Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 12th instalment

Part II: The heavy side of reality

Ego and dark entities

When you consider the chain of events which led to the present mess on our planet you wonder how and why it happened. Could it just have been a series of haphazard circumstances? Mindless evolution through pure chance without conscious intention? The probabilities of each single event are so ridiculously low that the whole scenario is simply impossible. And yet it happened. If we look at things only on the visible level the whole story eludes us. Somehow we have to come to terms with the inescapable evidence that what we see are visible manifestations of something happening at a different level of reality.

From our insights into the subtle realm we can think of “all there is” as an infinite field of energy, information, and consciousness steeped in unlimited non judgemental love. Such a vision is quite consistent with the harmony we see everywhere in nature. But it isn’t particularly easy to reconcile with the human history of violence and meanness. What is it in the whole scheme that turns human beings into such difficult, negative self harming creatures? We don’t know, but we can try prudent assumptions. Such as to imagine that in the subtle layers of reality distinct energy entities follow their own agenda not in alignment with universal love.

Many religious or esoteric traditions have offered images and stories of entities in the subtle realm interfering with creatures of our world. These entities – spirits, angels, demons.. – could be benign or malign. Some could have been incarnated as humans and others not, and some could be creatures from other planets or even other universes. More prosaically, subtle entities might just be clouds of thoughts and emotions potentially affecting our souls, minds and bodies. Metaphysical technicalities are not essential. What matters in the end is that subtle entities of one shape or another do interfere with us. And they do it largely through interacting with our own ego.

The ego is the mortal part of us. The one that sees itself separate from the rest of the universe and uses the reasoning intellect to try and deal with material things. There are very different facets to ego. It can appear arrogant and bullying or take on the clothes of humility and generosity. It can express itself though a whinny little voice or through noisy boasting. In whatever shape or role it turns up the ego is preoccupied with the “outside”: other peoples’ attitudes and judgements, society’s expectations, assumed dangers from the environment. It tends to see the outside as mainly hostile and is therefore steeped in fear and insecurity. The latter prevents the mind from reaching a relaxed confidence in the universe conducive to intuitive guidance. And disconnection from intuitive guidance attracts malign entities through resonance. Let’s explain that: each type of thought or emotion has its own “frequency”, like each sound or each colour. Thoughts and emotions of a negative streak such as fear, hatred, guilt, pessimism and so forth have low frequencies. And they resonate with subtle entities in the low frequency range. Think also of the universe as a vast computer network and each of us as a terminal. Any software can be downloaded on your terminal, including viruses, destructive programmes. Call the latter misguided entities. These keep trying to sneak into the human body-mind-soul system to feed from its energy. When they have managed to sneak into your system these entities create havoc. Not just in your conscious thoughts, but also in your emotions, in your unconscious attitudes, in the cellular memory of your body tissues. They make you un-well, fearful and aggressive. Think of when you were in a state of violent, uncontrollable rage, shouting, perhaps throwing stuff and hitting. Haven’t you thought afterwards, or even during the episode, “I wasn’t myself”? And indeed you weren’t yourself; your system was controlled by some entity or entities. When your energy is being sucked away by entities attached to you, your ego unconsciously starts looking out for things to meet its lack; it can be objects, money, relationships, alcohol, drugs, attention-seeking illnesses…whatever. This is happening to every human to some degree.

We can’t pretend that all this is the full and only truth. But it is a very useful model to shift one’s attitudes and relationships with fellow human beings, other creatures, oneself and life in general. The purpose of such a shift is to attract more positive events. This will be explained in detail in part III. At this stage we are simply going to be pragmatic and use this fairly simple metaphysical model to get a sense of what might be behind the movement of history through to the present apparent dead end. Not for the sake of satisfying our intellectual ego but as a foundation for positive, free and lucid mindset and action.

We have outlined how the ego can easily get entangled with entities that suck energy away from an individual and keep him disconnected from Source. And we have noted that this happens to virtually everybody to some degree. With this in mind, let us now consider the ruling elite who are driving society and the planet to utter chaos. Clearly these guys’ egos are entangled with viciously corrupt entities. And it appears obvious that many generations of rulers and mighty folks throughout history have been similarly “possessed”. Most of them were probably unaware of being effectively controlled by entities. There is no need to hate them retrospectively. Even the little man with a moustache who led the Nazis was in fact just a poor soul completely trapped by entities. As for today’s members of the elite, a lot of them probably suffer quite badly themselves even when living in visible comfort and “benefiting” from the trappings of power and success. If asked, they would probably deny their suffering, and pretend they are proud and happy to have made it to the top. Why then did ex prime ministers and presidents turn senile relatively shortly after leaving power? Why did super successful entrepreneurs died from cancer at a relatively young age? Not that they had lacked material comfort or intellectual stimulation. Is it perhaps that they experienced unbearable tensions, and losing their minds or bodies was their escape?

Infestation of the mind and runaway egos are not limited to people at the top. They can be found at all levels of society. And someone fairly highly positioned might actually be less infected than a low rank tyrant or sadist. In any case it is pointless to judge anybody, and not only pointless but totally unhelpful to hate or resent anyone. Negativity is cumulative. Resenting someone who has harmed you doesn’t wipe out the harm, it compounds it. That may be difficult to accept because we have been raised with this idea of justice and retribution. When pardon is granted, it is often conceded with a sort of condescending magnanimity perched on the moral high ground. But the whole moral business is a colossal distraction. Trying endlessly to know what is moral or immoral is pure waste of time and energy. It’s part of the deception trap. Low frequency thoughts always resonate with entities in the same frequency range. The only thing that can shift your life, and all lives, towards harmony and wellbeing is love, absolute unconditional love. Without judgement. Without preferences. Love of all. If you start segregating and think “oh I hate that bastard because he’s done such and such” you fall in the trap. The trap of non love based on judgements. In part III of the book we will look at a very simple but powerful technique for cleansing our mind and body software of unhelpful judgements.

We are beginning to get a sense of why human beings so often appear to be difficult, negative self harming creatures. It’s not, as self proclaimed “hard realists” maintain, that mankind is fundamentally bad, and that all we can do is to put in place organisations and moral codes to try and control the effects of human evil. This has been done for generations. And the result is clearly disastrous, suggesting that the underlying model is not appropriate. We use an entirely different model. We recognise that humans have a link to absolute perfection and kindness through their higher self, but that their ego often falls prey to entities which divert energy and cause disharmonious behaviour. In many cases, this simple metaphysical model provides clearer explanations of human behaviour than complicated theories from conventional psychology.

However we have to go a step further and stretch our model to account for collective dynamics beyond individual behaviour. How could the mere interplay of different ego’s entangled by entities have led to the Inquisition, to the slave trade, to millions of young men complying with orders sending them to the trenches in WWI, to the incredible horrors of WWII, to more than 2000 tests of nuclear weapons carried out after the second world war, to several thousands of nuclear weapons being deployed now ready to use at a moment’s notice, to systematic destruction of soils and eco-systems, to crazy uses of hard technologies in life sciences and medicine, etc. etc. In each situation, at every point in history including now, leaders, underlings and foot soldiers contribute to the chain. For example, there must be someone paid to take the dust off nuclear missiles. Well, perhaps not. But there were and are millions of people paid to execute operational tasks in all these sectors. Salesmen, technicians, accountants, receptionists, soldiers, doctors, nurses,.. They contribute to the smooth operation of systems with incredibly powerful effects on people and nature. Are they aware of these effects? Does it bother them? Perhaps to some extent. But then they need a job, an income. They have a social position, commitments, a mortgage to serve.

When you consider a doctor or a nurse in the medical system, they can still kid themselves that they are doing more good than harm. In some cases that is true. But what about when they are injecting multiple vaccination cocktails into babies or encouraging teenage girls and young women to be vaccinated for cervical cancer, knowing how controversial these procedures are? And the people in the military industries, in pesticides, or GMO’s. Are they blind and deaf? And those in the media and entertainment sectors which propagate utter rubbish, or in the education system which disseminates a narrow vision of science and knowledge split into disconnected silos to serve the interests of the establishment. Many things are interlinked in the global society, and most people are directly or indirectly serving organisations that are far from clean and innocent. This may be more brutally evident nowadays than in the past. But in fact it is not new. In a number of authoritarian regimes, pretty much everybody had to serve the system or be in real trouble. In feudal societies dominated by aristocracies and religious elites there was not much room for visible dissent. There is like a red line of tyranny running from ancient times thousands of years before the Christian era right through to our ultra sophisticated global system. What is it that keeps it going?

Some conspiracy theorists claim that entities have deliberately targeted humans over very long periods to harvest their vital energy. Specifically their energy emitted at low frequencies, associated with fear, violence, or hatred. This is why leaders under their control are given the job of driving the masses to disharmony and conflict. And why these same leaders always foster patriarchal regimes hard on women and nature, and impose dogmatic visions stifling intuitive connection with the subtle realm. That may seem a far fetched story, but we have to admit that it accounts rather well for a lot of what is going on. So we can use it as a model to help think through the best way to respond to the situation, which at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. If we accept the premise that entities interfering with us, whatever their nature, are after low vibration energy, we have an important clue to determine which types of response may work and which are bound to yield poor results. Do you remember these massive popular anti war demonstrations a decade ago? They did not prevent the US and UK governments from attacking Iraq. And more generally, have you noticed how disappointing are the effects of most activism? Why should that be so? Because in their desire to fight what they regard as evil, well meaning activists often unwittingly generate substantial low vibration energy in resonance with the issues they are trying to address. And this low vibration energy actually feeds the entities behind the problem. It isn’t defeatist mentality to recognise the phenomenon. On the contrary, being totally lucid paves the way for an effective response.

Leaving invisible entities aside for a minute, we can observe that most things going on in society involve groups, communities and organisations such as companies, churches, hospitals, schools, etc. Each group or organisation has its own dynamics, its own members and supporters, and its own opponents. And it picks up energy from all of them, whether friend or foe. The different groups and organisations are in constant competition to attract energy from individuals. You and I are for ever solicited to give off attention and energy. When you think of yourself as British, or Catholic, or middle class, or employee of company X, or feminist, or paying too much tax, you are in effect giving a form of loyalty or opposition, and therefore energy, to a group, organisation or informal cause. The latter, whatever its nature, is feeding off you. This happens at a subtle level, and you are probably unaware of the extent to which it creates a drag on your energy and places limiting beliefs in your mind. Whether there are invisible entities lurching behind the groups harvesting our energy is less important that the dynamics at work.

Having energy effectively sucked away from us happens in one to one relations as much as when groups or organisations are involved. We all know individuals who are real energy vampires. They may be bullies or whiners, but are in any case true manipulators.

And to probe even closer, we often waste energy without anybody but ourselves and our own demons involved. Say you have a low self esteem and even a sense of shame in you for an unclear reason – perhaps your great great granny was abused in her teens, or you were a slave in a previous incarnation, who knows. In any case, the low self esteem deep in your system destroys your vital energy.

To sum up, referring to invisible entities, whatever they are, is admittedly very speculative. However what matters is not so much to know “the truth”, which we obviously can’t, but to have a reasonably coherent model to help us find a way to deal with existence more effectively than through materialist-cum-dogmatic subservience. The latter brings only misery to individuals and contributes to the general mess. But we can choose another dance with reality. And this is the subject of part III which follows.

Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014



[1]Whereas the soul, or spirit or Higher Self is the eternal part of us connected to the subtle realm.

[2]Even when they talk of gender equality, which is code name for turning women into robotic male equivalents


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