Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 16th (and final) instalment


numérisation0058If you are on a journey from honest rationalism to freedom and spirituality, I hope this book has provided you with enough material to bolster your confidence in your own intuition.

Deep down you’ve always felt that something was shaky and shallow in society’s mainstream narrative. Reality is far more subtle that what we’re told by the system. Yet the system impresses because it plays on fear and the whims of ego. It has a firm grip on education, science, justice… It has authority. It is Authority. But only in the thin layer of reality that we perceive through the distorted lenses of the belief system downloaded in our minds.

Evidence of the subtle side of reality is massive and beyond doubt. Part I outlined a few aspects of this mountain of evidence. I would encourage you to conduct your own research, and test, compare and verify as much as possible by yourself.

Present developments on the planet are accelerating beyond anything anyone could have imagined a few decades ago. Part II shed light on a few historical trends and focused on the global crisis and the role of the elite in nurturing the crisis and manipulating events and information to create confusion, anxiety and ultimately total subservience out of fear.

Recognising all this, the crucial question left for the ex rationalist is “what is the purpose of my life in this mess and how can I navigate through it all to fulfil my life mission?” Part III sought to convey the potentially luminous simplicity of our relationship with “Presence”, that silent little voice, always present, always wise. This relationship is dynamic and beautiful; it’s a dance, a clever dance. Every step is new, every step is an adventure, a discovery. Some steps can be hard, even seemingly cruel. But as one learns to dance and to understand how Presence guides us, it becomes obvious that all joys and hardships alike are guiding messages.

The ultimate challenge is to find the courage to always follow Presence’s silent recommendations, even when our intellect fails to grasp their rationale. This is true for the smallest everyday things and for the most crucial choices in life. This is true for purely personal matters, such as one’s own physical health, and is also true for our participation in the collective destiny of humans and other creatures on the planet.


To access the full book in pdf format : The Subtle Dance


Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


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