Shades of conspiracy

The 7/7 London bombings took place exactly 7 years ago today.

You don’t have to be an expert in conspiracy theories to realise that official accounts of 7/7 are rich in confusion and contradictions.

This said, the implication of British authorities in the London bombings is less easy to demonstrate convincingly in few words than the complicity of (some inside) US authorities in the 9/11 attack.

For 9/11, things are glaringly obvious.

Of the seven World Trade Center towers, the famous two directly hit by planes and a smaller third one collaterally damaged all collapsed in free fall on their own footprints, which is technically impossible without controlled destruction implying elaborate preparations ahead of the event.

Such preparations would have required fairly unhindered access to the buildings, implying at least tacit consent by the authorities, all the more so in this case since the third tower housed  offices of the mayor of New York and of the CIA.

Significant facts about this story are summarized in a well known article of The New York Times already referred to in a previous post of this blog:

Concerning 7/7, I would invite you to do your own research, bearing in mind the context of the time.

Remember mid 2005; two years after attacking Iraq, PM Tony Blair, a master liar and twisted personality, was trying to justify a train of anti terrorist measures and to gather support for a continuing very unpopular war.

All three bombings occurred within a few seconds at different spots in London, and a security official declared to the BBC that he had been involved in an exercise consisting in simulating simultaneous bombings on distant spots within the capital. He had been very surprised to see simulation actually replaced by reality. How strange. Sheer coincidence, he said.

Research and think it through for yourself. Here is the link to the wikipedia piece on 7/7:

Daring lies, manipulations and cover-ups by authorities are not confined to security matters and war. They are prevalent in many fields: health care (effects of vaccination), nuclear energy (true situation at Fukushima and more generally Japan), portable phones (alleged innocuousness of HF waves), children protection (extent of paedophile networks involving VIP’s), etc., etc.

On most such matters, information contradicting official lies or silence is often not so difficult to find and cross relate, but it takes time. And Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen are far too busy trying to survive in the contemporary economic jungle to have any time and energy left for such research.

Besides, when matters seem complex and confuse, their inclination is to trust authorities. The idea that authorities are largely corrupt is not as readily accepted as one might expect.

Are all big lies and manipulations part of a unique master plot by a very small group of would be rulers of the world? – difficult to know of course.

What looks fairly obvious is the shared mentality of materialism, arrogant ego, mean spirit of many folks in positions of power. But it is far from evident that they seek to act like one, and if they did, that they would succeed in achieving effective coordination of their designs.

To sum up, many conspiracies – yes; a master conspiracy – probably not; a shared mentality at the top with destructive consequences – definitely.

If you consider things in the bigger picture at the level of the universe, the negative mentality of some beings on planet earth is a spiritual phenomenon.

Ultimately, the only efficient way to counter conspiracies and all other forms of evil is emitting positive energy through pure love. Ultimately, you and I have no enemy, no reason to hate or fight anyone.

Fear not, let your soul reach the stars.



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Can we break free from the system?

This is the question facing everyone who has perceived how false the system is.

I was thinking about a post on this theme when I came across an excellent piece by Zen Gardner.

I give you the reference and a slightly abridged version:

“So You’ve Woken Up – Now What?”

by Zen Gardner

“What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?”

This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case.

Do what consciousness tells you.

There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with.

It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears.

System Dependence is the Name of the Game

That’s the trouble with the “system”, it teaches dependency, hierarchy, and rote knowledge, where your choices are carefully narrowed down to “acceptable” alternatives within carefully confined parameters.

That’s why people feel like fish out of water when they wake up. They never learned how to truly think freely, nor did they have the knowledge tools. Instead, most everything was reversed, scrambled, confused and filed away in seeming useless obscurity.

The result is not just a marginalization of empowering Truths into the catch-all dustbins of “conspiracy theory” or wing nut stuff, but worse yet, the system does not cultivate original thought or true personal freedom or responsibility.

The real Truth is not an option in such a controlled environment. Oh, you get smatterings of truths, but drawing awake and aware conclusions is not an option to humanity’s would be Controllers.

The Wake Up Starts with a Bang – But You Have to Keep It Going

When someone awakens to the true nature of the manipulated world we live in, as well as the vast resources at our immediate conscious fingertips, it takes some doing to fully realize what that information means, as well as the vast implications on your personal life.

It can hit hard and may need some time to be digested.

How it affects each of us individually is really a question of simply putting what we’ve learned into action and trusting the Universe for the consequences.

I don’t think there’s time for much else. In fact, there never has been.

If you know the Truth, what are you waiting for?

While many are hoping for some kind of soft-pedalling of any kind of action call, it’s not a set formula. You just find out, and you react. And just that takes some doing, breaking off the rust of your True Self to animate and start to call the shots that were previously hindered by life long programming.

Stages of Development

For me the full wake up took on many stages of development, but the full blown realization of the vast extent of the manipulated lie and its fleshed out intricacies was a head splitting explosion that blew me past the pull of convention’s gravity so fast I’m still grinning from ear to ear as I zip through the universe…ha!

The point there being, the wake up takes on many forms and evolves. What gives the wake up traction is commitment, putting feet to your realizations.

You think TV’s bad? Turn it off. Banks are a rip off? Get out except for perhaps necessary operating funds if need be. Trapped by the ownership of housing, “might needs”, and all kinds of dumb stuff?

Dump everything you can, if that’s your understanding. Knowing “stuff owns you” is fundamental to consciousness. We all get there, but it depends on our enthusiasm…or “spirit in us”.

How many respond to just that?

Do What You Know or Face Confusion

Until people put into action what they already know, there isn’t gonna be much more to follow for them. Just a lot of flailing about in frustration because we don’t do what we already know we should do and are looking for excuses or compromised solutions to assuage our guilty conscience and hopefully preserve our personal status quo.

Sad, but true.

That also includes getting right with people, making relationships honest, and disengaging from situations of compromise. It takes courage.

Know You Are Nobody–Yet Everybody

All this is a whole lot easier when you realize you are nobody. There’s nothing to defend.

Your old senses of self were the very strings the lying matrix played upon. Get conscious and the sirens of the system don’t affect you except peripherally.

That’s a biggie.

Conscious awareness is number one realizing and seeing through the higher level of awareness that is detached from this life’s experiences, and thus free to discern and identify without attachment what your life experience is.

Seeing through those eyes will bring tremendous peace and understanding.

Get Along But Don’t Compromise

Don’t fret the next steps. If the universe is so vast and full of infinite possibilities there’s going to be something for everybody. Our job is to find it and when we find it, act on it. No, it’s not the “safe” way, or the “accepted” way

At all. We do have to break free.

In reality the parasitic system has been sucking you dry and lying to you and everyone you love. You now no longer owe it any allegiance and can and should disengage any and every way you can. No guilt trip necessary. You are doing what is right.


And that is not contingent on relationships, financial security, self image concerns, or what have you.

So get any and all attachments possible out of play. Happily. You are freeing yourself from the spider’s tentacles.

There’s Real Peace in Commitment.

When you’ve resolved to go ahead and “make the break” with convention and stand up for what you know is right, it leads to a new lifestyle. How do you think these wonderful websites were formed of like-minded people who found each other and decided to make an impact with videos, interviews, articles, participation in events, etc?

How were Gandhi, Martin Luther King or other world Truth bearers including the present day alternative luminaries birthed from their previous lives?

Something gelled, made total sense, resonated, and they just committed. These Truth enthusiasts on the internet also somehow found each other and it clicked. It’s all about responding to the need and call and openly networking…true response-ability.

The Truth Glasses

I read this fantastic analogy and it’s never escaped me.

Finding out the whole truth is like putting on these amazing Truth glasses, much like the movie “They Live”.

Here’s how they work:

#1. You gotta want to put them on.

#2. You can’t force someone else to put them on.

#3. Once they’re on, you can’t take them off.

If you’ve found and put on the glasses, that will make total sense. If you haven’t, keep searching.

Let your heart lead you.

In the words of Lao Tsu:

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. – Lao Tsu



Many thanks to Zen for this great piece.

Fear not, read other people’s blogs.



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Rio+20: everyone has given up on sustainability

Whatever scarce reports appear in discreet corners of the mainstream press about the “Rio+20” Earth Summit 2012 make sobering reading.

After 20 years of accelerated environmental degradation since the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992, everybody more or less accepts the “reality” that only very little if anything can be done to stop or delay acute environmental damage caused by economic activities.

Governments and supra governmental agencies have effectively relinquished their responsibilities on the subject.

Big multinationals have a free hand. For them, sustainability, like fair trade, is just a minor theme among others in their marketing mix.

As for the general public, it is sick and tired of hearing empty speeches and seeing information blatantly manipulated or suppressed.

Speaking at the “Beyond GDP” conference on reporting in the European Parliament in 2007, a British green activist observed that “mankind is the only species monitoring its own extinction”.

Today it looks as if the species is no longer even interested.

But nothing of this should come as a surprise to readers of this blog.

We know that dominant elites are caught in a thinking mode which is totally unable to produce solutions to the tight knot of problems facing mankind.

How could big business organisations do anything positive for the environment and society, when their core beliefs are that nature is just a neutral décor and resource stock, that only the visible matters, that humans are meant to struggle, compete and fight, and to sum it up: bugger all, we’re just interested in quick profits.

However, reality is much broader and more subtle than materialists imagine, and the present crisis is the manifestation of a major transition towards a higher level of energy and consciousness on this planet.

For reference:

Fear not, cherish nature.



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Severn’s plea couldn’t be heeded

Severn Suzuki was 12 when she spoke at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

She gave a beautiful speech, a moving plea for adults to change their ways and start caring.

Watch UN delegates listening to her:

Since 1992, adults did not change their ways and damage to the environment got much worse.

Dominant elites do not care. Their attention is on the debt mountain.

But they don’t have a clue on what to do about debts, or about the environment, or poverty, health, war, or anything else.

Ultimately, it is not their fault. In their mode of thinking and belief system there are no solutions to any of the problems facing mankind.

Once you recognise and accept this, you are on the starting line for paradigm change.

You can start paying attention to the inner voice of your eternal consciousness. You can begin to watch life around you as an experience. You can start shedding hatred, judgments and fear.

You can start experimenting with love and observe how your relationships with others improve. You can notice how events become more fluid, how energy flows and how your navigation through life becomes easier.

And the new paradigm will work for society as well as for individuals. It’s a question of critical mass.

But collectively we are not quite there yet. The old system of thought with its fears, egos, competition and violence still has to clear away.

Don’t worry, it will, and you are already contributing to its replacement by higher consciousness.

Fear not, admire the clouds.



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Flickers of lucidity in mainstream press

The recent article “Our volatile age defies spreadsheet strategy” by Gillian Tett in the Financial Times is one illustration that the depth of the crisis is at last starting to shake established certainties:

Here is an extract:

“Ever since the computing revolution took hold on Wall Street and the City of London in the 1970s, finance has been treated not as an art but a science – and banks have operated as if computer models could not just explain the past but predict the future, too.

Now those “quants” and rocket scientists find themselves at sea. Computer models alone can no longer calculate meaningful probabilities about what will happen next in the eurozone.

Instead, what really matters now in places ranging from Finland to Greece are non-quantitative issues such as political values, social cohesion and civic identity.

Above all, the question of “credit” is key to working out whether bonds can ever be repaid. But this is not credit in the mathematical sense by which banks have often defined it (as a projected probability on a chart), but in the old fashioned, Latin – social – meaning (belief).

The crucial variable, in other words, is whether voters have faith in their governments and central banks. Do they trust the safety of their banks? Are citizens willing to trust each other, and co-operate, when pain is imposed?”

And the article’s last sentence reveals a budding awareness of reality:

“We have entered a new “age of volatility”, and not just in finance and economics, but in politics and society, too”.

Only reality is much broader and more subtle than anything materialist thinking is able to convey, as regular readers of this blog know very well.

Still, it is encouraging to find in the main press a partial acknowledgement of the extraordinary transition unfolding before our eyes.

Fear not, read papers now and again.



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Debts, jobs, nature

As the materialist system is nearing meltdown, a crystal clear understanding of what is presently going on in the world is extremely useful to anyone intent on full spiritual transformation.

Let’s start with debts, currently public obsession number one. Not without reasons.

Debts are the flip side of money. Every penny in circulation is created ex nihilo by a bank or central bank through a book-keeping entry involving a debt for exactly the same amount.

While a debt is generally held by the same debtor for most of its duration, the corresponding money flows between many players in the economy.

If there isn’t enough traction in economic activity, a significant number of debtors fail to make sufficient revenues to be able to service and repay their debts. To avoid this, monetary authorities ease credit conditions, and therefore create more money to sustain activity.

As an ever greater amount of debts requires ever more activity for debtors to be able to service and repay their debts, and as easier credit is practically always used to stimulate activity, a perpetual spiral is created.

In fact, it amounts to a Ponzy scheme at global level. Like any such scheme (where participants are paid with money just brought in by new entrants) it has to end badly (when the flow of new entrants dries up).

At some point creditors become worried, confidence in the system erodes, people consume and invest less, growth in the economy is slowed or stopped, resulting in some of the debts becoming impossible to repay.

That is presently happening in the economy of developed countries (and soon enough in other countries).

Now jobs.

Because today’s economy produces largely standardised products and services on a very large scale, using vast amounts of energy and sophisticated technology, it only requires the labour of a limited fraction of the total population.

Out of the 7 billion people on earth, roughly 1 billion workers are enough to deliver about 95% of world GDP. And companies are constantly doing their utmost to squeeze payrolls because labour is by far the largest cost factor in the economy as a whole.

It is therefore evident that the trend can only be towards more unemployment and more badly paid employees.

Last but not least, nature.

Although money is a pure abstraction, economic activities involve land, plants, animals, minerals, oceans, eco-systems, processes, chemicals, wastes, high frequency electro-magnetic and radioactive emissions,… etc.

Activities in the mainstream economy cause major interferences with natural equilibriums.

The overused word environment conveys an idea of décor somehow external to us humans. This is totally misleading: we are part of nature, we are constantly in subtle interactions with every other creature on the planet and beyond.

The great ocean plastic vortex, the mass torturing of cows, pigs and chickens, the killing of soils in intensive farming …all these large scale horrors resulting from a total lack of respect for nature directly affect our minds, bodies, and souls.

There are not just about the environment; they concern a complete system to which we belong. Materialists have tried to cut off our subtle links with nature, but that is impossible.

With a bit of intellectual honesty, none of the above is particularly difficult to understand.

All it takes is to free oneself from mainstream materialist propaganda. Which is the first step towards spiritual transformation, the only effective way to respond to the global crisis.

For reference on the economy, here is a recent piece from the Financial Times: “A diabolical mix of US wages and European austerity”

Fear not, stay calm and attentive.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Debt pile only one view of the abyss

Events in the hologram show most people take for reality are turning more extraordinary than ever.

Debts, public and private, are now so large that they are becoming hard to service and replace, let alone pay back. This is not just in the Eurozone, but also in the US, UK, Japan, and many other countries.

China, the main source of hope for future world economic growth, has not only its own (internal) debt pile, but more importantly a colossal environmental liability.

The country’s soils, rivers, water tabs are destroyed and poisoned. Agricultural production has started to decline in quantity, not to mention its dramatically degraded quality.

To try and make up for this, the Chinese authorities buy land all over the world. Inevitably, this land will be damaged by chemistry-based intensive agriculture.

In Japan, the crisis at Fukushima is far from over. Millions of Japanese are much more affected than authorities will admit.

All nuclear production of electricity (previously 30% of the mix) is now stopped, replaced by the output of gas fired plants, requiring massive imports of gas which bring the country’s trade balance in the red.

Amazingly, the yen is still, for now, regarded as a safe currency.

We could go on; for example, also talk about the millions of tonnes of plastic bits in the oceans, the increasingly destructive exploitation of the last hydrocarbon reserves (tar sands, shale gas,…), GM crops, the effects of electromagnetic pollution, and so many other issues.

All of them interrelated.

Only the crudest intellectual dishonesty prevents the establishment from conceding that their materialist approach is crumbling. In fact, it has lost any kind of credibility in the eyes of lucid folks.

As yet though, only a minority are totally lucid, and spiritually advanced enough to stop clinging to a dying system.

The change of paradigm, inevitable as it is, does require courage and clear understanding. The latter implies not only intellectual grasp of events as they appear in the hologram of pseudo reality, but also intuitive recognition of the broader picture of existence.

This is why we share our thoughts on this blog.

Fear not, accept the clear messages of nature.



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When life in the soil gets hurt

Around 80% of the earth’s biomass is the in soil, out of our sight.

It’s full of life and frantic activity down there. Armies of worms, mites, and other subterranean creatures do a tremendous job processing organic residues, which leads to the formation of humus.

Humus is the most complex molecule on earth; associated to clay it creates rich fertile soils. Which is what made this planet so beautiful.

A few thousand years ago, mankind began to interfere with nature: people got the idea that soils should be ploughed for cultivation and that only one sort of plant at the time should be grown on a given plot of land.

This procedure was not too good for the soils’ wild life, but the beasts mostly managed to survive.

Then mankind invented intensive chemistry-based agriculture. Soils not only had to be cut open and turned upside down through ploughing; they would also be covered with artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

The latter are harmful to the multitude of beasts in the soil. A lot of them die, and the whole biology, chemistry and physical cohesion of the soil change radically.

The most dramatic consequence is that plants cultivated on highly degraded soils are much poorer in nutrients.

As a result, people (and animals) fed on produce from intensive agriculture suffer from deficiencies, even when eating theoretically balanced diets. In addition, they ingest traces of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

This combination of nutrient deficiency and absorption of harmful substances leads to weaker body resistance and lower vital energy, creating an ideal terrain for the development of diseases.

Soil degradation has another major effect: lower permeability, leading to flooding, itself provoking erosion. In hot climates, when the upper layers are gone, desertification can start.

If you walk near a field (unless it is cultivated organically; true organic that is), you will notice how few insects there are hovering over the plants. If you plunge your hand in the soil, you will feel how hard it is; it will disintegrate through your fingers, like little bits of old concrete. And you will not find worms.

If you let your intuitive sensor function, you will perceive no vibrations from the field, quite unlike the joyous concert of positive vibes that you would pick up in a healthy forest. Your intuition simply confirms what honest science tells us: most agricultural land is dead, poisonous, and makes people and animals ill.

Two genial agronomists, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, have studied all this in detail. And they are developing practical methods to gradually restore the quality of soils.

Here is their website:

Fear not, plunge your hands in the soil.



Bartering system in Greek town

As we hear ominous cracks in the global financial system, some people in a Greek town are reinventing bartering and local currency:

It makes you look forward to when bankers’ bonuses will have turned into smoke and our food will be local and bio-dynamic.

Only a question of time.

Fear not, smile to your neighbours.



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The first six months, and the future

This blog was started six months ago. Time to check where we are.

Two things initially prompted my urge to write:

(1) there is much more to reality than the dominant paradigm recognizes

(2) the global crisis is unprecedented in human history.

Many people accept that the crisis is so fundamental that a new approach is called for.

But only a few realise just how radically different the new approach has to be.

We’re not talking about patching up, but about brushing aside a whole belief system and replacing it by another one infinitely more subtle.

A number of the posts were aimed at showing that the dominant way of thinking not only cannot deliver credible solutions to the crisis, but is actually at the root of problems.

Other posts introduced an alternative paradigm and outlined its logic and decisive advantages.

A major difficulty remains however: how to swim during the transition.

The point is that the failing system is still dominant for the time being. Nobody knows when and how it will disappear. Nobody can imagine how a new situation will arise on the planet.

Such uncertainty is very scary for a lot of people, but much less so for the few who are able to rise above their little ego, keep their fear in check and reach their higher self.

Future posts will offer practical tips on how to live aligned to the new paradigm in the world as it is today.

Other posts will be devoted to monitoring the accelerating crisis: financial collapse, extreme environmental degradation, hardening of plutocratic power, general disinformation, etc.

Some posts will explore the vast domain of the “paranormal”. They will show that a number of “paranormal” phenomena do occur beyond any doubt, and make a lot of sense in the new paradigm.

They will also provide a rationale to discern between genuine paranormal phenomena and scams or bizarre beliefs of little interest except for the impressionable and credulous.

Hopefully these texts will be useful to you in your spiritual journey. And hopefully they will be entertaining and energizing.

Do come back and visit this site regularly. Let your friends know about it.

Many thanks for your support so far.

Fear not, meditate and laugh.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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