Technology of the dark according to SW

I really love this piece by Stuart Wilde, so I reproduce it here below.

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Technology of the Dark

Technology is a left-brain force that seeks to establish miraculous powers—dark ones for the most part. It’s the left-brain mimicking and striving for the transcendence of the right brain.

For example, imaging systems that spy on us from satellites above attempt to replicate remote viewing and extra-sensory perception. The space-walk mimics the out-of-body experience. Mobile phones are technology’s version of telepathy. Television is the attempt to copy the omnipresence of god that is everywhere at the same time. Massive computers that crunch information on citizen’s personal details attempt to imitate the all-knowing, the omnipotence of god. Genetic engineering seeks the god-like power to create life; plastic surgery is the act of the aging, egocentric human, hoping for immortality.

Angelic beings in the higher dimensions have a celestial immortality; the transdimensional ghouls that are earth-bound here, don’t have it. They die for a lack of energy as we do. Immortality is the one thing they would give everything for. A human’s desire for the same immortality is in fact a ghoulish expression of our inner darkness. That is why seeking immortality drives lots of medical research, like the work on stem cells, for example. Immortality is alluring. And of course the promise of immortality is the central tenet (lie) of all organized religions.

Supremacy, control, specialness, chosen people, blue bloods, VIPs, business and political associations, members and non-members, the jet-set and the in-crowd, along with the selling of glamour, are all shadow manifestations of the would-be immortalist inside of us. The point of the “us and them” mentality is that the “them people” are lowly humans whose destiny is to die, and the “us people” are elevated humans that imagine they belong to a higher spirituality, and that they won’t die. Or, if they do die they are told they will be transported to a special heaven with other “us” people. The spiritual elevation of the chosen few is the left-brain’s attempt to effortlessly raise the ego up toward redemption and a spiritual transcendence.

Each of these manifestations of the mind of the elitist, the would-be immortal human, is fed to us from another place by the madness of the transdimensional ghouls. These are real beings like you and me; they have an evolution and an identity and they project energy to us from with their world, which is at 240° round the compass if you are facing north, and below you at a tangent of 45° downwards. What we see in our world are the pomposities of the demonic-mind that would mimic transcendence because it has lost its spirituality and become cold and evil.

The ghouls descended and lost their power eons ago, just as our human evolution is also descending gradually. For a while we may have made advances in medical knowledge, high-tech bombs and sneaky technologies that give our rulers an absolute power over us, in fact our spirituality is fading. The sun is setting on our collective soul, as we fall backwards into the cold arms of the ghouls. The only protection we ever had was our warmth and that was cleverly programmed out of most people with television.

Hundreds of millions of humans have already been abducted mentally by the ghouls, who use the abductees for heat, while they wait for them to die so their spirits will be added to the ghouls’ numbers, to enhance their world, their hopes and dreams. It’s a form of farming. Tricky ideas are projected from within the dark Second World into the minds of man, drip, drip . Television is used to help the process along. It’s a numbers game. Some humans resist and they stay warm and they say “no” and millions say, “yes”, for the elitist searching for immortality will cling to any straw. The pulse of the ghouls, their sentiments if you like, are very clever in that they play to one’s self-importance. It feels good to many to imagine they are chosen and special, it makes them feel important, the more important the ego feels, the safer it feels.

Technology could have been used just for the greater good but it became a destructive power, wielded by ice-cold humans that are indentured to a horror they know little if anything about. Eventually the microchip will not only watch our every move but it will be inserted in humans shortly after birth as the ultimate monitoring device, humans will lose their individuality to enter a drone-like existence as programmed killers for the state, in effect they will become robotic assets of warring states.

This programming is already being achieved today without the implant by brainwashing citizens into believing they are threatened by an outside force—non-existent al Qaeda bombers for example. Just as Hitler convinced the German people via the radio that Communist Reds were infiltrating society to take over the fatherland. Today the fatherland is called the Homeland—same rubbish, different incarnation.

But the good news is that although technology could eventually allow for a soul crushing existence for ordinary humans, the microchip is vulnerable to a surge in electromagnetic energy. The entire global control system could burn out in a flash. I don’t think the left-brain is allowed to grant itself transcendence, and perhaps the technological lock-down of humanity will not be allowed by the spiritual powers-that-be.

My old teacher said that at the time of Atlantis they developed a silicone implant that was inserted in the spine of citizens as a control mechanism. Strangely, he told me about the silicone chip almost ten years before the chip was invented, rather clever I’d say. He went on to say that the silicon chip of the Atlanteans was the reason why they were destroyed. He said they were eliminated by a pole shift. I have no idea how he knew that, or if my ol’ teacher was right or not, but it all sounded jolly encouraging.

Technology will become rancid as it attempts to subjugate the world, and it may succeed to a certain degree, but its ultimate fate is to falter and leave the controllers stranded.

Many thanks to Stuart Wilde for this illuminating post.

Fear not, remember the lamp of the wicked shall be put out, no matter how sophisticated it looks.




Skiing on snow from sewage

Here is a perfect illustration of the abyss between the materialist worldview and the holistic paradigm upheld by native tribes and others:

In a nutshell, expansion plans of a ski resort in the San Francisco Peaks include clear-cutting 74 acres of forest and piping treated sewage effluent onto a mountain to make snow.

The plans are opposed by a coalition of environmental groups and 13 American Indian tribes, which consider the mountain sacred and view the wastewater snow as a desecration.

A federal appeal court just ruled in favour of the ski resort’s plans.

Now remember the magic of water (see post The subtle structures of water published on 7 June 2012) and try and imagine the disharmony of the structures in the sewage based snow.

But, for the materialists, given the effects of climate change ski resorts will need low cost artificial snow to keep up with the winter sport calendar and survive economically.

Fear not, enjoy the sight of snow when it falls from the sky.


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

QE is their only card

Faced with a weak economy, central banks in the US, UK, Eurozone, Japan and other countries are engaging in further rounds of “Quantitative Easing” (QE).

This means they buy bonds in financial markets with new money that they just create for the purpose. The effect is to keep interest rates down and to inject cash in the economy.

The logic of the exercise was explained in detail by the US central bank (“the Fed”) when it embarked on such programmes in November 2010:

And the same logic is invoked again these days.

The Fed says it’s doing this to reduce unemployment by supporting demand for goods and services through more money flowing in the economy and cheaper credit for potential buyers.

Most experts doubt that this will work, pointing out that there is already a vast amount of money in circulation, and that what hampers demand is a general lack of confidence.

In fact new money created by central banks when buying bonds goes straight in the pockets of investors.

The latter use this money to acquire investible assets such as bonds, shares, derivative financial products, property and commodities, which pushes these markets up.

But very little new money actually trickles down into the “real economy”, i.e. purchases of (new) goods and services produced by the workforce.

In other words QE contributes to asset inflation while having hardly any effect on jobs.

The true reason for carrying out QE is not to protect jobs but to keep heavily indebted governments, banks and property owners afloat, thereby preventing massive defaults on debts which might bring down the global financial system.

While central banks in cahoots with governments are playing this big trick, companies keep squeezing their workforce. With the consequence that large sections of the middle classes (from whom comes most of the demand in the economy) are now poorer and feeling vulnerable.

No good news for demand; more weakness in the economy triggering yet more restructuring by companies.

The global economy looks on the brink of a downward spiral, but governments and central banks have no other card up their sleeves than QE.

As said over and over again on this blog, there are no technical “solutions” to the apparent global crisis as long as most people have their minds trapped in the materialist mode of thinking.

But a subtle change is happening beneath the surface, which a minority of intuitive individuals can already perceive.

Fear not, sharpen your intuitive capacity.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Winners and losers

Here is a very clear talk on “who is winning and who is losing” by independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

While he focuses on the US, the essence of his talk also applies to the UK, to most of continental Europe, and to many other countries.

The shocking situation described here is only the logical consequence of the materialist world view, and its attendant fear, greed, competition and glorification of power.

Fear not, keep being informed.



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Economic debate turns like loose screw

Nobel prize winner in economics Paul Krugman published an article entitled “Money for nothing” in yesterday’s New York Times.

It’s well written, sounds superificially convincing, but like other opinions on what to do with the economy is fraught with major contradictions.

Taking a few minutes to read it, find the fallacies and have a look through the comments is worth the effort:

Many of the comments are almost poignant in their desperation.

Here is an example:

“Finally the lights came on for me. The reason that we need to worry about debt and get into austerity mode is because the “job creators” have no intention of creating jobs. Our economy has become an artificial world that only involves big player “investors.” They want an already broke populace to pay the bills of the investor class. Were the economy to actually get back to say, 60 years ago with nearly full employment, tax revenues would skyrocket solving the deficit problem. What the top tier wants is a slave class, perhaps in China, that will provide all the nuts and bolts so that they can continue their addictions to Gucci stuff and multi-thousand square foot homes so they can feel all that addictive power”. (comment posted on TNYT web site by Suzanne Wheat. It received a string of approvals).

Most comments illustrate that nobody is able to come up with anything resembling a coherent solution to the global economic challenge.

And we know why: because the problem is much broader than just economic, it is societal, environmental, demographic…The results of the materialist world view are coming home to roost.

Accelerating change on the planet is vibrational. Energies are reaching high noon at a spiritual level. Way above the head of any Nobel prize winner, particularly in a fake science like economics.

Fear not, calmly keep your eyes wide open.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

What are they afraid of ?

The people who run the system are on edge these days.

Somehow they must sense their own disharmony is going to become unbearable.

They’re right.

Nurturing the constant obsession of imagined enemies and threats, and the false necessity of looking at the rest of creation as competitors leads to total exhaustion. Their system of thoughts, beliefs and values is exhausted.

Only kindness, love, cheerfulness and trust bring lasting energy.

Here is the link to check on the totally disharmonious logo of the London Olympics:

…and a funny article on a special corps policing to protect the business of sponsors:

Fear not, polish your appreciation of beauty wherever it lies.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

Shades of conspiracy

The 7/7 London bombings took place exactly 7 years ago today.

You don’t have to be an expert in conspiracy theories to realise that official accounts of 7/7 are rich in confusion and contradictions.

This said, the implication of British authorities in the London bombings is less easy to demonstrate convincingly in few words than the complicity of (some inside) US authorities in the 9/11 attack.

For 9/11, things are glaringly obvious.

Of the seven World Trade Center towers, the famous two directly hit by planes and a smaller third one collaterally damaged all collapsed in free fall on their own footprints, which is technically impossible without controlled destruction implying elaborate preparations ahead of the event.

Such preparations would have required fairly unhindered access to the buildings, implying at least tacit consent by the authorities, all the more so in this case since the third tower housed  offices of the mayor of New York and of the CIA.

Significant facts about this story are summarized in a well known article of The New York Times already referred to in a previous post of this blog:

Concerning 7/7, I would invite you to do your own research, bearing in mind the context of the time.

Remember mid 2005; two years after attacking Iraq, PM Tony Blair, a master liar and twisted personality, was trying to justify a train of anti terrorist measures and to gather support for a continuing very unpopular war.

All three bombings occurred within a few seconds at different spots in London, and a security official declared to the BBC that he had been involved in an exercise consisting in simulating simultaneous bombings on distant spots within the capital. He had been very surprised to see simulation actually replaced by reality. How strange. Sheer coincidence, he said.

Research and think it through for yourself. Here is the link to the wikipedia piece on 7/7:

Daring lies, manipulations and cover-ups by authorities are not confined to security matters and war. They are prevalent in many fields: health care (effects of vaccination), nuclear energy (true situation at Fukushima and more generally Japan), portable phones (alleged innocuousness of HF waves), children protection (extent of paedophile networks involving VIP’s), etc., etc.

On most such matters, information contradicting official lies or silence is often not so difficult to find and cross relate, but it takes time. And Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen are far too busy trying to survive in the contemporary economic jungle to have any time and energy left for such research.

Besides, when matters seem complex and confuse, their inclination is to trust authorities. The idea that authorities are largely corrupt is not as readily accepted as one might expect.

Are all big lies and manipulations part of a unique master plot by a very small group of would be rulers of the world? – difficult to know of course.

What looks fairly obvious is the shared mentality of materialism, arrogant ego, mean spirit of many folks in positions of power. But it is far from evident that they seek to act like one, and if they did, that they would succeed in achieving effective coordination of their designs.

To sum up, many conspiracies – yes; a master conspiracy – probably not; a shared mentality at the top with destructive consequences – definitely.

If you consider things in the bigger picture at the level of the universe, the negative mentality of some beings on planet earth is a spiritual phenomenon.

Ultimately, the only efficient way to counter conspiracies and all other forms of evil is emitting positive energy through pure love. Ultimately, you and I have no enemy, no reason to hate or fight anyone.

Fear not, let your soul reach the stars.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2012

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