Appreciating the continuum of existence

The idea of universal oneness in which everything interacts is widely accepted among alternative thinkers. And so is the vision that the “material” world is only a perception at our ordinary level of observation.

But the wrongly named “material” world shouldn’t be dismissed altogether: it does exist even if it is not material at all. It exists in the same way that a shadow on a wall or a video on the internet exist. They have a virtual, immaterial existence. An existence that depends on the observer.

Put another way, our “material” world it is a sort of shallow end of an infinite continuum which also comprises the invisible realm. Conventional science looks at this shallow end as if it encompassed everything, which is plainly absurd. Reality is vastly bigger than the “material” world and vastly more sophisticated and subtle than the various theories and models of conventional science suggest.

Esoteric knowledge explores the invisible realm. It too puts forward theories and models. For instance the concept of subtle energy called Chi in the Chinese Tao tradition, Ki in the Japanese tradition and Ether in European esoteric tradition is a model. It is a useful model for particular purposes, such as Feng Shui or certain “energy”- based alternative therapies, in the same way that Newtonian mechanics or conventional thermodynamics are useful models for various technical applications.

Human models of representation of reality, whether pertaining to conventional science, esoteric knowledge, or metaphysics, are all fragmented and simplistic. Our reasoning intellect is simply unable to deal comprehensively with the continuum of infinite reality. Only through intuition can we can get a sense of what infinite reality must be like.

And it is of huge practical importance to develop that sense. In order to avoid being trapped in a mental cage of limiting beliefs and narrow representations. In order to stay free from mind control by unfriendly entities. Yes, observation of life strongly suggests that unfriendly entities are at work within the universal information field, and their effects are manifest in the shallow end we call the material world.

Cultivating the intuitive sense of infinite, continuous reality, in which nothing can exist on its own separated from the rest, is a key prerequisite for the liberating “let go” whereby we allow the Invisible Partner to guide us through life.

Higher guidance may at times be very down to earth and advise the use of techniques based on scientific or esoteric models, but always in a flexible way that transcends techniques, because reality is a continuum beyond the limited scope of any human technique.

Fear not, look out of the shallow end.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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