In touch with your cellular memory

imagesCA3M7235Memory isn’t just in brain cells. It’s in every cell.

And not just in living cells, but also in clusters of water molecules and in stones and crystals; in fact in every tiny portion of the material world.

Memory stored in the structures of the material world is part and parcel of the vast subtle field of information underpinning all that exists: visible stuff, shadows, thoughts, emotions, souls, spirits, angels and demons.

The bits of information stored in your body cells form an interface between the Source and the loose entity called you. Metaphysicians refer to a hologram model which states that the totality of universal information is reproduced in every sub-entity.

What does this imply for each of us? That every possible thought, emotion or attitude lies deep in our body in a latent state. And everything we do, mostly unconsciously, is determined by which bits of information get activated as we go along.

If confidence, love and openness are activated, events in our life tend to flow fairly harmoniously, but when fear, sourness and distrust are activated, our thoughts and actions combine to create a very difficult course of life.

What can we do to ensure that the positive bits get activated?

Before addressing that question let us first consider the situation on our planet; it is obvious that collectively and individually we possess a clear potential for harmony, but somehow this potential very often gets overridden by activated negativity.


Human nature, many will sigh.

I don’t buy that.

We are not naturally a bunch of sour pusses or brutes.

Something pushes us into negativity. Something activates the bits of latent info stored in our cells that trigger negative thoughts and actions.

That something comes from the dominant culture in our world, and the entities behind it. The phenomenon is not new but it is reaching a peak.

Consider what the political and economic elites keep talking about, what mainstream media keep showing us, what the educational system keeps feeding into the minds of children and young adults: life is a struggle, it’s survival of the fittest, you have to fight, you have to work, you have to perform, financially and sexually, dangers are everywhere, terrorists, viruses, genetic diseases …etc, etc.

No sir, no madam. Life isn’t a blind desperate struggle against all kinds of competitors and enemies. Life is a fantastic experience. An opportunity to grow spiritually and connect to the Source.

The dominant elite uses fear to divide and rule. So much is evident. But who or what is behind the dominant elite?

Frankly, it must be entities in the invisible realm, in that portion of reality which lies between the source field and the material world. You may call them evil spirits, Lucifer, ghouls, fallen angels, whatever. The fact is that we see “bad” people behaving as if possessed and we ourselves often get strange impulses within us, not knowing why.

The late Stuart Wilde wrote in one of his last posts that in his experience of healer most diseases, and possibly all of them, were due to some form of spiritual attack.

I believe this is a useful model to consider.

Which brings us back to the key question of what to do to activate the positive bits of info stored in our cells.

In our cells but also in the pulsating electro magnetic fields related to these cells, and in the clusters of water molecules in our body, and in the cells of microorganisms living in symbiosis with our body, etc.…etc.

A positive attitude at the level of our conscious intellect is a good start to activate the “positive” bits of cellular memory but it is not enough, not by a long shot.

To reach cellular memory (and all related forms of deep seated memory) we need a fundamental intuitive shift. This can be facilitated by meditation, prayer (or equivalents like ho’ponopono), energy based healing techniques, or using harmony enhancing signs and symbols.

Evidence that something is moving down there at the appropriate level can surface through some form of physical release of stress like shedding tears, spasms (sometimes quite impressive) involving the lower back, shoulders, arms or other parts of the body. People with visual limitations like short sightedness can experience flashes of perfect vision lasting from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the depth of their state of modified consciousness.

Achieving the fundamental intuitive shift able to activate deep seated positive information is a profoundly personal experience. At the same time, it is one that sets you free from your “personality” with all its old baggage of fears, beliefs and judgements. You let yourself immerse in an infinite pool of unknown, and you trust that unknown, completely, totally.

This is the exact opposite of control. In fact, intellectually and physically, you give up trying to control anything. For someone brought up in the materialist system of thought this is a hell of a jump. But once you have managed to do it, even for only a few seconds before lapsing back into old habits of fear and attempted (and usually failing) control, you know there is something powerful there, something powerful and beautiful. Eventually you will return to that beautiful unknown and trust it more and more.

Fear not, hug your cat.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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