Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 15th instalment

Part III. Follow your soul

Out of slavery

Only continual interaction with the gentle Presence inside us is of real help in today’s world. Although most people sense that something is profoundly wrong with the all pervasive fear and stubborn egotism that dominate society, they can’t put their finger on the root of the problem and have no idea of how things could be improved. As a matter of fact we’re all subjected to intensive mind control designed to maintain us in a state of confusion and frightened bewilderment. The rat race seems an inescapable fact of life and continual competition in every field is routinely presented as the very dynamics of existence, whereas in reality it is a pathetic dead end struggle between bruised little egos.

The core difficulty is that there does not seem to be any credible alternative to that pointless rat race. At least not as long we remain trapped in the mindset forced on us by the occult powers running the show in “this world”. These have thoroughly brainwashed us with themes of fear, judgement, guilt, hatred, separation, hierarchy, and the absurdly restrictive belief that what we see is all there is. Regaining our freedom requires giving up these ideas and realising that society’s dominant elite is possessed by misguided spiritual entities.

Events on the planet are presently so shocking that it looks as if the elite had given up any real pretence to be acting for the common good. The masks are down. And yet so many people still refuse to see the obvious. Because they are in fear and totally absorbed by the survival game. Fear is instilled by a comprehensive system of indoctrination involving virtually every mainstream institution and relayed down society’s hierarchical lines by lots of different people, many of then naively sincere. There lies a big challenge: to have to question practically everything we’ve been told, even by our parents, teachers, family doctor and other well meaning individuals who genuinely thought what they told us was true and in our best interest to know. Their intent was good, but they were themselves trapped in the powerful belief system created to control humanity. A cycle of mind control which has repeated itself over and over for generations.

Today, we have a chance to break the cycle, because we can see what goes on at the global level, which previous generations couldn’t. Subtle vibrational changes are taking place, which sensitive folks can feel quite distinctly. The controlling forces know that their power is under threat and they do all they can to create more panic, agitation and distractions than ever before in order to keep everyone in the mental prison. This is quite evident from all the senseless military activity intensifying around the globe, from the repeated alerts about supposedly deadly viruses and unprecedented epidemics, from the engineered economic and migration crises, all whipped up at nauseam by the media which at the same time devote a vast amount of attention to trivialities like sport competitions and celebrity shows interspersed with silly adverts.

The very excesses of this torrent of manipulation and trivia are giving the plot away. A dying monster is spitting fire in desperation. We can see it all so clearly. Now how do we navigate through that extraordinary environment? Our ultimate personal guide is Presence. And the way to signal to Presence that we are ready to follow its guidance is by aligning with unconditional integrity, love, compassion and forgiveness for all, including ourselves. When we say “all”, this means more than all humans, it means all creatures: plants, water, stones, animals, and invisible entities of any kind. This is natural spirituality, inclusive and holistic. It’s a trusting embrace of the universe.

In a way natural spirituality is extremely simple, frighteningly simple. Too simple, at first, to be readily accepted by our reasoning intellect. The latter is clever at raising possible objections. You’re not going to trust science any more? Are you rejecting the religion of your fathers? You know that “real life” is a hard struggle, don’t you? You’re not going to start daydreaming about hairy fairy stuff, are you? … etc., etc. Before clinging back to the fears and limitations of your panicky intellect, ask yourself if your intellect, or anybody’s intellect, is capable of making coherent sense of what goes on in the world, and of conceiving “solutions”, collective or personal. If you are lucid and honest, you have to admit that the intellect can’t do it, because it is a very limited tool that won’t bring you very far at all.

And if, by contrast, you think back of the synchronicities and subtle messages you received at different points in your life, you have to admit that the power of Presence is much greater than that of the intellect. This is experiential evidence. Ultimately it is the only evidence at our disposal to choose our path. Either the path of materialistic and dogmatic beliefs or the path of natural spirituality with Presence guiding every aspect of our life.

At this juncture, words are too narrow and limiting to convey the message. Only in your personal interaction with Presence can you find the energy and enlightenment to move forward. There are of course practical things you can do to facilitate spiritual progress. Like meditating, going in the fresh air and exercising, interacting with animals and plants, eating healthy non industrial food, relying on alternative forms of healing, reducing the time spent using electronic gadgets…etc. These are very good habits, but at the end of the day they are not the essential.

The essential is the ability to hear the inner little voice of Presence and the courage to follow its advice even when your intellect can’t immediately figure out the rationale for that advice. Whenever you have that courage you invariably find out that the rationale for what Presence suggested always appears at some stage. The key is that Presence knows. Presence is not hindered by the barrier of time. Presence is aware of the full spectrum of potentialities. He/she knows that if you do this or that the consequences will be a or b. On that basis it advises you and then leaves you free to follow the advice or to ignore it.

The problem of most people is that they can’t hear Presence’s little voice because their mind is too distracted by all the noise from society amplified by their ego. In the previous chapter we have seen techniques to keep the ego under control so as to regain the ability to hear the inner little voice. Say you have acquired that ability. That’s marvellous. But then the choice is yours: either following the advice as it is, even if you can’t see its rational justification, or letting your intellect take over, reason, speculate and lead you on a different path. Anyone brought up in the Western way of thinking will be extremely tempted to trust his intellect rather than Presence’s little voice. At that point you have to gather the courage to resist the sirens of the intellect and trust Presence totally.

A practical way to learn to do this is to experiment first with little things. Here is an example I have experienced myself recently. While cleaning up our garage which is full of stuff, I tore a panel of hard cardboard into pieces and was about to throw them all in the paper and cardboard bin when I felt the little voice advising me very strongly to keep three pieces of a certain size. Why on earth would Presence interfere with such a mundane activity as throwing away pieces of cardboard? Anyway I followed this incomprehensible advice. Within minutes it turned out that the three pieces I had kept fitted perfectly at the bottom of an old wooden fruit box which I was very glad to be able to use to keep half used pots of paints, bushes and other stuff.

You may wonder why Presence gets involved into such unimportant matters. The thing is that Presence is queen to help us with little as well as with more important aspects of our life. In fact, unlike the earth bound intellect, eternal Presence isn’t obsessed with distinctions and separations: when does something begin to be “important”? The only thing that matters is whether we are on the path of our mission in life which can be anything that facilitates our spiritual progress towards complete alignment with unconditional love. All the rest is detail for which we can simply trust Presence.

But you don’t have to believe me. Experiment by yourself. Just be attentive to the next messages of your own Presence, follow them if they don’t seem too risky and see what happens. Once you will have experimented a few times with little things and seen by yourself how it works, you will have the confidence to trust Presence for matters that, in your eyes, seem more important.

You might think that this business of Presence sounds quite promising at an individual level but wonder how it could ever help solve the immense and apparently intractable problems of mankind. And therefore doubt that it could seriously help your children and grand children have a decent life in an increasingly chaotic society and degraded environment. That is where trust in your inner Presence takes on a truly universal dimension. When you become free from the mind control imposed on society by occult entities through the ego’s of a corrupt elite, you radiate positive subtle energy in the universe, and when enough of us become free and begin to generate such positive subtle energy, a critical mass is reached and the whole game of visible “reality” is changed at a fundamental level.

Here again you don’t have to believe me. Observe by yourself what goes on in the world. Observe your own reactions, and how they change once you start following your own Presence’s flow of suggestions and guidance.

Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014


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