The practical side of connecting to Source

When you feel the heat of bills to pay, tensions at work, worries about kids, etc., the idea of connecting to Source may sound like a fairy tale. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with “real life”, could it?

And yet, yes, it has precisely everything to do with real life, as opposed to the 3D show with special effects our mind experiences as real life when it is totally disconnected from Source and totally impressed by society’s b…s….

In fact, connecting to Source implies a very strong sense of here and now, of physical presence, of close attention to everything going on around. A close attention without (too much) fear, without (too many) prejudgments, but with (a great deal of) sharpened curiosity and (almost) complete open mindedness.

How do you get into that state?

This you have to find out by yourself. It’s a personal journey. But at the same time you will notice that more and more folks are embarking on that sort of journey. Something subtle, yet powerful, is happening at the collective level.

All websites and books devoted to alternative news and alternative thinking keep telling us that the system is reaching the end the road. Some speak of collapse, others of the end of a cycle, or change of era, or emerging paradigm… Whatever the words, something is the air.

So you are not alone. But the connection to Source you have to achieve by yourself.

Personally I still find it difficult to achieve and sustain this connection. Years of disconnection, fear, and indoctrination into society’s belief system have created a kind of mental rigidity which is not so easy to shake off.

And the rigidity is not just in the conscious mind. It is also physical, deep in cellular memory, deep into the unconscious neurological system. Your muscles in the neck, back, stomach or round the eyes tense up in a given situation, because memories of fear and threats are activated without your being aware of it.

The journey towards fluid and sustained connection to Source is littered with these obstacles. But you and I, and everybody else, can overcome them all. And the big vibrations of collective shift are helping us.

I have experimented with a couple of techniques and tricks which seem to help.

The first, and by far the most important, is to think of Source as the ultimate friend. French writer and philosopher George Barbarin used the words Invisible Partner or simply the Friend (l’Ami).

Whatever happens, l’Ami is always close, always on your side. He keeps sending you messages, he puts signposts along your path, and warms your heart at the slightest manifestation of beauty, fun or tenderness. When you nurture the sense of His permanent presence, life seems to become significantly lighter.

Then there is Ho’oponopono, the extraordinary Hawaiian purification mantra: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you”. This works wonders in situations where relationships with other people (or animals, things, or events) threaten to be problematic.

By silently saying these words of love, gratitude and forgiveness, your clear the information connections between others and you; you erase unfounded judgments, prejudices and baseless fears. You address the words to Source in relation to people or things, and you soon notice that the people or things concerned seem less troublesome.

This, a materialist might say, is just the effect of a changed mindset. Fine; it works. Anyway, our only reality is what our mind perceives. Metaphysicians (and many physicists) would add that our mind contributes to creating rather than just perceiving reality.

Finally a little trick. I often try to imagine the non solidity of what I see around me. It’s all empty space, with subtle energy flowing to create the impression of material stuff. If I move forward, I will just walk through all these things, like a ghost crosses a brick wall, won’t I ?

You may laugh, but just try it. Often, using this trick during a walk facilitates deep relaxation, to the point of causing long flashes of clear vision, a true blessing for a short sighted person like me, and a manifest indication that something significant is happening in the body/mind system.

Next time you feel under severe stress at work, think of l’Ami, remember that the apparent solidity of things around is only a perception, and when your difficult boss turns up, say a quick but sincere Ho’oponopono ““I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you”.

If it helps (as I’m convinced it will), let your friends know.

Fear not, and bless whoever invented Ho’ponopono.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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