you notice beauty, you notice the funny side of what goes on, and you feel totally relaxed, at peace, unthreatened, yet fully alert and lucid.

You can also experience non solidity while walking in nature, in a garden, in a quite street or just sitting at home and simply watching things in the room.

Focusing on non solidity brings you in a state close to meditative relaxation. You feel good, you have pleasant sensations in your body. If you are short sighted and you are not wearing your specs or contact lenses, the muscles around your eyes feel more relaxed, and you may experience seconds or even minutes of perfectly clear vision.

In that state, you are both detached and very alert. If someone walking past you is conceited and arrogant, or is a real psychopath, you will notice that, but it won’t affect you. Instead of judging him or her, you might give that person the benefit of a quick ho’ponopono.

After all, being a psychopath or an arrogant twit isn’t his or her fault. Anyway he or she is only a bundle of information in the big universal field of information. He or she belongs to the same ocean as you; there is no discernable boundary between him/her and you.

This perspective helps you consider everything happening in the world without alarm or panic.

You know that the used radioactive fuel rods in Fukushima are likely to cause more serious problems in the relatively near future, you know that the debt mountain will cause a new financial crisis, you know that mass vaccination is doing a lot of harm to millions of kids and young adults…etc. etc.

You are lucid. You are not in denial. But you are nevertheless broadly happy and confident.

Why? Because you now sense that the visible material reality is only a thin layer of total reality. Because you sense that the real deal will be settled at another level, and not via technical and socio-political solutions.

Through ho’ponopono, non solidity and similar techniques which you can come across or develop by yourself, it is possible to leave behind you the heavy baggage of all the limiting beliefs the mind control system has been feeding you since before your birth in this life.

Fear not, let calm fascination take over from panic.



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Extracts from “A great turning”

Here are extracts of a beautiful text “A great turning” by Julian Rose (

To many, the answer to this nagging interruption to their daily addictions is to shoot the messenger.

No gun required; just turn on the TV, crack-open a beer, go to the fridge, stick-on a catchy piece of music; chat on the internet, mow the lawn, fiddle with the smart phone –  you know the rest.

Then there’s another way of shooting the messenger: get a job which negatively impacts upon the health and welfare of this living breathing planet.

That means most jobs. 

Because most ‘jobs’ are built upon a denial that the great turning even exists!

They plough right through and flatten it without even realising it’s there. They nullify the life force with their money obsessed paralysis, thus rendering void all things living.

‘Nine to Five’ is not the way to stay alive – it is a programmed parasitic work ethic designed to automize and suck the life out of humanity. Avoid this fate if you want to remain sentient and subtle enough to respond to the messenger’s call.


Our world stands on the brink of discovering itself anew. We are a ripening fruit on the tree of life.

The great change that we yearn for awaits within us to be given clearance to fly. You have only to let go of your hold on that which holds no promise. Let all things superficial fall-away.

Let gravity take them to be melted down in the great furnace below. Let all become deep and move to the rhythm of celestial callings.

Remove the watch whose hands tick-off the hours – telling only the story of linear time and the division of oneness into a million splintered parts. Nano particles that glitter in the neon flattened windows of sterile main street money. Let die that part of you which still clings to such a nefarious chimera.

A great turning is upon us. Spare this day to enter its temple. Touch a deeper seam in your trembling soul and share your treasure joyfully.

Thanks Julian



9/11 mother of all deception

To still believe in the government story on the 9/11 attack you have to be in stiff denial of reality.

It is quite clear that the three towers which collapsed vertically in free fall did so as a result of controlled demolition involving explosives careful put in place days before the attack by people who had access to the buildings for extended periods of time.

This is the conclusion reached by all independent technical experts who took a close look at the facts.

Here is video summarising the material:

Once you have digested that evidence, the interesting part begins: who in government circles was behind this and why, and what are the large implications.

Much has been written on the subject, and whatever the details of the specific narrative you may regard as closest to the truth, the crucial point is that evidence of the false flag attack fundamentally invalidates the view most people used to have about government, politics, national interest, media news and, when pulling the tread further, about virtually every aspect of our present society.

And that is precisely why so many people still do as if they believed in the official version: admitting the evidence would force them to set in question their total vision of society, which is still too daring for them, given the strength of the mind control system to which they have been subjected since birth, and in a metaphysical sense, since before their birth.

But through the rise of consciousness and the progress of alternative media the mainstream materialist view of the world, with its attendant emphasis on fear, enemies, struggle and competition, is being fully exposed and thoroughly debunked.

Fear not, trust Source.


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Controlling elite’s credibility is crashing down

They would have liked to attack Syria, but Western leaders can’t sell the idea of another war to their public opinion.

Millions of ordinary citizens are beginning to see through the lies of the system and perceive the connexions between its different facets.

They realise that military activity only serves the interests of the elite, that mainstream media are totally corrupt, that central banking and finance are fraudulent, that the agro-food business destroys our health and nature, that allopathic medicine is only good for big pharma.

Eyes and minds and hearts are being opened.

This is exciting but jittery and uncomfortable. A mind control system, complete with beliefs, dogmas, and manipulated emotions, is being exposed. But getting free is stressful. Being in the vanguard of activists promoting another world vision is not for the faint hearted.

Here is a good article from The Waking Time:

Fear not, stay zen,



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Promised attack on Syria opens the eyes of many

The attack on Syria being planned by Western leaders is based on such blatantly dishonest argument and misinformation that many people are finally beginning to come to a more lucid view on the nature of our system.


Here is a telling article from the mainstream press:

The real threat to our way of life? Not terrorists or faraway dictators, but our own politicians and securocrats

Fear not, see through the system’s lies and propaganda,



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Nurturing harmony v fighting evil

Existence is fantastic. A firework of energy, information, love and harmony beyond anything imaginable.

But at the ordinary level of observation, we’re surrounded by harshness, corruption, and lies.

Banks, big companies, governments, universities, media, are all in cahoots to push an agenda of materialism, competition and fear. Organised religions pretend to play another tune, but are effectively in the same game.

The whole system is predatory.

Its ultimate narrative is war.

Economic war, war against enemies (germs, viruses, terrorists, Iran, Russia, China…), war against the non compliant (anyone who doesn’t buy in the benefits of vaccination, gm food, micro chip implants, wifi’s, fracking and other forms of “progress”).

The whole system is perverse.

Its ultimate weapon is mind control.

Mind control through narrow education, mechanistic science, dogmatic religion, and above all fragmentation of ideas, confusion and distraction.

But a growing minority is now seeing through the smokescreen. Awareness is in the air.

The awakened find themselves in a strange limbo.

They are ever clearer about the workings of the system. They would love to share their fresh insights with everyone around them, but all too often their speech falls on deaf ears.

Deaf ears because the propaganda machine of the system is proving pretty effective. And because most people feel they have no option but to comply with the system in order to maintain their livelihood. Torn between nagging doubts and a desire to be protected, most people stay in line, conform, force themselves to believe or pretend to believe the mainstream discourse.

So the awakened concentrate on practicalities in line with their insights: organic food, alternative therapies, respect for animals, relationships freed of prejudice. Touches of harmony on a small scale. In the crevices of the system.

And that is fine. Let us nurture these pockets of harmony.

There is that idea of a critical mass of positive thoughts, positive energy that will eventually tip the balance on this planet. Trust in the power of positive thoughts is consistent with metaphysics in line with advanced physics.

I believe that. My intuition tells me it stands a better chance than old fashioned revolution, with its trail of fighting and bitter emotions. Conflict based revolution has been tried, and failed. Conflict cannot generate well being, health and lasting joy.

So, nurturing pockets of harmony, generating positive thoughts, but without compromising/complying with the system. It’s a tight rope to walk on.

Fear not, enjoy a chocolate mousse with a glass of wine.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013

Let the repairing begin

As the dominant system becomes more tyrannical, perverse and destructive by the day, an undercurrent of collapse expectation is quite popular within the alternative culture.

The idea of system collapse raises fear, even panic, as well as hopes.

Heard_of_Cats_by_speedycrabincA big question about the collapse is when. Is it imminent? And what is imminent? Six months, three decades, two centuries?

For over twenty years it has been fashionable, even in mainstream media, to highlight the un-sustainability of the present way of life, of high impact economic growth, of explosive demographics.

More recently the fragility of the financial model on which global society functions has been laid bare for all to see.

Yet so far, through expedients, manipulations, and lies, the system has managed to carry on regardless, dragging along a vast majority of frightened brainwashed folks.

There is probably little point speculating about the imminent or not so imminent collapse. The whole issue is beyond the capacity of our reasoning intellect.

So what is intuition suggesting then?

Firstly it reminds us that, to the best of our knowledge, we seem to be wavelets in the universal ocean of information, consciousness and intention. Eternal wavelets presently materialised in the here and now.

It also reminds us that everything happening at the visible level is just manifestation of thoughts, intentions, subtle coding in the invisible realm.

Change the coding in the invisible realm and you change everything in “this world”.

And we can alter the coding through opening our heart, through letting go of bitterness, disdain, meanness, judgement…

In practice, intuition suggests to quietly turn to nature, inner energy and patient collaboration in every aspect of our lives, rather than to hard technologies, aggressive competition and social posturing.

In other words, our little voice suggests to start repairing the planet and society through individual modest, local, concrete actions and day to day behaviour. Each little action or thought sends an impulse in the universal web of coding.

Total trust and total integrity are keys. No compromising with the false values of the corrupt system. No compliance. No sponsoring of any action by big companies only interested in PR stunts.

So while the system may continue its slide into the abyss, parallel restoration of harmony is quite conceivable in a holistic worldview.

It is your choice which flow you decide to follow: consumerism, nationalism, biggotry, fear, agitation, or spirituality, non judgement, confidence.

Fear not, trust your Invisible Partner, again, and again.



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Are there limits to acceptance?

One of the main ideas put forward by most spirituality teachings is acceptance.

Acceptance that all is well in the universe. Acceptance of what is happening here and now. Around us, within us.

Without a deep, sincere acceptance, there cannot be peace of mind, relaxation from stress, simple joy.

So much is clear and undisputable.

On the other hand, it is equally clear and undisputable that a lot of what is going on our planet these days is profoundly shocking and “unacceptable”.

So how do we deal with that little dichotomy?

Let us first notice that the idea of complete acceptance without any qualification suits those in power. Already in the old days of dominant religion it kept the little people in total subservience.

Nowadays, teachers of personal development who only emphasise positive thinking without ever introducing lucidity about the systemic corruption of society are effectively playing in the hands of the ruling establishment.

Awakened individuals cannot just be content to sit in the lotus position all day while corporate predators, war mongers, banksters, and their pawns in government are getting away with murder.

Some kind of activism is called for.

But not the aggressive revolutionary sort. That route has been tried in the past and it failed. In fact it belongs to the same illusory realm of materialist thinking, ego and fear as the mainstream system itself.

Activism to support the change of paradigm has to be smarter. It needs to be genuine, loving and open, not manipulative, not crudely conflict oriented.

I rather like the “non comply dance” suggested by David Icke (see yesterday’s post). Joyful, cheeky, convivial and resolute.

You and I will have to find our own ways of sending positive vibes to the universe and contributing to the spiritual rise on this planet.

Which brings us back to higher guidance, to the dance with our Invisible Partner.

Fear not, stay calmly alert.



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