Nurturing harmony v fighting evil

Existence is fantastic. A firework of energy, information, love and harmony beyond anything imaginable.

But at the ordinary level of observation, we’re surrounded by harshness, corruption, and lies.

Banks, big companies, governments, universities, media, are all in cahoots to push an agenda of materialism, competition and fear. Organised religions pretend to play another tune, but are effectively in the same game.

The whole system is predatory.

Its ultimate narrative is war.

Economic war, war against enemies (germs, viruses, terrorists, Iran, Russia, China…), war against the non compliant (anyone who doesn’t buy in the benefits of vaccination, gm food, micro chip implants, wifi’s, fracking and other forms of “progress”).

The whole system is perverse.

Its ultimate weapon is mind control.

Mind control through narrow education, mechanistic science, dogmatic religion, and above all fragmentation of ideas, confusion and distraction.

But a growing minority is now seeing through the smokescreen. Awareness is in the air.

The awakened find themselves in a strange limbo.

They are ever clearer about the workings of the system. They would love to share their fresh insights with everyone around them, but all too often their speech falls on deaf ears.

Deaf ears because the propaganda machine of the system is proving pretty effective. And because most people feel they have no option but to comply with the system in order to maintain their livelihood. Torn between nagging doubts and a desire to be protected, most people stay in line, conform, force themselves to believe or pretend to believe the mainstream discourse.

So the awakened concentrate on practicalities in line with their insights: organic food, alternative therapies, respect for animals, relationships freed of prejudice. Touches of harmony on a small scale. In the crevices of the system.

And that is fine. Let us nurture these pockets of harmony.

There is that idea of a critical mass of positive thoughts, positive energy that will eventually tip the balance on this planet. Trust in the power of positive thoughts is consistent with metaphysics in line with advanced physics.

I believe that. My intuition tells me it stands a better chance than old fashioned revolution, with its trail of fighting and bitter emotions. Conflict based revolution has been tried, and failed. Conflict cannot generate well being, health and lasting joy.

So, nurturing pockets of harmony, generating positive thoughts, but without compromising/complying with the system. It’s a tight rope to walk on.

Fear not, enjoy a chocolate mousse with a glass of wine.



Copyright © Leo Foresta 2013


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