Only one certainty

No matter how old and experienced we are, what we know amounts to very little. Very little verging on insignificance.

In contrast, existence around us and within us is vast and unknown. And all we usually manage to grasp from it are tiny bits, unrelated and confusing.

pearls-of-wisdom-i-jai-johnson1Only one thing can be regarded as certain, or at least worth believing in: that infinite consciousness and love permeate all there is.

Let’s call this the Source. The Source is the only certainty, the only belief worth having.

The rest, all the rest, is uncertain.

Every form of “knowledge”, including mainstream science and alternative knowledge, consists in fragmented theories, weak assumptions, and tentative practices.

Humanity’s spectacular failure to build a society in harmony with itself and the rest of nature shows that its “advanced knowledge” doesn’t come up to scratch when dealing with reality.

This should come as no surprise; the human intellect is limited and works one step at the time, whereas reality is vast, subtle and continuous. How could we ever grasp reality with our intellect alone.

But our mind can operate in another mode: intuition.

In its ultimate form, intuition is connection to Source.

Between Source and us a multiple reality unfolds, much of it invisible and not directly accessible to our five senses. What we see in the visible world are manifestations of goings on in deeper realms. We may speculate on them through metaphysics, but in the end nothing is sure for the intellect.

However, if we leave the intellect aside and open up our intuitive channel, we can receive guidance from Source. For this to work out, we have to be prepared to trust Source rather than our reasoning capacity and the knowledge acquired from others.

Receiving and accepting guidance from Source is diametrically opposed to the materialist vision. It is difficult to explain, let alone justify with ordinary language.

Exchanging with others on guidance received from Source involves a form of communication not based on linear, step by step reasoning. It requires both emitter and receiver to have full confidence in their intuitive antennas.

When intuition is allowed to develop and flourish, the dogmatic charades of today’s mainstream culture are exposed as instruments of engineered delusion.

This doesn’t mean that every theory or model of official knowledge is to be dismissed as nonsense. It means that knowledge should be used with prudence and modesty as a set of tools for limited purposes, and not be regarded as absolute dogma to support hubris and an all out assault on nature.

But, as is all too evident, official knowledge is on a pedestal in today’s society, like religion was in the old days. And it is used to carry out a systematic attack on everything natural, be it in agriculture, child birth and rearing, healing, nutrition…etc, etc.

It is also abundantly clear that official knowledge, tied to the materialist vision, is completely incapable of generating coherent solutions to the cocktail of issues facing humankind. In fact it keeps contributing to making the problems worse.

When considering this apparently desperate situation, we do well to remember that we know next to nothing. Any extrapolation into the future isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Any idea that we are properly informed about our true situation is pure illusion.

Salvation will not come from new technologies and breakthroughs in official science, or from some new political system. It will come, in fact it is already coming through a complete change of paradigm in the minds and hearts, an emergence of intuition, enabling connection with Source.

This, as far as I am concerned, is the only certainty.

Not revealed in some sacred manuscript or recent apparition, but emerged from the depth within, reconciled with years of every day observations and found remarkably consistent with ancient teachings.

Fear not, drink up and connect to Source.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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  1. Ian Cormack
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 22:36:45

    Good Stuff Leo …. 🙂 !!!!!!!!


  2. Dennis Balson
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 21:33:20


    Dennis Balson

    The hard problem of consciousness may eventually be determined by biologists and other scientists. This implies there may exist a primary entity before mental activity commences. For example, there is a continuous flow of energy throughout the universe that becomes converted into matter. And there is a continuous flow and transfer of ‘information’ within and between brain cells that becomes converted into mental activity, but the primary entity is not recognised because it is ‘silent’ and therefore only metal activity is valued. Living cells are intelligent, they ‘know’ how to function and are able to cooperate and communicate with each other, yet they are devoid of mental properties. Although matter and energy are both manifestations of the same fundamental entity, there is an entity within all living things that is relative to the biological proto-consciouness dimension. This entity causes instantaneous brain cell activity, whereas when energy is utilised for mental activity, it is relative to matter and to time because the mind is mechanistic and relies on ‘information’ that was acquired in the past. When the mind is in a meditative state, or during deep sleep, it can be said that it is part of the natural dimension of consciousness, or momentarily in the dimension of ‘nothingness’. Examples are, during deep meditation, or between one thought and another, there is a ‘silent moment’ before images, thoughts or dreams commence, yet one is not brain dead during those ‘timeless’ moments. Thoughts or memories may seem real, but in the true sense, most, like dreams, are never real. Each event the mind experiences is made up of separate time-frame images. As soon as the mind thinks it is experiencing a present moment – it’s already in the past because it takes time for the cognitive mind to function. Any form of matter, including the human body and brain and the cells within are not just matter, they contain energy. Brain cells and all other living cells are merely vehicles for this Universal Consciousness, but without energy vehicles cannot function. When conditioned thoughts end, enlightenment can transform the mind, but to rely on false knowledge and beliefs, there is nothing real to find. In a way, wisdom is the cessation of thought because the ending of preconceived concepts is the beginning of wisdom. The mind tends to forget that it is similar to a computer, if false information or belief systems exist then conclusions will be wrong. When what is known or what is owned is overvalued then the mind tends to forget that thoughts and ‘things’ and life are only temporarily real. This planet and all life on it will change or come to an end in the future, yet the future, the past and time, are mainly constructs of minds. When a secondary consciousness occurs in living things, then it seems that languages, spiritual dimensions and gods are creations of human mental activities. But, it is energy (not temporal matter) that remains the fundamental property of everything in the universe – including consciousness.


  3. Dennis Balson
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 21:34:44

    In support of The Materialist Theory of Mind


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