Serialised book: “The Subtle Dance” – 9th instalment

Part II: The heavy side of reality

Society’s narrative

Reality may be infinitely vast and wonderfully subtle, but most of the time it looks as if our personal life is confined to a tiny box and spoiled by all kinds of material constraints. This is a distressing paradox. The key to transcending it lies in changing our perceptions, which implies getting rid of a heavy baggage of emotions, judgements and beliefs that affect them.

Much of that baggage comes from our parents, school, friends and society generally. There is a kind of ubiquitous narrative sustained by society which tends to impress us, to intimidate us, to make us feel small, weak and fundamentally on our own. We must stop being intimidated, and realise that the narrative is made up. Let’s bear in mind that all visible events are determined by subtle energy flows, by what goes on in the fundamental information field behind everything.

The current crisis on the planet, with its acute ecological dimension, with its conflicts, its social disharmony, its financial corruption, and all the rest of it, is just the manifestation of energy based phenomena not directly perceived by our ordinary senses. If we try to muddle through the present environment using only conventional knowledge and so-called rational reasoning we are bound to find the journey painful and doomed to failure, because the tight knot of challenges and contradictions is just mind boggling.

We need to develop a capacity to see through appearances, to debunk the dominant narrative, to distance ourselves from its noxious waves of fear, hatred, distrust and coldness. A good way to start is to whizz through the recent history of mankind to see how the present crisis came about.

Copyright © Leo Foresta 2014




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