Leave your heavy baggage

Our experience of life is determined by streams of information flowing deep in our cells, molecules and atoms, by conscious and unconscious thoughts in our mind.

Faire-sa-valise-a25285156But what about “external” events, outside of “us”?

Surely, you and I haven’t invented pollution, overpopulation, the financial crisis, Fukushima or forced vaccination. These things are part of the general environment. We haven’t created them. They are, as it were, imposed on us, aren’t they?

Similarly we can’t be held responsible for annoying or serious problems affecting our body;  that sudden headache, that spot on the nose or that pain in the knee. Such ailments just happen to us, don’t they?

And also, whether it’s sunny and warm, or cold and wet outside, that isn’t up to us, is it?

Clearly, it is impossible, and pointless, to try and segregate what is “up to us” from what is not. In fact it is already impossible to know what “us”, as opposed to the rest, really means.

The only certainty is universal wholeness, its infinite interactions, its amazingly subtle continuum.

But our humble corner of universal wholeness looks like a morass. We don’t even know what we are, and our reasoning intellect seems so incapable of making any real sense of our little mess.

So let’s tune down the dry intellect and let intuition do the driving.

Apparently we cannot change much of what goes on in the world, but we can change the way it affects our mind. We seem to have a degree of freedom in focusing our thoughts.

All experts in personal development seem to agree on one point: focusing on “positive” thoughts is the key.

But where it gets confusing is on what to do when “negative” thoughts keep coming back.

Do we have to pretend they weren’t there? This sounds like denial. And intuition strongly suggests that denial is most unhealthy.

A seemingly better option is to recognize whatever “negative” thoughts are floating in our mind, accept that they are there, but not let them take over, and bring the main focus of our attention on “positive” thoughts.

This approach is consistent with an attitude of non judgement, detachment and compassion, including towards ourselves.

Over the last few months I have been experimenting two simple techniques to orient the mind towards positive attitudes: “ho’ponopono” and “non solidity”.

Ho’ponopono is the mantra “I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you” addressed to the universe while focusing on our relationship with a specific person, animal, creature or thing. Its intended effect is to clear that relationship from all wrong ideas, false beliefs and hasty judgements.

Whenever I have used this mantra with proper attention, the quality of the particular relationship improved noticeably, or at least my perception of the quality of that relationship improved. Which in my “reality” boils down to the same.

“Non solidity” is this: you look around you and remember that all you see is a vacuum filled with floating images produced by flows of subtle energy decoded by your mind. You get the sense that if you kept walking you could just go through anything that is in front of you: person, tree, brick wall…. Just as if you were a ghost.

It’s a good technique to use in public spaces such as busy streets, shopping centres, metro, railways stations…, with lots of people hurrying around you like ants.

You see the agitation around, but you know it’s only a 3D video with special effects being played in your mind. You look at it with detachment, yet attentively; you watch the people and things with interest and compassion. You don’t judge them, don’t envy them, don’t fear them. In fact you observe every little scene with calm interest, you notice beauty, you notice the funny side of what goes on, and you feel totally relaxed, at peace, unthreatened, yet fully alert and lucid.

You can also experience non solidity while walking in nature, in a garden, in a quite street or just sitting at home and simply watching things in the room.

Focusing on non solidity brings you in a state close to meditative relaxation. You feel good, you have pleasant sensations in your body. If you are short sighted and you are not wearing your specs or contact lenses, the muscles around your eyes feel more relaxed, and you may experience seconds or even minutes of perfectly clear vision.

In that state, you are both detached and very alert. If someone walking past you is conceited and arrogant, or is a real psychopath, you will notice that, but it won’t affect you. Instead of judging him or her, you might give that person the benefit of a quick ho’ponopono.

After all, being a psychopath or an arrogant twit isn’t his or her fault. Anyway he or she is only a bundle of information in the big universal field of information. He or she belongs to the same ocean as you; there is no discernable boundary between him/her and you.

This perspective helps you consider everything happening in the world without alarm or panic.

You know that the used radioactive fuel rods in Fukushima are likely to cause more serious problems in the relatively near future, you know that the debt mountain will cause a new financial crisis, you know that mass vaccination is doing a lot of harm to millions of kids and young adults…etc. etc.

You are lucid. You are not in denial. But you are nevertheless broadly happy and confident.

Why? Because you now sense that the visible material reality is only a thin layer of total reality. Because you sense that the real deal will be settled at another level, and not via technical and socio-political solutions.

Through ho’ponopono, non solidity and similar techniques which you can come across or develop by yourself, it is possible to leave behind you the heavy baggage of all the limiting beliefs the mind control system has been feeding you since before your birth in this life.

Fear not, let calm fascination take over from panic.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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